“Mohammed please….”Ogonna begged.
“Like I said earlier, before you started crying…it is over
between us. I just realized that it’s better to stick to my wives at home than
keep chasing after a girl around town.” He said in a firm voice.
“But…” Ogonna started.
“Please get down from my car…” He said firmly.

Ogonna looked at him, she knew he was angry with her because
of the text message she’d sent to his phone and she wanted to undo the hands of
“I am sorry…truly, really sorry…” She choked.
“Really? Are you? How dare you threaten me to marry you? So
if I did marry you, this is how you would be harassing me right?”
“No…Mohammed please listen to my side of the story, I wasn’t
harassing you…I was just telling you that we need to settle down…that I
need to settle down….please.”
“And is that how to go about it? Didn’t you ever hear me say
that two women in my house are enough for me? If I married ever girl I dated,
God knows that I’d have over a hundred women in my house, rooting to kill me.”
Ogonna stared at him with pleading eyes.
“Now, get out of my car this moment!” He barked.
“If you don’t get out now….I swear I’ll….”
Ogonna rushed out of the car, she was practically at the
middle of nowhere, Alhaji had asked to see her that evening and had picked her
up from her house and driven her here to talk. She cried in desperation as she
realized that she had no money on her, as she had stupidly hoped that he’d give
her some money. She trudged down the road in dismay looking for a taxi to take
her home.
Gbade was mad at everything around him, he remembered Morayo’s
face as she pleaded with him to speak with her and almost growled. He wasn’t
sleepy and he was quite hungry so he tossed his newspaper to the side of his
bed and stood up, walking to his wardrobe, he picked up his shirt and wore it
and slipping his feet into his sandals, he left his room.
The sitting room was quiet as it was obvious that Morayo had
retired for the night, he quietly unlocked the door of the house and strode to
his car, got in and drove out of the house.
Most restaurants had shut down for the night and he found
himself driving farther down the road in search of food. His car lights flashed
and caught the form of a young lady walking down the road, when she felt his
light on her, she snaked out her hands, flagging his car down.
Gbade didn’t want to stop as he felt that she might be a
prostitute or a street hawker but he found his legs pushing down the brakes as
he halted the car beside her. As soon as he rolled down the car windows, she spoke
through the window;
“Good evening sir…please could you drop me off at the taxi
park? I am finding it difficult getting taxis here…” She said.
Gbade relaxed a bit at her statement, she didn’t look like a
hooker either, he thought, besides he wasn’t sure if hookers had a stereotype.
“Sure…get in…” He said, unlatching the car door for her
to step in.
Ogonna got into the car and exhaled a sigh of relief, she
had been so worried that no one would be kind enough to pick her up along the
road and she was scared of the dangers of the night, of rapists and hoodlums.
“Thank you so much sir…” She said in gratitude.
“Where are you headed?” He asked.
“You won’t believe it but I…actually am headed towards the
University direction.”
“University of Lagos?” He asked.
“Yes…I am a master’s student, and I went out with my
friends….and somehow, everyone left me…” 
She lied.
“That’s bad, they don’t sound like good friends…” Gbade
“No they aren’t….” She said. “I apologize for my manners,
my name is Ogonna…” She said.
“Ogonna? Interesting name…from the eastern part of the
country right?” Gbade asked as he drove down the road.
“Yea…it’s an eastern name alright but my dad is Yoruba…”
She smiled.
“Wow! Really? That’s nice. My name is Gbade…”
“Nice to meet you Gbade.” She said. “You can drop me off at
that taxi park…” She said pointing at the park before them.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take you to the school.” He said.
“Are you serious? That will be really nice….thank you so
much. I live just behind the school …” She said.
Gbade drove off while Ogonna thanked God that he’d provided
her with a Good Samaritan at the nick of time.
Nkiru threw her clothes into the duffel bag on her bed, she
had made up her mind to spend the next few days at her sister’s place.
“Nkiru! Are you still coming with me?” Ihuoma, her sister
called out as she walked into her room.
“Yes…I am coming, I just need to pack up some of these
“Ha! All these clothes? Are you coming to live in my house permanently?
Tell me now ooo…” Ihuoma joked.
“Abeg jooo…I’m tired of this house…” Nkiru said.
“Haha…if you are, why don’t you get married? Anyway, I am
married so, I only get to come here once in a while…” Ihuoma said.
Nkiru rolled her eyes at her.
“Mummy told me that daddy has given you three months to get
“That’s his business! I wonder when parents started rushing
their daughters off to men’s homes!”
“You do have to settle down you know…” Ihuoma said.
“Yes I will…when it is time…”
“You’ve been saying this for the past three years dear…and
you’re not growing any younger.”
“The last time I checked, there’s no age for marriage…”
Nkiru said.
“You’ll want to get married during your childbearing age…”Ihuoma
“Thank God for adoption homes…”
“What is wrong with you Nkiru?”
“If you are going to rile me with this kind of talk when we
get to your home, tell me now so that I can start unpacking my bag.”
“I am sorry….I really need your company ….let’s go…”
Ihuoma said.
Nkiru picked up her small bag and headed out of the door
with her sister, when they reached the sitting room, Ihuoma stopped to talk to
her mother while Nkiru pushed open the door and headed out of the house.

To be continued on Friday…..
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