Susan was watching her dad eat fried eggs and bread for
breakfast. He hadn’t spoken to her since the taxi and she was dying inside,
wanting to hear from him.
“Daddy…” She started.
Her father didn’t reply, he continued eating as though she wasn’t speaking to him.

“I am really sorry, I…when I started work at the office, he wanted an
affair from me and I thought it was a harmless thing till he started
introducing other men to the mix. At the end of the day, all he did was
pressure me to have sex with different men and I begged him that I didn’t want
to yet he refused to listen. On the night of the murder, he…called me and
told me that we were going out again and I told him that I didn’t want to
….you know, he said things like, he owned me and that I had to do whatever he
wanted plus, h had videoed one of our sessions on a tape and promised to leak it…”
“He threatened you?” Her father asked dropping his fork.
“Yes sir…he did…”
“Do you have the video?” Her father asked.
“Yes I do…but only the one on his phone….on Tom’s
phone. The one he had sent to me had his face and the faces of the men blurred out.”
“You have his phone?”
Susan nodded.
“I have to call the lawyer now!”
“Why?” Susan asked in confusion.
“This is evidence that can acquit you…” Her father said.
“Really?” Susan asked with a surge of hope.
“Yes. Do you know of anyone else who knew about the video?”
“Yes, two managers in my office, they and Tom were in on
this sex scandal thing from day one.”
“Does it mean they have been doing this to staff?”
“Could they ?” Susan asked in surprise.
“You never know. Quick! I need you to see if you can contact
any of your former colleagues and ask them especially the female ones if Tom
threatened them too…” He started.
“My colleagues probably don’t want to have anything to do
with me, seeing that they all see me as a murderer.”
“Listen to me Susan, this could be all you need to get acquitted….don’t worry, just contact any of your female colleagues and ask…you know…get scoop….”
“Okay dad…I’ll get to it…” Susan said.

For the first time since she was arrested, Susan smiled.


Rita walked under the scorching heat, her first stop had
been at the ministry where she formerly worked. Everyone had been glad to see her
and when she asked if her slot was still available they had replied.
“Ha! You can’t resign from government work like that and
come back….you know these things take time. If it was private…” One of her
former colleagues had said.
“You for take leave instead of resign. Pesin nor dey resign
from government work ooo…” Another had said.
Rita had left the office after staying there a while and
decided to give the private sector a shot by dropping her CV’s with
receptionists at different offices. She really wanted a job badly and the only place she had seen any vacancy was for the position of a female messenger. The job wasn’t for
someone with her qualification but she went ahead to apply anyway, at least she
could hold on to it for the meantime till something better came, she thought.
She also thought of calling her dad to ask for help but again, if her father
found out that she had resigned from the ministry job he had a hand in helping her get,
he would raise a thunder storm and she didn’t want him to be displeased with
her. He was displeased enough that she rushed into marriage, and she didn’t
want him to quickly change her position from one of his favourite children to
his least favourite child. Her family was a highly competitive one and being
one of twenty-three siblings, she didn’t want her dad to cut her off in anger.
“You can start tomorrow…” The lady at the reception told
her, looking at her with superiority.
“Thank you very much ma….” She said in appreciation.
“You will be expected to clean, go on errands for the staff
and help staff prepare tea, coffee  and
the like.”
“Yes ma…” She had replied.
“Your monthly pay is twenty thousand naira however if you perform
your task well, it would be reviewed. When you come tomorrow, you can come take
your letter.” The lady said.
“Thank you so much…I really appreciate it.” Rita said cringing
at the amount of money she would be paid after a month’s hard work.
She left the office feeling more depressed than she was when
she came, as she took a transport home, she remembered how good life used to be
while she was single, she had a house to herself, food on her table and no
worries whatsoever. She had however worried that some of her junior sisters and
cousins were getting married before her hence the pressure to settle down so
when Chuka had come with his proposal, she had accepted.
“If only I knew…” She said aloud.
The man sitting beside her said.
“No…” She said waving to him to indicate that she wasn’t referring to him.
As she went home, she wondered if the two wraps of moi moi
she had left in the tray was still good enough to eat. She was famished.

