“What’s wrong? What happened?” Rhoda asked over the
“You need to come, please…just come and see me.” Stella
sniffed as she wiped the tears which was rolling down her eyes.
“Okay, where are you?” Rhoda asked.
“I’m in Duncan’s house.”
“Duncan’s what?”
“I’ll explain when you get here…but first go downstairs to the staff driver’s lodge and tell Duncan’s driver to bring you to the house.”

“But I have a lot of work to do.” Rhoda said.
“Please come, Duncan says you can take some time off work
today, it’s no problem.”
“Okay…I’m on my way.” Rhoda said and hung up.
As soon as the phone was dropped, Stella wept, she was in
the bathroom, clad in a robe and fluffy slippers. Everything flashed through
her mind; the first time she met Madu, their engagement, their wedding and
the first time they held Kamsi in their arms, she felt a wave of nostalgia hit
her over and over again and she cried. Something told her that she was throwing
away her marriage with her husband Madu. Another part of her
conscience told her that she was doing the right thing, it told her that she
had been suffering for so long and now it was time to raise her feet up and
By the time Rhoda walked into the house, Stella’s eyes were
puffy, red and filled with tears. Rhoda was stunned at the beauty of Duncan’s
house, she suddenly felt a pang of envy that her friend and colleague was
having all this to herself.
“Stella, my goodness, you look a wreck!” Rhoda said in
“I…don’t know…if I’m doing the right…right thing.”
Stella wept.
“Shhhh….” Rhoda consoled as she reached out to hug her.
They were both standing at the staircase landing which
curved in a circular pattern as it disappeared upstairs into the house.
“My goodness! This is a mansion!” Rhoda exclaimed, looking
at the house.
“Yea…I told you, didn’t I?”
“Wow! To think that Duncan is so rich and you’re all he has
eyes for.”
“You don’t understand what I’m going through, Rhoda. I feel
so horrible…”
“What happened?”
“Madu found out about the abortion.” Stella said.
“Are you serious? How?”
“He read your text message.”
“It’s a lie!” Rhoda exclaimed.
“It’s true…he read your message to me and he demanded an
explanation, we got into a heated argument and here I am.”
“Mtccheeww…what was that broke ass saying?”
“He wants me to keep the baby. He was upset that I kept the
pregnancy from him.”
“Are you seriously beginning to rethink your actions? I hope you’re not regretting leaving him.” Rhoda asked.
“Yes, I am…I feel sorry for myself, for Madu…for my
daughter and for this baby, I feel as though I’m betraying them.”
“Will you shut up? Stella, look around you.” Rhoda said. “Look
at this place, can’t you see that you have been brought out of squalor? Can’t
you see that Duncan wants to give you a better life?”
“He’s not my husband.”
“Abegi! Leave that thing, after the abortion, you’ll ask
Madu for a divorce and if he doesn’t want to give it to you then we’ll find a
way to eliminate him and you’ll have your freedom.”
Stella’s eyes widened.
“Divorce? Kill Madu? No way….what?”
“Which one is no way? You either have to divorce him or pray that he dies.”
“How can I pray for his death and no, I haven’t thought of a divorce!”
“You’ve left him haven’t you? So, why
stall Duncan’s intentions for you? Since you’ve left your husband, what other
thing do you expect? That you can marry two men?”
“I…haven’t thought of that….”She stammered.
“You’d better started taking life seriously.” Rhoda said
with a firm determination in her eyes. “Wipe those tears of yours, they’ll do
you no good. You are out of your matrimonial home and you’re out for good.”
Stella nodded.
“Is Duncan’s driver is waiting?” Rhoda asked.
“I guess he is…I’ll call the cook and tell him to check if
he’s still there.”
“Good….let’s go to the clinic for the abortion now that
there’s time.”
Stella didn’t know why a chill went through her spine when
she heard the word, ‘abortion’.
“I wanted to tell Duncan about it first.” She said.
“Tell Duncan about what?”
“The baby…”
“Do you think he’s going to say that you should keep it? Are
you daft? It’s not his baby, is it? You’d better prepare yourself to get rid of
this pregnancy and start making plans to get pregnant for Duncan. Look at this
house! Look at the riches that this man has and the best part is that he wants
you to be a part of his life. Don’t waste it.”
Stella nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes, she was
grateful to have a friend like Rhoda.
Kamsi watched her dad greet the driver of the school bus and
help her alight. She was dropped off at his office as usual and one look at him
told her that he wasn’t happy at all.
He took her school bag and water bottle and held her by the
hand as they entered the company gate.
“What is it?” He asked.
“Is mommy going to be at home when we get back?”
“Have you ever met your mother at home at seven pm?” He
“No…but is she coming back home today?”
“No…she’s not.” Her father said.
“Why?” Kamsi asked with tears in her eyes.
“I don’t know…”
Kamsi stopped walking and stomped her foot stubbornly on the
ground. Madu turned to regard his daughter.
“Are you coming with me or not?” He asked.
“You’re not answering my questions.” She said.
“I don’t have the answer to your questions.” He said.
“Because they are stupid questions.” He said.
Kamsi’s face cringed as she began to cry, Madu walked up to
her and stooped low so that they could see eye to eye.
“I’m sorry…it’s just that I am so sad too and seeing you
sad, hurts me.”
“Let’s go and bring her back…” Kamsi cried.
“I don’t know where she is, honey…”
“But you’re big and you’re strong and you have muscles. You
can bring her back.” Kamsi persisted.
“I wish this is as easy as it seems but it’s not…it’s
not…” He said as a lone tear trickled down his cheek.
