Demilade yawned loudly and opened her eyes with a start.
“Where am I?” She asked herself, suddenly afraid that she
had somehow found herself in Kehinde and Babs house. She looked around hastily
and took in the beautiful room she lay and immediately calmed down when she
recalled the events of the past day.

She was in her ‘customer’s’ place she thought in relief. She
immediately stood from the bed and made her way to the door leading out of the
room. She stepped out into the corridor and entered the sitting room, shocked to
see George and his family already seated in the sitting room, it was as though they
were in a meeting.

“Good Morning, I hope I’m not disturbing?” Demilade asked.
Sister Meg stared at her with red-rimmed eyes and shook her
head slowly, her parents were staring at George in sadness.
“What is wrong? Did anything happen?” Demilade asked.
“My brother almost committed suicide last night…” Sister
Meg said and burst into tears.
Demilade opened her mouth in shock and stared at the very
still George who was seated on the large sofa and staring at the ground.
“It’s a sin! George it’s a sin!” His father spat.
“I can’t believe you wanted to end your life without any
consideration for your family…do you want us to live the rest of our lives in
misery?” His mother cried.
“Amelia is my life…she’s everything…everything to me…”
George croaked.
Sister Meg walked up to him and gave him a loud slap on his
“How dare you say that? For thirty years of your life
you never knew her till about a year and a half ago. How dare you say she’s
your life when you have a family that loves you? I warned you against marrying
that girl, I told you she was bad news, I told you never to marry a woman whose
love for the vain things of life clouded her reasoning. But did you listen? Did
you heed my words? Look at yourself! Look at your marriage! It’s less than one
month of marriage and look at you…”
“It’s okay Meg…don’t be too hard on him…” His father
pleaded with his sister.
“If only I didn’t come to check on you last night, you would
have strapped yourself to the ceiling fan and ended your life. How dare you?
Are you the owner of life? I should have left you to kill yourself, God knows
you’d be rotting in hell by now if you did.” Meg continued.
“George, please pull yourself together and decide once and
for all, what you intend to do. My advice is, look for your wife, hear own side
of the story and make a decision. The choice is yours if you intend to continue
with the marriage or if you decide to end it.” His mother advised.
“I don’t need to see her…I know she cheated on me…I felt
it the day she returned from her so-called trip.  You see…as much as I tried, I couldn’t get
myself to touch her or make love to her, it was like she was different…”
George continued.
“Hmmmm…..George, pull yourself together. Your mother and I have to leave now and I bet your sister has to leave as well, she is a married
woman with a family and children to cater for, we cannot sit here and watch
over you like a child.” His father said.
“What if he tries to commit suicide again? I won’t bear to
think that my son might be contemplating that again…” His mother cried.
“Well…I guess we have to ask Rose the maid to keep an eye
out for him …” Sister Meg proffered.
“Rose? That lady doesn’t know anything…she spends half the
time talking to herself.” George’s father said, then suddenly he proffered.
“Why don’t we hire the young lady here, Demilade? Why don’t we hire her to stay with
him for a while?”
“Me?” Demilade almost choked.
“Yes…please stay with him…we will pay you whatever
amount you want but please be by his side to encourage and help him during this
difficult time.” George’s mother pleaded.
“Well…”Demilade contemplated.
“Say yes, please say yes…” Sister Meg pleaded.
“I need the money and I don’t have a job, so, yes…I’ll
stay but…”
“But what?” Sister Meg asked.
“I have to be clear with you about my medical history. I was
involved in an accident of recent and I lost most of my memory, I recently
learnt I have a son and we are looking for him as I speak…my life is quite
complicated right now. Judging from what you want from me, it will require that
I spend most of my time here perhaps even, live here for a while till Mr.George
gets back on his feet, if my son is found soon, he will have to stay with me.”
Demilade said.
“That is no problem, the more, the merrier!” George’s father
“There’s enough room for you and your son, besides, we need you so much right now and wouldn’t mind if you bring your whole village here.” His mother said dryly, obviously the statement was supposed to be funny but no one laughed.
Demilade smiled and nodded, so thankful that she had a job
Bobo shouted at Dayo to throw the ball, the ball flew
through the air and hit the ground and the boys began to play as they kicked
the ball around the huge compound. There was a loud honk at the gate and the
three boys paused for a while.
“Your Uncle is back…we have to go home now…” Dayo said
“Don’t worry, there’s no school tomorrow so I bet he’ll let
us play till everywhere is dark.” Bobo supplied.
“He’s home early today…why now?” Chike chirped.
