Amelia walked out of the bathroom clad in her towel, George
propped his hand under his chin and watched her closely. It was a Saturday
morning and while he had to endure the fact that his wife had spent the night
in the guest room, she woke him up this morning by noisily using their bedroom’s
bathroom-shower and singing at the top of her voice and after that emerging
from the bathroom wearing only a skimpy towel and flip flops.

That, was enough
to make a starved man run stark mad! He watched as she sat at her dressing
table and brought out her make-up kit. If there was anything that could keep
his wife glued to a spot, it was make-up, she applied it as though she was
practicing a sort of ritual, he watched as she deliberately let the towel which
was secured above her breasts slide down to reveal a good glimpse of her boobs and
at that point, he had had it! He stood from the bed and walked towards her,
smiling and holding out his hands to her.

“Baby…are you still upset about last night?” George asked
“Last night? What happened last night?” She murmured succinctly.
“We err…kind of had a misunderstanding about some issues…and
I promised you that I will get you all you want.”
“Do you know my full name?” Amelia asked as she stared at
him icily through the mirror which stood before her.
“Yes…why do you ask?”
“Please say my full name out loud…I’d love to hear you
pronounce it…”
“Adaku Amelia-Batshua.”
“Do you know what my names mean?”
“What is all this about? What does your name have to do with
“Just in case you didn’t know, Adaku means daughter of
wealth.” Amelia said as she applied foundation on her face. “Amelia means
fertile, Batshua share the same meaning with Adaku.”
George smiled sheepishly. “So…”
“It means darling that your wife, Adaku Amelia-Batshua is
covered up in wealth, she is bathed in riches and crowned in treasures. It was
on the day that I was born that my father hit his first million and since then,
he has grown to becoming one of the richest men in Nigeria. I married you because
aside from the fact that I love you and that most of my friends were getting
engaged, I felt that you could provide for me, that you could let me become the
queen of riches in your home, that title which I held with honour in my
father’s house while he lavished his money on me.”
“Do I need these lectures?” George asked irritably.
“Yes, you do…”
“We are married for better for worse, for richer or poorer…”
“Mba! Don’t you dare bring up that word poor, if you are
ready to die a poor man, please die alone because Adaku Amelia-Batshua is not
ready to leave the riches that she’s had all her life to settle for a miserable
“What? Low-life? You call me a low-life?”
“What are you? A man who cannot buy his wife a DVF dress is
a low-life.”
“Excuse me…many men have different ways of showing their
love…I don’t get you…who are you Amelia? This side of you is surprising.”
George exclaimed.
Amelia ignored him and retying her towel, she continued with
her make-up leaving her husband to stare at her in confusion.
Grace was fast asleep when she heard the heavy knock at the
door. Grumbling, she got down from the bed, threw on her silk robe and stepped
out of her room. She looked at the time, it was ten am and thankfully a
Saturday. Last night, she had had a total of four customers and while her bag
protruded with money, her jaws and body parts ached as though someone had taken
a cane and flogged her senseless.
“Who is it?” She asked in a disgruntled voice, while
exercising her jaws by opening and closing her mouth slowly.
“Hello…it’s your neighbour.” A male voice answered.
“Neighbour? I don’t have a blasted male neighbour…” She
replied while fumbling with the keys to open the door.
Grace had lived in this apartment for two years and it was a
block of five bungalow apartments in a compound. Her neighbours consists of two
single ladies, one retired woman who everyone referred to as granny and a
family which consists of a woman and her two kids, her husband was in one of
the foreign countries. She opened the door and stopped in her tracks, the man
who stood right before her towered at about six-feet, his abs were hot-she
could tell because he was wearing a sleeveless top-and from the sweat
glistening on his body, he had just exercised.
“Good morning, my name is Isaac…” The man said.
“I err…my name…is…er…Grace…” She stammered still staring at
the Adonis that blocked the entrance to her house.
“I just moved into the estate a few days ago and I decided
to schedule a meeting with all tenants of the estate by tomorrow afternoon
hopefully. I have knocked at all the bungalows in this compound and everyone
has something planned for tomorrow, I need a representative at the meeting
“Excuse me?” Grace asked, finding her voice.
“Will you be available? I’ll hate to cancel it.”
“You can’t just move into an estate and order everyone
around, we have lives and besides who died and made you king?” Grace asked
getting back her formerly lost composure and staring at the intruder with
malicious eyes.
“Oh sorry, I didn’t properly introduce myself. My name is
Isaac Mobola-Jacobs and this is the Mobola-Jacobs estate which means that my
family owns more than half the buildings in this estate, yours included.”
“Ehn!” Grace asked gaping at him like a she-goat.
“And if I don’t come for the meeting?” Grace asked again.
“Then you’ll have no say about the new development scheme
which I have in mind for this property.”
