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Bobo stared at his mother and felt uneasy,
she wasn’t the mom he used to know. She added ‘please and thank you’ whenever she spoke to him.  She didn’t shout at
him to read his books or dish out her usual words of advice and tell him
how she dreamt of him becoming a prominent man in the future. She was his
mother in flesh but not the woman he had always known and instantly he knew
that the accident she suffered must have affected her badly.

It was a Friday morning, one day after he had just joined
her in her new house with her ‘psycho’ boss and he was preparing for school. The
mommy he knew would have made sure his uniform was well-ironed, his nails neat
and his hair neatly combed but she didn’t do that, she looked at him and said in a distant voice,
“You look very smart Bobo.”
Now as he stared at her, he exhaled deeply and waited for
the school bus to come, knowing that the bus driver might be finding it
difficult to make his way to his new address, so he sat on the bed he shared
with his mother and waited.
“I’m sure the school bus is delaying…maybe the driver
mixed up the address.” His mother said.
“What is my name mom?” Bobo asked in a quiet voice.
“Excuse me?” Demilade asked.
“What is my full name?”
“Your name is Bobo…” Demilade said, laughing nervously.
“You can’t remember my name can you? You can’t even remember
who I am. Bobo is my nickname, it’s not my full name.”
“Why are you saying this?”
“You’ve forgotten that I’m not stupid mom and that I read in
between the lines a lot. You do not know me…you do not even recognize me…”
“Bobo…it doesn’t matter whatever it is but I do love you.”
“You can’t love me if you don’t know me mom…”
“It’s been difficult for me too and I’ve been trying to get
my memory back…” Demilade said emotionally.
“Did you go to our apartment? Have you tried conversing with
the neighbours and people who know you? Have you taken a look at our pictures?
The ones we took together?”
“I haven’t done that yet…I had to get a job first and…”
“Then you are not ready to get your memory back! I bet you’re
glad that you lost it so that you can stop suffering!” Bobo screamed in tears.
“No! No! That’s not true…”
“Do you know what? You are not my mother, at least, you are not the mother I used to know!” Bobo shouted back.
There was a knock at the door.
“Bobo…ya school bus don come oo.” Rose said through the
closed door.
Bobo picked up his bag and stormed out of the room. Demilade
stood up and tried to hold him but he was too fast for her, he was out of the
house before she could say Jack!
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Grace exited the airport in a taxi feeling used, abused and
humiliated. Chief had to go overseas for some meeting and she was free to
do whatever she liked atleast for the next few days so, she decided to return
home to Lagos.
‘What do I do? How do I free myself from Chief’s spell?’
Grace thought to herself in despair.
In no time they had rounded into her street, instead of
alighting at her house,she stopped at Isaac’s place. She  brought out her small bag from the passenger
side of the vehicle and knocked at his house gate.  gateman opened the gate
and let her in, she reached his door and knocked.
The door opened almost instantly and there stood Isaac
looking as horrible as hell. There were shadows under his eyes and his beard
had grown into a bushy shadow on his jaw, he stared at her in shock.
Grace dropped her bag and quickly hugged him.
“Grace! My God! I haven’t slept in days…I think of you
everytime…everyday…every moment…”
“I am so sorry Isaac…I haven’t been there for you as I
should…please forgive me.” Grace said and burst into tears.
“Come in…come in Grace….my God! This is a pleasant
surprise…” Isaac said.
They both walked into the house and soon they were in his
bedroom. Grace went into the bathroom and splashed some water on her face,
stared at herself in the mirror and soon, emerged from the bathroom feeling a
bit refreshed.
“What happened? I was so confused when you told me about the
accident and after a while, you stopped picking my calls.” Isaac said.
“It was a very confusing time and I am sorry about not
contacting you.” Grace said as she turned to face him.
Isaac walked up to her and gave her a kiss on her lips, she
kissed him back almost bursting with joy but common sense warned her to break
the kiss or else they might gravitate to something she knew was going to be dangerous
for them.