The car drove silently into the compound and parked at the
garage, Bobo and his friends ran to the vehicle. The car doors opened and the doctor stepped out with a young lady in her early twenties.
“Aunty Anu! What are you doing here? It’s so good to see you.” Bobo shouted, dropping
the ball he held in his hands and hurrying to give his aunt a hug.
“Bobo darling…I can’t believe it…thank God you’re safe.”
Anu said tearfully as she hugged her nephew.
“What happened? What took you guys so long to find me? I was
at the hospital and then, mummy didn’t show up and I had to follow the doctor
home and…”Bobo burst into tears.
“Shhh…I am so sorry about that…” Anu said, still hugging
“Where is my mommy?” Bobo asked looking up at her.
“Mommy is fine…she really wants to see you.” Anu said.
“Where is she? Why isn’t she here?” Bobo asked.
The doctor took over from Anu and pulled Bobo towards him,
crouching low till his eyes met the young boy’s he said.
“Bobo…your mother didn’t abandon you. That night when she
left to buy food for you, she had accident…”
“Accident? Is she okay? Is she alive?” Bobo asked with tears
in his eyes.
“Yes…she is but she …she lost her memory…not all of it
but most of it. She doesn’t remember many events in her
life… it’s complicated, but everything will be alright.”
“I don’t understand…” Bobo said teary eyed.
“I know…” the doctor said and hugged him.
“So what’s going to happen now?” Bobo asked.
“You’ll be going back home to meet your mom…”
“Really?” Bobo asked, sounding a bit confused and thrilled
at the same time.
“I already told my wife everything over the phone and she’s
packed up your stuff…so, you’ll be going home with your aunty today.”
Bobo hugged the doctor tightly.
“Why isn’t she here? Why didn’t she come to pick me?” Bobo asked.
“Your mom’s sister put up pictures of you on newspapers, the internet and television, I saw it and called the number attached to the notice and that’s why she’s here. I bet your mom doesn’t even know she’s found you yet. I’m believing that this is a surprise.” The doctor said turning to look at Anu.
Anu nodded and smiled at Bobo.
“I am glad that you are safe Bobo and I can’t wait to take you to your mom, she doesn’t have a phone right now but she gave me a phone number that I could reach her on. I haven’t told her the good news yet but when we leave, I’ll call her and tell her.”
“I’m going to miss you and aunty so much…” Bobo cried as he turned to hug the doctor again.
“We will miss you too dear…but the goodnews is, you can
still come and pay us a visit whenever you want…and we will always check up
on you.” The doctor said.
“What happens to my schooling? I love my new school…” Bobo
“You can still continue attending school there, I’ll get
your new address from your aunty and the bus will pick you up from there
everyday and take you back home too.”
“Thank you so much for everything…you are a very kind man
and I’ll never forget you.”Bobo thanked appreciatively.
His friends bade him goodbye as they left the compound while
Bobo, Anu and the doctor walked into the house in silence.
The doorbell rang and Chioma walked to see who was at the
door, security was tighter around the house since Amelia’s arrest yesterday
morning and she was still quite jittery as to answering the door.
“Who is it?” Chioma asked in a shaky voice.
“Open the door Chioma!”
Immediately Chioma heard the voice she froze and after
counting one to ten, she opened the door.
“Where is she?” He thundered.
“Uncle George it’s so good to see you…” Chioma started.
“Where is she?” George growled again as he stepped into the
He had left the house like a mad man and had driven like one
possessed by demons. His new watch-woman Demilade had tried chasing after him
but he had outrun her as he had quickly jumped into his car and zoomed off.
“She is upstairs resting…she was given tranquilzers.”
Chioma said silently.
George ignored her and stormed upstairs, he headed to the
room his wife occupied in her father’s house and pushed it open.
“Amelia!” George shouted.
Amelia who was lying on the bed, instantly sat up and stared
at her husband with fear in her eyes.
“What have you done? What have you done to me? To the love I
have for you? What have you done to my feelings for you?” He rasped in a voice laced with pain and hurt.
“I am sorry….George please…” Amelia started.
“Don’t you call my name! Who is he? Who is Andy? Did you
sleep with him? Did you tell him you love him? Did you love him?”
“No…No I didn’t love him…it was the devil’s
work…George I am so sorry…I didn’t kill him.” Amelia cried as she got down
from her bed and walked to him.
“I don’t want to know if you killed him or not! That’s not
my business! I just want to know if you had sex with him. Did you have sex with
Amelia burst into tears, George walked up to her and shook
her roughly.
