Ngozi found her way into the house and noticed that for a
big house like Ken’s it wasn’t crowded with house staff as most houses normally
would. Her aim was the kitchen but first she had a plan already mapped out.

“Good evening madam.” Ngozi greeted sweetly as soon as she
walked into the sitting room where Ken’s wife was seated.
“Good evening Anita. What a pleasant surprise! To think that
I’ve never met you before but we’ve spoken so often via phone call.”
“Yes we have, it’s such a delight to meet you.” Ngozi lied
through grit teeth.
“I could have sworn that your voice sounds so different on
phone though.” Ken’s wife smiled at her.
“Telecommunications and its mess…you can never rely on a
phone you know.” Ngozi said.
“Please have a seat, what can I do for you?” Ken’s wife
“I’m here because Ken sent me to get his assets file, he
said something about it being in his bedroom. Could you help me get it? He
needs it urgently.”
“That’s strange, my husband is a very practical man and he
never forgets to take anything that he needs for the day before going to the
office.” Ken’s wife said.
“Oh well…I guess today’s an exception.” Ngozi smiled
sweetly, already angry at the fact that Ken’s wife had called her Ken, her
“Please sit and let me get it for you…I hope I find it
though and Ken hates it when I look through his personal stuff.” Ken’s wife
hurried upstairs to get the file.
Immediately the woman disappeared from sight, Ngozi
hurriedly stood up in search of the kitchen, she found it almost immediately
and thankfully, there was no one in sight. Anita had told her quite a lot about
Ken’s wife and she knew that Ken didn’t have a cook in his employ because his
wife was a stay-at-home-wife. She found her target and hurried to it. It was
the huge gas cylinder. Ngozi turned on the pipes and turned on the oven in the
kitchen which was empty. She found her way out of the house, by the time she
got to the gate, the gateman was not in sight so she hurried out of the house
to her car which was parked well away from the huge house. She quickly got into
the car and turned on her car stereo to the song of ‘Bille Jean.’ She stared at
the time and waited.
“Ngozi! Ngozi!” Nduka shouted as he walked around the
garbage area, he had not seen her in weeks and he was determined to find her.
In a car, somewhere around the corner, Moses wiped the tears
from his eyes, his brother was a mad man rummaging through rubbish while
shouting out the cursed woman’s name.
“Why? Why did this happen to my brother? Ndu! Oh my God!”
Moses cried.
“Don’t worry sir, we will bring him out of that place
today.” The gateman said to him while looking at the other men that were seated
with him in the taxi.
“We go jump am from back and tie him hand with rope.” The
gateman said.
“Mad people dey strong ooo…hope say ya oga go pay us better
money for him broda.” One of the men asked.
“Sure…but if e nor give you money, I go find way, give you
money. Abeg just helep us catch that man.” The gateman said.
The men nodded and stepped out of the car.
Ade and Emeka were in his house, the both of them were in
the kitchen making pasta when the doorbell rang.
“Are you expecting someone?” Ade asked Emeka.
“Nope.” Emeka replied.
The doorbell rang again.
“I’ll go and answer it.” Ade said.
“No. I don’t want any visitors spoiling our moment together.
This is the first time we’ll be spending some time together after a long time,
I don’t want anything to spoil it.” Emeka said.
“C’mon…whoever the visitor is, sounds persistent. The
doorbell has been ringing off the hook.” Ade said.
“No! Let’s continue cooking…the person should come back
“Are you scared that it’s Nkechi?”
“Who? She dares not step her miserable feet into this house
and I doubt that it’s her…Infact I don’t even want to think of who it is.”
Ade tossed the kitchen towel on the counter and said; “I’ll
go see who it is.”
“Suit yourself dear but don’t say I didn’t warn you if
that’s one of my friends looking to watch the football match in my sitting
room.” Emeka warned.
Ade laughed and walked to the sitting room, she felt so
light and happy. Immediately after her reconciliation with Emeka, she spoke to
Tony who even though was saddened that she had gone back to her ex-boyfriend,
was happy for her. She truly liked Tony and wished him all the best, if only
she knew a decent girl that she could hook him up with, then, she remembered,
Bola, her cousin was single and she was such a good lady, perhaps she’ll
match-make the two of them and see how that goes.
She opened the door and was shocked to see the people at the
door, it was Emeka’s mother and sister.
“My daughter…good evening.” Emeka’s mother greeted.
“Good evening ma.” Ade greeted, genuflecting as was her
“Please is Emeka around?”
“Yes…he’s…” She had hardly finished her statement when
Emeka’s voice cut in.
“I do not want to see them…don’t let them in.” Emeka said as
he walked towards her.
Ade turned to look at him questioningly.
“But it’s your mother and sister.” Ade said.
“I know but as from long time ago, I don’t have a family
anymore. My mother and sisters are supposed to look out for my best interests
and not push me into the devil’s den.” Emeka started.
“Don’t put the blame on them Emeka, you also had a hand in
what happened to you.” Ade cautioned.
“Babe why did you open the door? I thought I told you that
whoever knocks at this hour is no good.” Emeka said to Ade.
Ade turns to Emeka’s mother and sister who are still
standing outside.
“Please come in.” Ade says to them.
Emeka’s mother and sister comes in and thanks her, Ade turns
to go back to the kitchen.
“I’ll leave you all to talk, I’ll be in the kitchen.” Ade
“No Ade nwam, please stay…I have something to say.” Emeka’s
mother said.
“Say whatever you want to say and leave. I thought you said
you’ll come back to my house only when I apologize with cows and goats.” Emeka
“Don’t talk to your mother like that?” Ade cautioned.
“I know that I was wrong but will you blame a mother for
trying to live her son’s life? I am not the only one guilty of this but many mothers
like myself and I’m not shying away from the blame as well. I love you Emeka
and my ideal woman for you was a myth I built up in my head right from the day
you were born. I dreamt that you will marry a good wife from Igbo soil and a
woman who would do my bidding and respect me and love me. Little did I know
that the dream shouldn’t be all mine but yours as well. I had a duty and I
failed. My duty was to support you in everything you do but I didn’t, instead,
I looked for flaws in every woman you introduced me to. I met Ade and I saw in
her, a woman who’s not from our soil, someone who wouldn’t value our culture
instead try to drag you to her people’s side but I shouldn’t have. Everyone is
the same before God be it Jews or Gentiles.” Turning to Ade she said, “It
shouldn’t have taken my seeing Nkechi in another man’s arms for me to
appreciate you more or decide that you are a good woman for my son, I should
have seen the goodness in you the very first day I met you. I am sorry Ade…can
you find it in your heart to forgive me?”
Ade walked up to Emeka’s mother and hugged her.
“There is nothing so big that never be forgiven and no
greater love than Christ who died for our sins and He who forgives us
completely has charged us to forgive and has forgiven me too. Your apology is
accepted ma.”
“Forgive me too Ade…I was the one who fueled this whole
problem from the beginning.” Judith, Emeka’s sister said and rushed to join in
the hug.
Emeka stood there for a while contemplating on whether he
should join the hug or not and finally he joined in.