“What is wrong Grace? You seem so distant…” Isaac said.
“It’s nothing dear…I just feel so weak…I’d like to lie
down if you don’t mind.” Grace said weakly.
She ventured towards the bed and before she could lie down,
the doorbell rang.
“Who is it?” Isaac said in annoyance. “Who’s paying me a
visit at this time? I’m not expecting anyone…”
“I came unexpectedly didn’t I? C’mon go answer the
door…okay?” Grace said quietly.
Isaac left the room and she sunk into the sheets, she had
already dozed off when she felt the rough tap on her legs.
“Hmmm…”Grace murmured.
“Some men want to see you downstairs!” Isaac said in a confused voice.
“What’s wrong? Who are they?”
“I think you should have a better understanding of who they
are…” Isaac started.
He had hardly finished his statement when two hefty thugs
stormed into the room headed for Grace on the bed. Grace instantly knew who
they were, she screamed in protest.
“No! No!”
“Chief will not be happy with this!” One of the thugs said.
“It’s not what you think guys, Isaac is my cousin…he’s my brother…” Grace lied as she tried
to evade from their grasps.
“Me? Your cousin? I am your boyfriend for pete’s sake!” Isaac said.
“Prostitutes and their lies! You’ve forgotten that we know
you right?” The second thug said as he dragged her from the bed and slung her
on his shoulder.
“What? How dare you call Grace a prostitute? Who are you
guys? What is going on here?” Isaac asked in shock.
“Listen mister! If you know what’s good for you, stay far
away from my boss’s mistress. She belongs to him now! Am I clear?”
“Isaac please!” Grace cried.
“What does that mean? Grace? What is all this about?” Isaac
asked as he tried following them out of the room.
The thug who wasn’t carrying Grace brought out a gun from
his side and pointed it at a shocked Isaac.
“I’ll spare you because I’m so sure you know nothing about
this but Grace….that woman in my partner’s grasp belongs to my boss. She is
exclusively his and whatever belongs to my boss belongs to him alone. Only a
stupid grasshopper ventures into the forest that has been sprayed with
pesticide.” The thug said and stormed out.
Isaac was perplexed, he stared at the thugs retreating back
in shock and placing his face in his arms he said aloud.
“What the hell is going on?”
Amelia was so uncomfortable, the doctor had administered
sleeping tablets but instead of making her sleep, it made her feel terrible and
see things.
The room was misty and she saw something like a ghost run
past her room and wave at her, it looked like Andy’s ghost and she felt so bad.
“What did I do to myself?” Amelia whispered as she breathed
Her mother opened the door to her room and was shocked to
see her awake.
“Amelia…you are not sleeping yet…you took your
medication hours ago.”
“I feel so uncomfortable…I have thrown up twice in two
hours.” Amelia said with a raspy voice.
“Are you okay?” Her mother asked in a worried voice as she
felt her face with her palms. “You are running a temperature.”
“I feel a bit woozy…”
“I’m calling the doctor…” Her mother said.
“No mom…please don’t…I’ll be fine.”
“Stop this Amelia…you are important to us and so is your
health. I have to call the doctor.”
“I’m so sad mom…my husband wants to leave me.” Amelia
“You know that it’s not possible! George is just a bit hurt
but soon he’ll be fine. I’ve spoken to your dad about him and we’re thinking of
gifting him with a house so that his forgiveness can be complete. I know how
much he loves you and I know that as a man, he is just hurt but his love for
you couldn’t have disappeared in one day.”
“We can’t buy everything mom….”
“Yes we can! That boy is very ungrateful! We sponsored his
wedding to you and how does he pay us back ehn? He can only file for divorce if
he can pay the fifty million naira that your dad spent on your wedding.”
“You know he can’t do that…” Amelia said.
“Yes…we know he can’t afford it that’s why we are going to
pitch it to him. You are not going to give him an easy divorce…”
“It’s on the ground of adultery and I know that marriage
could be dissolved due to that.” Amelia said.
