Rita smiled as soon as she collected the test results, it
was positive just as she expected. She was bursting with the news and couldn’t
wait to tell her husband, it was going to be their first baby and she was so
thrilled. As she left the hospital, she realized that there was
something dampening her mood and it was none other than Chuka’s mother who was
still at the house, she had said she was going to spend just two weeks but it
was already two months and she wasn’t in a hurry to leave.

Chuka’s mother butted in
at every conversation Rita had with her husband, she also gave advices which
favoured her son more than it did Rita. Chuka on the other hand couldn’t care
less, he was having some problems at his office and he was growing more and
more restless by the day. 

According to him there had been some missing sum of
money in the office and since he was also a signatory to the account which some money was looted, he
was a suspect. 

Rita was learning to love her husband, at least for his good sides, but when his
unnecessary temper came through, she avoided him like plague. 

She remembered
how easily unnerved she was at the first weeks of her marriage to him whenever
he barked at her or told her off but nowadays, she answered his anger with calm
just as her mother had told her to and it had really helped as Chuka went the
extra mile to beg for her forgiveness after it all.

She halted a cab and got in, hurrying home to await the
return of her husband from work in order to share the good news.

As the cab drove down the roads of Abuja, Rita relaxed at
the back seat then on second thoughts decided to look at the faces of the other passengers in the cab with

There were two men in the car, one sat at her right and the other at the
front. Suddenly, the car swerved and took a different turn.

“I am going to Wuse Two…” Rita said sitting up and tapping
the driver’s seat.

The passengers and the driver kept silent as though she
wasn’t speaking.

“Excuse me driver! Drop me off here if you know that you are
not taking me to my destination…I said that…” She started.

“Madam…cooperate…” The man seated beside her said.

Fear lurched within her and Rita stared at the man beside
her and shivered in apprehension.

“Do you have your ATM card on you?” The man at the front
said quietly, turning back to her to show her a sharp knife.

Rita trembled, she nodded quickly, hoping to God
that her life will be spared.

“Please sirs…I beg of you…please…don’t harm
me…please…” She begged.

The one seated beside her, snatched her purse from her and
emptied its contents on the car seat, picking her ATM cards, he quickly asked
for her pin.

“20…2011…” She stammered. 

“For all the cards?” He asked.

Rita nodded, too numb to speak further.

“Are you sure about that? If you give us a wrong pin, we
would kill you and dump your body for the vultures.” The man said.

Rita nodded in fear and watched as they stopped the car at a
junction, thinking that she was about to be freed, she touched the handle of
the car. Everything happened too quickly, the man at the front seat, took the ATM cards from his partner, alighted quickly and the car
sped off with her in it.

“You have taken my ATM cards…please let me go…” Rita

“Not till I confirm he’s gotten the money…” The man beside
her growled.

The car ran down the road and stopped at an isolated spot.

“Why are we stopping?” The man barked at the driver.

“Let’s stop wasting fuel…by carrying her about…we’ll
stop here and continue our journey once we confirm that we have the money.” The
driver said.

The man at the back seat pulled Rita out of the car and
pushed her to the ground, Rita’s head hit the ground hard and she felt pain.

“Watch if no one’s looking…I want to have some quick
fun…” The man said to the driver.

“Now? How fast can you be? I don’t want to sit out here for
too long.” The driver said.

“It’ll be quick…” The man said, unbuckling his belt and
zipping down his trousers.

Rita realized what he was about to do and let out a loud
scream, the man cursed and clamped his hand over her mouth, she bit it hard and
kicked him in the groin.

The driver’s phone rang.

“Did you get it? Okay…we’ll meet you now!” The driver said
into the phone. Addressing his companion, he said, “You weren’t quick enough,
let’s go!”

“This bitch…she kicked me …she hit my groin…” The man

“Let’s go!” The driver spat.

“Not until I give this woman what she deserves!” The man
replied and punched Rita in the face and dealt a loud blow to her abdomen.

Rita screamed in pain and the men hurried into the car and
drove off, leaving her helpless at the isolated road side.


“Do you know what I told him?”

“What did you tell him?”

“I told him that we are not all twins and triplets in Africa….hahahahaha….” Bode laughed.

Jumoke laughed too, they were both in the kitchen of his
home and Jumoke was preparing Ewedu soup while Bode made the Amala.

“I wonder why these white people think we all look alike….”
Jumoke added laughing.

“My dear, it’s really bad…and hilarious too…to think
that I saw him speak to the guy before boarding the flight and when he sat next to me, he concluded that I was the same guy he had spoken to before
boarding the flight. Imagine the way I shunned him and told him that being
African doesn’t mean we have to look alike.” Bode finished.

“Ah Ah Bode, you know that was rude.”

