Anita had planned a getaway for the both of them at a
beautiful private beach but Madu wasn’t excited. He loved the food, the wine
and the atmosphere but he wasn’t really happy. This was the perfect scenario
for his wife and daughter but here he was, spending it with Anita.
“You don’t look too happy…aren’t you happy?” She asked
They were seated on the sand and staring at the beach waves,
the sun was mild and the breeze was so cool.
“I am…” He lied.
“No you aren’t….have you forgotten that I know you so
well? C’mon darling, tell me what’s on your mind.” She pressed.
“Let’s go home, my daughter is alone.”
“Oh, leave all that…she has someone at home to care for
her…there are maids and a nanny that I hired specially for her.”

“She’s not used to that life.” He said.
“She should get used to it because she shouldn’t expect to
see her dad around every time.” Anita said.
“What do you mean by that?” Madu asked, staring at Anita
“Look at me Madu…” Anita said, tipping his face towards
her with her finger on his jawline. “I want this…us…to work.”
“What are you talking about?” Madu asked perplexed.
“I have already provided everything for Kamsi and I have done
the same for you…” She started and quickly shoved her hand into her pocket
and retrieved a box which she handed to him. “Take it…open it.” She said.
Madu looked at her and took the small box, he opened in and
stared in surprise at the plain gold ring nestled within the box.
“What’s this for?” He asked.
“Marry me Madu, let’s build a home of our dreams! You know I
understand you so well and even fate knows that and that was why it threw you
into my arms. We share something special…a deep bond, let’s not let it go.”
“What are you talking about?” Madu asked incredulously. “I
am married!”
“To whom? A woman who hasn’t called you ever since you guys
separated or even called to check up on her daughter? Listen Madu, I can make
you wealthier than you can ever imagine, I will give you the world on a golden
platter…I’ll…” She started.
“Is that why you have tons of illegal stuff in your
warehouse? Don’t lie to me Anita, you’re a drug peddler!” Madu said.
Anita was taken aback by his words, she never saw this
“How…I mean…” She started then said. “Yes, I do
underground business but darling, that’s the only way to make real money in
this country. Do you think it’s the stupid plastics I manufacture that got me
so many houses and cars?”
“That’s dirty money!” He said.
“So? Dirty or not, it’s money. But honey, you’re deviating
from the topic…I want us to get married.”
Madu handed the box with the ring back to her.
“I will not marry you.” He said.
“What?” Anita asked bitterly.
“No I won’t.”
“First of all, I’m married…” He started.
“I’ll help you get divorced.”
“That’s not all…I possibly can’t marry you…you know that’s
not possible.”
“Why are you talking this way? What’s standing in the way of
our love? We loved each other fiercely, some years ago and there’s no
difference now but time.”
“Anita, you have really helped me more than I can imagine
but I can’t marry you…I’m sorry.” He said.
“You’ll change your mind.” She said.
“Let’s go…I want to leave this place and go and be with my
daughter.” He said.
“You’re such a silly and stupid man Madu, this is the reason
you’ll always remain poor. I am giving you wealth but you’re throwing it away
all for what?”
“Do you know what your offer reminds me of? It reminds me of
the temptation of Jesus when the devil offered Him the world and everything in
it.” Madu said as he stood up from the ground, beat the back of his trousers to
remove dust and walked away.
Anita stood there staring at his retreating back.
“You fool, you’ll bend to my will whether you want to or
not! I won’t rest until you’re mine!” She said.
Mitch had followed Angel’s advice and cooked a very nice
meal of jollof rice and fried beef for Cherry. He soon packed up the food in a
flask and took it to his sister’s car.
“Off already?” Angel asked with a smile.
“Yes…I am…” He responded cheerfully.
“Drive safely.” She said.
Mitch smiled and hopped into the car and drove out of his
parent’s compound. Angel waved and as she did that, her mother walked out
through the door of the house.
“Is that Mitch driving your car? Where’s he going?” Her
mother asked.
“To make a complete fool of himself.” Angel laughed.
“What? How?”
“You see mom, Mitch wants to spend the day with his fiancée but
she told him that she’s working at the office. Something tells me she’s lying
so I advised Mitch to make a very nice meal for her and surprise her at the
office. I’m sure he’s going to be the surprised one. Hahahahaha…”
“Are you serious? I really hope something opens his eyes to
that girl’s schemes.” Her mother said.
“Me too…” Angel replied.
Meanwhile, Mitch was on his way to his fiance’s office and
got there within the hour. He parked the car and took out the flask of food in
the basket. He got to the gate post and the gateman greeted him.
“Oga, good afternoon…how can I help you sir?”
“I am here to see my fiancée, her name is Cherry.” He
“Ohhhh…madam Cherry.”
“Yes…that’s her.”
“She nor dey work ooo…she nor dey come work for weekend.”
He said. “Infact, nobody come work today.”
“Are you sure?” Mitch asked in surprise.