“Listen to me Amelia, I am your mother and I am not ready to
bear the shame of facing the women at my monthly meetings where I sit as
executive chairlady, that my daughter cheated on her husband and that he is
about to divorce her. Your court hearing is coming up soon and we have
discussed with your lawyer who says that you will plead not-guilty to Andy
Ifediora’s murder including your alleged affair with him. You are going to tell
the court that you have a client who contracted you for a business in Ghana and
coincidentally you boarded the same flight with Andy Ifediora and the same
hotel. Since the both of you are Nigerians, he invited you to his room later
that night to chat and that you guys drank a lot of wine and you suddenly fell
asleep, when you woke up and found him dead, you fled the scene.”
Amelia sat up and stared at her mother.
“Do you think this would work? Do you think that the judge
will fall for this?”
“Your father has arranged with someone with the hotel
management and they have included your name in the hotel booking which states
that you actually came into the hotel alone and lodged into a hotel room on
your own.” Her mother said.
“Oh thank you mom….I was so scared that I’ll die in the prision.”
“No child of mine will ever spend the night in a prision
cell. Now, we are going to summon George for meeting where we will
categorically tell him to stand by you as his wife and support your story.”
“I saw the look in his eyes mom…I saw the hate he feels
for me…”
“Don’t worry about that…just close your eyes and go to
sleep, everything will be fine.” Her mother assured.
For the first time since Andy’s death, her subsequent arrest
and George’s hatred, Amelia fell soundly asleep.
Demilade had helped Rose out in the kitchen and together
they had prepared a wonderful meal. It was lunchtime and since George’s office
had given him some time off work due to marital issues, he was in his room
trying to sleep. Rose went to knock at his door and soon he was out for lunch,
even though he felt so frustrated, he was very hungry.
“I am glad you came out for lunch. For a second, I thought
you’d decide to skip it.” Demilade said smiling at him while he sat at the
dining table.
“Hmmm…” George grunted.
“We prepared boiled yam with fish vegetable stew. I hope you
like it.” Demilade smiled.
“Thank you…”George said in appreciation, looking up to
stare at her for the first time. “I don’t know your name…”
“My name is Demilade…you can call me Demi…that’s the
name I answered as a child.”
“Thank you Demi for everything. For helping me out of the
bar, for agreeing to stay here and assist me at this troubled time…thank you
so much.”
“You are welcome Mr.George.”
“No…please call me George…”
“Okay…” Demilade said and stared at the clock on the wall.
“Wow, it’s four pm already…I thought Bobo’s school said that he closes at two
pm, whatever happened.” She said more to herself than to George.
“What are you saying?” George asked with concern.
“I was talking about my son’s school bus.”
“Oh…the young man who almost attacked me in the defence of
his mother yesterday…he’s such a well-behaved boy.” George said.
“Really? With his heavy show of disrespect yesterday? I don’t
think so.” Demilade smiled.
“Ofcourse he is is well-behaved, he stood up for his mother.”
Demilade smiled and looked at the time again.
“Do you mind if I make a quick call to his school with your
“Sure…but you could use my phone instead.” George supplied
as he gave her the phone.
Demilade quickly went to her room to bring out the piece of
paper where she had written the school phone number and called. Imagine her
shock when she heard that all the school buses had dropped off the students and
were already parked in the school compound.
“What’s wrong?” George asked as he stared at her in concern.
“My son…I don’t know where he is…” Demilade said in
George quickly washed his hands and stood up from the dining
table and walked towards Demilade.
“Let’s go to the school, we are going to find your son
Demilade nodded and the both of them, left the house.
Bobo sat in the playground, the school was already deserted
as his friends had left long ago. He couldn’t go back home because he really
had no home. His mother didn’t know him or love him either and he was already
tired of moving from one place to another. First it was the doctor’s house and
now it was the mean man’s house.
He sat on the swing and swung back and forth, he had made up
his mind that he was never going home to his mother till she recovered her
memory and loved him as she used to.



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