Madu didn’t sleep a wink on his drive to Aba and once he got
there with Sean, it was about six am the next morning. Surprisingly, there were
hardly any police check points on the way as the ones that were existent
ignored them completely. Sean killed the engine of the truck at the outskirts
of Aba and alighted from the truck. Madu looked out the window and saw him make
a call through the side mirror. Sean was speaking rapidly to someone and he
looked very impatient. ‘Weren’t they supposed to go to the clients company to
deliver the plastics?’ Madu thought. Sean ended the call and walked up to the
truck, he got in.
“We’re going to wait for the team.”
“What team?” Madu asked.
“The team of our workers…” Sean said.
“Who are they?”
“You ask too many questions. If Anita didn’t brief you about
anything, then there’s no need to tell you.” He said bringing out a cigarette
from his pocket and lighting it. “Do you want a smoke?”

“No…I don’t smoke.”
Sean scoffed and continued smoking his cigarette. They had
waited for about ten minutes when Sean kicked the engine back to life and drove
to a secluded spot as they were formerly parked on the road. Madu sat there,
his stomach growled but all he could think of was his daughter and how she was
doing. He was impatient to get back to see her as he’d promised her that he’ll
be home before she got home from school today.
Soon, two cars drove up to the spot where they were parked
and three men alighted from the cars and walked up to the truck.
“Sean my big guy!” One of them hailed.
“It took you guys too damn long.” Sean said alighting from
the vehicle.
“We got here as fast as we could….” The second man said.
“Where’s Jezebel?” Sean asked.
“Where do you think? She’s on scout…she’ll give us a heads
up.” The first man said.
“When do we begin operation?” Sean asked.
“As soon as we get the signal but for now, we need to
offload this van of its contents.”
Madu sat inside the truck, he could hear everything that was
being said.
“There are powerful ones at the back.” Sean boasted.
“Hahahahaha…anyone that stands in our way will be
cleared.” The second man said.
“Sure thing.” Sean said. “It’s not safe to offload these
“We have a spot.” The first man said. “Some where more
“Okay…let’s go there.” Sean
said as he climbed back into the truck.         
As soon as Sean shut the driver door, Madu stared at him
puzzled. Sean’s phone rang and he answered.
“Hey baby…” He greeted.
“Hey darling…” Cherry greeted. “Are you okay?”
“Sure I am darl…is there a problem?”
“No…I just have a bad feeling…I just want you to be
safe.” She said.
“Don’t be such a baby…I’m indestructible…remember?” He
“Just be safe.”
“Ofcourse…I will. I love you babe.”
“I love you too darl.” She said and hung up.
Madu looked at Sean and didn’t say anything, he had a queasy
feeling but he shrugged it off as he took his phone and stared at it, he really
didn’t have anyone to call.
Mitch felt terrible for treating Diamond badly. She didn’t
deserve it, he thought, so he picked up his phone and dialled her number.
“Mitch?” Diamond called out in surprise.
“Yes, it’s me…I’m sorry for being such a jerk and I’d like
to ask for your forgiveness.”
“It’s okay…I understand that you’re in so much pain…”
She said.
“Yea but I’ve been rude to you and you don’t deserve it.
You’ve been so good to me.” He said.
“I’m just being a good friend.” She said.
“Are you free today after work?” He asked.
“Sure…” She said.
“Would you come to pay me a
visit? I wish I could come pay you a visit but I …”    
“No, it’s fine…I can come and see you.”
“I’ll really appreciate that…” He said.
“Okay, I look forward to that too.” Diamond said and hung
Mitch stared at his phone feeling some kind of peace settle
within him. How come he’d never noticed Diamond before? He thought and he had
his answer, it was because he was smitten by her selfish sister, Cherry. His
mother knocked at his room and entered.
“Good morning mom…” He greeted.
“How are you doing today?”
“I’m fine, I just need a haircut…” He said with a smile.
“Really? Are you serious? Your sister and I have been
bothering you to cut your hair for weeks now but you’ve refused to.”
“Well…I’m ready to do that.” Mitch said with a smile.
Madu watched the men offload the goods from the back of the truck,
they threw the plastics on the ground as though they weren’t significant.
“Aren’t those plastics for the client?” Madu asked, a little
angry over their carelessness.
Sean didn’t respond he looked at Madu and turned away as
though he hadn’t spoken.
“Hey! Stop throwing out the plastics like that!” Madu
The men turned to stare at him, one of them, known as Don
Magon, jumped off the back to the truck and walked up to him.
“What did you just say?” He asked, and turning to address
Sean, he said. “Who told this one to tag along?”
“Anita sent him …he’s a rookie…”
“What? A rookie? On a high-risk operation like this?” The
man spat.
“I m just trying to make you understand that we caan’t be
throwing out the plastics from the truck like that…they can break.” Madu said
to the Don Magon.
At that instant, one of the men inside the truck shouted in
triumph, he jumped down from the truck with two heavy-looking guns. Madu’s
heart skipped a beat.
