Madu stared at the house he only saw in his dreams, he stood
at the gate to his father’s compound and stared at the building in disbelief.
Suddenly he remembered coming back to the village as a child and spending the
vacation with his parents, everything came in a flash that he felt tears fall
from his eyes.
“I’m sorry my father and uncles didn’t let you enjoy all of
this.” Emenike said to him.
“I want to see where my parents were buried…” Madu said
Emenike nodded and they both walked into the large compound
together. Kamsi and auntie Scholastica followed them closely behind. Emenike
led Madu to the side of the house where his parents were buried, Madu stood
there a long time staring at his parents’ gravesite and remembering the day
they were buried years ago. Kamsi walked up to him and placed her hand in his.

“Are you sad dad?”
“No…I’m not.” He said wiping the tears from his eyes and
turning to face his daughter.
“Then why are you crying?” She asked.
“It’s just that I realized that so much time has passed
since I last saw where my parents were buried and I miss them.” He said.
“I wish I knew them.” Kamsi said. “Where they nice people?
Do you think that they’d like me if they were still alive?”
“Ofcourse they’ll love you.” He said with a smile.
Aunt Scholastica walked up to him and said.
“Don’t forget that there’s an old man waiting for your
Madu nodded and said to Emenike.
“Can we go to see your father now?”
Emenike smiled and led him towards his father’s house. They
got there in minutes but Kamsi stayed back with her great-aunt while Emenike
and Madu walked into the dark room.
“Did you leave him here all by himself? Isn’t there someone
supposed to watch him?” Madu asked.
“Yes…there is. I’m sure his nurse is downstairs.” Emenike
Madu seemed satisfied by the answer and walked in, shutting
the door behind them.
“Daddy, he’s here.” Emenike said as he walked towards the
frame on the bed.
Madu followed slowly behind as he tried to adjust his eyes
to the darkness of the room.
“Daddy…” Emenike called out again.
“Maybe he’s sleeping.” Madu said in a whisper.
Emenike sat by his father’s bedside and shook him slightly,
the old man didn’t move.
“Daddy!” Emenike shouted.
“Calm down, he might be sleeping.” Madu said.
Emenike placed his head on his father’s chest and closed his
eyes in grief, when he opened them, they were filled with tears.
“He’s gone.” Emenike said.
“Gone?” Madu echoed.
“All he wanted was to ask for your forgiveness and hear you
say you forgive him before he departs the world but we were too late.” Emenike
“I am so sorry.” Madu said.
“It’s not your fault…it’s no one’s fault. I just wished he’d
sent for you sooner.” Emenike said in tears.
“Accept my condolence.” Madu said to Emenike. “Even though
this might seem like nothing especially as he’s dead already but I do forgive
him. It’s been hell having to live without my parents and nothing can describe
how much suffering I went through but despite it all, I have learned a lot. I
am stronger than I would have been if I’d been sheltered by my father’s
fortune, I am wiser than I’d have been if I had the backing of my parent’s
wealth and I am sure that having to live the life that I lived, made me a
better person as well. I have my uncles to thank for pushing me into the hands
of the world without a dime, I can’t say I’ve seen it all but I know that I
have learnt to value every naira I make and I’m sure that with that at the back
of my mind, I’ll build even a bigger company than my parents ever built.”
Emenike looked at Madu and smiled.
“Thank you cousin.” He said and hugged him close.
Stella stared at Duncan and fear gripped her heart, she
stood there shaking and quivering like a leaf.
“Madam!” The housekeeper shouted, rushing up to the scene of
the accident. “Wetin happen for hia? Madam ooo…”
“I…don’t know…I don’t know…oh my God…I don’t know…”
She cried.
The housekeeper rushed up to Duncan’s frame and touched his
“I nor know if he still dey alive ooo..” She cried.
“Put your head on his chest…that’s how you know if he’s
alive or not.” Stella said shakily.
The housekeeper did as she was told and when she raised her
head she said.
“I nor hear anything ooo…you sure say you never kill am?”
“No…I didn’t do anything…I was running, he was running
too and he…I don’t know…” Stella cried. “Please go and get help. Please…”
The housekeeper quickly stood up and ran out of the house,
soon she came back with the driver and the gate man.
“Wetin happen? How oga take fall from staircase ooo…” The
gateman shouted in alarm.
“Help him quick…we need to take him to the hospital.”
Stella started in tears.
The men carried Duncan out of the house and took him to the
car. They both placed him at the back of the car.
“Madam…you go come with us ooo.” The driver said.
Stella nodded, she was frantic and she was panicky. She got
into the front seat of the car in tears. She tried to recall all that had
happened at the staircase but her mind refused to cooperate. The driver sped
out of the compound and in ten minutes they were at the hospital.
“Emergency!” Stella shouted as she jumped out of the car and
alerted the nurses.
Duncan was brought out of the car and wheeled into the
hospital while Stella waited in worry. She had waited for about twenty minutes
when a doctor walked up to her.
“Are you the paitent’s spouse?” The doctor asked.
“No…I mean…he’s my boyfriend…we’re dating…we were
“I need a solid answer.” The doctor said. “The surgeon has
just started operating on him…the back of his head is split and also his
colon is fractured.”
Stella stood there shakily, she had no response.
“Does he have a family member that we can contact? His case
is quite critical and we need to have family members involved..” The doctor
“I don’t know anyone but I’ll hurry home and go through his
diaries to see if there’s anyone that I can contact.” She said.
“You have to be quick.” The doctor said.
As Stella sat the car while the driver drove her home, she
was in an emotional turmoil. She needed to contact Duncan’s family. What if he
dies? What if she’s blamed for his murder? She was so afraid. She didn’t want
to go to jail. She thought of her daughter and how a jail sentence could separate
her from Kamsi and she cried. All the mistakes of her life came to her in a
rush and she realized that she’d made a very huge mistake by leaving her family
for the fine things of life. She got back into the house and rushed upstairs
into the room she shared with Duncan. The events of the day came rushing like a
wind and she fell to her knees and began to cry.
The loud ring of a phone cut through her tears and she stood
up to pick up Duncan’s phone which was lying at a corner. The caller ID read
Rhoda. She stared at the phone and cried louder as she refused to answer the
call. Suddenly, her own phone began to ring and she walked over to the side
stool to answer the call, it was from Rhoda. She dragged in a deep breath then
“Stella…” Rhoda started.
“Yes…” Stella responded stiffly.
“What’s with the tone? Are you okay?” Rhoda asked.
“Why did you call?”
“Can’t I call my friend anymore?”
“Did you just call me your friend?” Stella asked.
“What is this? Stella, why are you speaking to me in such
“Why won’t I speak to you in such tone Rhoda? When all you’ve
done is stab me at the back!”
“What are you talking about?”
“Do you think I’m a fool? Do you think I don’t know that you’ve
been dating Duncan behind my back? Well, he’s all yours. He’s at the hospital
right now so I’m guessing that you should be heading there…I’ll text you the
“Stella…wait…don’t talk like this…Stella…” Rhoda
Stella dropped the phone and began to cry, she felt so
To be continued tomorrow…..


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  1. Both Stella and Madu have been through so much that, when they return together, both of them would appreciate their marriage more.

    Madu did well to forgive his Uncle. He saw the good in the evil done to him and that's a true quality of maturity.


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