The boss was worried, very worried and he had no idea of
what to do about his state of mind. His son was his captive and he had held him
for the past three days while waiting for the final command from the client.
“What kind of mess did I get myself into?” He asked himself
as he slammed his fist on the table before him.

He remembered his younger days, how his parents had strived
so hard to give him everything, he was an only child of his parents and was
over-indulged to a fault. By the time he got into the university, his father
had gifted him with a car, to move about and he was one the most popular guys
in school. Soon enough his flamboyant lifestyle, earned him the recognition of
the biggest cultist group in school and he had joined the group inorder to earn
more power and authority. That was where it all began for him, the rapes, the
killings, the terrorism and more and slowly, he had drifted from his parents
and family. Now, the realization that he had blown his life away and destroyed
the opportunities his parents had strived to provide him filled him with guilt.
He looked at his phone, the last time he had spoken his parents was about six
years ago, before he disappeared from their lives for good. Slowly repentance
crawled in and he picked his phone and dialled a number and listened to it
“Hello…mom…” He said into the receiver.
“Dapo! Dapo! Is that you? My God! Dapo!” His mother’s voice
floated through the line.
“I am so sorry mom…I am so sorry…I am a failure…a huge
disappointment…to you…to dad…” He cried.
“Come home…please…come home….” His mother said in a
choked voice.
“How’s daddy? Is he there with you?”
“Dapo….your dad died two years ago….he had a heart
attack.” His mother said in a broken voice.
“No! No! Daddy! Oh my God! No!”
“Are you close by? You are calling with a Nigerian number.
Can you come home? Can you come and see me?” His mom pleaded.
“Yes, I’ll come today and hopefully, I’ll bring someone with
me…” The Boss said in a raspy voice, making a silent decision.
The boss and his mother spoke for a while and when he
finally hung up the phone he felt peace. Falling to his chair in anguish Dapo
cried hard, lamenting over his life and what it had become.
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Demilade was losing her mind, it was three days and Bobo
wasn’t found yet. There was no word from the kidnappers and she was already
getting frantic. Her family members had found their way to George’s house and
even though she was still angry over their treatment of her in the past, she was
comforted by their presence.
“Sister Demi…we are praying ooo…Bobo will be found, that’s
a promise.” Gbemi, her sister said quietly.
Demilade didn’t reply, she wondered when she suddenly became
Sister Demilade, formerly, she was either called the ‘beggar’ or addressed by
her name without a title attached to it.
“Your father and I called the pastor, he is with us in
prayers.” Her mother said.
Demilade nodded and sat still on the sofa with a
handkerchief in her hand and her face swollen with tears.
“Where have I gone wrong? It’s been three whole days, I
haven’t slept…I haven’t eaten…I am worried…my son….God! Please bring
him back to me! Is it my sins or his father’s sins that has caused this? Please
God, he is an innocent boy….he is innocent…” Demilade cried out in a hoarse
George was pacing about the sitting room in worry, he hadn’t
gone to work in two days and his boss had called him threatening to fire him if
he didn’t show up. George was tired, and frustrated, he couldn’t go to work in
such situation, he wouldn’t be able to concentrate knowing that Bobo was in the
hands of strangers who might be harming him. George loved Bobo like he would
his son, Bobo was smart, intelligent and a very good boy. George’s father had
contacted some heads of police divisions and even with the team of policemen,
there was no sign of Bobo. The truth was, there was no clue as no one had
called to say anything, there was no ransom or condition, all they had was ‘silence’.
“George, you have to go to work…” Demilade said, with a
cracked voice.
She looked so pale and her eyes were puffy and red.
“How can you tell me to do that? Bobo is missing…” George
“And staying at home will do nothing to keep your job for
you! That job pays your bills and I won’t let you stay here and watch it slip
by.” Demilade continued.
“Why would you say that? Bobo is also my responsibility…”
George stated.
“How? He’s not your son is he? I was hired to take care of
you and nurse you back to your feet and now, you are fine. Bobo and I are going
to leave this house someday so how is he your responsibility?” Demilade
“What are you saying?” George asked with eyes flashing.
“I’m saying that you’re crying more than the bereaved,
George! Bobo is not yours and by the time he is found, we will be out of your
life for good. There is no point sacrificing your job because of him. He has
his life and you have yours!” Demilade said.
“I can’t believe you just said this Demilade!” George said
in a hurting voice.
“You better do….” Demilade said. “Go to work George and
stop hovering about….” Demilade said harshly.
George wanted to scream, he gave Demilade one long stare and
stormed off to his room where he angrily shed his clothes and stepped into the
