Ebube watched as Ogonna
applied her lipstick and wondered where her friend could be going.

“Going somewhere?” Ebube
asked, flipping through her books, she was trying to catch up for a test next
“Yea…”Ogonna said.
“Something awkward happened
at work today.” Ebube said.
Ogonna looked at her and
faced the mirror again, wiping off the smudge of lipstick from below the curve
of her lips.
“What could have happened?”
Ogonna asked disinterestedly.
“I accidentally work with
your new friend’s wife.” Ebube informed.
Ogonna stopped and looked
at Ebube.
“Serious? Are you for
“That’s not all, I told her
he came over to our place yesterday.”
“Are you mad?” Ogonna
“I just spilled it and that
was before I knew she was his wife.”
“You’re dumb you know,
that’s why you don’t have a man in your life even as hot as you are.” Ogonna
“You are not going to annoy
me with those words of yours, I have some studying to do.” Ebube said.

“I spent the whole
afternoon reading, besides I need a drink and I need to hang out so, I’m going
to the club for a spin.” Ogonna said. “Hopefully, I’ll catch a new bobo.”
“You never get tired of
snagging them do you?”
“Sure and you forgot to add
that the married men are my mission….I hate single guys, they are so stingy.”
Ogonna said.
“May God help you…” Ebube

“So tell me, how does his wife look? Is she hot?”

“She’s pretty but very reserved….kinda….”

“Hmmm….her hubby’s hot.”

“His out of limits Ogo…” Ebube warned.

“Who are you to tell me who’s off my chart or not? Abeg dey ya lane oo…” Ogonna spat.

Ogonna’s phone rang and she
“Your collegue’s hubby is
calling me…” Ogonna sang out and quickly picked the call.
Ebube stared at her in
“Hey…I’m so happy to hear
from you….how are you…”Ogonna greeted. “I was on my way out, care to join me?”

Morayo heard her husband
come into the house and while in the kitchen she could hear his footsteps as he
walked around the house. Now, she could hear his voice and she knew he was
making a call. Ebube’s words had touched her in a very raw and painful way, she
knew that they had drifted apart but nothing prepared her for the fact that her
husband might be having an affair. She wanted to cry, yell, scream or say
something but she couldn’t, it was her cross she thought and nothing could stop
him from doing his heart’s desires. He was a man of his own. 

She turned off the
gas and dished out the food, she quickly took the bowls of rice and stew to the
dinning and saw her husband lounging on the sofa laughing his heart out.

‘So Gbade can laugh.’ She
thought to herself as she watched him enjoy his conversation with the person
she knew nothing about.
When she had finished
setting the table, she walked up to him. He had just ended his call and was
smiling at his phone.
“Dinner is ready…” Morayo
“I’m eating out.” Gbade
said not even bothering to look at her.
“I prepared this food
specially to celebrate you…”

“And if I don’t want to
celebrate?” He asked, looking at her.
“I’m trying to be a good
wife…” Morayo said as her voice threatened to break.
“I don’t remember telling
you to ….” He said and stood up from the sofa.
“Gbade, you are building a
huge gulf between us…” Morayo said as tears slipped down her eyes.
“No, I haven’t built any
gulf, you have…..you destroyed this family and I hope to God that you never
forget that till your dying day.” Gbade said.
“Is that what you wish for
me? To remain miserable for life?” Morayo asked in tears. “Don’t you ever forgive? Can’t you find it in your heart to forgive me?”
“I wish you’d go through
exactly what my son went through on the day of his death and a thousand times
over!” Gbade shouts and walks away.
Morayo sits on the sofa and
begins to cry.
Nkiru greeted her sister
with a big smile.
“Nne…how was work?” Her
sister asked as she looked through her kids’ homework.
“Fine ooo…” Nkiru
replied. “My boss got featured in the papers and treated us to something nice.”
“Big girl….I miss my
working days but nothing beats being a full time mom.” Her sister said with a
“I am so tired ….I have
to go to bed.” Nkiru said.
“You have to eat something,
I kept your food in the flask, yours and 
Sam’s….please warm yours and eat.”
Nkiru remembered the lunch
she had with Sam that afternoon, he was so much fun to be with and Nkiru had
forgotten for a moment that he was her brother in law.
“That reminds me, Sam said
you should wait up for him, he’s working late.” Her sister said.
“Whatever for?” Nkiru asked
“Well…he said something
about wanting to discuss with you about a work related stuff…” Her sister
“Will you…be awake?”
Nkiru asked.
“Me ke? Awake for what? Do
you know that I bathed my four children and plaited my daughter’s hair and
helped the kids with their home work. I made dinner, cleaned the whole house
and….” Her sister lamented.
Nkiru wasn’t listening
anymore, why was Sam asking that she wait up for him? What could he want to
discuss with her that they didn’t discuss during lunch?
“Okay then….” Nkiru said
and walked into her room.

Gbade danced like he’d not
done in a long time, Ogonna was dancing too and she was seductively moving
against him. Soon they stopped dancing and walked over to the bar.
“Two tequila shots
please….” Ogonna said to the bartender, gasping from breath. “You’re not a
bad dancer…” She giggled.
“What do you mean by that?
I am an amazing dancer…even though I haven’t danced this much in years.”
Gbade laughed. “I used to hang out a lot back then…”
“How did it all stop?”
Ogonna asked.
“I got married…and life
“Don’t tell me that. A lot
of married men still hang out and have fun…”
Gbade smiled “I am glad you persuaded me to come out tonight.” 
“You are hiding something
from me….” Ogonna cajoled.
“It’s nothing….you mustn’t
know everything you know…” Gbade said.
“C’mon, I’ve literally
spelt my life to you…there’s nothing I haven’t told you.” Ogonna pressed.
“Well…marriage didn’t
stop my fun life, the death of my son, did.”
Ogonna was surprised, she
looked at Gbade in compassion.
“I’m sorry…”
“Don’t be…it’s been two
years…” Gbade said.
“It is okay to ask what
“I haven’t spoken about it
to anyone but….here goes. My wife was rushing him off to day-care and he was
crying for her attention while she was driving and turned to see what he needed
when the accident happened. He died on the spot ….”
“Oh my God! I am so sorry
Gbade tried holding back
the tears.
“What was his name?”
“Omololu….we called him
“I am so sorry….” Ogonna
“It’s okay…let’s have our
drinks. I need to drop you off and get back home. I have a long day at work
tomorrow.” He said.
“Sure….” Ogonna smiled. “But…don’t you think you could have another child to help take the pain away?”

“No child can take Lolu’s place in my heart but if I were to have another child, it won’t be with her…” Gbade said.

“You mean your wife?” Ogonna asked with eyes wide.

“I still can’t get over the fact that she was the cause of the accident…” Gbade said and sipped his drink.

As they sipped their
drinks, Ogonna plotted hard, Gbade was in a bad place and obviously wasn’t
enjoying life with his wife. There was no better time than now to get him to
fall in love with her and maybe, she could give him the greatest gift he’s been
craving for. The gift of a child.

‘Goodbye wifey, welcome Ogonna….’ She thought as she downed her second shot of tequila.

To be continued tomorrow…..



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