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“Good morning
madam.” The young lady greeted.
Grace opened her
eyes and stared about the room, it was the same as yesterday and the day
before. Chief’s men had dumped her off at one of Chief’s guest houses, she had
maids at her service and everything was provided for her but she felt empty.
“Where is my
phone?” She murmured.
“Here it is,
ma.” The lady replied politely and handed a phone to her.
“Nooo…this is
not…this is not my phone…take it away!” Grace screamed, handing the phone back
to her.
“This is your
phone madam…” The lady insisted.
“Don’t I know my
phone again? That’s not my phone…” Grace insisted.
“I am sorry
madam but this your phone…” The lady said quietly. “I was asked to tell you to
get prepared because Chief comes into town today.”
“What? Chief?
Today?” Grace asked, sitting up abruptly.
“Yes ma…” The
lady nodded.
“What is your
name?” Grace asked.
“Titi…”The lady
“Do you have any
idea, what happened to my phone? My real phone…it’s a Sony phone with a gold cover.”
Grace asked with a pleading look in her eyes.
Titi looked
around as though scared of someone or something.
“It was
destroyed ma…they got you a new sim and a new phone…” Titi whispered quietly
dropping the phone on the bed beside her.
“Oh God! This is
not what I bargained for! I want out of this arrangement…out!” Grace moaned.
“I’ll be in the kitchen
ma…what would you like for breakfast?”
“Just go …okay?
I’ll call you when I need you…” Grace said.
Titi left the
room and shut the door firmly behind her. Grace stood up from the bed and
picking up the phone, she stared at it in stony silence. She tried to remember
Isaac’s number and tried punching the digits into the phone but she couldn’t
remember the last digit, so she decided to punch in all numbers from 1 to 0
till whoever answered the call was Isaac. She started from 1 and dialed but the
service provider told her that her number was locked till she registered her
sim card. Grace was mad in fury, she tossed the phone to the bed and crouched
to the ground, sobbing hard.
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Isaac couldn’t believe
what he had seen at Grace’s place, he sat on the sofa in his room and nursed a
beer, he was in his fifth bottle and was far from done. How come he hadn’t been
wise enough to read the signs? He asked himself. He stood up from the sofa and
paced the room. ‘But where is she?’ He asked himself, ‘could she be in danger?’
Isaac has never been one to give up easily and if Grace was really a prostitute
as her possessions and documents implied, he needed her to tell him so or prove
him wrong, whatever the case may be. Drowning the last contents of the bottle,
he went to his bathroom, washed his face and changed to a clean shirt. He was
going to Grace’s house, there, he’ll turn the place over and find clues which
could lead him to knowing where she was.
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Demilade had
just returned to George’s house with her son in tow, she was so disturbed at
the incidence that had occurred in her family house and deep down she knew she
could never go back till her sister, Gbemi, came to look for her and ask for
her forgiveness.
She was still
submerged in her thoughts when the door opened and the gateman walked into the
house, laden with two heavy suitcases. Demilade stood up from the sofa and
turned to stare at the gateman in shock. What was happening? She thought.
Suddenly, Amelia appeared at the door way and walked into the house with her
mother in tow.
 “She’s still here?” Amelia said to her mother
in a smirk.
“My dear…this
fool doesn’t know where she belongs…obviously.” Amelia’s mother answered her
daughter, then turning to regard Demilade, she asked, “Don’t you know your way
home? Do you need someone to spell it out to you that this is not your house?
You intruder!”
Demilade just
stared at them, she wasn’t in the mood to say anything, the drama she had
erupted in her house a few hours ago had sapped up her strength.
“Look at her, standing
here like the queen of this house! Swine! Take your things and get out of my
matrimonial home!” Amelia shouted.
Demilade still
ignored them, at that moment, Rose appeared from the kitchen.
“Heyyy! Wetin
you dey do hia?” Rose asked in shock.
“Will you shut
up and take my things into the master bedroom? So you were part of George’s
plan to kick me out of his house right? I know you were the one who packed my
things and sent them to my father’s house but guess what? I am back! ”
“See this one
ooo…after you don kee pesin…you wan come kee my oga join. E nor go better for
“Are you mad?
Take her things inside the house you miserable pig!” Amelia’s mother shouted.
“You nor dey
shame! E never reach two months wey ya daughter don marry, she go dey find man
outside…na who sabi una sef? E fit be say, na wetin you wey be im mama dey do!
Anyway oyibo talk am say, apple nor dey fall far from im mama tree.” Rose retorted.
Amelia’s mother
raised her hands to slap Rose but held herself.
“Mom…she’s not
worth it…she’s not…” Amelia said.
At that moment, Bobo
appeared from the room, his eyes were puffy as he had just woken up from sleep.
hungry…” He said walking up to Demilade.
“That is the
boy, mom…the one that I told you…about. The child of the whore!” Amelia
Demilade drew
her son close to her side. Amelia’s mother pierced Bobo with sharp eyes and
regarded him for a while before speaking to Demilade.
“I see you
understand what a mother’s love is…a mother’s love for her child. Amelia is my
daughter and I protect her as you do your son, and I do not want to see her
unhappy …I am sure you feel the same way about your son. So, I am asking you
nicely, to leave this house today or you’ll regret it.”
“Madam…I came
into this house without prior knowledge of you or your daughter and I will
leave when those that asked me to come, ask me to leave.” Demilade said
“I see that you
still have the tongue to speak grammar! We’ll see who’ll swallow her words
first.” Turning to Amelia, she said. “I have to leave now darling…I’ll see you
in a few days, but I’ll be communicating with you via phone call.”
“Bye mom…I’ll
call you tonight.” Amelia said reaching out to hug her mother and give her a
Demilade watched
Amelia’s mother leave and Amelia drag her suitcases out of the sitting room.
Rose quickly ran out of the sitting room, headed to George’s room.
“You go know wia
you go wan sleep today…nor be for my oga room…lai lai…” Rose shouted as she ran
to George’s room and locked the door with the key.
“Rose! Open that
door this instant or you are fired! You are fired Rose! You are fired!” Amelia

“Wetin you wan
use fire me? Abi you carry gun?”
To be continued tomorrow….

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