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Amelia was not worried, and she certainly had no reason to
panic. After the long day she’d spent with Andy two days ago, she felt the urge
to hear from him again. He hadn’t called after then or texted her either, they
had spent the afternoon eating her homemade ofada rice and stew and he loved it
so much.

“Why hasn’t he called me back? Should I call him instead?”
She asked aloud.
The two days that she hadn’t heard from him seemed like two
years and she really missed listening to his voice, she was just about to call
him when her beauty assistant knocked at her office and walked in.
Amelia owned her own beauty palour, it was located in the
heart of Lekki and with her busiest days being during weekends when there was
one event or the other and people trooped into her office for make-up and gele
sessions, Amelia was quite successful. After taking a three weeks break after
her wedding, she was ready to get back to business as wholeheartedly as usual
but the thoughts of Andy still plagued her.
“Madam there’s a client here to see you…” Her beauty
assistant said.
“What for? Who is she? Does she have an appointment?” Amelia
“No madam, she came for make-up.”
“Why can’t you attend to her?”
“She says she wants you instead.”
“I hope you told her the price?” Amelia asked.
“I told her that if you had to do her make-up it’s almost
double the standard price.”
“It’s okay, I’ll be with her soon.” Amelia said and glanced
at the calendar on her table. The 20th was circled with a blue pen, that
was her birthday date and it was just four days away. She’ll be turning
twenty-nine and she really wasn’t feeling good about her life, she had always
thought that marriage solved all of life’s mysteries but it obviously didn’t.
She quickly picked up her phone and dialed Andy. ‘What is wrong with him? Is he
alright?’ she thought to herself as she heard the dial tone. Andy picked at the
fourth ring.
“Hello…” Andy whispered.
“Hey dear, just checking up on you …” Amelia quipped.
“Thanks babe…”
“You sound low…are you okay?”
“Yea…I have a bit of a migraine. Can I call you back?”
“Thanks dear…bye…” Andy said.
He hung up and Amelia stared at her phone. Atleast she knew
he was alright, she told herself but then again, ‘what if he’s dying?’ Or ‘what
if armed men attacked him at the middle of the night and stabbed him or shot
him and he was lying in the pool of his blood and couldn’t tell her the real
truth of the situation?’ she thought.
“No…I can’t lose you this soon…not now.” Amelia said and
picking up her bag and car keys she left her office.
At the reception, she bumped into the woman who had asked
specifically for her services and mumbling an incoherent apology, she left the
beauty parlor in haste. Andy might be dying she thought, and if she didn’t get
to him on time, she might regret it, her beauty parlour could wait.
Demilade pushed the first sofa aside and swept, the whole
house seemed like a bag of dust waiting to erupt. She’d quickly found out one
thing about herself since the accident, she didn’t like dirt and she loved to
“Good morning.” Dr. Babalola greeted, smiling at the sight
of her, dusting his home.
“Good morning doctor, I hope you slept well?”
“Yes, I did…thank you for taking good care of the house.
Since you came, I come home to a remarkably sparkling house. Are you sure that
you don’t have a cleaning agency? You seem to like spotless places a lot.” He
“I don’t know ooo…I am glad that I am finding out new things
about myself everyday.”
Demilade said as she quickly glanced at the time. “It’s
almost eleven am, aren’t you going to the hospital?”
“I have an afternoon shift today, there’s a doctor on duty
at the hospital.” Dr. Babalola said.
“Okay doctor.” She replied.
“Please call me Babs, everyone does and I consider you a
part of my family.”
“Thank you, I’ll do that.” Demilade said and continued
“What have you not touched yet? I’d love to help.”
“Serious? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man do house chores
before.” Demilade smiled.
“My mom trained us to do chores…we are all male in my family
and we had to help her out around the house.”
“I love that kind of mother, when I have kids, I want to
train my sons especially to do house chores…” She started but stopped when she
realized that she might actually have kids since the stretch marks on her
stomach proved so.
“That’s a good thing to instil in children.” Babs supplied.
“Doctor…sorry…Babs, does every stretch mark on the tummy
mean that a woman has been pregnant before?”
“Stretch marks?”
“I noticed that I have some kind of stretch marks on my
tummy, could it be that I have kids? But then again, I’m not sure that I do because
I’m not married…I mean…I have no wedding band on any of my fingers.”
“Hmmm… can I see it?” He asked.
