Stella couldn’t recognise herself from her reflection at the
mirror, her face was bruised with red marks, there were blue black under her
eyes and her lower lip was split and bleeding. She touched her face in horror
and cried, she hadn’t expected Duncan to hit her and she had been shocked when
he did. He had beaten her non-stop for over ten minutes and she had wailed
“Duncan…why? Why?” She cried as she touched her face as
though wanting to believe that it was all a dream.

Her phone rang and she let it ring, it stopped and started
ringing again so she walked over to pick it from the bed. It was Rhoda.
“Rhoda…” She said into the phone receiver and burst into
“Stella, what is it? Are you okay?” Rhoda asked.
“It…was all a mistake…” She blurted.
“What was a mistake? Calm down babe, what is wrong?”
“Duncan….he…he…beat me…”
“What? Duncan what? That’s a lie! That guy worships the
ground you walk on.”
“That’s not true….he beat me…no one has ever hit me
before, not even Madu…” She cried.
“Hey…calm down, this is not a time for regrets. You have
moved on from Madu, there’s no need bringing him into this new relationship.”
“You don’t get it do you? You should see my face! It’s
bruised….I look a terrible sight.” Stella cried.
“Oh my goodness!”
“I confronted Duncan over the news of my sack and soon, one
thing led to another and he started beating me…”
“I am so sorry Stella, but I have to ask, did you provoke
“I…I slapped him first but that didn’t give him the right
to beat me up anyhow.”
“What? You slapped him first? Don’t you see that you’re the
cause of this all?” Rhoda said.
“I have slapped Madu twice in the past and he’s never lifted
a finger on me.”
“Oh please! That broke ass doesn’t have the self esteem to
even breathe on a woman.”
“What are you implying Rhoda? Are you suggesting that Duncan
did well to hit me?”
“No…not at all…I mean, he hit you…and I’m sorry about
it but you shouldn’t have lifted your hand against him and please for the last
time, stop calling that Madu’s name, it brings bad luck.”
Stella started crying loudly.
“Hey…I’m sorry babe. Where is Duncan?” Rhoda asked.
“I don’t know…he hasn’t been in here since he…he…”
Stella said and cried some more.
“Look babe, it’s a Sunday morning and a bright new day, why don’t
you get dressed and come over to my place and let’s talk.”
“I can’t possibly go out like this, I look a mess.”
“C’mon, clean yourself up…wear some make up and
sunglasses, get into the car and come.” Rhoda started.
“Okay…I will…” She said.
“Call me when you leave your house.” Rhoda said.
When Stella hung up the call, it took her thirty minutes to
get ready to leave for Rhoda’s place. When she was done, she gave herself a
final look at the mirror and nodded, she looked much better. She walked up to
the door with her expensive bag in hand and made to open the door. It was
“What? This can’t be! I’m no prisoner! Duncan! Duncan open
the door!” She cried as she began fumbling with the door knob but it wouldn’t budge.
“Aren’t you going to church?” Cherry’s mother asked.
Cherry looked at her mother sourly and said.
“My introduction is today, I can’t possibly go anywhere. I
have to make sure everything is in order since you guys have decided to let me
handle my preparations on my own.”
“Really? The introduction doesn’t start till afternoon.
Church service won’t take long besides, this is a huge step you’re taking and
you need to commit it to God unless of course, you feel you’re marrying two men
so…what the heck?” Diamond said.
“Will you shut up?” Cherry spat standing from the chair to
face her sister.
“Hey…hold it girls…hold it…” Their mother warned.
“Diamond started it first, who gave her the right to speak
to me like that?”
“Oh…so I can’t speak to you the way I please. And why is
that? Is it because you’re getting married?” Diamond fired.
“Whatever! Go live miserably for all I care…I’m luckier
than you are.” Cherry gloated.
“Hmmm…While you’re basking in your lucky life, kindly
remember that there’s a flask of jollof rice made with love for you in the
refrigerator.” Diamond said and walked out of the house.
“Sadist! You will never have one percent of what I have!
Never!” Cherry screamed as Diamond left.
Her mother and brother didn’t speak, they both followed
Diamond and left the house.
“I’ll show them in this house! I’ll pay them for turning
their backs on me! I’ll show them and that’s a promise!” Cherry vowed.
Madu dressed his daughter for church in silence. Everything
Anita had told him yesterday kept nagging at the back of his mind.
“Daddy…” His daughter called out.
“Yes love…”
“You don’t look too happy.” She said.
“Yea…I know…” He said admitting to his daughter that he
was actually very unhappy. Now, he knew that one didn’t have to be rich to be
happy and content in life.
“What’s on your mind?” She asked.
Madu sat on the bed beside his daughter and looked into her
“I’ve been thinking…” He said.
“Of what?” She asked.
“Can you keep a secret?” He asked.
Kamsi nodded, thrilled that her father was about to let her
in on his big secret.
“How would you like to pay our real house a visit?”
“Really?” She asked with eyes wide.
“Yea…and how would you like it if we go back there too?”
“Are you serious daddy?” Kamsi asked in excitement. “Of
course I would like to go back there.”
“I thought you like it here.”
Kamsi shook her head.
“I only like the toys and the TV but I don’t like it
here…..I don’t like it here at all. Auntie Anita is nice but she’s not my
mommy ….”
“I know hun and that’s why I’m going to get us back home
soon..” He smiled.
“Are you serious?” Kamsi said in delight.
“Yes my darling…” He smiled.
Madu stood up from the bed and helped her with her shoes, as
he did that, they both giggled at a joke he told. Unknown to them, someone’s
ear was glued to the door, listening and taking in all that was said within.
