Susan listened as her lawyer gave her the good news;
“The expat community are willing to drop the case….I also met the management of your company and they have promised to probe the managers who were involved in Tom’s sex sessions.”
Susan fell to the ground in tears, she couldn’t believe it. Her lawyer had come to her house at ten pm in the night with the good news. Her father reached out to hug her.
“No trials?” Susan said in a sob.
“No…nothing of that sort…but remember that I told you that you need to leave Abuja…”
Susan nodded.

“I’ll leave, besides I have never had a sane day in this place…I’m going home…” Susan said in tears.
The doorbell rang and her father looked at her.
“Who can it be?” Her father asked. “At this time of the night?”
Susan’s father walked to the door and opened it. Augustine rushed inside.
“Susan! My love…I went to pay you a visit at the police station this evening and I heard the good news that you were let out…” He said rushing towards her.
“What are you doing here? Get out! Your schemes have failed…” Susan said.
“Do you mean you are free? But you murdered Tom…” Augustine said.
“Augustine?” The lawyer said in shock.
“Do you know him?” Susan asked him.
“Yes…I know him…his wife runs a small restaurant and bar where I used to hang out with my friends.” The lawyer said.
“What?” Susan’s father said in shock.
“When did you leave the psychiatric ward?” The lawyer asked Augustine.
“What are you talking about?” Augustine said.
“Yes, I know you…you used to work as a contractor till you started behaving strangely and your wife had you locked away. Does she know you are out?” He asked.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Augustine said, turning to Susan he continued. “I am so glad to see you alive and well…”
“Augustine, you need help…” Susan said, this time in pity.
“I don’t need any help…” Augustine said to her.
“Where you properly discharged from the facility or did you escape?” The lawyer asked.
“I…I was tired of their treatments and I left…” He said quickly scratching his head.
“You need to go back…did you speak with your wife? Have you seen her?” The lawyer asked.
“She has moved on…she has a new husband…I went back but she refused to take me back. So, I took my certificates and my belongings and found a job with a new company and …I met Susan and I swore never to let her go. But just like my wife before her, she doesn’t want me…” Augustine said in a low voice.
“What? I…never knew…” Susan started.
“Your family’s belongings are in my truck…” Augustine said as he pivoted and left the house while they stared at his retreating back.
“He drives?” The lawyer asked baffled.
“Yes he does…I met him on my first week in Abuja…I never knew he had been through so much.” Susan said suddenly feeling sorry for him.
“He used to have lots of problems with his wife….till she reported to the authorities that he was mentally ill and had him confined. Imagine my surprise meeting him here. He must have been out of the facility for quite a while, the last time I saw him was about four years ago. I haven’t even visited her bar in years.” The lawyer said.
Augustine pushed open the door and dumped Susan’s family’s luggage at the door and stormed off.
“Why has he dropped these luggages off?” The lawyer asked.
“He took them from us on the day my wife, daughter and I arrived Abuja…he actually was the one who called me to Abuja…” Susan’s father said.
“This is serious…” The lawyer said
Tosin woke up feeling so weak, she opened her eyes and
looked around, she was lying on Priscilla’s bed. Tosin felt the side of the bed
and touched empty sheets.
“Priscilla!” She called out.
There was no answer. She looked at the clock on the wall, it
read two am. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes again to sleep.
‘Where could Priscilla be?’ She thought. ‘Maybe in the
She yawned loudly and drifted off to dreamland.
Priscilla and her son were in the car parked not too far
from Tosin’s office.
“Mom…isn’t this too soon? I mean…we have the keys to the
building and we can choose the day to set the fire. We don’t need to rush these
things…” He said.
“Oh please…do we have to wait forever?”
“We should have planned this first before coming here…” He
said to his mother.
“Shhhh….we have the gasoline don’t we?”
“Yes…we do…” Her son said looking at her.
“I don’t see any security officers so, I want you to go into
the building through the back. Climb in through the fence and take the gasoline
with you…” She said.
“Me? I thought you were the one that was to set the building
on fire…” Her son protested.
“Listen to me…I will be outside trying to see if there are
any guards lurking outside…c’mon…it’s two am already and we don’t want to
waste any time.”
“Mom, I hope this is good idea. Left to me, we should have