Grace stared at him dumb-struck, she had just been rude to
the owner of the nest she called home. She had gotten and paid for her
apartment through an agent.
“What time tomorrow?”
“Two pm…” He replied.
“Yeah…lest I forget, forms will be passed around to
everyone, I am creating a database and I need your full names, occupations and
place of work as well as work address and details.”
Grace’s mouth stood ajar for a good ten seconds and taking
it that she had no more answers to his questions, the ‘hot’ Isaac Mobola-Jacobs
jogged his way out of her compound. Grace was so helpless, how would she go
about the job part? No one knew of her night-trade, it was a secret she vowed
to keep till her dying day.
Demilade watched Bobo eat, his face was sullen and it was
obvious that he hated the food.
“You don’t like it do you?” Demilade asked her son quietly.
“It’s okay.” He replied.
“Don’t worry, tomorrow will be better.” She assured him.
They were at the hospital and she had paid a deposit of the
money asked by the doctor, none of her siblings had helped her with the money,
instead, her mother had sent her part of the sum promising to give her the
remaining part before the day is over. Demilade vowed never to ask her siblings
for money again, she was going to get her self-worth back and this time she
meant it. She had seen the sign post outside one of the hotels on the hospital
street looking for a cleaner and she had made up her mind to apply. She just
needed Bobo to eat first before she leaves the hospital to the hotel.
“Aren’t you going to eat?” Bobo asked, offering her a part
of his food.
“Don’t worry baby, mummy is filled up.” She said, pointing
to her belly.
“Did you fill it up with water again?” He asked knowingly.
It was no use hiding things from Bobo, for a nine year old,
he was pretty smart for his age and he knew his mother so well.
“You can tell right? But water is good for the body na…I
heard it refreshes the body.” She said trying to make light of the situation.
“Yes, water is good and food too…so, take the food, I am
full.” Bobo said giving her the food.
“You are sick and you need a lot of nourishment.” Demilade
“If you die of hunger, I have no one else who’ll love me as
much as you do…ever and I don’t want that.” Bobo said.
Tears stained her eyelids and nodding in affirmative, she
took the food from her son’s hand and ate up the remaining. It was yam and
beans and the yam was already down to two slices, her stomach growled in hunger
as soon as the food touched the center. She finished the food quickly and stood
up to leave.
“I have to go now…I’ll be back soon.” She said.
“Okay…I’ll read my Peter Pan book and wait till you return.”
Demilade smiled at her son and left the hospital room.
Amelia drove her car into the shopping mall and honked
loudly, there was a stupid man right infront of her, who was arguing with the ticket
“Oga are you moving your stupid vehicle or should I send
thugs to move it for you?” Amelia screamed as she honked down hard.
The man alighted from his car and walked up to the ticket
man, still hollering.
“Hey! Hey! Do you not realize that there’s a gazillion
people waiting for you to park?” Amelia said jumping down from her car and
walking up to meet the man.
“Excuse me lady, could you mind your business?” The man said
to her in a British-accent.
Amelia was taken aback, there was one thing that attracted
her to a man, and that was none other but his unique sense of style. From head
to toe, Amelia could tell that the man who had just barked at her was a
‘designer’ man. From his Louis Vuitton scarf to his Gucci glasses and Tom Ford
shoes, Amelia knew money when she saw it and to top it off, he was on the
latest scent in town, ‘Issay Miyake’.
The man turned to rain down orders at the ticket man who was
already quite paralyzed with fear of the wealth which the man exuded.
“I told you that I am exclusively on the parking list of
this place and I am not supposed to pay a dime for parking. Check my name on
your file or something, it’s Andy Williams-Macaulay.”
Amelia quietly tiptoed to her car like a meek lamb and
slammed the door shut, then bringing out her phone, she quickly googled the
man’s name. That was when she froze, he was on the Forbes list of young
millionaires and there she was running her mouth like a tap. The man quickly
resolved his issues and got back into his car, a Bentley –she just noticed- and
zoomed into the parking lot, while her 2014 model Rav4 followed suit like an obedient
Amelia was meant to meet her friends Didi and Zeke at the
café at the mall for their usual chat before making her way to the salon. She
turned off the engine of her car and taking her Chanel bag and glasses from the
car she went into the mall. Didi and Zeke were at their usual spot gisting and laughing
when she came in.
“Hey girl!” They greeted each taking turns to hug her.
“Hello babes…where is Morenike?” Amelia asked.
“Didn’t she tell you?” Zeke said exchanging glances with
“Tell me what?” Amelia asked.
“She went to the Caribbean Islands with her boo. They caught
their flight in the wee hours of the morning.”