“Did you have sex with him?” George demanded.
“Yes…Yes…I slept with him…but it was just once…”
Amelia cried.
George slapped her across her cheek.
“I am disgusted by you! You disgust me! You are a whore! A
pig! A useless…”
“Will you stop that? Don’t you dare lay your hands on my
daughter again.” Amelia’s father roared in anger from her open door.
“Trust me…I am done! I am through with her…” George
“Daddy…no…George no please don’t say that…I beg of
you…” Amelia fell on her knees and begged.
“Don’t beg him Amelia! He is a weak man! Your wife is facing a difficult time and you aren’t man enough to be there for her…” Amelia’s father said, facing
George squarely.
“Look at you! Money doesn’t buy everything you know…you
spoilt her! No one could satisfy the mighty Amelia! She was too good to be true
and I fell for her charms, for her beauty and for everything she stood for but I made the costly mistake of not
looking inward and seeing who she truly was. You gave her everything that I could not and it didn’t satisfy her but made her
greedy and crave for more…so she fell into the arms of Andy Ifediorah, the
billionaire’s only son. I know that while she was with him, she wished she had
met him before she ever met me!” Turning to Amelia he said. “I have no words for you…I am done! Expect to
hear from my lawyer. I want a divorce!” George screamed and stormed out of the
Amelia ran after him like a wild woman.
“Andy! George please! Don’t leave me alone at this time, I am sorry, I will never hurt you again I beg of you.” She cried.
“Look at you…you even called his name….you disgust me!”
George shouted as he left the house.
Amelia chased him outside and tried getting into the car
with him but he slammed the door shut and latched it, then turning the key in
the ignition, he sped out of the compound, leaving a wailing Amelia in his
“George please…biko forgive me…George darling…my love…” Amelia wailed loudly as she fell to the ground and rolled around in tears.
Demilade stared at the young man she had given birth to and
didn’t feel anything, it wasn’t as though she ever knew him or have met him before. Anu stood by his
side, holding his bags and smiling at the both of them.
“Won’t you say hello to your mother?” Anu said quietly.
Bobo went to hug his mother tightly and she hugged him back.
“I’ve missed you mom…I heard about the accident, I hope
you are okay?” Bobo asked.
“Yes…I am fine…I just lost a bit of my memory.” Demilade
“But you do remember me don’t you?” Bobo asked.
“Yes I do…how would I forget my beautiful boy?” Demilade
lied, cutting Anu a confused glance.
“Is this our new house? It’s big and beautiful.” Bobo said.
“I work here…but I am supposed to live here too…at least for the meantime.”
Demilade said.
“Why don’t you take your bag into the room, I want to talk
to your mom.” Anu said.
“Rose! Please take him to my room.” Demilade said.
Rose runs out of the kitchen and bobs.
“Good evening ooo…na who be dis?” Rose asks.
“My son…please take him to my room.”
“Na you born dis fine boy? You wey be like pikin so?” Rose
“Yes…” Demilade said, not knowing what to say.
Rose takes Bobo’s hand and they both leave the sitting room.
As soon as they leave, Anu lets out a sigh of relief.
“I couldn’t really explain to him how his mom suddenly
forgot he exists, thanks for lying that you remember him.” Anu said.
“Thank you for bringing him back to me.” Demilade said in
“You are welcome sister. I hope you are settling well, I
must say that luck shone on you…the bar job wasn’t your best fit after all.”
Anu said.
“I never asked for this job, it just dropped into my laps,
God works in mysterious ways you know.”
“Where is the man you are working for?” Demilade asked.
“He stepped out…and I…” Demilade had hardly finished her
statement when the door burst open and George stepped in.
“Who are you people? What are you doing in my house?” George
barked at Demilade and Anu.
“Calm down sir…I work for you…your family hired
me…this is my sister…”
“Get out! Get out of here! Get the hell out!” George
Bobo ran out from the room and stopped when he saw George.
“Who is that little boy?”
“My son…” Demilade replied.
“I don’t want him here…I don’t want any of you here! Get
out now!” George barked.
“Calm down Mr George…please calm down…” Demilade
George stormed up to her menacingly as though he wanted to
hit her, Bobo ran to shield his mother from George.
“Don’t touch my mom…you mad man!” Bobo said.
George suddenly calmed down, he stared at Demilade, Anu and
Bobo and turning away, he walks out of the sitting room and headed to his room.

Demilade let out a huge sigh of relief and hugged her son, knowing at that moment, that her job wasn’t going to be an easy one.



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