planned this out before coming over…”
 Her son said.
“Shut up and listen to me, I don’t know why you are
developing cold feet now. This is your property we are talking about.”
“I am sorry mom…” Her son said reaching out to the back
seat of the car to bring out the gasoline gallon from it.
“There’s no one looking…everywhere is quiet…let’s go.”
She said.
Mother and Son alighted from the car and made their way to
the building, not too far from them were some security men sitting around a
fire, eating bread and drinking tea. They were so engrossed in their
conversation that they didn’t notice Priscilla and her son hurry past them
towards the building. They rounded to the back of the building and she watched
her son climb the fence, when he got to the top she dragged a large stone and
climbed it in order to hand him the gasoline. Thankfully there were no security
barbed wires on the fence.
She stood still and waited for a spark or something,
anything to assure her that her plans were working when she heard the voice.
“What are you doing here?” A man asked.
Priscilla turned in fear and faced the intruder.
Rita woke up with a busted lip, swollen eyes and pains all
over her body, she groaned in pain and opened her eyes. She struggled to get up
from the bare ground, she saw Chuka lying on the bare ground beside the wall,
fast asleep. She was confused, she had bought a bed and a fan, hadn’t she? She
thought. ‘Where did he put them?’ She asked herself as she winced in pain from
the beating Chuka had given her.
She stood up and walked to the door.
“Where are you going?” Chuka’s hostile voice floated to her.
“Outside…” She replied, wincing at how painful speaking
suddenly was.
“Once you leave this room, don’t bother coming back.” He
said to her.
Rita looked at him in surprise.
“You deserved it all you know…” She said.
“Deserve what?” Chuka spat sitting up and staring at her.
“The curse that Aisha heaped on you. Open your eyes and see
it, Chuka, the curse is affecting you and because I’m here with you, it’s
affecting me too. And yes, I’ll go and I’ll never come back. Go to hell Chuka
and burn to ashes!” Rita said as she picked up her small bag from the ground and
dragging her other bags, she left the room in the dead of the night.
The cold air touched her face and she felt free, it was as
though a heavy burden was lifted off her shoulders. She saw her new mattress lying
on the ground outside alongside the fan and she felt so angry that Chuka could
be so cruel. She took a step forward when she heard the voice.
“Where are you going?”
She turned to see the neighbour she had bought the cold
water she had drunk yesterday.
“It’s late…why are you outside?” Rita asked.
“I’m a business woman and I have to sell my Fura fresh,
first thing in the morning so, I’m preparing it.” She said. “Where are you
“Home…” Rita said in a deep voice.
“You can’t leave now…it’s too early. Why don’t you pass
the night at my house and when the day is bright, you can leave.”
“Thank you…” Rita said walking over to her.
“My husband lives in Zaria, so he’s hardly ever home. You
can sleep in his room, I am sorry that you can’t sleep in the room I share with
my children, there’s no bed there.” She said.
“You are so kind…” Rita started then said. “You can have
my bed and fan…” She gestured to the bed and fan lying outside.
“Are you serious? Thank you…so much” The woman said to
her. “Now, go inside and sleep, it’s not safe for a young and beautiful lady to
wander outside at this time.”
Rita smiled and nodded, ‘yes’, she thought, ‘I am beautiful
and young and I deserve better.’

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. I am so happy with this episode. So so happy. It is ending soon shebi?
    Thank you Adaeze for making Rita come to her senses. Thank you for letting them catch Priscilla and her son. And thank you for delivering Susan.
    I love this episode like mad. Do you know i even prayed for the characters?
    Awesome writing too sweetie.

    • Yes ooo…hopefully, it's ending soon.
      Thank you very much for reading Uju. Your comments always made my day. Thank you for praying for the characters and lessening Susan's punishment with your prayers. God bless you dear.

  2. "I am beautiful and young and I deserve better." i love that its good you're eyes are open now.yeye chuka waka biko. i always read but don't comment.

  3. Rita Ifu go? when we were advising you here in the comment section, you were doing as if you have two heads.
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    • Hahaha @ when we were advising you here in the comment section.
      Yes ooo…don't mind her jare, she doesn't listen. And as for Tosin, let's see what happens.
      Thank you for reading dear.


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