Merry Christmas everyone. It’s Christmas day today and I
want to wish everyone a wonderful celebration. I sincerely apologise for the
break in transmission at my end especially as I haven’t been posting as
regularly as I used to. I intended to post Wife Material yesterday but
something happened. I set out on a journey on Friday and arrived at my
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all day trying to settle down, so please accept the Wife Material for Sunday instead
of Saturday. I’m also experiencing network problems as my internet is super
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swamped to do that. Black Mail won’t be up today as I’ll move it till Thursday.
Thank you all for being such amazing readers.
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Have a wonderful celebration dears.
Zach sat in the hotel lobby and waited for his wife, she’d
sent a text message indicating that she wanted them to meet at eight pm at the
hotel and now it was eight thirty. He looked the part of the sick husband, and
he prayed he played the part well. He had rubbed some Vaseline on his face and
had worn one of his old shirts that made him appear quite slimmer. He was still
waiting when the door to the hotel entrance opened and she walked in. His
breath stopped for a brief moment. Queen was a very stunning woman, she had the
poise of an aristocrat and she had an air of superiority and he loved her for
that. She was slender, tall and filled out in the right places. Today she was
on a beige gown and had paired it with delectable heels which made her look
taller than her five foot nine inches.
He forgot his supposed sickness and stood up with a start.
His son saw him and his face lighted up as he ran up to him and hugged him.
“Hey there Tiger…” He said lifting his son in the air and
spinning him around.
Queen stood there like an immovable statue, she regarded him
silently and taking a deep breath, she took a step towards him. Zach held his
son in his arms and walked up to his wife.
“Hello baby…” He greeted and pulled her to himself for a
long hug.
“How are you Zach?” She greeted when they finally broke the
hug. “Fancy seeing you here. I thought you’d refuse to come and remain in
“As you can see, I’m not too well…I suddenly developed a
kind of…”
“Spare me the long talk, Zach. Did I have to summon you in
order for you to come here to see your family? Tell me Zach, are we the only
family you’ve got or do you have another family?”
“Huh? What makes you say that? Queen, what’s going on with
you?” He asked in surprise.
“I should be asking that same question to you.” She said.
“Can we go up into your hotel room, let’s not wash our dirty
linens in public.” He said.
She walked away from him and headed towards the stairs while
he followed suit, once they got into the suite, she closed the door and turned
to face him.
“What has gotten into you?” He asked. “Thank God for
Junior’s ear problem or he’ll have heard everything you said to me downstairs.
What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you happy to see me?”
“What’s gotten into me? Am I the problem here? Do I look
like the problem here?” Zach asked in anger.
“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me.”
“I won’t have you making assumptions about my life…I
won’t!” He shouted.
“Listen to me Zach and listen good, you are not being honest
with me. I want to leave this hotel and go to your house, our home. I am tired
of your excuses, now that you’re here in Lagos, why don’t you take us home.”
“My house is under construction.” He said.
“Under what?”
“You heard me, my house is under construction.”
“I thought you said you moved into a new place.”
“Yes I did but it’s a new house and it’s still under
construction. I have been living out of my suitcase for weeks and that’s why
I’ve been travelling regularly.” He said.
Queen looked at him and sighed, she believed him.
“You don’t look too well though, I’m sorry that I had to
call you to come down to Lagos to see us.” She said quietly.
“I’m glad you did, I forgot how much I’ve missed my little
boy.” He said lifting his son up in the air and spinning him around.
“So, you miss only Junior?” She asked.
Zach set his son on the ground and pulled her into his arms
for a long lingering kiss. Queen kissed him back and when she broke the kiss,
she caught the whiff of a perfume.
“That scent of yours…smells very familiar.” She said.
“Really?” He asked with a smile.
“I remember perceiving the same scent on someone recently but
I can’t recall whom.”
“Well, why don’t you clear your mind and take good care of
your husband hmmmm…” He said pulling her to him again.
“C’mon darling, Junior’s still wide awake…” She giggled.
Jessica was in the perfume shop, staring at an array of
perfumes. The shop closed at nine pm and she knew her husband wasn’t getting
home till about eleven pm as he had so much work to do on a new site. She
stared at the perfumes on the shelf and a sales girl walked up to her.
“Madam, your perfume is already wrapped and ready. You asked
for two of the same perfumes.” She said.
“Yes, my husband loves to wear exactly what I wear, he
trusts my taste in scents.” She said with a smile.
“You are so loyal to the brand, haven’t you thought of
trying out another one?” The salesgirl asked.
“Well…I’m tempted but I think I’ll pass. You see, the
brand I chose doesn’t really have too much of a feminine touch like other
feminine scents that I know and since my husband likes to smell the way I
“Yes, I understand…” The sales girl said with an even
