Hey Fabulous Dears,

A New Season Starts Tomorrow! Drumroll please….I usually give a breaks between seasons, mostly two weeks so
that readers can savour the last season before I come crashing with a new one.
I also know that I should give you all a break but my
spirit said ‘No!’ as I found myself seated before my laptop, writing a new season.  I just had to put this out and for those
complaining that my posts has shortened, the first episode of the Wife Material
Season 3 is loooong…’

For the Wife Material episodes, the pages range
from five to seven per episode but for the first episode of Season three, it’s
about eleven pages, which is approximately 3,500 words. I’m contemplating on
not posting on Saturday so that those who can’t finish reading the first
episode on Friday can continue on Saturday ‘not everyone reads as fast
as you do’
*contemplating mode activated*
Well, I’m so glad to be alive today because yesterday, my
sister and I were attacked by robbers on our way back from work. Yep, they
shattered the side window of the car and demanded for our phones but we didn’t
have any valuables on us because we don’t carry our phones inside the car for
safety reasons. Since I was at the passenger side, the guy smashed my side of
the window with his elbow and the broken shards of glass fell on me while he
kept screaming ‘Give me your phones!’
Thank God that all of a sudden, my sister pressed down the
accelerator, hit the car infront of us and horned loudly (something she had read from reading about such incident from blogs).
The driver of the car infront of ours alighted with a huge iron rod and scared
the robbers away as they ran shouting ‘police’!
This incident happened at Ijora which is just beside the
National Theatre, all because we were dodging traffic on Eko Bridge. However,
we turned around and headed back to Eko bridge when we saw a police van chilling at a corner and had to report the
incident to the officers who immediately hurried to the scene.
It could have been worse! Yes, the car was filled with
blood, blood which I thought was mine, till I got home and washed the
supposed cuts and found none, only a little scratch on my leg! ‘Who says God
doesn’t protect his children?’ I guess the blood was the robber’s as breaking a
side window glass is no beans! ‘serves him right tho’
Today again on our way back from work, this time we left at five o’clock- as we still hadn’t fixed our broken window, hence it was wound down- we got to the CMS bridge which links to the Third Mainland bridge and saw commotion. It happened that a good number of hoodlums had attacked a lot of cars and even a BRT bus, as they had smashed its windows. We could see people’s bags on the ground as well as scattered make-up and personal stuff. Two of the hoodlums, came to our car and started demanding for money- by this time, I was like ‘whatever evil plotted against us shall not succeed’! Two days in a row! Can you imagine? We didn’t give them anything as we said that we had nothing in our car and after a while they left. These guys had stones, sticks, bottles and harmful objects with them, there was even a small boy of about fourteen in the group as well as ladies.
Christmas is fast approaching and with the state of the Nigerian economy, things are not getting better and people are frustrated.
Please stay safe. If you know that you take a private vehicle back home everyday from work, desist from putting your bags in the car or your valuables, like phones etc. Throw everything valuable in your booth or keep it in the office or somewhere safe inside your car where they can’t see them. If you have to take a public bus, avoid texting or scrolling through your phones in traffic as the light of your phone attracts them and aside from breaking the glass and taking the phone from you, they could hurt you in the process. If you find yourself in such situation (God Forbid) make sure you press your accelerator and hit the car in front of you inorder to draw attention, also hornk as loud as you can to scare them off. Stay safe always and try to avoid areas where they prowl as they are notorious around some areas (According to my personal experience-Ijora, National Theatre road, CMS-Third Mainland bridge) But if you have no other routes to take except the ones I mentioned, just keep safe. And last but not least, don’t forget to commit yourself into the hands of the Lord each and everyday so as not to fall victim to the evils on the road.
I hope that the police steps up and do what they are meant to do at this time which is -protecting the lives of the citizens of this country. We can’t continue to live in fear!
On a lighter note: 

Here’s a big shoutout to everyone who followed the last
season of Wife Material and to those that wouldn’t miss the new one.
God bless you guys, you all have no idea of how much you motivate me. Your comments are so inspiring and I am super grateful to you dears.
Thank you!


  1. Thank God for your life and that of your sister's. May God continually protect us and our families from all evils. yayyyyyy waiting for the next season ooo. Biko dear, when it comes to adaezewrites……we all read fast jor. U are an amazing writer and we love u too. kisses


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