Queen heaved a deep sigh and pulled her bags in one hand
while she held her son’s hand in the other hand. She was finding everything
quite frustrating; first, one of her bags had been missing and she’d had to
wait for the next plane arriving Lagos in order to get to her bag, hence she
was delayed for two extra hours. As she made her way out of the airport, taxi
drivers rushed up to her and began to ask questions.
“Madam…are you going?”

“Mommy, let’s go…where are you going?” Another asked, as
he stared at her bags.
Queen had no idea of where she was headed as she’d tried the
phone number of her company’s head of human resources and the network was
giving her excuses as to why the call couldn’t be connected. She stood staring about
the airport cluelessly and sighed, she let go of her bags and pulled out her phone
from her pocket and made a call to her husband. The phone rang and rang but her
husband didn’t answer his call. She was very upset and kept dialling his
Meanwhile, Zach was waiting to be ushered into the reception
with his new wife when his phone began to ring.
“Who’s calling you darling?” Jessica asked battling her long
lashes at him as she sat beside him in the car.
“Oh…it’s business…” He said again and placed his phone
on vibration.
“What kind of business is that? Doesn’t the person in
question know that today is your big day?” She spat.
Zach looked at his new wife and sighed, Jessica added the T
in Tiger. She was nearly ferocious and he hated it whenever she felt she had to
control his life. He nodded and smiled at her.
“It’s okay darling, it’s no big deal.” He said and looked at
Jessica’s bridesmaid rushed up to the car and tapped at the
“Mr and Mrs, your guests are waiting….it’s time to go into
the hall.” She said.
“Okay then…let’s go honey.” Jessica said.
Zach’s phone vibrated in his pocket and his heart beat so
fast. His eyes darted to his wife and he smiled nervously, he mopped his face
with his handkerchief and said to her.
“Go ahead, I’m coming…”
“What do you mean by go ahead? Does this look like a
marriage seminar? We are going into the reception for our wedding!” She
half-screamed at him.
“I know darling, I just want to….”
“Zach, we’re leaving this car together.” His wife said to
Zach nodded and opened the door of the car, he had no idea
how he could take Queen’s call and he was worried with the persistent way she
was calling his phone. He alighted from the car and Jessica walked up to him
placing her hand in his and beaming with smiles. She looked so beautiful at
that moment and Zach felt so proud to call her his wife. His phone vibrated in
his pocket again and this time he said;
“Can I quickly dash to the toilet? I’m really pressed…”
“Okay but please be quick, we can’t keep our guests
Zach hurried off to the toilet and quickly answered his
“Queen…” He said.
“Where the heck have you been and why haven’t you been
answering your calls?”
“I told you that I’m busy and…”
“You told me that you’re in a wedding! I don’t see how you can’t
pick my calls when you aren’t the groom!”
Zach flinched at her words.
“I’m sorry honey…I’m so sorry…”
“Well, I just arrived Lagos and a lot of things have
happened to me. First of all, my bag was in another flight and I had to wait
for hours to get it back and secondly I don’t know where to go. I’ve been
calling the Human resources manager and it’s not connecting. I’m stranded.”
“Errrm…I…errm…” Zach stammered.
“Junior is already so tired and he’s on the verge of tears.
I’ve never been to this city before and I’m so confused. Why did you have to go
on a business trip when your family needs you so much.”
“Well errm…you didn’t tell me that you were coming to
“I would have told you if you picked your calls…I called
you for two whole days and you didn’t answer.” She stressed/
Zach closed his eyes and recalled that he’d spent the whole
of Thursday working on his fittings and making sure that the wedding plans were
finalized as Jessica had had a slight fever. On Friday, he’d been at his
bachelor’s party.
“I know you live in a decent flat here in Lagos. Could you
give me the address of the place?” She continued.
“Huh?” He croaked.
“I need the address of your place so that I could go there
with Junior.” His wife stressed.
“Oh…I moved…or didn’t I tell you?”
“You moved? How come I know nothing about that?” Queen asked
sounding upset.
“I really was so busy and I couldn’t tell you but…”
“Give me the address to your new place so that I can go
“But I’m not there honey and the keys to the house are with
me.” He said in excuse.
