Henrietta paced about her room, it was three days already
and he hasn’t called yet.  She glanced at
the time and saw that it was almost eight pm. It was a Friday evening and she
had hustled the bus to get home, which was worrisome. Jonathan always came to
pick her up from work and she who was once an envy of her colleagues was no more in the ‘envy’ category as Jonathan had stopped coming to pick her. One of her colleagues at work had asked her in a very mocking voice,
“Where is your boo? Is he not coming today?”
As Henrietta stared about her room, she asked herself, ‘Was
she the problem? Didn’t he love her any more? Or was it because he had asked for
sex and she didn’t give it to him?’ Henrietta sat on her bed in dismay, she held
her phone in her hands waiting for his call. She had called him all day yesterday but he had ignored her calls completely. At that point there was a
knock at her door and hoping with all her heart that it was perhaps Jonathan or
her mom knocking to tell her that he was at the door, Henrietta ran to the door
in anticipation.
“Why have you locked yourself up in this room?” Her mother
“What’s your business mom? Am I not entitled to my privacy?”
Henrietta snapped.
“Watch that tongue of yours young lady…remember that this
is my house and as long as you are under my roof, you must respect me.”
“Really now!” Henrietta said sarcastically.
“Who are you speaking to with that tone of voice? Have you
gone mad?”
“Yes….maybe I have gone mad because I’m being choked up in
this house. For Pete sake, you and dad should have done better, this place is a
dump. Where were you guys when your mates were building mansions at Park-view, Ikoyi, Lekki and many other exotic places on the Island?” Henrietta asked rudely.
She didn’t expect the slaps that landed at the both sides of
her face.
“You will not speak to me that way. When did you become
rude? Is it the new job that’s getting to you or your so-called new boyfriend?”
“I can stand you insulting me and my job but you will not
insult Jonathan…you shouldn’t. At least, he’s just above thirty years of age
and he’s achieved more that you have achieved in your forty-nine years of age.”
Henrietta spat.
“Henrietta! What has gotten over you?” Her mother asked in a
pained voice.
“You know what? I’ve had it! I don’t know why I’m even here
when I have a rich boyfriend who can give me the world. I’m twenty-five years
old and I am an independent woman. I am leaving this house today and I don’t
want to see you ever again.” Henrietta shouted and raced to her wardrobe where
she began packing all her things.
“Suit yourself. I won’t beg you and I’m not going to plead
with you to see reason. I’m going to leave you to learn from your mistakes…”
Her mother said.
Henrietta’s brother, Hank walked in on them.
“What’s going on here? Henri… why are you packing? Where
are you going?” Hank inquired.
“Where else? My boyfriend’s palace of course. Your mom says
that I should move out.” Henrietta said.
“I don’t think you got her right. I wasn’t here when she
told you that but I know mom will never say such thing. We are a close knit
family, Henri, and it’s wrong for you to move in with a man when he’s not your
husband. He can do anything to you because you’re at his mercy.”
“Well, it’s definitely better than sharing this hell-hole
with a mother who doesn’t care about me.” Henrietta said and zipped her
suitcase shut.
“I’m not letting you leave.” Hank said blocking the door out of her room with his frame.
“Don’t stand in my way or I’ll rid you from my life as well.”
Henrietta warned.
“Let her go…let her be…it’s what she wants right?” Her
mother said to Hank.
“Seriously? Mom? You know it’s a crazy world right? She
could get hurt…she’s still your little girl.” Hank said to his mom.
“Well…she’s proving to me that she’s not a little girl
anymore…” Their mother said in a pained voice.
“Out of my way guys…” Henrietta said as she walked out the
room with her suitcase in tow. Then turning to Hank she said. “When dad comes,
tell him that I’ll call him and explain everything.”
Hank and his mother watched Henrietta head out stupidly into
the night.
