One week seemed like eternity to Grace as she was soon
discharged from the hospital, Mrs. Ajibola was there, ready to help drive her
home and for the first time ever, Grace was happy to have her as her neighbour.
Be her a gossip, a tattletale or a talkative, she was the one who had found out
that she had been holed up in her house for three days and had initiated a
rescue. Grace was so grateful to her.

“Thank you so much, I can’t thank you enough for
everything…” Grace started as soon as she was inside the car.
“C’mon…what are neighbours for?” Mrs. Ajibade said smiling.
“Ehen, I cooked fresh fish pepper soup for you and fried rice…”   
“That’s very nice of you.” Grace smiled.
“I hope I’m not being my busy body self but what’s your next
step? I know you are pregnant.”
Grace’s eyes widened as she stared at the woman, wondering
how she knew.
“I can spot a pregnant woman even at an early stage and after
having four kids, I’m quite the expert. I’m guessing that the child is Mr.
“So…have you told him yet?”
“When are you intending to tell him?”
“I don’t know…I guess I might never tell him. I will
relocate and maybe change my name and start my life over again. I’ll have my
child and definitely raise him or her to be a better person than I’ve been.” Grace
“Is that the best plan? The last time I checked, every child
needs a mother and father…” Mrs. Ajibade said.
“I grew up without any …”
“And, look how you turned out! I’m not trying to diss you
but Grace, you know that this child needs his/her father. I know a lot of
people in the world have never had the opportunity of having both parents and
that many of them turn out exceptionally well but you can’t take chances. How
would you sleep at night knowing that you deprived your child of such privilege?”
“Even if I decide to let Isaac know about the child, would
his family accept it? Would he accept it without doubts? Knowing about my past?
I don’t want him to think that I am trying to burden him with a child…”
“Well…think of this carefully…” Mrs. Ajibola was saying.
Grace who was seated at the passenger side of the car and
was looking out of the window, had her eyes caught on something. She quickly
shouted out to Mrs. Ajibola.
“Stop the car! Please stop the car!” Grace cried out.
“What is it?” Mrs. Ajibola asked in panic.
“Please stop…I just saw someone…I just saw someone I know…”
Grace said.
Mrs. Ajibola stopped the car and Grace quickly alighted and
rushed out heading towards a man who was shabbily dressed and seated on the pavement
along the road.
“Uncle Lawrence! Uncle Lawrence!” Grace shouted in shock.
The man stared at her with lazy eyes and picking up a dead
rat which was by his side, he placed it into his mouth and chewed it. He didn’t
seem to know she was there as he was submerged in a world of his own.
“Grace! Do you know this mad man? He moves around this area
from time to time…” Mrs. Ajibola said to her as she too had quickly parked the
car and ran out to catch up with Grace.
“Yes…he is my uncle but he used to live in the village, when did he move to Lagos?.” Grace asked aloud, then addressing the man
she said. “I never expected your end to be like this but if after all you did
to me, you turned out this way, then I’d say that karma is b***h! Ohhh…all
those years ago when you used me to whet your sexual appetite, when you had your
debtors take their turns with me, I really thought you were above the law. Yes,
you might have escaped the hands of the law but you didn’t escape the justice
and wrath of God!” Grace said in tears.
“Oh my God! He abused you as a child? This is too sad
mehn…let me arrange area boys, let them beat him up till death…” Mrs. Ajibola
said in anger.
“Noo….this is more than enough punishment! Who knows how
long he’s been like this and how many more years he has to spend living
miserably before dying. Let’s not soil our hands with his blood, I am so happy
that justice has been served.” Grace said.
The two women walked back to the car and drove away.
Isaac was moping about his house, he couldn’t sleep, eat or
concentrate, to think that he had almost lost Grace days ago to the jaws of
death almost drove him on edge.
“Grace, why do you affect me so much? Why?” Isaac asked
“Isaac… I’m leaving…” Jemima’s voice floated towards him.
He turned to stare at her, she was holding her suitcases and
looking at him.
“I never invited you to stay and I’m not forcing you to
leave either…you are always welcome in this house.” Isaac said.
“I know you love her, and I can’t keep deceiving myself…I
need to go…” Jemima said in a firm voice.
“I’m sorry that I led you to believe that I wanted to marry
you. Please lets remain friends, for old times’ sake…” Isaac said.
“That’s fine by me.” Jemima said and took a step forward but
stopped. “I’m wondering what you are doing here? God gave her another chance at
life and gifted you both a chance to be together, why don’t you seize it?”
“She told me to leave her life!” Isaac said in a bruised
“Go back for her…go back for your child too…” Jemima said.
“What? What child?” Isaac asked her in shock.
“She didn’t tell you? She is pregnant…she’s having your
baby!” Jemima said.
Isaac jumped off the sofa and bolted out through the door.
Amelia’s mother was so troubled, she noticed the way her
husband paced around the house as though disturbed by something terrible. She
looked at him and looked away, something must be eating him up, she thought.
A maid walked up to her and stood before her.
 “What do you want? Do
I need a signboard on my head which reads, ‘Don’t disturb’?”
“I am sorry ma but someone really needs to see you, he is at
the gate…”
“Don’t let me slap your face…get out of my sight now!”
Amelia’s mother said.
“He said he is Amelia’s father and he looks like…” The maid
“Amelia’s what?” Her husband barked from the corner.
Amelia’s mother laughed nervously and stared at her husband,
then at the maid.
“Send him away…what is he talking about? It might be a mad
“Madam…the man looks like a native doctor…security has been
trying to hold him off for some time but he’s causing a scene, so I was asked
to tell you.”
“Send him in!” Amelia’s father shouted.
“Honey! Do you want to let a mad man into the house? C’mon
it’s just a mad man.” Amelia’s mother said.
“Tell the security to open the gate.” Amelia’s father said.
The maid scurried off and Amelia’s mother’s leg quivered. Soon,
her fears were confirmed, the ‘wise one’, Amelia’s biological father stepped