Demilade was wearing a trouser and a top, one of the clothes
that Kehinde had grudgingly given her from her wardrobe. They were not both the
same size as Kehinde was considerably smaller but she had to make do with the
track pants that she had been given.
“Please lie on the sofa and lift up your top so that I can see
your stomach.” Babs said.
Demilade did as she was told, Babs crouched low to her
abdomen and was peering at it then, the door opened.
“Eeeeeeehhhhhh…I said it oooh…home wrecker! What are you
doing with my husband?” Kehinde shouted like an Indian warrior from the
entrance of the house.
Babs turned to regard her and Demilade instantly stood up
from the sofa.
“What is wrong with you? Why are you screaming like that?”
Babs asked his wife.
“So this is what you guys have been up to ehn! It’s God that
made me forget my laptop at home today or I wouldn’t have seen this coming.”
“Relax dear, it’s just a medical checkup.” Babs reassured.
“The last time I checked, the problem was with her head and
not her breasts or her waist, when did the problem escalate?” Kehinde asked.
“I was just trying to tell Babs that I …” Demilade started.
“So…it’s now Babs right? My husband is now yours and mine to
share right? This was a wrong decision to bring you into our home at the first
place. Now, see what’s happening right under my roof. You know what? I’ve had
it! You are leaving this house today.”
“No she’s not.” Babs shouted.
“Excuse me? I said she’s leaving my house now and you’re
defending her?” Kehinde screamed at her husband.
“Will you calm down and listen? Kehinde, you must understand
that you knocked this woman down. Don’t act like she’s not your
“This is it right? Your mother’s plan has finally worked.
She staged all these happenings so that she can bring in a woman who will bear
you children, her grandchildren.”
“What are you talking about? I was just checking her stomach
to see if she’s had children before because she….”
“Oho! Exactly as I had thought, so you made her lie down so
that once the check is over, you could put your seed in abi.”
“I see that there’s no need reasoning with you…” Babs was
“For six years we’ve been married and we have not even one
child to show for it, then off your mother goes to bring a lady and since she doesn’t
know how to bring her into the house, she stages an accident so that she can
come in…it’s not going to happen…you are leaving this house today, segbo?”
Kehinde didn’t wait to hear the rest of her husband’s
statement, she rushed at Demilade and gave her a loud slap. Then the wrestle
begun, Demilade tried to pry herself away from the angry Kehinde while Babs
tried to disentangle his wife from Demilade, the result was disastrous as Kehinde
was ready to kill. She bit, kicked and scratched anyone that came her way.
Amelia parked her car just infront of Andy’s gate and
walking up to the gate she banged it hard. The gate man opened the gate and
stared at her clumsily.
“Out of my way, your oga might be dying and you’re sitting
here manning the gate. Rubbish!” She spat as she pushed her way in.
The security wanted to say something but swallowed his words
instead and watched as the lady who had been to his oga’s place just once strut
into the house as though it were her own.
Amelia didn’t knock at the door, she turned the knob and it
opened. The house was dark as there was no power supply and she walked upstairs
trying Andy’s number, it was switched off. She had just entered the sitting
room upstairs when she heard an animalistic growl.
“Oh my God! Did an animal get trapped in this house?” She
asked aloud in a fearful voice.
Quietly she tiptoed around, looking for the door that led to
his bedroom, she heard the growl again and she walked towards the door where
the noise was coming from and doing a quick sign of the cross, she pushed it
Amelia shouldn’t have been bothered at all, there were no
armed robbers and neither were there any wild animals, Andy was busy in bed
with a woman buried beneath him on his silk satin sheets. She stood there and
froze as words seemed to belong to another place and time.
“Mtcheewwww…” Hissed one of the girls.
Grace looked at the clock, it was quarter past one o’clock,
she was tired. She had only agreed to this game because the men seemed to have
so much to pay but what she didn’t bargain for was that she would have to work
at night and well into the morning and afternoon.
“These men should pay us now…which kain wahala is this? I
have school runs abeg.” One girl said.
They were six girls in the large hotel suite, Grace included
and all of them were wearing thongs of different colours. They had all worked
from ten pm last night till the wee hours of the morning and then to the
afternoon and like Grace, they were tired. Grace on the other hand had work to
do, she hadn’t even looked at the forms that Isaac had placed in her hands that
day after the meeting and after the afternoon that he had given her the
‘heavenly’ massage, she hadn’t even opened the file at all.