“You must know where I can stay with our son, at least for
the meantime. We really need to stay somewhere.”
“Okay…okay…let me give you the name of a good hotel
where you can stay for the meantime.” He said.
She didn’t sound too happy about it.
“Okay but that will be for just tonight. Tomorrow, I expect
that you find a way for us to get inside your house, besides, I want to enrol
Junior into a special school and I need to be settled to do that.”
“Enrol Junior where?”
“A school ofcourse.”
“What of his school in Calabar, it’s perfect for his needs.”
Zach said.
“Well, it seems as though I’d not be returning to Calabar in
a while. I was thinking of it and I’ve decided to ask my company to extend my
stay to at least a year so that I can give us a chance to live closer together
as a family.” She said.
“What?” Zach squeaked.
“Send me the name of the hotel, I’m tired of standing here
like a sheep without shepherd. We’ll discuss further when we see eachother.”
“Okay…I will.” Zach said as he mopped the sweat falling
from his forehead in worry. His hands shook as he quickly typed a hotel name
and sent it to his wife. As soon as the message was sent, he switched off his
mobile phone and sighed nervously. He had to figure out a way to manage his two
wives without them knowing anything of each other’s existence.
An hour later, Ella and Jacob took pictures with friends and
family, they were so happy and nothing could dampen their joy. Ella’s dress rip
had been held together with a safety pin and everything looked as good as new.
Her siblings, Justice and Tamara looked as though they’d rather be anywhere
else but here. Justice was obviously bored, none of Jacob’s female relatives
caught his fancy and being a notorious womaniser, that was enough to put him
off. Tamara was stressed, she wanted to be in her large bed, watching the
latest episode of ‘Catching Kelce’ and sipping a cold drink while munching on
crab cakes. She didn’t want to be here, pretending to be happy for her sister
when she was not.
Soon, the picture taking was over and they were ready to
move to the reception which was a cosy hall in the heart of Ikoyi, it was hired
and paid for by Ella’s father and the catering, decor and every other thing was
taken care of by Ella’s parents. Jacob’s family hadn’t added a pin to the
event, they’d only come to eat and be merry for their son was getting married
to the daughter of a wealthy man.
The guests weren’t more than forty in total and that was how
Ella wanted it to be, she didn’t want a crowd, just a few of the people who
mattered to her like her family and her closest friends.
She was going through her goodwill messages on Whatsapp and
BBM when her closest friends Ayo and Selma rushed up to her.
“Congrats gurl! Ayo screamed in delight and hugged her
“You look so stunning in your beautiful outfit. Wow!” Selma
said hugging her close.
“I’m still not happy that you guys decided to stick with a
court wedding. I’d have loved to be on your bridal train.” Ayo quipped.
“Sure…me too.” Selma said.
“Well guys, you know we have to consider finances and this
is all that Jacob could really afford.”
Her friends didn’t say anything, the both of them really
didn’t approve of Jacob but didn’t want to tell their friend anything about it.
They’d expressed their fears to her before and she’d shunned them and they
didn’t want to get on her bad side again.
“Well…let’s go to the hall then.” Selma said. “I was
wondering if we could ride with your parents.”
“Sure…there’s space in their car. You could also ride with
Tamara or Justice.” Ella said.
“Oh no way! We’d rather ride a keke.” Selma said.
The friends laughed.
As they laughed, Jacob walked up to them with a smile on his face.
“Hello everyone…” He greeted.
“Congratulations Jacob.” Selma said.
“Thank you Selma.”
“Congrats Jake, take good care of my friend ooo…” Ayo
“Of course I will.” He said and turned to regard his wife.
“I need the car keys, we need to get to the hall as soon as possible.”
“Oh yea…sure…” Ella said handing him the keys of her
“Aren’t you coming? Let’s go together…” Jacob said to his
wife as he held out his hand to her.
Ella smiled followed him, waving to her friends. As soon as
she was out of earshot, Selma said.
“I hate to say this but I feel like punching Jacob in the
face. Look at him! Leeching off his wife.”
“He has always done that. Why do you sound like this is the
first time?” Ayo said.
“Did you see the way he asked for her car key as though the
car belongs to him as well?”