“I had to hit the nail on the head jo…” Bode said, he
quickly changed the topic. “Is the soup ready yet?”

“Yes it is…” Jumoke said, turning off the fire.

“If it wasn’t ready, I would have thrilled you with yet
another of my travel stories, I have so many you know. I should write a travel
diary book and sell it.”

“Business man! Always looking for opportunity to sell fish
to the fishermen…” Jumoke laughed.
Bode reached out and tweaked her ear.

“Ow…that hurt…” She started.

He stuck his tongue out at her.

“Serves you right for being such a naughty girl…” He said

“I’ll have my revenge…” She started.

The door to the kitchen burst open and Shade emerged,
wearing her school uniform.

“Daddy is home!” She said in delight as she went to hug her

“How was school?” He asked.

“Very good…guess what? We have a mommy and me time at
school on Monday. We were asked to come with our mom or any female member of
our family to school Monday.” Shade said excitedly.
“Really? Are daddies invited?” Bode asked.

“Nope…it has to do with…” Shade looked around in a
comical way and whispered, “Sex talk.”

“Why are you whispering?” Bode asked.

“Well..because Vanessa said we should whisper whenever we
say that word.” Shade said of her classmate. Turning to Jumoke she greeted. “Good
afternoon, aunty Jumi…sorry I didn’t say hello on time.”

“Hey Shade…” Jumoke waved.

“So, I was thinking of inviting aunty Jumi to school on
Monday.” Shade concluded as she walked to the fridge to get a bottle of water
for herself.

“Serious? You haven’t asked your mommy yet, have you?” Bode

“Mommy? She never likes to hear me talk about her coming to
Lagos so, I’ve given up hope, besides, even if she was in Lagos, we both know
she wouldn’t come.” Shade said to her dad.

“Okay…then, you should ask aunty Jumi if she wants to
come.” Bode said.

“Ofcourse she’ll come…I’m so cute so she won’t refuse me…”
Shade blew Jumi a kiss and hurried out of the kitchen.

“I can swear that my little girl can’t wait to grow up…”
Bode said.

“She’s so sweet and smart too…she takes after you…”

“Thankfully…” Bode said.

There was a pause and Jumoke continued.

“What of the other cook, you never told me what happened
when you tracked him down.”

“Well, he’s been locked up in prison, I’m still on the case

“Did he deny it?”

“He couldn’t…the police threatened to call Shade to
testify against him and he didn’t know when he spilled the beans.” Bode said. “Let’s
change that topic, it makes me want to murder somebody.”
Jumi nodded and dished the food into the serving bowls.

“So you know, we are eating from the same plate, I don’t
trust women with meat or fish…” Bode joked.

“Not on your life…I’m enjoying my food alone…” Jumoke


Susan had been unnerved by the sudden appearance of
Augustine that the next morning, while she prepared to go to the salon, she found that her hands shook in foreboding. She stepped out of her apartment and was about closing the
door when she saw a note attached to the door. She opened it and it read.

“I am sorry my love…please forgive me for yesterday…”
The note read.

Susan hissed and took a step backwards, her foot hit
something hard. She turned to look at it and was shocked to see a basket of red
roses. She picked up the basket and turned the contents to the ground, making
sure she ruined the fresh flowers. Locking up her door, she headed out of her
apartment in anger.

‘How dare he?’ She thought. ‘After ruining her night at the

She stepped out of the building, walking down the road in
search of a taxi, soon a mini van sped up to her and crawled beside her.

“Susan…my love…” The driver said from inside the vehicle.

Susan froze, it was Augustine, she stopped and turned to
look into the van. He was driving and smiling at her.

“Can I drop you off?” Augustine asked sweetly.

“Get out of my life Augustine and when I mean out, I
mean…stay out!” Susan screamed.

“I love you Susan..please…give me another chance. Did you receive
my roses?” He asked.

Susan ignored him and kept walking. Augustine turned off the
ignition and alighted from the car running after her.

“Stop it! Stop it already! You embarrass me!” Susan said.

“Let’s get married…let’s build a family.”

“Hahahaha…” Susan laughed mirthlessly. “With you? With a
maniac like you? You must be out of your mind. I’d rather remain single than end up with a psycho like you.
“Let’s meet your parents Susan dearest…take me to your
family.” He begged.

“Over my dead body! I will never, ever…introduce you to my
family…you…low life!”

Augustine knelt on the road crawling and begging her,
drawing people’s attention and causing stares.

“You are embarrassing me…leave me alone!” Susan screamed
and sighting a cab ahead, she waved and hurried off towards it and pulling the
door open, she got inside.

Augustine watched Susan enter the cab and as soon as the cab zoomed off, he vowed silently.

“If I can’t have you…then no one else, will!”

To be continued tomorrow…

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