into the house.
“So, you think you can deny me just like that!” The wise one
He was dressed in black from head to toe and he had painted
white circles around his eyes.
“Who are you please?” Amelia’s father shouted.
“Yes, who are you?” Amelia’s mother asked in a quaky voice.
“Don’t raise your voice at me stupid man, I opened your
wife’s womb! Before I met her, her womb couldn’t hold children but as soon as I
touched her, she was filled with fruit.” The wise one said.
“What are you saying?” Amelia’s father asked baffled.
“No please….wise one…please don’t break my marriage…I beg of
you…” Amelia’s mother cried and fell on her knees before the wise one.
“You denied me entrance into my daughter’s abode. I will not
help you keep the secret any longer.” The wise one said.
“What secret? What daughter?” Amelia’s father asked.
“Amelia Adaku is my daughter and I am here to identify with
her.” The wise one said.
“What? Identify with who?” Amelia’s father asked in shock.
“Tell him the truth…why are you denying it? Who in truth is
Amelia’s father?” The wise one asked.
Chief Maduka stared at his wife in shock as he waited for
her response.
“I love you honey…” His wife started. “I did it to save our
marriage, the miscarriages were already too much and …and I wanted you to be
happy. Remember you always say that Amelia brought good fortune your way,
please…understand.” Amelia’s mother cried.
Her husband held his face in his palms and cried out loud,
it felt as though he was dreaming.
“Something tells me that all is not well with my daughter
and I have come to the rescue. Where is she?” The wise one asked.
“Honey, please forgive me. The boys are yours, all yours…”
She said trying to let her husband know that Amelia was the only child of hers
that wasn’t his, biologically.
Suddenly, the door opened and five men in uniform stormed
in. They walked into the house and addressed Amelia’s father.
“Chief Maduka, you are under arrest for the kidnap and
attempted murder of Dapo Ajala. We advise you to remain silent as anything you
say can be held against you in the court of law.”
Mrs. Maduka held on to her husband’s leg and screamed as the
police men dragged him away, Chief Maduka was pale, he looked so shabby at that
moment, he really didn’t care about life anymore. How could the apple of his
eye, his Amelia, be the product of an affair between his wife and a herbalist?  He was stunned. As soon as he was shuffled
into the police vehicle, he had a heart attack.
Amelia’s father never recovered from the ‘truth’ which was
harshly dealt him by his wife and the wise one. He was however charged to court
and spent the later part of his years there, drawing on the prison walls with
his fingers and singing to himself. His wife on the other hand, couldn’t get
her children to forgive her as they learnt the truth of her betrayal and
deserted her, Amelia included. Mrs. Maduka relocated to her family house in the
village and spent her remaining years on earth, hiding in shame. Amelia and Dr.
Chidi became quite close, after several months of therapy, Amelia accepted her
mistakes and felt truly sorry for them. Dr. Chidi taught and encouraged her to
learn to live with her HIV status and have a fulfilling life even with the
virus. Amelia paid frequent visits to her father in the prison and read to him
during visiting hours, despite the truth about him not being her biological
father, as long as she was concerned, he raised her and she loved him unconditionally and continued regarding him as her father. The
wise one who had caused the whole mess, quietly disappeared as he had appeared,
leaving Amelia’s life for good. George finally processed the divorce and Amelia
signed without giving him stress, she wished him well in his endeavours, apologized sincerely to Demilade and George and moved on with her life.
Isaac and Grace’s wedding held at a quiet chapel in Surulere
with just a handful of family and friends. Isaac’s mother had tried to cause a
stir against the marriage but Isaac had threatened to leave her life for good
if she didn’t support his decision. She supported him at the end as well as a
few other family members but she didn’t show up at the wedding. It wasn’t every
day that a woman’s son married an ex-hooker. Well, that didn’t bother the
newlyweds as they were so in love with each other and ready to make most of
their lives together alongside their unborn child. Grace had explained
everything to Isaac and how conception took place at his house when she came
over as ‘Femme Fatale’, and Isaac was overjoyed that his night with ‘Femme
Fatale’ had gifted him with a baby.
Demilade was compensated heavily by the hotel where she was
raped by the hotel manager, while the rapist faced the law and was sentenced to
ample years in prison. Using the money from her settlement, she went back to
school and also started a part-time home tutoring school for young boys and girls during
weekends, she continued acting, starring in short TV series from time to time. Her siblings were so ashamed of their former bad behaviours towards
her and begged for forgiveness and she forgave them with her heart. Bobo
shuffled staying with his paternal grandmother who he loved so much and with
his mom in their newly rented apartment, he also spent some weekends with
George, playing video games and soccer with him. George and Demilade continued their
friendship while Bobo and his paternal grandmother tried desperately to
match-make them but Demilade didn’t feel that there was any hurry to start her
life with a man again and George felt that he hadn’t healed properly from his
marriage to Amelia to jump into anything yet. They both gave themselves ample
time as it didn’t make sense to them to start a relationship just months after
the big ruckus!
However, they did remain close friends and one day decided
Thank you for reading this series! I enjoyed writing as much
as you enjoyed reading…I hope we all learnt something from it as it’s important
that every story teaches some kind of lesson.
God bless you guys.

New season on Wife Material begins… ‘Check this space.’


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    • Thank you so much namsie.
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      I am so grateful to you for reading, commenting and enjoying these series. It means so much to me.
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