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“I’m going to knock at that door jo…I need my clothes and my
money, I need to leave.” Another girl said walking towards the adjoining room
door to knock. Last night was draining, Grace had been passed around to about
eight men and the same went for the rest of the girls, she was feeling messed
up already. As soon as they had entered the suite the night before, they had
been asked to strip in the adjoining room and wear thongs before entering the
main suite.
The door to the room opened and one of the men walked into
the room, he was a white man and so were the others.
“Will you guys be back tonight? We still have more rounds to
go…” The man said in his foreign accent.
“Pay us what you owe us before talking about tonight.” One
girl said.
“Sure we will…you girls did good.” The man said and bringing
out bundles of notes from the bag he was holding and throwing it at them.
Grace felt so cheap, she watched the bundles of notes fly
across the air and land on her lap, some of the girls whopped in delight while
others took their notes and left. Grace felt something trickle down from inside
her and begged to use the toilet. As soon as she entered the toilet, her fears
became real, she was bleeding and it wasn’t time for her menstrual cycle, she
was sure it had something to do with her cervix. She quickly cleaned up and
flushed, as soon as she opened the door she was shocked to see about three of
the men they had slept with last night watching something on a laptop. They
didn’t see her walk towards them to see what they were looking at. The screen
was bright and Grace peered and saw familiar faces at work with the men in the
video on screen, it was then that it dawned on her that the sex sessions were
“What? You can’t do that…this was not in the bargain? How
could you guys put a hidden camera in here?” Grace asked in horror.
The guys turned to look at her and reverted their gazes back
to screen.
“Can’t you hear me? I said that this was not a part of the
“Listen lady…I mean…slut, we paid you well and we are going
to do whatever we please because you were paid, capish?” One of the men said to her.
“What are you going to use it for? I have never been in a
video before…I didn’t sign up to do porn videos, I’m no porn star.” Grace
“Well…people love seeing these kind of stuff and we’re going
to make good money from it by the time we are through with producing it. Now,
please get out of here or we might have to throw you out and not give you the
chance to get out of that…” He said pointing at her scandalous lacy thong.
Grace knew that whatever battle she had, was lost. She made
the mistake of accepting a group invitation, she was usually the one man girl.
Angry at herself for the humiliation and the fact that the video could fall
into the wrong hands, she left the suite to change.
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Amelia was still in shock and would have still stood there
rooted to the spot if not for the lady’s scream as soon as she had seen her.
She could remember the horrified look on Andy’s face as he turned to see her
surprised face. Now, seated on the bar stool in his sitting room, she hastily
gulped the whiskey he offered her.
“I am sorry you got to see that…” Andy was saying.
“It’s okay…I…mean…I just rushed here to see how you were
faring, you sounded really sick on the phone.” Amelia said.
“Amelia, there are things you don’t know about me…I am a
lonely man and I’ve been trying so hard to find the true woman and it’s been
difficult. I hinted to you about a relationship but you posted me so…I had to…”
“Yes…I understand.”
“You are surprisingly calm about this, a lot of women
wouldn’t take it…I promise never to see her again…” Andy promised.
Amelia remembered how Andy had sent his companion out of the
house immediately he realized that she was in the room with them. She gulped
down the remaining drink and stared.
“I am really sorry…maybe we could work something out between
us, I really like you and…” Andy started.
“I am married…” Amelia blurted.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes…I’m married, Andy. It’s not fair on you not to have a
woman in your life and I’m definitely not the one so…”
“How long have you been married?”
“It’ll be three weeks on Saturday and my birthday is on
Sunday…” Amelia said then burst out in tears.
Andy pulled her into his embrace for a hug and she sobbed
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you…you were so good to me and…” Amelia
“Shhh….it’s okay. Is he a good man?”
Amelia nodded.
“Don’t say it please don’t…” Amelia looked up at him with
red-rimmed eyes. “Don’t say it’s over between us…I like you a lot, I love your
swag, your house, your sense of style, you are my kind of man…”
Andy smiled and kissed her on the lips, Amelia was surprised
by the kiss.
“Tell you what? To hell with your marriage, I don’t give a
damn, you’re mine and that’s all that matters.”
Amelia smiled, she loved his stamp of possessiveness and she
was willing to accept whatever he proposed.
“Know what? Let’s take a trip this weekend…let’s go to Ghana
or Kenya, I know good resorts there. Let’s go and celebrate your birthday, I
want to spoil you a little.”