“I feel so sorry for Ella. I mean, it’s not a bad thing to
marry a man who’s not as financially buoyant as you are. I know Ella is very privileged
and we have to face the fact that even if she didn’t marry Jacob, she might
have still married someone who isn’t equal to her status but my problem with Jacob
is his laziness! He’s always been lazy and ready to let her provide for
everything. Do you know that he didn’t as much as add a pin to this wedding?”
“What was his excuse?”
“He said that her family had provided for everything and
that he had no place to contribute his quota. Yes, I know that Ella’s parents
provided for everything but doesn’t he have pride? Can’t he provide for even bottle
water? My goodness! I know men who’d never receive a dime from their wives
family. It all has to do with dignity….he needs to stand up and be a man.”
Ayo spat in frustration.
“I can see this marriage going down the drain very soon…”
“That’s if Ella will allow that to happen, she’ll fight
tooth and nail to make sure it works out. You saw how committed she was to this
relationship or didn’t you?” Ayo said.
“I wonder how she’ll cope because they just got a small
house on the mainland. She’s been used to living on the Island all her life….”
Selma said.
“Well, I live on the mainland and I’m fine.” Ayo snapped.
“No, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean that the mainland isn’t
cool…I’m just saying that she’s not used to living without luxury.”
“Are you saying that people on the mainland aren’t living in
luxuries?” Ayo asked, picking offence.
“Ayo! Na wah for you! You get so touchy! I’m just trying to
make a point.”
“Then state it without sounding opinionated. You live on the
Island, yes, but you don’t have a car or do you?”
“Hey…when did our conversation get to this? What has
having a car got to do with anything?” Selma spat.
“Well you brought up the mainland and Island gist.”
“Please hold fire!” Selma said and turned to see Ella’s
parents enter their car. “Ella’s parents are leaving! I’m off!”
The two ladies hurried over to Ella’s parents’ car and got
Queen had settled into the hotel room with her son, she was
so stressed and wondered how she’ll cope having to resume at work on Monday
especially as she was here with her son. She stared at him and sighed. He was
playing with a toy piano and even as the noise disturbed her ears, she knew he couldn’t
hear a thing.
Junior had been born deaf and he struggled with his speech
as well and that was the reason he attended a special school in Calabar. He was
a very bright kid but his inability to communicate effectively mostly made him withdraw
into his shell.
Since he was born, Queen and Zach had visited countless
hospitals in other to see what could be done to change the situation of things
but there was really no hope as they were referred from specialist to
specialist. Another reason Queen had taken the job in Lagos was because it was
a higher role which meant a higher pay and that would increase her savings  which would help to fly him abroad for
treatment. She had researched the internet and had emailed some of the best
hospitals abroad but consultation costs were quite high and she had to get a
visa for herself and her son as well as prepare for the high cost of treatment.
Zach was helping out and had started to save with her but for the past year he hadn’t
been able to continue because he business was tight and he had started new
projects which involved a lot of money. Zach owned a small real estate company
so most of the time, his money was tied up.
“Oh God! How did life become so difficult?” She sighed as
she closed her eyes to sleep.
The loud noise from the piano continued as Junior punched
the keys intently, as though determined to hear the sounds from the keys.
Jessica and Zach kissed passionately as soon as they shut
the door behind them in the hotel room.
“I can’t believe this Zach, we’re finally married. It’s just
the two of us from now on and we’re going to build a beautiful family too…”
She said in-between kisses.
“Yes my love…” He said, kissing her passionately.
She turned around so that he could help her unzip the zip of
her reception dress.
“We still need to plan a honeymoon darling. I know that you
spent a lot of money renting that new apartment and having it furnished for us
but I need the honeymoon thrill.” She said.
“I know darling and I promise that we’d go on our honeymoon
as soon as I get extra money. I spent a lot on the wedding and even on the new
house which totals up to about six million naira but I have made a lot of
investments that I’m sure will yield profit.”
“Okay darling, I’m glad that we are financially stable.
Thank you for being the best husband in the world.” She said turning to face
him for a kiss.
As Zach kissed his new wife, he forgot totally about his
other wife who was holed up in a hotel with their four year old son.
To be continued next week….
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