Zach stood outside while waiting for his wife to open the door, he had a bouquet of flowers in his left hand and a bottle of red wine in the other hand. Recently, after his two wives had found out about their existence, he’d realized that Queen was a tougher nut to crack than Jessica. She seemed to doubt him at every turn and he needed to reassure her that he was not the liar she made him out to be.

“Open up sweetie.” He called out, wondering whether she was going to open the door or not.

He stood there for some seconds and dropping his peace offering on the ground before the door, he took out his key and was about to insert it into the lock, when the door opened and Queen stared at him.

“Darling, I was wondering if you were going to let me in or not.” He said with a smile.

“I was helping Junior to go to the toilet, that’s why I couldn’t come to the door.” She said quickly.

“How’s my boy?” Zach said walking into the sitting room.

“He’s fine…” She said as she closed the door behind him.

“What have you been up to?” He asked. “Have you informed your company HR on your desire to resign?”

“Not yet.” She said.

“Why honey? You should tell them that you want to leave the job.” He said quite tensed.

“I really don’t want to leave that job, I’ve come to love the people there and…”

“What if that mad woman comes there and causes a scene?” Zach asked in a high pitched voice.

“What mad woman?” Queen asked.

“Jessica of course! You know that she’s so irrational and she really has no sense. The fact that I told her family that I wasn’t going to continue that sham of a fake marriage has made her feel very resentful.” He said.

“Resentful? How would you know that? Have you seen her of recent?”

“Of…course…not.” Zach said quickly. “I told you that she’s out of my life for good.”

“Well then, let’s believe that she’s out of our lives for good.” Queen said.

Suddenly, a phone began to ring loudly.

“Is that your phone ringing?” Zach asked. “That doesn’t sound like your ring tone.”

Queen smiled, she was quite nervous.

“Why don’t you go and see your son? He’s in his bedroom…” She said.

“Aren’t you going to take your call?” He asked.

“My err…my people at the office have been calling for a while now and I didn’t want to pick.”

“Okay…lemme go and see Junior…I’ll be right back.” He said. “I brought wine for our celebration together.”

“What are we celebrating?” Queen asked.

“We are celebrating our marriage and the fact that we love eachother through thick and thin.” He said. “Lemme go and see my boy, I’ll be right back.”

Queen nodded and watched him leave, as soon as he left the sitting room, she rushed to the guest toilet and opened it. Evanesa and Jude came out with a downcast look on their faces.

“Your phone kept ringing…” Queen said in a whisper to Jude.

“I…I’m sorry…I heard it ring…you know it was a quick decision we made to record your conversation with Zach.” He said.

“Oh my God…I feel…so terrible.” Evanesa cried.

“You guys have to go quickly! Now!” Queen whispered as she rushed to get the phone and hand it over to them.

In no time, they’d left the house and she could breathe normally.


Evanesa couldn’t drive, she sat behind the steering wheel and stared at the road. Jude looked at her and sighed.

“Thankfully, the most important part of the conversation was recorded.” He said.

His sister didn’t reply, she suddenly burst into tears.

“Evan…” He started.

“He’s a wicked man! May God punish Zach! How could he do this to my sister? How could he do this to Queen?” She cried bitterly. “To think that we had friends and family at her wedding. Everyone feels she married a good man…what’s to become of her now? What happens to Jessica?”

“Let’s relax and think of what to do.” Her brother said.

“Relax? How can you ask me to relax?” She shouted. “I can’t even drive this car! I am so confused…I am so angry, a part of me wants to get out of this vehicle, storm up to that house and rip Zach to shreds for this deception. He needs to be locked up!”

“Gimme the keys, let me drive…if you can’t.” Jude said.

“Okay but just give me a moment…” She sniffed then began bawling. “Jess!Oh, Jessica…”


Ella sat at her desk and stared at nothing in particular. Her conversation with Tamara over the phone yesterday, still bothered on her mind. She was worried. No matter how much she tried to shrug it off, common sense told her to listen to her sister and Lola but her stubbornness refused to let her see clearly.

She picked up her phone and dialed a number, it rang thrice and was answered.

“Hello.” The voice said stiffly.

“Don’t tell me you’re still mad at me.” She said.

“Maybe I am. You know what Ella? Is this your character or it’s something you do to push people away.”

“What do you mean by that, Lawrence?” She asked picking offense.

“You come to me with your problems and when I give you the best advice that I can possibly give, you tell me your mind and shut me off.” He said.

“Lawrence…what are you talking about?”

“Have you forgotten the last time we spoke? Why are you calling me again?” He asked.

Ella felt hurt.

“I…you know what? Never mind!” She said.

“Thanks, I really have work to do.” He said.

“You are not a good person!” Ella spat over the phone. “You are very mean! I can’t believe that you can say this to me.” She said.

“You ask for my advice and when I give it to you, you remind me of the fact that you’re married and that I should mind my business!”

“Do you know what? I’m hanging up now! Goodbye Lawrence.” She said and hung up.

Ella picked up a box of tissue from her desk and rushed to the toilet to cry.


Lola was hell-bent on making Ella realize the kind of man she’s married to. She made her way to the house and stood at the gate, not knowing what to do.

FK’s shop was open so she quietly walked towards the shop, as soon as she got there, FK who was attending to a customer, gave her a dirty look.

“Wetin you dey find for hia? I tink say you don leave the couple alone?” FK fired.

“Madam…abeg, I nor come to scatter their marriage, I just want make you help me.” She said.

“If na money you dey find, I nor get.” FK hissed.

“No…nor be money…” Lola said.

FK gave her another dirty look.

“You don born? Shebi you carry belle enter dat house even though you and my neighbour husband dey jolly?”

“My pickin…pickin…die.” Lola cried.

FK’s expression softened.

“Ehhya…sorry oo…”

“Na de reason I wan come helep Ella, dat woman na better pesin and she deserve know de kain man she dey marry so.” Lola said.

“Ha! Nor just waste ya time…shebi I don hammer am inside her head before and wetin she tell me? She tell me to mind my business!” FK said.

“I don even tell her myself. I tell am say, I nor be Jacob relation as I tell am before. I tell am say, na me and Jacob dey friend before he marry am but she nor gree hia.”

“Mtcheeww…shebi na stubborn fly dey enter grave with dead body? Why we dey disturb ourselves? Make we leave am na…na she go use fire burn herself.”FK said refocusing on the hair she was making.

“No, I nor wan leave am. Ella na good person, if I tell you wetin she don do for me ehn, you nor go believe. Na because of God and Ella that I nor be dead pesin today…I nor go rest until she find out de kain husband she marry.”

“Good luck to you ooo.” FK said.

“Abeg FK, you fit help me find out Ella papa house?”

“Ha! Na dia you wan go for de mission?” FK asked.

“I wan find Tamara…na she be Ella sister.”

“That nor be hard thing.” FK said. “I get Tamara number.”

Lola looked at FK in surprise, she was so happy to hear that.

“Thank God. Abeg you fit give me her number? I wan see am.”

FK left the hair she was styling and picked up her phone, scrolling through the contact list, she called out.

“Oya…nut eight nut…”

Lola quickly brought out a paper and pen and began writing the number.


To be continued next week….

Happy Good Friday to all of us.



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