Jonathan was trying to sleep, he had drunk heavily and he
really didn’t feel like living any more. Since Ade removed him from her service,
life had been a nightmare. The first challenge he was posed with was, he had
lost all free-lays in Lagos state. The girls that once flocked to him every time he drove past were nowhere to be found as he didn’t interest them any more.
Naturally, on a typical Friday night, after dropping his boss off at home, he
found a cool spot to drink and spoil the ladies. Ade was a good boss, one of
the best he’s ever had. She paid his bills, he spent most nights in the boys-quarters in her family house and ate his meals in the family house kitchen. Now, he was going
to miss all that, all because of that useless girl, Henrietta. The girl who he
had thought that in two days, he would have wooed over into having sex with
him but instead, she had crammed his head up with stories of how she had kept
her virginity intact. What was he going to do with a virgin? He needed a wild
chick and not some naive girl who would spend time screaming in pain instead of
pleasure but he really needed a girl tonight. He brought out his phone and
scrolled through the numbers, his eyes stopped at the name, Aisha. There were
three Aishas in his life, Aisha 1, 2 and 3, he contemplated on whom to call
and quickly dialled Aisha 1.
“Hello…” Aisha greeted.
“Aishy baby…” Jonathan cooed into the reciever.
“I hear say ya madam don sack you.” Aisha said rather
“What? Which kain area be dis na? If pesin chop dem go know
even if you enter toilet sef. But babe how you dey na? How levels?”
“I dey comot…” Aisha said.
“Ah Ah…wia you dey go? Come my place na, make we hang out.”
“Come ya place for wetin? Wia you dey stay sef? Nor be after
Ajah?” Aisha asked.
“Na for around that side but e nor too far.” Jonathan said
trying to use his sexiest voice.
“Abeg I nor fit enter transport dey waka anyhow…”
“Aisha babe…I dey miss you ooo…abeg come na.”
“After everytin we go do for night…wetin you go give me? You wey nor get money.”
“Gerrout…ashewo!” Jonathan cursed.
“Abegi go siddon for inside shit! All we gials don know
say…you nor get any money so…nobody go even pick ya call.”
Jonathan hissed and cut the call, he was about to place his
phone inside his pocket when his phone rang again. He picked the call as soon
as he saw the caller ID.
“Musa! How far?” Jonathan spoke into the receiver. It was
one of the security officers at Ade’s house and he was eager to know if there
was any news about bringing him back to work.
“My guy…you get gbege for hia oo.” Musa said.
“Wetin be that?”
“Your girl don come and she carry bag ooo…big bag. E be
like say she wan pack enter the house ooo.”
“Which girl? You know say I get them plenty.”
“That girl wey you bring one Sunday like that. That girl wey
fine and she get hips.”
“Okay…Henrietta! She talk wetin she want?” Jonathan asked
“Wetin she for want before? Abeg carry yaself hia fast
before oga go come see am for gate. I wan send am comot.”
Jonathan almost concurred when he remembered he needed a girl by his side tonight. He immediately thought up a plan.
“Give am my address…”
“What? You wan kee yaself for Lagos abi? De girl go finish
you if she see say you nor get de money wey she think say you get.”
“Chill…Musa, calm down. I want you to tell her that I’m at
my friend’s place and give her my address. Abeg do this for me…infact give
her the phone let me speak to her.” Jonathan said.
“You nor get phone? Call am na.” Musa snapped and cut the
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Henrietta waited at the gate of the huge mansion, she tried
sneaking a peek into the house  but the
gate was so big that she couldn’t see anything.  She had been waiting with her suitcases for
the past forty-minutes and the gatemen were still quite reluctant to open the
gate for her. She had even thought of threatening them besides she was their
oga’s girlfriend but after a while she discontinued the thought. The security
hovered around the corner on his phone talking and it was taking too long,
Henrietta was already tired. 
This was the first time she had talked back to
her mother in a rude way but she was angry at her mother’s new attitude since she
discovered she had a boyfriend. Maybe she wanted her to remain a baby for life
she thought.