Jumoke walked into the office that morning, she quickly
headed to her desk but was shocked to see someone else in her place.
“Hello…” She greeted.
“Hey Jumoke…” The lady smiled back at her.
“You are Ebere right? The lady who works with the GM.”
“Yes….except that he’s on leave so I’m here to cover up.”
“Well…I am back so…” Jumoke said.
“Mr. Bode said that I would stay till he got a permanent replacement
for you.”
“A what? Is he in the office?”
“Yes he is, but please wait…I’ll have to announce you.”
She said as she picked up the phone and dialled Bode’s office.
“Hello sir, Jumoke is here sir…” The lady said into the receiver,
when she dropped the call, she said to Jumoke. “He says you should meet the
Human Resources manager.”
Jumoke nodded, swallowing the tears that threatened to
overwhelm her, she made her way to the HR department and when she got there,
she met the manager who asked her to step into her office.
“Hello Jumoke…how are you feeling?”
“Much better…” Jumoke said.
“Mr. Bode told me that he’d like to have Ebere work with him
till we find him a permanent 
“Does that mean he’s firing me?”
“No…he’s not, he just told me that you should be placed in
a different department from his…”
“Right now, we actually have no vacancies that you can fill
in any of our other departments so, maybe you should work with the marketers as
an intern. You know…learn the ropes from them, if you make your mark, you
could earn commissions.” The H.R said.
Jumoke nodded, swallowing the bile rising in her throat.
“If you’d follow me, I’ll take you to your new department.
Note that this change is only till there’s vacancies for PA with any of the top
managers.” The HR manager said standing up and walking out of her office with
Jumoke at her heels.
Jumoke felt like resigning on the spot but she didn’t, she
didn’t know how harsh the job market was and her family depended so much on her
for her to just leave her job.
She felt crushed.

Susan and her father were at the lawyers place.
“Why didn’t you tell me all this? Do you know what I could
do with this information?” The lawyer asked.
“No…what?” Susan asked.
“I could get them to drop the case.”
Susan’s mouth fell open.
“The expatriate community is a very vulnerable one, they
like people to view them as serious minded, straight forward and very
dedicated. A scandal like this can blow them up!”
Susan couldn’t believe her luck, she looked at the lawyer in
“I would be so grateful if you can help me…” She said.
“Tell him what your colleague said to you when you called
her.” Susan’s father said.
“I called my colleague, Agatha this morning and she told me
that the company doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. When I told her
that I refused to speak the truth because I was ashamed that I’d be tagged a
whore, she gave me names of many other employees that Tom had slept with and
how many of them abruptly resigned from the company. She gave me the name and
the phone number of one particular girl, ‘Veronica Teko’ who she said worked
directly with Tom for two weeks and after that, resigned. She said that the
girl was apparently close to Tom and that she was sure that they were having an
“Bingo!” The lawyer said in glee.
“What does this mean?”
“I need that girl’s phone number and I need to see her, with
the video tape, the girl’s testimony and facts that Tom wasn’t the saint
everyone thought him to be, I can get his family to drop the case.”
“Oh my God! I am so thrilled.”
“From now on, do not hide anything from your lawyer.” The
lawyer said.
Susan nodded in understanding.
“It wasn’t only Tom who was involved in this, I can name two
others who work in the company as well. One is an expat and the other is
Nigerian…” Susan started.

The lawyer, brought out his pen and jotter and begun to take
To be continued on Friday…


  1. Sigh… Ada you have glued me to your website for the past two weeks. From Silence season 1 to Wife material. You are mega talented and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    I don't like Tosin very much, neither do i like Bode very much. It's simple, i don't like cheats. It can be argued that Tosin deserves whatever she gets from Bode but i'd have rather Bode divorced her first before venturing into a relationship with Jumoke. What i struggle with is why any man thinks it's okay to ignore the 'For better or worse' in their vows. Tosin is a big idiot, a cheat and absolutely sad excuse of a woman, YES but Bode turned me against him when instead of either praying his wife out of her madness, he sunk low to her level by cheating.

    Jumoke… Let's just say she deserves better than been a mistress of a married man and she deserves better than been with a divorcee with 3 children. She is a young girl that seem to have a great life ahead of her. She deserves a young man with great pedigree and absolutely no drama attached. Oh, she's an idiot for sleeping and falling in love with a married man. ish like that never end well, even if the man divorces his wife for her.

    Sorry for the epistle… 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear for enjoying my stories, I try my best and God does the rest.
      I love your analysis of the characters and I think you are so right.
      This is the first time a reader is expressing dislike for Bode and it comes as a pleasant surprise. I feel he's a bit pompous, look at the other scene for instance where Tosin blackmailed Jumoke and he quickly shut Jumoke out for that. I think he and Tosin deserve each other.
      Yes, Jumoke deserves so much better.
      God bless you for reading dear!


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