Jumoke was at her desk typing away at the computer when Bode’s
door flew open.
“Where is my driver? Call my driver now!” Bode shouted and
banged the door shut, then opening it again, he said. “I need you to cancel
everything I have today! Everything!” He quickly banged the door shut again.
Jumoke stood up from her desk and walking to the door which
led to his office, she rapped at the wooden frame, without waiting to be
ushered, she stepped into his office.
“Sir… you have a lot of meetings today…” She said.
Bode didn’t look up, he was packing some files into his bag.
“I have to leave, my son has been admitted at the hospital.”
Bode said.
“What? I am so sorry sir…” Jumoke said.
“Thank you…the nanny just called…I need to go.”
“But sir, you have a meeting with the partner for the Ligel
Group of Companies, you told me that your meeting with his is very important as
your alliance could be beneficial to the company.” 
Jumoke said.
“Do you think I don’t know that? My baby is in the hospital,
his mother is somewhere in Abuja, living the life of a single workaholic, what
do you expect me to do? Leave my son there in the hospital while I run my
“No…oh no…I wasn’t implying that..”
“I know that’s not what you’re implying and I’m sorry for
yelling…I just have to go and be with him.”
“Your meeting is for the next thirty minutes…maybe I can go
on your behalf to the hospital while you stay for the meeting and after which
you could come to the hospital.” Jumoke said.
Bode stared at her in disbelief.
“You’d do that?”
“Yea…I’ll go to the hospital and handle things with your
nanny while you take care of business.”
“Thank you…you are a life saver! I owe you a million Jumi…”
Bode said in gratitude.
“It’s okay…I’ll go and get my bag and I’ll go…” She said.
“Thank you…please tell my driver to take you there. Call me
if you need anything, my lines will be open…” He said.
“Sure…” Jumoke said, leaving the office.
Bode collapsed on his chair in a dull thud, he picked up his
phone and dialed his wife’s number, the network provider informed him that her
number doesn’t exist.
Susan stared at Augustine in shock, he stood at her
doorstep, smiling sheepishly at her, in his hands was a pack of food from a
fast food.
“Hey dear…can I come in?” He asked.
“Dear? Who’s your dear? What are you blabbing? I wasn’t
expecting you so, turn back and leave this place.” Susan shouted.
“Ohhhh…touche…” He peered further into the house. “Nice
walls, I see you’re quite the artist.”
“Errr…errm…what are you talking about?”
Augustine smacked his lips.
“I brought dinner…I’m so tired of eating alone so I thought
we could share…” He said.
“No, I am not inviting you into my house. State your
business and go!” Susan shouted.
“You’d want to calm your voice down babe, especially as I
know what you did some days back!” Augustine winked.
Susan could swear that her heart dropped from her chest at
that statement, she opened her eyes wide and stared at Augustine in shock.
“Youuu…” Susan stressed in panic.
“Yes…me…I know it all…so, can I come in now?”
Susan didn’t know when her hand pulled the door wider and
when she stepped aside for him to walk in.
“You are quite a messy young lady…this room doesn’t look
cleaned after the last time I was here…oops…that was yesterday…hehehehe…” He
said as he set the pack of food on the table and turned to stare at Susan.
“You’ve been stalking me?”
“Call it whatever you like, stalking, trailing, following,
hunting, shadowing, hounding, lurking, prowling, tracking, pursuing, tailing…I’ve
been doing all that baby.” He said.
‘Why?” Susan asked in shock.
“Because Y has a long tail and too short arks…hehehehe…I’m
funny huh? Well…because from the moment I saw you Susan, I fell deeply, madly
and strangely in love. Don’t worry, I am with you in all this honey…you see,
when I came here the first time and you asked me to drop you off at work since
you didn’t know the city, I quickly became protective of you, you know, like a
young urchin who’s confused in the big city but then, you showed me that you
are the little bird that flies so, I let you fly. And then, you kept coming and
going with that same white guy, I even followed you to the hotel were you spent
the night and I was angry that you didn’t come back home like a good girl, but
not to worry, I have forgiven you for all that. Then, that night I watched you
from a corner, you rushed out of your apartment with a firm determination in
your eyes, I recognized it because I have been there, I am a determined young
man as well. So, I jumped into my truck and followed you guys closely behind,
till you stopped at a quiet corner. I stopped my car as well, parking at a safe
distance and watching your car closely, later, I saw you run out of the car and
disappear, I wanted to follow you then, but I was puzzled about the car and its
occupant, so I left my car and went there. What did I see? A kitchen knife and
not just any kitchen knife but your kitchen knife in his chest…wow! My girl…my
little bird is a killer, I said to myself and then…I decided to show you that I
know what you did, so I sent a message to your office with a brand new knife
and found my way into your apartment which was pretty easy and wrote on your