wider smile.
“Speaking of my husband, lemme call him right now.” She said
brining out her phone and dialling her husband’s number. “I’m sure he misses me
Ella made her way towards the house, she felt so tired and
worn out. She hadn’t seen any Keke’s heading her way and she had never taken a
bike before so, she had walked all the way from the junction.
She pushed open the gate and walked into the compound. No
sooner had she stepped in than FK rushed up to her. Ella rolled her eyes when
she saw her; she was tired of FK and her long talks.
“Ella, good evening… you reach home late today ooo…”
“I took the public transport.”
“Na true. I see your car for house so I dey wonder why e
still dey here.” She said in pidgin.
“Do you mean by my car was at home all day?”
“Yes, it was home all through today na.” FK affirmed.
“How come? My husband was supposed to take the car to work,
what happened? Did the car break down on the way?”
“Break down ke? He nor go anywhere ooo….” FK said.
“What? Are you serious?”
“Yes, I am…infact, I get better gist for you.”
Ella looked at the woman, she didn’t know whether to stop
and listen or walk away, she chose the former.
“Okay, spill…what do you want to tell me?” Ella asked.
“Your husband…in fact…hmmm…” FK said.
“What is hmm? Why are you hesitating to tell me what the
problem is?”
“Well…I don’t know how you will take it.” FK said.
“Spill…I really don’t have the time.” Ella said
“Okay, I think your husband is having an affair with another
woman…I saw her leave the flat today.”
Ella stared at FK in disbelief, her mouth hung agape.
“I just had to tell you because I don’t want you to hear it
from someone else.” FK said.
Ella glared at the woman and when she opened her mouth to
speak, she screamed.
“Don’t you dare, open up your miserable mouth to spew trash
about my husband ever again! Who do you think you are? I am not going to take
this from you are anybody, ever again! Do you hear me?”
Ella’s veins almost popped out of her neck while she
screamed at FK that Jacob had to open the door and step out into the balcony
“Don’t you dare! Ever again! I have tried tolerating you for
a long time now and I have had it! You have no right to infringe upon my
privacy.” Ella was screaming at the top of her lungs.
“Ella, what’s going on?” Jacob shouted from upstairs.
“Can you imagine this woman, this…this…pathetic woman
who on a normal day, I’d never speak to. She’s such a huge gossip and I can’t
believe I stopped to listen to her.”
FK stood there staring at Ella in a mixture of anger and
“Wetin I do? I only told you the truth.” FK said in a
“Don’t you ever tell me such lies again! I’m tired of
listening to your lies!” Ella screamed and stormed off towards the staircase.
FK stood there staring at her walk away.
Ella got into her flat and slammed the door hard.
“What was all that about? How come you were shouting at FK?
What is wrong?” Jacob asked in worry.
“Nothing…it’s nothing…” Ella said and stormed into the
Queen and her husband lay beneath the sheets entangled
together while Junior slept on a makeshift bed by the side.
“Wow! It’s been so long darling…so long.” Zach said
turning to regard her with a smile.
“I’ve missed you baby…I’ve missed you terribly.”
“Yes…me too…” He said.
“Look ….we need to talk.” Queen said sitting up and
looking him in the face.
“What do we need to talk about?” Zach asked.
“I want us to be one big family. I am off the pills and I
want us to have another baby.”
Zach stared at her, he didn’t know what to say. Meanwhile,
his phone vibrated at the corner and another missed call was recorded but he
didn’t notice.
Jessica looked at her phone in worry, she’d called her
husband twenty-five times and he wasn’t answering his calls. She was upset. She
paced the lavish sitting room of their house and stared at her phone again. She
quickly dialled his PA.
“Hello, Johnson…”
“Hello ma…”
“Is my husband still at the site? I’ve been calling his line
but it’s not connecting.”
“Site? What site?”
“Yes, site.” She reaffirmed.
“Lemme call his secretary…but I really have no idea of any
new site. We’re only working on the sites outside Lagos for now especially as
the rains have refused to stop.”
“Huh?” Jessica blurted. “There’s no site?”
“No ma, I didn’t mean that…I meant that he could
errm…maybe have gone for a meeting. We’ve been having so many clients and..”
“Goodnight Johnson.” She said and hung up the call. She
breathed heavily and stamped her foot on the ground in fury. “Who does he think
he is? How dare he lie to me in such way? Zach! You’d better be on a goddamn
site because if you aren’t, I promise to ruin you so badly, you’d hardly have
the chance to plead for your life. I’m dangerous Zach! I won’t allow what
happened to my mother happen to me. I won’t!”


To be continued next week…


  1. Merry Christmas Ada. I really admire your consistency, even when the odds are against you. The new year will bring greater doors ur way. Guess ur in villa, enjoy ur self.
    Looking forward to teenage series tomorrow.

  2. Merry Christmas Ada. I really admire your consistency, even when the odds are against you. The new year will bring greater doors ur way. Guess ur in villa, enjoy ur self.
    Looking forward to teenage series tomorrow.

  3. Merry Christmas Ada. I really admire your consistency, even when the odds are against you. The new year will bring greater doors ur way. Guess ur in villa, enjoy ur self.
    Looking forward to teenage series tomorrow.


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