The blast rocked the whole neighbourhood as the house was
set ablaze on fire. Ngozi captured the moment with her phone camera as she had
been watching the street activity all along. She laughed in glee as soon as the
sound reverberated and the house was licked up in huge flames. The street was
in sudden uproar as neighbours rushed in to douse the fire. Ken was on his way
home from work and as soon as he sighted his house in flames, he panicked.
Stopping the car quickly, he jumped out of the vehicle and ran towards his
house. His phone rang and still running, he picked it up.
“Hey baby.” Ngozi’s voice floated down the line.
“I’ll call you back…my…my house …is on fire…my family….oh my
God..” Ken breathed down the line.
“Don’t worry about that, I planned it all and my aim was so
that we could be together forever.”
“What? You planned what? My family…my son, my daughters, my
wife are in the house…and you say you planned it?” Ken barked down the phone.
“I love you Ken and your stupid façade of a family can never
come between us. Ever!” Ngozi said.
Ken threw his phone to the ground and rushed into the
burning house to save his family.
Ngozi saw Ken run into the burning house and got out of her
car and ran in pursuit of him. She didn’t expect him to run into the house to
save his family but he did. By the time she neared the house, there was heavy
smoke pouring out of the house, she couldn’t see, she dived in, all she knew
was she had to find her love and bring him out of the house unscathed. She
didn’t feel the flames as she walked right in.
They had just hoisted a struggling Nduka into the car when
all of a sudden, Nduka felt himself snap back to his old self.
“What is going on here?” Nduka asked in a shocked voice, he
stared around and saw his brother and three men seated with him in the car.
“Nduka! You…you were going all crazy just now…” Moses said
“What? The last thing I remember is …going to sleep after
telling Ngozi that the relationship is over…wait a minute…when did you come to
Lagos?” Nduka asked his brother.
“Oh my God! This just confirmed my fears. You were jazzed!”
“Jazzed? Excuse me? Jazzed by who?” Nduka asked.
“You don’t remember where you are and the last thing you
remember was something that happened long time ago. Wait a minute, what date is
today?” Moses asked.
“Date? We are almost at the end of year 2014…” Nduka
“Sorry bro…we are in 2015…” Moses supplied.
“My God…what happened to me?” Nduka panicked.
“Between resigning from your job for that silly woman,
having to serve her all day and getting yourself dumped by her, you are in
pretty good shape.” His brother replied.
“Are you serious? I lost my job? But I’m the manager and…”
Nduka stuttered.
The men in the car shook their heads as the car sped off
into the distance.

