Queen hated to lie to herself; she hated the man her husband
was gradually turning into. He was becoming very controlling, obsessive and too
possessive. She had arrived his hometown three hours ago and was presently in
the house with his family members. Queen knew her brother-in-laws quite vaguely
but she didn’t really know their wives so well, except for one, Cassandra.

Junior played with his cousins while she sat inside the
house and stared at nothing in particular. She was bored. Zach and his brothers
were outside the house receiving condolence messages from friends and relatives.
She wished she had something else to do rather than sit and do nothing.
She brought out her phone and clicked on her Facebook Icon.
It’s been quite a while since she’s been on Facebook so she tried recollecting her
password and soon she was able to log in. She opened the icon and scrolled
through to see the notifications on her timeline. Then, an idea struck. She
could take sellfies and put it up on Facebook for her friends. It’s been long
since she’d posted anything as she couldn’t remember posting any photos after
her son’s birth.
“Better late than never!” She sighed as she clicked on the
camera icons and took some selfies, tagging them with hastags #Hubby’splace
#Izamojieslosesanicon #Papa’sburial.
No sooner had she posted the picture on Facebook than
comments started pouring in from friends on Facebook. She was still busy on
Facebook when her sister in-law, Cassandra, walked up to her.
“Hey…I see you’re here alone…” She said.
“Yes, Cassandra, I’m just trying to keep myself busy. My son
is playing with your kids.” Queen said.
“The whole burial thing is being rushed…you see…papa
never wanted to be placed in a mortuary. He wanted to be buried immediately he
died.” Cassandra said.
“Really? But it’s been two days already…doesn’t it mean
that they went against his wishes?”
“Yes, his kids had to defy his wishes because everyone had
to come together. So, we’re burying him tomorrow officially.”
“That’s better…” Queen said.
As they were speaking, another of Queen’s brother in-law’s wives
walked into the sitting room.
“You’re Jessie right?” The woman asked Queen.
“Me? No…I’m not Jessie.” Queen said surprised at the name
her sister in-law had called her. “My name is Queen.”
“Oh….I’m sorry. It’s just that I attended your wedding
and…I was sure you’re Jessica.”
“Me?” Queen asked in surprise.
 Cassandra quickly
“You must have mixed up the names besides you never attended
her wedding because Queen had been married to Zach before you married your
“But Zach just got marri…” The lady started.
“You’re mixing things up again Layla! Come let’s go and get
dinner ready.” Cassandra said, walking up to Layla and held on to her arm,
pulling her with her. “Excuse us Queen.”
Queen watched as Cassandra and Layla walked away, she was
Jessica tried to sleep but she couldn’t. Her sister had
promised to accompany her to the house where her husband paid rent first thing
tomorrow morning before she went to work and as she waited for dawn to come,
she wished with all her heart that her husband was innocent. She had prayed to
God that the house should be a place he rented for his older relative or some a
male friend in need. She was so scared of what she’d find at the house when she
got there tomorrow. She was still trying to sleep when her phone rang. It was
“You haven’t been taking my calls.” He said.
“I haven’t been in the mood to talk.”
“Why do we always have to quarrel, Jessie? I am already fed
up of your new attitude.”
“Really? Am I the one displaying a new attitude?”
“What sort of question is that?” He fired.
“When you get back, we’ll talk things through. How’s your
dad?” She asked.
There was a long pause at the end of the line.
“He’s passed away.”
Jessica sat up on the bed.
“And you couldn’t tell me. I bet you lied to me that he was
in critical condition. What are you hiding from me Zach?”
“Me? Hiding something from you?”
“Never mind…when’s the burial?”
“We’re yet to fix a date.” He said.
“Okay then, I’d have to start preparing to travel to your
place for his burial when the time comes.”
“No..no…he doesn’t want a big burial ceremony. He wanted
something simple. He wanted to be buried with only close family in attendance.”
“What am I to you? A distant relative? I am your wife
