George had had a
trying day at work, he got into the car and shut the door, looking back at the
passenger seat to stare at the huge cake, champagne and gifts that he had seen
on his desk early that morning. This was strange, he thought to himself. No ‘welcome back George’
no, ‘how was your brief leave?’ nothing! What was happening? Was he in the
wrong office?’ He asked himself as he started the engine of the car and drove
out of his office premises. He had just slowed down at the traffic light when a
minivan from nowhere hit him from behind. George cursed and alighted from his
car to inspect the damage, there was a bump on his bumper and he went to the
minivan to accost the driver.

man…don’t your brakes work?” George demanded.
The man looked
at George and instantly got upset, he turned off his ignition, jumped out of
his car and roughly grabbed George at his collar.
“How dare you!”
The man screamed.
“Excuse me, you
hit my car! Why are you manhandling me?” George asked in a confused voice.
The man gave him
heavy punches at the both sides of his face and all other vehicles behind them
started to horn while some others had their drivers alight from them in a bid
to stop the fight at the front. By the time some of the drivers got to the
scene, they too were fueled with rage at the sight of George.
“Stupid man! So
it’s your car that’s causing all this traffic ehn?” They shouted.
“He bashed
me…and now, he’s beating me up…” George said with a split lip which was
dripping with blood.
“If it were me
ehn, I’ll finish you this night! If he bashed your car, and so what?” One
driver asked.
George was
confused, he was the victim here, his car was the one that was bashed and he
was the one being beaten, it all didn’t make sense. Suddenly, he freed himself
from his assaulter’s hands and hurried to his car where he quickly got in, kicked up the engine
again and drove away.
Demilade paced
about the sitting room, it was ten minutes past ten pm and George wasn’t back
yet. Amelia was lying on the long sofa and scrolling through her phone while giving Demilade the evil eye.
“Look at her!
Playing wifely duties when she’s not his wife! Prostitute! Hooker!” Amelia
called out.
Demilade ignored
her and suddenly hurried to the door as soon as she heard George’s car horn. She was
relieved that he was home as she was already worried that he was out till late.
She opened the door to the house and walked towards the car, George had turned
off the ignition and was about alighting from the car.
“How was your
day?” Demilade asked as she walked up to meet him.
George said as he looked up at her.
“My God! What
happened to you?” Demilade asked, taking in the sight of him.
“I have never
had such a bad day ever in my entire life!” George exclaimed.
‘It’s about to
get worse than that…” Demilade supplied.
“How do you
mean?” George asked.
“Come inside…”
Demilade said quietly.
“What happened?”
“Your wife is
here…she came with her mom this afternoon…she brought two suitcases and …”
“She what? I am
going to send her dead body to her parents…I am going to kill her!” George
“No you’re not!
If you ask me, don’t stress yourself about her…you’ve made your point and she
refuses to listen. If she still insists on staying, let her stay…and if you
feel that you can’t share the same roof with her, you can move out and leave the house for her.” Demilade
“There is no way
in my life that I’ll spend the night under the same roof with that woman!
“Calm down
George! Why are you suddenly getting so agitated? Yes, she cheated on you…she
was even accused of murder but she was vindicated, you don’t have to hate her.
No one is above mistakes…don’t do anything rash…please…” Demilade pleaded.
“I appreciate
that you are trying to calm me down but I will never stay in the same house
with that woman, I want her out and I’ll do that even if that means having to drag her out myself!” George screamed.
“If you do
anything rash, then, I’m not staying in that house either. I have had enough of
the drama…I can’t keep exposing myself and my child to violence. If you go
inside the house and cause a ruckus, then I am leaving…” Demilade warned.
George looked at
her and saw that she was serious.
“It’s okay…what
do you want me to do?” He asked in a subdued voice.
“I want you to
give her the silent treatment…you’ve made your point that you don’t want her in
your house and she insists on staying so, ignore her. Go and have a shower,
I’ll get a balm for your pains and paracetamol. Then, have dinner and go to
bed, refreshed for a better day at work tomorrow.”
“Is that the
plan?” George asked her in shock.
“Yes, what were
you expecting? That I’ll tell you to burn the house to the ground?” Demilade
George wanted to
frown as well, but he too, laughed and shook his head.
“I brought a big
cake for Bobo, could you tell Rose to take it into the house for him?”
“You spoil that
boy too much…and I’m scared that I won’t be able to keep up when we both leave this
house.” Demilade said.
They both walked
up to the house and entered the sitting room. Amelia stood up from the sofa and
smiled shyly at George, he ignored her, and went along with Demilade’s plan. Demilade
went to the kitchen to get his dinner ready while Amelia followed him behind as
he headed to his room and as soon as he opened the door, he went in and shut it
firmly at her face.

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Jemima smiled as
they neared the house, her cheeks blossomed with heat as she envisioned the
look on his eyes as soon as he saw her. She still remembered it all, the
summer holidays they spent here in Nigeria at the house on the mainland and the
times she played ‘hide and seek’ with him.
Jemima was a
close family friend of the family, her mother was besties with Mummy B as she fondly called her  and they loved each other just like sisters and in turn, took everyone
including eachother’s children as theirs. She had just returned from Germany and had
gotten a job with one of the big multinational companies in Nigeria and decided
to pay her old friend a visit, with his mother in tow, of course.
Mummy B,
sat confidently by her side. She was a slender and classy woman in her sixties,
her gold-rimmed glasses were perched at the top of her nostrils. The driver made
sure he drove with care because she didn’t like port-holes or gallops,
or even speed bumps, which was one of the reasons she had been gifted by her
husband for her last birthday, a G-Wagon. The driver who carefully drove the
car as though it was on air, sweated profusely while in the air-conditioned
vehicle because he didn’t want to hear the ‘scream’, yes, Mummy B had a
soft voice but the most shrill-like scream, anyone had ever heard. She screamed
at the driver, the servants, her staff…everyone except her husband, children
and loved ones including Jemima.
They arrived at
the house and the driver horned, the gateman opened the gate, not even knowing
who they were.
“Does he know
us? Why is he opening the gate for us?” Mummy B asked in a snotty voice.
“Hahaha…I’m sure
he knows that we are family…”
“Don’t be silly
Jemima, it’s a tinted car…” Mummy B supplied as though Jemima didn’t
know that before.
Jemima grit her
teeth from firing back an answer, instead she waited for the car to stop so that
she could alight. She raised her had to open the door when Isaac’s mother’s
voice cut through a like sharp knife.
“Have you mixed
up with the crowd? We are elites…we don’t open doors…” Mummy B said gesturing to the car doors with a gentle flick of her hands.
“Oh…that’s true
mum…I am in such a hurry to see him…” Jemima said breathlessly.
“Hmmm…” Mummy B murmured.
The driver
jumped out of the car and ran to open the doors for them, first for Mummy B and next, for Jemima. Their feet had just stepped the ground when the
door to the house burst open and he came flying out.
“My goodness! Is
that my son?” Mummy B asked in horror as her palm flew to her mouth.
Isaac who had opened
the door with the intent of rushing out to Grace’s place, stopped short and
stared at his mother and the lady she had come with.
“Mother!” Isaac

To be


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