“Now, here’s what we’re talking about baby!” The man
shouted. “With these babies, we’re going to knock every obstacle out of our
Madu stared at them with eyes
wide, he suddenly realized what he was about to partake in.
“This rookie might just spoil our operation. The best thing
is to clear him from the way.” The first man said, bringing out a gun from the
waistband of his trousers and aiming it at Madu.
Madu raised up his hands in surrender, he’d never been held
ransom at gun-point before.
“Hey…wait…I don’t think that this is what Anita wants us
to do to him. He’s my companion on this job remember?” Sean said quickly.
“If she wanted him on this job, she’d have told him what the
job entailed and not keep him in the dark.”
“Wait…I’ll call her…” Sean said bringing out his phone
and dialling Anita’s number. Anita answered.
“Anita, Don Magon doesn’t feel that Madu fits in with our
operation.” He said into the phone.
“That’s not for him to decide.” Anita answered.
“He’s wondering why you didn’t tell Madu about the operation
and he says he doesn’t need him with us.” Sean said.
“Give Don Magon the phone.” Anita said in anger.
Sean handed the phone over to Don Magon.
“Listen to me and listen good, Madu is a huge part of my
family and I had him accompany Sean on this trip because our last guy on backup
was killed at the last bank operation. Also, I want him to study you guys and
learn the ropes. I don’t want you harming him, am I clear?”
Don Magon paused for a while and said.
“I wonder why you didn’t tell him about the operation and
kept him in the dark.”
“That’s my business and not yours. I want you to place Madu
inside the truck during the operation.” Anita said.
“What is he going to do in there? We need more people
outside to man the entrance of the bank.” Don Magon said.
“Yes we do but we have to make do with what we have. Madu is
not experienced and he’s never held a gun in his life so, placing him at the
entrance with a gun is useless.” Anita said.
“You’re placing me in a very tight corner. This operation is
supposed to be one of our biggest ones…I can’t have amateurs on the job.” Don
Magon said.
“When the operation is ended, I want you all to share
yourselves in groups. One group will be with the money and that group will be
led by Sean. He’ll follow our initial extraction plan while the next group will
hurry into the back of the truck while one of our drivers will drive the truck
out to safety with some of the team at the back.” Anita said.
“I really don’t think that’s a good idea or a great plan
either. Let’s forget the truck for now and do our extraction, the way we know
how to. We’ll leave the truck with your boyfriend, at our secret spot and when
we’ve shared the loot, we’ll hide your share in the truck with the plastics,
just the way we did with the weapons.”
“I need my weapons back…I can’t import more weapons, the
customs are becoming too watchful and things are more dangerous now. I can’t
jeopardize my business.” Anita said.
“Fine…but you’ll let us have a few…” He said.
“I need you to pay me for the weapons you’ll take.” She
ordered. “And also what we’re expecting is about a hundred million. Keep fifty
million for me and share the rest with the members.”
“Yes ma’am.” He said.
“Don Magon, please place Madu at a non-risk zone. No matter
what you do, do not let him get hurt. I only had him accompany you so that he
can understand the business that I’m into.”
“Sure thing!” He said.
When they hung up, Don Magon smiled and regarded Madu.
“You’ve just been saved by your momma…” He said with a
chuckle. “You’d better wear your big boy pants because during our next
operation, I’m giving you a gun.”
Madu released a pent up breath, he watched the men offload
heavy ammunition from the truck and take them to their cars. They pushed up the
car seats and loaded the ammunitions underneath. Madu stood there and stared at
them, he was shocked to the roots of his hair and couldn’t believe what was
Rhoda waited impatiently for the bus to arrive, she wasn’t
too pleased that Stella’s sister was coming to spend some time in her house.
“If I said that I didn’t want any strangers, Stella would be
upset.” She spat.
Her house was a nest for Duncan as he stopped there to rest
for a bit before going home. Rhoda knew that Duncan hit Stella from time to
time and because she didn’t want to fall into such category, she was dating him
with a long spoon, besides, her dally with him paid off as he showered her with
so much money. She enjoyed his attention as well but she knew he was obsessed
with her friend in a sick sort of way and she didn’t stand between them, all
she did was partake in the national cake.
The bus drove into the park and Stella’s sister alighted
from the bus, Rhoda recognized her instantly because she looked so much like
her sister, Stella. Soon, she walked up to the young lady to introduce herself.
“My name is Francesca.” Stella’s sister said with a wide
Rhoda smiled back but it didn’t reach her eyes, she couldn’t
wait to send this girl out of her house. Besides, she was no charity
To be continued on Friday….
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  1. It's unhealthy to be have cunning and dubious people as friends, especially when one is not like them.
    I kept wondering if Madu couldn't just sneak away from Sean's crew while they were discussing. Guess it doesn't work that way in this episode.
    I hope Madu and Stella get out this alive.


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