Zacchary! I am the woman you agreed to share her life with you. I am part of
the family.” Jessica spat.
“Let’s not argue about this Jess, when I get home we’ll
“Yes…when you come home we’ll talk.” She said and ended
the call in anger. As soon as she ended the call, she stared at the phone as
anger boiled within her. “If you’re hiding anything from me Zach, I swear I’ll
unmask you and when I do, and I see that you’re unworthy of my love, I will
make you pay!”
Ella got back home in silence, she replayed her conversation
with her mother in-law in her head over and over again. She couldn’t believe it!
Does it mean that her husband had played her for a fool? What in the world was
She parked her car and alighted, just then, she saw FK close
her shop and turn around to head out through the gate.
“Good evening ooo…” FK greeted as she made her way out of
the gate.
“FK, can I speak with you?” She asked.
FK stopped in her tracks and stared at her.
“I nor understand…you wan see me?”
“Yes…I want to see you…briefly…”
FK walked up to her.
“I want to understand why you can’t mind your business.”
Ella said to her.
“Wetin I do now?” FK asked.
“You spoke to Tamara, my sister and told her lots of lies
about my husband and now, my husband is under close scrutiny by my family.”
“Me I nor understand dat big grammar wey you dey blow.
Tamara ask me question and I answer am. I tell am say Jacob nor dey go work abi
nor be true I talk?”
Ella wagged a finger at her.
“I do not appreciate your meddling into my life. Do I make
myself clear? This is the last time I’d tolerate your rubbish.”
FK shook her head at her in pity.
“Dat man don blind you finish! I pity you.”
“You’d better shove that pity of yours up your disgraceful,
good-for nothing and silly ass.” Ella fired.
“Abeg nor dey call me again for dis kain rubbish talk and
please nor dey open mouth insult me again. I don warn you ooo…” FK spat and
stormed off.
Ella dragged in a deep breath and headed into the house and
up the stairs. She opened the door to see Jacob pacing the sitting room.
“I haven’t still heard from her.” Jacob said in worry. “Lola
is really missing! Her phone has been switched off and I can’t get through to
Ella shut the door behind her and folded her hands as she
stared at her husband.
“I called your mom.”
“Really? Oh…I mean, how is she? I haven’t spoken to her in
a while…”
“She said that there’s no person with the name Lola in your
list of relatives.”
Her husband stared at her in surprise.
“What do you mean by that?” He asked.
Ella was very angry.
“Some time ago, I could swear that I heard Lola mention that
the child she’s carrying is yours. Now, she’s missing and I called your mother
and she told me that you don’t have a relative called Lola. Tell me Jacob, do I
look stupid to you?”
Jacob stared at her in shock.
“Darling…my mother can’t possibly keep track of all my relatives’
names besides, the day you allowed Lola into our home I told you she’s a
distant relative.”
“Don’t you dare lie to me Jacob! Don’t you dare lie to me!”
Ella screamed.
“Lola is my relative! I don’t know what my mother is talking
about but she obviously doesn’t remember her because she’s related to me from
my dad’s side of the family. If Lola were related to me from my maternal side,
she’ll definitely remember her.”
Ella looked at her husband with her fists clenched as though
she was ready to get into a physical fight with her husband.
“Ella, don’t be like this. Lola is missing and we need to do
something about it. Let’s talk about how she’s related to me when we find
Ella closed her eyes for a while and breathed deeply.
“I’m sorry, that was selfish of me…I should think of Lola’s
safety first and especially that of her baby. I’m sorry again.”
Jacob walked up to her and gathered her into his arms.
“It’s okay babe…” He said.
“So, how are we going to find her?”
 “That’s why I’ve been
waiting for you darling…” Jacob said.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Your dad has a lot of influence…” He said taking her
hands in his. “That’s why I need you to talk to him to help us find Lola.”
Ella stared at her husband, she didn’t know what to say.


To be continued next week….


  1. This Ella girl is a love blinded chick…chai..I wish I have this kind of Ella as my future wife ooo

    And for Zach, his days are numbered


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