“Really? I’d love that so much but what do I tell him?”
“Does he have plans for your birthday?” Andy asked.
“I don’t know…” Amelia answered dispassionately. “But my
dad’s buying me a house.” She smiled.
“Serious? That’s a huge gift.”
“Yeah…I’m daddy’s girl.”
“Awwww…perhaps I’ll buy you something as big as that
Amelia smiled and she let him kiss her again.
“Get your things packed and on Friday, we’ll go somewhere
together, I could get a resort in Ghana ready for us.”
“That would be lovely…thank you Andy, for giving me what my
husband couldn’t give to me.” Amelia said.
“I was born to spoil you baby…” Andy replied and he kissed
her to seal the deal.
George was in a serious conversation with a Mrs. Oyin one of
the biggest planners on the Island. They were talking about Amelia’s birthday
surprise bash.
“So…it’s a princess theme then.” Mrs. Oyin was saying.
“That would be perfect…I also want a fountain of cupcakes at
the entrance to the venue.”
“That’s possible.”
“I hope the back drops and banners with her picture on them
are ready?”
“Set and ready to go.” Mrs. Oyin smiled.
“Thank you so much madam.”
“Your wife is so lucky, it’s hard to see a man so invested
in his woman like you are. I know she’ll love the theme and the party.”Mrs.
Oyin said.
“Thank you. Now to the hard part, I need to get her phone
and compile a list of her friend’s phone numbers and send to you for invites.”
“Okay, but please be quick, we hardly have time left and we
need to send the invites latest on Friday.” Mrs. Oyin supplied.
“Sure…” George said.
“I’ll be expecting the phone numbers then…see you soon.”
Mrs. Oyin said.
They bade their goodbyes and both went their separate ways.
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Amelia was dreaming of her trip while George was excited
over his surprise party. They were both lying on the same bed feigning sleep
but they were both awake. Amelia was thinking about the lies she had cooked up
for her husband and she was disappointed that they didn’t sound so good.
‘I am going for a beach party, the girls want us to hang out for
the weekend plus my birthday is on Sunday so, I think it’s a perfect idea.’
She had
thought but then this is what George’s answer would probably be. ‘That’s great,
I’ll get my things ready, I hope your friends wouldn’t mind a man in their
midst but I deserve to be with my wife on her first birthday as a couple.’
And then she thought of saying, ‘Daddy invited me to spend the Sunday with
him on his Yacht so I’ll just go home on Friday and stay till Sunday
.’ And then his answer might be, ‘Since it’s Sunday,
I’ll drive you there on Sunday after church and wait to take you back home.’

She almost groaned aloud, she practically had no excuse. She was about
to give up hope when an idea occurred to her. She quickly sat up, yawned and
turning to face George who was lying beside her on the bed, she tapped him
“Hmmm” George grunted.
“I’m having a traditional wedding makeover for the weekend.”
She said.
George bolted up and turned to stare at her.
“A traditional wedding makeover?” He blurted.
“Yes, I got this huge client today and she wants me to do
her traditional wedding make-up in Asaba, so I’ve got the weekend booked.”
“Will you be back by Sunday? It’s your birthday on Sunday
“Yea…I should be back before noon on Sunday, I’ll be flying
so, it’s going to be a pretty quick journey.” Amelia murmured.
“Okay then…can I drop you off at the airport?”
“I’ll be leaving by noon and you have work so, that won’t be
necessary.” Amelia said.
“It’s fine…it’s your job and you have a passion for it, I’ll
always support you.”

“Thanks Hun.” Amelia said leaning forward to kiss him on the
lips. The kiss felt strange, it was nothing like Andy’s which was more powerful
and compelling, Amelia looked forward to their weekend together. She broke the
kiss quickly and lay on the bed turning to face the other side, George on the
other hand was disappointed that the kiss ended so abruptly, he watched her
close her eyes and he stood from the bed as though he was going to the toilet.
Amelia’s phone was always on her dressing table whenever she slept so he
quietly picked it up and sneaked into the toilet. He had to copy all her friend’s
numbers and send them invites for the surprise birthday party which he was
planning for her. Meanwhile he had emptied his bank account for the birthday


    • I feel sorry for him too but he needs to learn. Demilade's going through a crazy phrase in her life now, she'll overcome (God willing). Thank you for reading dear.


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