“I too dey sure…”
“Wait…let me call her.” Mitch said and placed a call to
Cherry, her phone rang over and over again but she didn’t respond. “There’s no
response. Could it be that she came but has gone?”
“No sir…she nor come work today at all. Shebi na me hold
key of office…nobody come work today and office door dey close.” The gate man
Mitch sighed in frustration, he called his sister, Angel.
“Hey bro…what’s up?” Angel said over the phone.
“She’s not at the office and she’s not answering her phone,
I don’t know what to do.” He said.
“Serious? You can’t waste that jollof rice ooo…” Angel
said sounding upset.
“But she’s not here…”
“Go to her house na…even if it’s to drop the cooler of
rice.” Angel suggested.
“Yea…that’s a good idea…thanks sis.” He said and hung
up, then speaking to the gate man he said. “I’ll be on my way now…thank you.”
“Ahhh…oga, you wan leave like that? Anything for your
boys? Economy hard ooo…we dey roast for here.”
Mitch rummaged through his pocket and handed the man two
hundred naira and the man smiled in thanks. He got into his car with the cooler
of food and drove off.
Diamond saw Mitch park his car across the road, she was
upstairs and getting her nails done by a manicurist who did home service.
Immediately she saw him, her heart skipped a beat. Mitch was Diamond’s dream
man she had crushed on him from her first year at the university and had even
spoken to him first before her flirty sister got in the way and wooed him. She
watched him walk up to their house and her heart beat faster, he had in his
hand, a small basket and she couldn’t see what was inside, she knew that
whatever was inside the basket belonged to her sister.
“Can you excuse me for a moment? I need to get the door.”
She said.
The manicurist nodded and she stood up from the chair and
walked over towards the entrance door of the house. She waited a while and
soon, the door bell rang, she opened it and smiled at him.
“Hello Diamond…” Mitch smiled at her in greeting.
“Hi…Mitch…hi…” Diamond greeted.
“Is Cherry home?”
“Home? Oh no…she’s not…but come on in…” Diamond said
opening the door wider.
Mitch stared around at the house appraisingly. Diamond
closed the door behind him as soon as he stepped in.
The house looks so clean, wow…what’s going on?” He asked.
Diamond smiled, Cherry had paid a cleaning service company
to clean their house this morning in preparation for her introduction tomorrow.
“Oh…I guess we cleaned it extra.” Diamond said.
“Where’s Cherry? She said she’s at work but she wasn’t there
when I went there.”
“I think she has an engagement of some sort.” Diamond said.
“If she knew she wasn’t going to be at work, why did she
tell me that?” Mitch asked sounding upset.
“Well…I really don’t know…I mean…” Diamond stuttered.
The doorbell rang and Diamond walked over to get the door.
It was the dressmaker and she was holding up the dress that Cherry was to wear
for her introduction.
“Is your sister around for the fitting? I’m so sorry I delivered
the dress late seeing that her introduction is tomorrow.” The dressmaker said.
Mitch spun around in curiosity.
“Oh…it’s no problem.” Diamond said quickly.
“I wanted her to try it on…just to know if it fits…” The
dressmaker said.
“Oh…I’m sure it’ll fit…” Diamond said, taking the dress
and shutting the door.
“The introduction is tomorrow?” Mitch asked.
It killed Diamond to lie to Mitch but stabbing her twin at
the back didn’t seem like a good idea so she said.
“Oh, you know…we mostly lie to the tailors to have them
hasten up things….errm…just hasten things up. If we told her the real date
of the introduction, she’ll bring in the outfit late.”
“Okay…I see…” Mitch said.
“Let me keep her dress in her room and come back so that we
can chat.” Diamond smiled.
“Oh sure…I even brought jollof rice for her…I cooked it
you know…” Mitch started.
Diamond smiled at him and all that ran through her mind was
how life was so unfair and how it seemed like the bad girls got the good guys.
Mitch got home exhausted, he hadn’t seen Cherry at all and
neither had she been picking her calls, he went straight to his room to lie
down and just as he lay down on his bed, a thought flashed to his mind of a conversation
he had with Cherry a week ago.
“What colour should we chose for our introduction?” Cherry
had asked him over the phone.
“I don’t know…what’s your favourite colour?” He’d asked.
“I don’t have one…” She had said.
“What of blue? That will be nice…” He’d said.
“Yes…blue…I’ll get something blue to wear.” She’d said.
“No…there’s no need for that, I’ll give my mom some money
to help buy you a blue fabric…” He’d said.
“Lookatew….playing the husband part so well.” She’d joked.
“You know I’ll do anything for you.” He’d said.
Mitch suddenly sat up on his bed with a start, he just
realized that his mother was still yet to get the fabric and the fabric the
dressmaker had brought to Cherry’s house was yellow. His head pounded so hard.
As ridiculous as it seems, could it be, he thought, that Cherry was having
another introduction and it was tomorrow?
There was only one way to find out.
To be continued tomorrow…..
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