Anita heard Madu and his daughter’s footsteps and hurried
down the corridor to her room. She got in and shut the door behind her.
“I let you go once, and woe betide me if I’ll ever let you
go again.” She vowed.
Stella screamed and turned the door knob frantically to no
avail, she slumped on the ground beside the door and cried. Soon she heard the
key at the lock and Duncan walked into the room and shut the door behind him.
“You’re finally awake…” He said.
She didn’t respond, she just stared at the ground as though
he hadn’t spoken. Duncan stooped to the ground and lifted up her jaw with his
fingers till her eyes met his.
“It’s no use ignoring me darling…” He said.
“Look at me Duncan! Look at what you turned me into.” She
“I didn’t turn you into anything my darling, you brought
this upon yourself. How ungrateful you are! You’re so selfish, so discontent
with all I’ve given you and I doubt you love me as you claim. What difficult
task did I ask of you? I only helped you leave your job so that you can cater
to my needs and you can’t see beyond your selfishness, instead, you insult me
for loving you. What haven’t I done for you Stella? When your pathetic pig of
an ex-husband left you broken and in pieces, who pieced your life together?
When you had no good clothes on your back, who replaced it with designer
labels? For years, you took a public bus to work, but today a driver takes you
wherever you go. Darling, within a short time, I’ve done for you what no one
can do you for but how do you pay me back? You’re such an ungrateful woman.” He
said to her.
Stella stared at him as she felt shame wash through her, she
was indeed ungrateful, she thought. Duncan had elevated her status from the miserable
wife of a poor man to an upwardly mobile successful young woman.
“But…you could have told me before firing me! You should
have asked for my opinion.” Stella said with tears in her eyes.
“Don’t you get it? Stella, we are one….and whatever
decision I make is for the best interest of the both of us. The lawyer has
prepared the divorce documents and he’s waiting for your silly ex to return to
the run-down apartment you both shared to serve him with it. Haven’t I done a
lot to prove to you that I love you and I’ll do anything and everything for
you? All I just ask for in return is that you love me back.” He said.
Stella began to cry.
“I love you Duncan…I do…”
“I don’t believe it…” Duncan said staring at her.
“I love you…” She cried.
“Hmmm….so, if you love me as you claim, why are you
dressed to go out?”
“I…I need to visit a friend…” She said.
“Ha! What friend?”
“Rhoda…she…she…is having her birthday today and I want
to go and wish her a happy birthday.” Stella lied.
“You wanted to go without informing me of it first?”
“No…I mean…you locked me up and I initially wanted to
tell you before I left but since you locked the door, I couldn’t leave…” She
“How close are you to Rhoda?”
“You mean…Rhoda and I?”
He nodded.
“She’s the closest friend I have…she’s even like a sister
to me…” Stella said.
“I don’t want such kind of friendships. I want you to focus
on the family we’re about to build together. I want us to be best buddies and I
don’t want anyone in the way. Am I clear?”
“Yes…I mean…whatever you want.” Stella said with a
“I’ll have the driver get her a present and deliver it to
her on your behalf.” He said, taking her bag from her to her utter dismay. “In the
meantime, I would like to have your phone.” He said and pushed his hand into
her bag to retrieve her phone.
Stella looked at him wondering what he was about to do with
her phone.
“Don’t look so scared darling, I’m taking out your sim and
replacing it with a sim of mine. It’s just my way of knowing who you call and
who calls you back.”
“But…but Duncan…how can…how can I reach my family? My
parents, my friends…all the phone numbers of family and friends are saved in
my sim.” She asked with fear in her voice.
“Are you daft? Didn’t I tell you at the beginning that we
have to rewrite out our own history? This, darling, is our history! You and I
are going to make history as the best couple on planet earth. My life revolves
around you so why can’t yours revolve around me?” He fired.
Stella stared at Duncan in complete surprise and at that
moment, she wondered if something was wrong with him, mentally.
Sean and his family came at one o’clock and some of Cherry’s
relatives were there too. Cherry came out to greet her in-laws in her yellow lace
dress, she looked very beautiful. Her mother kept a plastic smile on her face
all afternoon and try as Diamond might, she couldn’t work up a smile.
Diamond walked out of the house to get some fresh air as the
sitting room was filled with guests and as soon as she got out, she saw Mitch striding
purposefully towards her.
“Mitch?” Diamond called out in shock.
“I see that there’s a ceremony going on…” Mitch said.
“Oh…I mean…I’m still on my church wear and…there’s
nothing going on,” Diamond tried to lie.
“Don’t kid me Diamond, I can see the cars parked outside and
it seems that there’s something going on in your house.”
“Are…are you sure it’s not my neighbours?” She asked in a
shaky voice while trying to stop him from going into the house.
“I’m here to see Cherry.” He said firmly.
Diamond had never seen Mitch look so pissed.
“Listen Mitch, please come another day…I…she…she…”
Diamond stammered.
Mitch pushed his way past her and hurried up the stairs,
Diamond covered her face in her palms and expected the worst.
Mitch walked into Cherry’s house and saw the people seated,
Cherry was there with a glass of wine in her hand stooping to give a young man
the drink. Cherry’s mother looked at moment and saw him, her hand flew to her
neck in panic.
“Cherry!” Mitch’s voice boomed over the music.”What in the
world are you doing?” He demanded.
Everyone turned to stare at the intruder. Cherry turned to
stare at Mitch and the glass slipped and fell from her hand.
The world seemed to freeze at that moment.
To be continued on Friday…..
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  1. Finally! That silly Mitch used the organ in his head. As for Stella, she ain't seen nothing yet. It's Madu and Kamsi that I pity most in this series, suffering for Stella's greed.

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    Stella….they are dancing gongon on/in your head.
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