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Ken held his family in his wounded arms, he was so grateful
that they were alive, it was the morning after the fire and neighbours had
given them a place to sleep in one of the houses on the street. He recalled
running into the compound only to be dragged by one of the neighbours who had
informed him that his family was safe. He had run to the other gate of the
house looking for them and had found them there coughing and wheezing. He
looked down at his arm, it was bleeding because he had scratched it on a wall,
he recollected all that Ngozi told him on the phone. Was she that paranoid? He
asked himself. How could he have thrown away such beautiful family because of a
woman like Ngozi? He had learnt a lesson and the bitter way too, contentment
was the best gift one could ever have. There was a knock at the door and his
wife stood up to open the door, it was a policeman.
“Good morning sir, madam.” The policeman greeted.
“Good morning officer, please come in.” Ken said as he held
his twin daughters at his both sides.
“We are sorry about the incident and I’m here to tell you
that you lost a member of your staff in the fire. We have identified the corpse
as that of a female and due to it’s been burned beyond recognition, I am here
to follow due protocol and ask that you fill some forms.” The police man said.
“But we didn’t lose anyone in the fire, my wife and children
are alive as well as my gateman and that’s everyone in the house…”
“Oh wait a minute…what of Anita your personal assistant, she
came to the house to get some stuff before you came home. Could she be the one?
Even though by the time I came downstairs to attend to her, I didn’t see her
anywhere.” His wife supplied.
“Anita, she was at the office and she stayed even after I
left because her fiancé was coming over to pick her up besides Anita never
comes to my house and…” Ken started then suddenly realized that it could be
Ngozi that had been charred up by the flames. He closed his eyes and took in a
deep breath. Turning to the officer he said, “I know the woman whose burnt body
you found in my house, I’ll fill the paper work.”
“Who is she? Do you mean that the lady was not Anita? Could
she have been the one who started the fire that almost killed us and has
rendered us homeless?” Ken’s wife asked.
“I’ll explain but it’s a long story…something that the kids
shouldn’t hear and a tale that could destroy the foundation of our marriage.”
Ken answered.
months later
Henrietta is wheeled down the street by Dr. Tunde who was
now officially her boyfriend, he had been taking care of her and she couldn’t
imagine her life without him. They passed a newspaper stand and Tunde stopped
to buy the paper, it was a lazy Saturday morning and they were taking a morning
stroll. She wasn’t crippled as people on the street thought but her recovery
process was gradual hence the wheel chair but in a few weeks’ time, she should
be on her feet, with the aid of crutches of course. Tunde had told her that she
had to learn to walk again and she was excited at stepping her feet on the
ground again.
“Hmmm…” Tunde murmured as he read through the front section
of the paper.
“What’s that?” Henrietta asked, looking up at him.
“It’s a bizarre story of the staff of one of the biggest
marketing companies in Lagos. It states that she got burned in her lovers
house. Her name is Ngozi Okpala and …” Tunde started but Henrietta didn’t wait
for him to finish, she snatched the paper from his hands.
“It’s my former boss…I heard she was missing but how come
she got burned?” Henrietta asked reading the story. “And six months ago too.
The autopsy report is just coming out and she’s been confirmed dead…ahhh…”
“Was she the lady that treated you badly?” Tunde asked.
“Yes but what a sad way to die…” Henrietta said emotionally.
“It says here that her car was found near the house that was burning and that
it was seen empty and still running after the fire incident. Eye witnesses said
that she ran into the house and never came out and the police say that the car
has been in their custody for the past six months and that it was recently
searched and her phone was found with a recording of the fire incident and the
voice over of Ngozi, saying, ‘finally it’s been done.’ Ken, her lover also
confessed to the fact that she had called him to tell him that she had set his
home ablaze, a fact confirmed by the telecommunication company that had
produced a recording of the call.”
Tunde pushed her wheelchair through the streets while Henrietta
continued reading the contents of the paper aloud.
The news of Ngozi’s death had come as a shock to everyone
including Ade who was just reading the paper. She was more shocked to read
Ken’s testimony to the whole incident, he was really truthful about his affair
with Ngozi, even Nduka, her fiancé had come forward, pouring out his story and
how he was jazzed by Ngozi, his brother’s story was there as well. She was
still reading when her mother came out of the boutique’s closet holding about
five huge wedding dresses in her arms.
“What do you think of these darling?” Her mother asked.
Ade forgot about the story she was reading and placing the
newspaper aside, she stood to take the dresses one after the other.
“I love the fabric…awww….” Ade started.
Mother and daughter oohed and aahed over the clothes while
the newspaper with Ngozi’s picture at the front page looked on.
Nduka walked into the small house with his brother, he had
come to pay his dues, he remembered telling Ngozi a story last year about how
he raped his best friend’s sister. Now, he was back to apologize and ask for
her forgiveness. His brother held his hand firmly as they both entered the
The End
Let’s spare Ngozi the insults and
hatred, she was a good woman, desperate, yes, but good. She sacrificed for
Nduka and loved him with all her heart but she should have moved on when he
told her that he wasn’t interested anymore. Jelia was a big mistake, black
magic harms much more than you can ever imagine, it makes things seem so
perfect when it’s actually a mirage. Ngozi was the scape goat in this story,
Ade was not perfect, she was at first head-strong, spoiled and very blunt,
Henrietta kept building castles in the air till it came crashing down, however
the difference in the three women was the fact that Ade and Henrietta tried to
find love the ‘human’ way while Ngozi went supernatural and involved herself in
Voo doo, don’t forget that she killed Jelia which means she’s a murderer and almost killed Ken’s family.
Emeka realized himself at the end but he
opened the door to Nkechi, if he didn’t he might not have gotten beaten by her
and scarred too. Nduka was worse, he is the man that everywoman dreads to have,
the cheat, womanizer and the woman beater but he strove for change and he did
change at the end, after running around for months chasing Ngozi and acting
unlike himself. Ken was introduced at the last minute but his involvement with
Ngozi almost cost him his family.
This is just a story, pure fictitious
imagination but trust me, things like this do happen in real life. Do not blame
the devil if your relationship is not working, sit still and ask yourself, ‘am
I giving my very best?’ ‘Is he/she taking my best for granted?’ ‘Should I walk
away?’ If a relationship is not working, don’t wait till you’ve dug a hole for
yourself and partner, LEAVE! Or better still pray about it and work on it. If
it doesn’t work out, you know that you tried your best. And if you are still
single and not yet in a relationship, keep calm and trust God, for there are
many wolves in sheep clothing.
I hope you enjoyed this story as I did. I just realized that I’ll miss writing about these characters, I love them as though I know them. 
Expect a brand new season next week. May God bless you all for reading.