walls. Did I scare you?” Augustine asked fleetingly.
Susan stared at the man before her, he looked sane and
insane at the same time.
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Susan asked in a
shaky voice.
“Yes, I knew your question would eventually come to that so,
here’s my answer. I love you Susan and I want you to let me show you and the
world how much I can love you. I have seen the secret side to you and I can
beat my chest in pride that I have a strong woman for an intended lover, just
give me a chance to show you that I love you.”
“And if I don’t?”
“I won’t blackmail you…no…I won’t harm my little butterfly
would I? But then, when my anger comes, it strikes like lightening so…I could
find myself at Tom’s burial and slip a word into the crowd of mourners and you’ll
be investigated. That’s not a threat is it?” He asked sweetly.
“You are sick!” Susan spat.
The doorbell rang and Susan looked at the door.
“Who are you expecting?” Augustine barked angrily.
“No…no…one just my…a painter I happened to call…” Susan
“Don’t worry my love…I’ll do the painting, I take
responsibility for my actions…” Augustine said.
“Okay…let me tell the painter to go away then…” Susan said
staring at the man she had just met once in her entire life before he ever
thought of possessing her to himself.
“Don’t worry about that, when he’s tired of ringing the
bell, he’ll go away. Come, let’s sit down and eat, I’d like to play catch up. I
remember the last time I was here…” He said then suddenly remembering that the
last time he had entered her apartment, she wasn’t there, he slapped his head
repeatedly. “I keep forgetting…I keep forgetting…that I was here last night and
this made it three times that I’ve been here. Well, what was I saying, I
remember that the first time we met, you were talking to your dad on the phone,
am I correct? Well, I’d like to know when you’re going to introduce me, you
know, as the new boyfriend.” He said and smiled, sitting on the bed and
crossing his legs.
Susan looked at Augustine in horror, she couldn’t believe
it, when she thought she’d seen the worst, she was actually facing a triple
dosage of it right now and even though she had promised to introduce her future
husband to her parents in three months, this was not what she ever imagined in
her wildest dreams.
Rita would never have believed that she would have considered
this ever in her entire life. It was the wee hours of the morning and she was
still in bed, her eyes were open and she had been wide awake for the past three
hours. The television in the guest room in Chuka’s house was on and the Trace
music channel was on but she wasn’t watching.
“What do I do?” She asked herself aloud. She stood up from
her bed and begun pacing about the room. She began thinking of her life.
Right from childhood, Rita had never thought of marriage,
she always believed that when that time came, she’ll have it all figured out.
Leaving her parents house hadn’t been a hurdle because she had been leaving
since she was in secondary school when they had shipped her off to a boarding
school in Ondo state. She was twenty-seven years old, she knew she could have
whatever guy she wanted but then again, was she sure she’d be ever able to
accept any proposal after this one? She thought to herself. ‘Should I accept in
memory of my friend?’ she asked herself even knowing fully well that it was the
most stupid reason she had. ‘Should I not accept and move on?’ She thought, ‘But
then, Chuka would marry another girl and Aisha’s memory would be lost. I’m sure
that Aisha would love it if it were the both of us, Chuka and I instead of him
and someone else, we could even name our first daughter Aisha, in memory of
“What am I thinking?” She shouted aloud.
There was a quiet knock at her door and she walked to open
it. Chuka stared at her and before he could say ‘good morning’ she said.

“Yes Chuka…I will be your bride!” 


  1. Tosin might just lose her marriage, she's playing with fire and Jumoke is unconsciously positioning herself at the front of Bode's heart.
    I knew it had 2 be Augustine there was something about his proprietary air around Susan that suggested that he'd turn out to be a stalker. She should go back 2 Lagos and start life afresh,it's not too late.
    As for Rita she's an Ozuo as they say in Benin, how can anyone be so foolish?

    • I hope Tosin doesn't lose it…it's not easy to lose what you have…
      As for Augustine, I'm wondering what he has in mind for Susan and yes, he is a big stalker. Go back to Lagos? Hmmmm….
      Hahahaha@ Ozuo, the Benin language for Ode!
      Thank you for reading namsie dear!

  2. You put your husband on spam abi ignore list??????? how career driven and blind, can you be??? For Rita, unless you have a short memory, dumbest and stupid dog is your name. And Susan, hey Lady, before you make an important decision, like moving etc… seek advise, and when you come to a new place, keep a low profile… but you didn't so eat the cake you baked for yourself and learn from it. Please parents, avoid pressurizing your daughters to get married even if their biological clock is ticking like an alarm clock. this is a result of too much pressure.


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