“Auntie…e be like say you go wait till he call you. But
first ehn…go stand for dat corner.”
“What? Stand where? Do you know who I am? I am the boss’s
son’s girlfriend and I can fire you this instant. What rubbish!”
“Abeg move comot for road…no let me open mouth ooo or you
go regret am.” Musa warned.
Henrietta was about to speak but was shut up by the noise
from her phone. Searching her pocket, she found the phone and joy surged
through her heart when she saw that it was Jonathan.
“Jonathan….my love, my angel…I’ve missed you baby…why
haven’t you called? Where are you?” Henrietta asked in tears.
“I’ve sent a text message with my address to your phone, take a taxi and come to
the address. I’m at a friend’s place…chilling.” Jonathan said.
“Could you talk to your gateman and tell him to open the
gate so that one of the maids can take my things into the house?”
“Are you coming or not?” Jonathan asked, sounding irritated.
“Yes I am…but I have something to tell you. I left the
house and I’m never going back. I want to stay with you Jonathan…I want us to
live happily ever after.”
“Whatever babe…just take a taxi to the address.” Jonathan
said and hung up.
Henrietta didn’t understand the reason behind Jonathan’s
rudeness. She quietly slipped the phone into her pocket and walked to the road
to look for a taxi.
Jonathan was ready. He bathed, sprayed perfume and combed
his hair. His one-room apartment was quite messy so he stashed somethings under
the bed and shoved his albums out of the window. He had just spritzed the
remaining of the air-freshener  around the
room when he heard the knock at the door. Giving the room one last look, he ran
to the door and opened it up, relieved to see Henrietta standing at his door
step like a drenched rat.
“Jonathan! What is happening?” Henrietta asked in shock.
“Are you coming in or not?”
“Ofcourse I am…I’ve missed you so much…have you missed
“Well…I can’t answer that, you refused to prove your love
to me.” Jonathan said.
Henrietta entered the small room and glanced around
“What are you doing in this shabby place?” She asked.
“Well…I reckoned that since you couldn’t accept me as the
wealthy man that I am, peharps you’ll accept me now as a poor man. So, I
decided to stay in my driver’s house for a bit.”
“Awww….my poor baby. You know I accept you and that I love
you so much.”
“You refused that we consummate our love…”
“We will…I promise…we will…but not now. I told you
that I am still a virgin and I want to wait for our wedding…” Henrietta
started but was rudely cut short by a stinging slap.
“You b**ch! You idiot…who do you think will wait for
that?Is there a prize attached to it?” Jonathan spat as he dragged Henrietta
into the house forcefully and shoved the door close.
Henrietta fell into the room stunned, her bag flew out of
her hand and landed at the corner of the room. As Jonathan bore down on her,
she was more shocked than angry. ‘What had come over him?’ she thought.
Jonathan was a hungry man and he never wasted time when it
came to business and pleasure, he grabbed the sides of her shirt and ripped it
in two leaving Henrietta bare chested only clad in her bra. Henrietta tried to
fight him off but he was like a wild bull and her struggles intesified him the
more. Soon, he had ripped off most of her clothing.
“Jonathan…what is this? Why are you doing this? What will
your family say when they find out that you’re a monster?”
“What family? You are a foolish girl! So you actually think
that I am the son of a rich man! My father is cultivating cocoyam in the farm
at my village….” Jonathan smirked while waiting for the full effects of his
words as realization crossed her features.
“Wait…Jonathan…are you not…”
“Am I not what? I used to be one of the best drivers of that household and all thanks to
you, I’ve been fired so…I intend to take all that I deserve tonight and do you know what? Even your screams will not wake the neighbourhood because, guess what?
There’s no neighbourhood!” Jonathan smirked as he pulled her roughly towards
Henrietta screamed as his hands touched her skin, at that instant, she knew
that she was already in over her head.




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