  1. I have followed this series from the beginning and it has been thrilling,captivating and mind blowing, keep up the good work Ada, u are a very talented writer, although am sad that it has ended but i am glad theres another coming up next week . yaayyy. All i can say is well done.

  2. Hi Adaeze,

    After reading Runaway Bride on TNC, I found your blog. I wish I'd found it sooner, you write so beautifully.

    I just finished reading the first season of Wife Material at once, I just kept clicking eagerly to the next episode till I finished. There was no dull moment. Very interesting tale.

    Indeed, Ngozi was the scape goat in the story, though Nduka treated her badly.

    Well done! I am off to start the second season. 🙂

    • Hello Nedoux,
      I am so glad you found my blog. Thank you so much for taking out time to read the lengthy stories.

      God bless you dear. Welcome to Adaeze Writes!

  3. I just finished reading this and it was awesome, I have practically not done any work cos I've been on your blog. You are a gifted writer and I hope this can actually be turned into a series. I hope you have 'copy writed' your work so it doesn't get stolen?
    I however do not agree that Ngozi was a victim, she acted like her life depended on being with Nduka, she had a choice to move out but rather decided to go diabolical, while I can't say she got what she deserved that was the consequence of her actions.

    • Thank you so much for spending time on my blog, I am so grateful. As for the copyright aspect, yes, I have. In writings like this, once the write-up has been written, it has already been copyrighted but then again, I have taken measures which I placed at the bottom of my blog.
      Thank you once again for the compliments.

  4. I just concluded this season and it would be unfair if I didn't give kudos to you.
    You can write! I l admire my imagination. Do teach me.
    This story is packed with great lessons and was captivating.


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