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“Boss, were we asked to bring him?” Stick asked.
The boss had brought Bobo out of the room he had been kept
and was readying him for a short trip with him.
“I have to quickly go somewhere with him.” The boss said.
“Is it what the client wants?” Dogo asked.
“Boss, we have to accompany you. This boy is our money and
the client has vowed to pay us a lot…I am not taking any chances if anything
happens. What if he escapes? You need one of us to accompany you.” Stick said.
“Who’s boss? You or I?” The boss asked in anger.
“You are boss…I am sorry…”Stick said, not sounding
“I am stepping out with the boy, do you have a problem with
that? The client has asked to personally see the boy before we go ahead with
instructions, so I am headed to see the client right now. I have left my
business phone on the table in my office, answer all calls. Am I clear?”
The men nodded solemnly, Bobo almost leapt for joy, he was
so glad that he was going out with the boss. He was already too tired of
staying in the small house he shared with the men. The boss held onto his hand
and they both stepped out of the house and walked towards a jeep parked inside
the compound.
“Listen to me Bobo and listen good. I am taking you to see
someone special because you have been good and I want to reward you.” The boss
“Really? Thank you…that’ll be cool. Am I going to see my
“No…not yet…”
“Who am I going to see?”
“Don’t worry about that my dear, I just want to be sure that
you’ll cooperate with me.”
“Yes I will.”
The boss brought out some pills from his pocket and handed
them to Bobo.
“What’s this?” Bobo asked, staring at the pills.
“They are vitamins…just swallow them and I’ll give you
some juice to drink in the car.” The boss said.
Bobo took the pills from him and popped them into his mouth.
The boss opened the car and brought out an unopened pack of fruit juice which
he opened and handed over to Bobo who drank it quickly. Bobo climbed into the
back seat of the car while the Boss climbed into the driver seat. By the time
the car started, Bobo started feeling a bit woozy and as the car rounded the
compound and left the gate,  Bobo fell on
the back car seat in a deep sleep.
Dogo and Stick sat together in the boss’s office, playing a
game of Ludo.
“Do not cheat, Stick! You cheat alot.” Dogo grumbled.
“Be a man and play like a man. Stop whining like a woman.” Stick
They kept playing but were interrupted by the ringtone of
the Boss’s phone.
“That must be a client…” Stick said as he stood up to pick
up the phone and answer it.
“Hello….” Dogo started.
“This is the client who asked that you kidnap a young boy
three days ago. I hope my merchandise is still intact?” The client asked.
“Sir…our boss just took the boy to you, he said that you
asked to see him and be sure that we were not mistaken with the merchandise.”
Stick said.
“What? I said no such thing! I haven’t spoken to your boss
today, I called him yesterday in the morning to be sure that everything was
still in place. Where is the boy?” The client demanded.
“He’s with you sir…as well as our boss!”
“What? I did not…I repeat…I did not ask that the boy be
brought to me! Where has your boss taken him?”
“Don’t worry sir, there is nothing to worry about.” Stick
“I want that boy dead unfailingly today! I want his head
delivered to his mother…I want him dismembered. Am I clear?” The client
shouted over the phone.
“Yes sir…” Stick said.
“Listen to me, I did not give your boss any instructions of
any kind and I do not know why he took the young boy out of the nest. I am
counting on you, to take charge of this operation and do as I say and I will
pay the remaining money to you as well as bonus. I want this job finished
today. Am I clear?” The client said.
“Yes sir…” Stick said and hung up the call.
“What was that about?” Dogo asked.
“It seems our boss is trying to play smart…but he’s got
the wrong team…”Stick said in a dangerous voice.
“What happened?”
“Apparently, the boss took the boy out for personal purposes…who
knows if he wants to do a separate negotiation with the boy’s family. I don’t
trust him.”
“Serious! How would he do that?” Dogo asked.
“We’ll wait till he gets back. The client wants a clean job
done on the boy today and his head delivered to his mother soon after. I
suggest that as soon as the boss gets back with the boy, we go ahead and finish
“We wait for instructions from the boss, he has to call to
confirm from the client.”
“No! We don’t have that luxury. I suggest that once they
come, we take them both. The boy and later, the boss. I’m tired of answering to
that fool!”
“Are you saying that we turn against our own?” Dogo asked in
“What do you think? Yes we do that and get the whole money
for ourselves. The client promised to pay the remaining larger half and bonus
to me personally, once the work is done. And you know that when it comes to
sharing, three is a crowd.”
“Well…the boss used the first part of the money to settle
the other team who helped in kidnapping the boy. Halving the money doesn’t
sound like a bad idea.” Dogo said.
“Good….get your machetes, guns and daggers ready, when the
boss returns, there will be blood!” Stick said in a powerful voice.

To be continued tomorrow….



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