“Ah…how come I’m the last to know about this?” Amelia asked
Amelia has a click of friends, three were her closest and
they were Zeke, Didi and Morenike, she has known these girls from her primary
school in Ikoyi, while the rest were friends she’d picked up from high school,
university, youth service and different places around the world.
“I don’t know…” Didi said. “We were on a conference call
last night and…”
“Wait…you guys were on a conference call ke? How come I
wasn’t part of it?” Amelia asked pained.
“Mehn…I’m sure she didn’t want to disturb you in your throes
of passion with BAE.”
“Oh please!” Amelia said exasperatingly.
“Wait…am I detecting boredom? Amelia, this is not an affair
ooo…it’s marriage and it’s till you die!” Zeke warned.
“Oh give me a break!” Amelia shrugged and turning to look at
the bar, she signaled to a waiter. “I need a drink, I’m so thirsty.”
“Hehehehe…give us gist…what happened?” Didi asked, grinning
from ear to ear.
“Watch it Didi…this is no jokes mehn…” Zeke warned.
“Sorry…” Didi said in a giggle.
Amelia wasn’t in the mood to reply but immediately sat up
when the man she had just met downstairs walked into the café. He headed
straight towards them and her heart missed a beat, she knew he was here to
finish up the quarrel he had started at the car park.
“Hello ladies…” Andy said with a huge smile on his face.
“Hi…” Didi and Zeke greeted smiling and giving his
flirtatious glances.
Andy turned to Amelia and said.
“Hey…we met downstairs right? How can I tell you how sorry I
am for the bad manners and all?”
“Oh…it’s nothing…I was actually the one at fault, I
shouldn’t have err…said anything to you and…”
“No…the fault is all mine. Can I have your number? Would
like to give you a call sometime and once again, I am truly sorry. My name is
Andy, by the way.” Andy said.
“Oh it’s nothing, my name is Amelia and my number is….080…”
Amelia said and blurted out her number.
Andy quickly whipped out his phone and typed in the number
and her details.
“I’ve covered all your expenses at the bar…everything is on
me. Have a lovely day ladies.” Andy said and walked away.
“Oh my gosh! Who is that? He’s so hot and you’re so
married.” Zeke said in a rush.
“I know right? He had eyes for only you…” Didi chirped in.
“I met him downstairs and…” Amelia blushed.
“Wait ooo…are you blushing? Amelia you do know that you are
married right, your two weeks wedding anniversary is today.” Zeke warned.
“So? Flirting is no crime…” Amelia said.
“You have a husband…” Didi said.
“A man who cannot give his wife what she wants is no husband
at all. Yes, I married him but I just found out that marrying him doesn’t mean
he is husband material.”
Her friends stared at her, their jaws still hanging open.
“Do have any experience?” The hotel manager asked her,
staring at her lustfully.
“Well…no woman needs experience when it comes to cleaning or
cleanliness, it’s something imbibed into us by our mothers…”
“Hmmm…” The manager said stroking his chin.
They were in the lounge upstairs and the manager had asked
everyone to leave while he conducts the interview with her. Demilade counted
herself lucky to have been given an ear immediately she came for the interview.
“I can do practically anything sir, I desperately need this
job. My son is in the hospital down the road and I have been hustling to make
ends meet.” Demilade said.
“You don’t need to hustle so hard…with a body and face like
yours, you don’t need to hustle at all.”
“Excuse me? Nigeria is a tough country and you have to work
hard to survive.” She said.
“Hahaha…if you play your cards right, everything will fall
at your feet…” The manager said, rising from his chair and walking towards her.
“I…err…don’t like that kind of thing, I believe in hardwork…”
Demilade said, feeling uneasy.
“Do you want the job or not and if you do, how hard do you
want it?” The hotel manager said, crouching and whispering into her ear.
“Sir, I believe this is an interview and I must state
categorically that I am here strictly for work and that’s all.” Demilade said,
getting up from her chair.
“We are not through with the interview…” The manager said
standing up and facing her.
“I am through! If this is how you conduct interviews, I
suggest you hire prostitutes for the job and not decent young women looking for
sources of livelihood.” Demilade spat and walked away from him heading towards
the door.
She reached the door and turned the knob, it was locked,
turning back to stare at the hotel manager, she shouted angrily.
“Open this door this instant!”
“Hahahahaha…there’s no negotiation here darling, you must do
I as bid.”
“I will call the police…I come from an influential family.”
Demilade said in a shaky voice.
“Yes you do, and they’ve allowed you apply for a cleaner job
right? Your family is a useless as dust…”

Demilade turned back to the door and banged it hard, the
hotel manager walked to her in swift strides and she was no match for his
strength. He pushed her to the ground and pushing up her flared skirt and
unzipping his jeans, he raped her. Demilade cried and screamed, trying to fight
him off with all her might but she couldn’t, she wasn’t strong enough, he
slapped her hard and raped her till she fainted.


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