The gate opened at that moment and Anita’s car slid in, the
car drove towards them and stopped when it reached them. Anita quickly alighted
from the back of the car.
“What’s up guys?” She asked.
“We’re fine…” Madu said quickly wiping the tear stylishly
with the back of his hand.
“What’s going on?” Anita asked in panic.
“My mommy ran away and she’s never coming back.” Kamsi said
as she launched herself into Anita’s arms.
“Madu…is this true?” Anita asked holding the girl close and rubbing her back.
“It’s nothing…we just got into a nasty fight yesterday and
she left.”
“My goodness! I hope it’s not because of my proposition. If
it is, please give me her number, let me clarify things.”
“No…it’s not that…she doesn’t even know anything about
that.” He said.
“I’m so sorry, Madu…” Anita said.
“It’s okay…it’s fine…” Madu said carrying his daughter. “I’ll have to get back to work.” He said.
“Okay…but please take the remaining of the day off if that
will make you happy.”
“Trust me, I don’t want to go back to that house and be
reminded of what happened last night.” He said.
Anita nodded and watched him head towards the office
building with his daughter.
The procedure was over quicker than she’d expected and
Stella had dropped off Rhoda at the office and asked the driver to take
her back to Duncan’s house. She got to the house and saw rose petals scattered about with short
notes tucked at various places on the stairs railing and she read them and
smiled. Duncan was so sweet. She walked up to the bedroom and opened the door to
see roses placed around at strategic places and boxes of gifts at the center of
the bed. She smiled, took a rose and sniffed it.
“Are you happy?” He asked.
Stella startled and turned to stare at Duncan who was seated
on a large sofa in the room.
“You startled me…” She smiled.
“I’m sorry darling…” He said walking over to pull her into
his arms.
“Thank you for this, you make it all, worth it.” She said.
“I know I shouldn’t be glad in these circumstances but I’m
glad that you’re finally mine.” He said.
“I am glad too..” She said.
“You didn’t tell me what happened to make you leave?” He
“Let’s forget about it, the past is gone and the future is
here to stay. Let’s make our own future together.” She said and kissed him.
He kissed her back with such intensity that stunned her and
when he finally broke the kiss, he said.
“Yes, let’s re-write history.”
“If you don’t mind, I want to rest for a bit. I promise I’ll be better by night time.” She said.
“Anything for you my love, you can rest all you want.” Duncan said as he helped her to the bed to sleep.
Anita watched Madu mope about the office, it was already
closing hours and he hadn’t left the office yet. Kamsi was fast asleep on the
long chair beside his desk and she could see how worn out he looked. Her door
was wide open so she could see everything that was going on at his cubicle.
“Madu…” She called.
He walked into her office.
“Are you alright?” She asked.
“It’s almost as though I’m losing my mind.” He said.
“You really love her?” She said.
“Yes, and she betrayed me…our family and everything it
stood for.”
“Yes Anita, it’s over. I told her last night that if she
walked out through that door, it was over and she did it anyway.”
“I’m sorry…” She said.
“It’s okay…I’ll be fine.”
“My offer is still open.” She said.
“Not now…please…not now…”
Anita stood up from her chair and walked up to him.
“In life, it’s give or take, I scratch your back and you
scratch mine. You offer me your protection as the man of my house and I’ll
help you deal with your loneliness. If you return home, you’ll only feed that
loneliness and it could do you so much harm. Move in with me and bring Kamsi
with you, you know how I adore her.”
Madu didn’t speak, he looked away.
“Please…I’m begging and I can fall on my knees and ask you
for this favour…please…” Anita begged.
Madu looked at her and after a long while, he nodded.
“Okay.” He said.
Cherry had totally forgotten about Mitch’s mother’s call
that morning, so when she pulled up at her house at exactly ten minutes past
eight pm, that night, she didn’t realise she had guests till she opened the
door and walked into the sitting room.
“Cherry…my darling…” Mitch’s mother greeted and hurried
up to hug her.
“Cherry dear…” Mitch’s two sisters greeted as they stood
up from the sofa to give her a hug.
“I…totally forgot that you guys were coming, I am so
sorry.” Cherry apologised.
“That’s not a problem, my future daughter in-law is a hard
worker and I’m so thrilled about this.” Mitch’s mother said.
Cherry looked at her mother who’s face was expressionless,
she looked at Diamond who looked a bit amused and at Jerry who was busy with
his tablet.
“How was work my dear?” Mitch’s father asked.
“Fine sir, good evening sir…” Cherry greeted and
“We haven’t been here a long time…” Mitch’s mother said.
“Yes, we haven’t…” Angel supplied.
“We were just telling your mother about how surprising it is
to find out that your dad is back in your life.” Mitch’s mother said with a
Cherry froze and looked at her mother frantically.
“Excuse me?” Cherry said.
“Mitch was telling us about your dad and how he came back to
ask for forgiveness after such a long time.” Angel supplied.
“Yes, and I was just telling them that your father is long
dead.” Cherry’s mother said staring at Cherry pointedly.
Cherry almost had a heart-attack!


  1. This episode was exciting!
    My heart breaks for Madu and Stella over and over again.
    As for Cherry. Lol! Only a heart attack will save her out of this one. Lol

  2. I dunno if Duncan is on any mission ooo….
    Amen to your prayers May. May God never allow evil friends like Rhoda cross our paths.
    Thank you for reading May and Anon.


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