Mitch stepped out of the plane and breathed in the air of
his country for the first time in two whole years.
“It’s so good to be back home.” He said.
Soon, he was walking through the terminal and running over
to hug his sister.

“Oh my goodness! Mommy is going to scream! You’re so big
now!” Angel, his sister said as she laughed.
“You fat liar!” He joked as he broke the hug.
“Look at those cheeks bro, you having been chopping for
“You bet I have.” He said she helped him with some of his
luggage and they walked outside the airport.
“We are getting a taxi right?” Mitch asked.
“Taxi ke? When I can drive.”
“It’s a lie.” Mitch said.
“Watch and see!” She said as they joined the bus conveying
people to the car park which was at a farther distance from the terminal.
Soon, they walked up to lovely car and she walked over to
open the booth.
“Angel! You are kidding me!” Mitch said with eyes wide.
She threw her head back and laughed, so glad that she had
taken her brother by surprise.
“When? How? Who bought you the car? A boyfriend?”
She threw him a punch.
“Are you crazy? So you’re one of those men who think that a
woman’s successes must be by a man.”
“No, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean that…it’s just that I know
that things aren’t so rosy at home and I’m wondering.”
“Well, while you were slaving your ass at a scholarship
abroad, I looked for a decent paying job and learnt a small trade too on the
side.” She smiled. “Last year, God blessed me and I have this car to show for
“Oh my goodness! Angel, I am so proud of you.”
“Thanks bro…” She smiled.
“But what? How can you have a car before me?” He joked.
“Excuse me? Come and thief the car na….which one be ‘how
can you have a car before me?’”
Mitch punched his sister on the arm and after loading his
luggage into the car, he got in. Angel kicked the engine and she drove them out
of the airport.
“Look at the way you’re driving sef.. you’re such an
amateur.” He teased.
“If you talk nonsense again ehn. I’ll drop you off at the
side of the road.”
“I’m sorry car owner….my apologies.” He said with slight
They both burst into laughter. His sister tuned the radio
and soon, Eric Donaldson’s ‘Land of My Birth’ was playing into their ears. Mitch
moved slightly to the beat as his chest swelled in pride, he was so happy to be
Cherry was making a club sandwich in the kitchen and she
found that she’d run out of Mayo.
“What?” Her brother screamed from the sitting room, angry
that she was disturbing him from playing his game.
“Abeg come buy me Mayo. There’s none left.”
“Ohhhhhh jooor….” He whined.
“If you don’t buy any Mayo, you won’t get to eat my
legendary club sandwich.” She called out.
Like lightening, her brother stood before her with hand
“Where’s the money?”
“Go and check my purse…there should be some money there.
Take one thousand naira and buy the big one so that we can keep the remaining.”
Jerry nodded and dashed out of the kitchen. Cherry busied
herself about the kitchen, her phone rang and she smiled when she saw the
caller ID.
“Hello wifey…”
“Hello hubby.” She smiled as she spoke to Sean.
“I hope you dreamt of me all night.”
“You know I did, hot chocolate.”
“I can’t wait to see you, to feel you, to hold you. I love
you baby, much more than words can tell. I love you.”
“I love you my King, my rock, my shield, my man….”
“You are my queen, my priceless jewel, my ruby, my sapphire,
my emerald, my garnet…”
Cherry blushed as she listened to her fiancée speak.
“I’m yet to see what my friends are saying of the ring I
posted on BBM and Instagram, but I know that their comments and good wishes
will blow my phone away.”
“Hahahahhaha….they aint seen nothing yet. Our wedding will
be the most grand event ever and I’ve already budgeted a hundred million naira
for it, our honeymoon will be in three places, Paris, the Maldives and the
“Oh my goodness! Oh my love…thank you…thank you…” She screamed in delight.
“That ring on your finger was cut from the most precious
stones. I designed it myself and everything cost me a whooping seven million
Cherry’s eyes widened as she looked at the sparkly diamond stones on her finger.
“My goodness! This is unexpected, I didn’t…I never
imagined that it costs this much.”
“I told you, my sweet…everything I do, is for you. I love
you more than the breath I draw.”
“I love you baby, more than life itself.” Cherry said with
tears in her eyes.
“You’d better get a wedding planner ready, I’ll also contact the best photographers here in Nigeria. I want our wedding to be splashed on the major blogs. I want people to be envious of our love.”
“Oh my man! You make me so happy!” Cherry smiled.
“How did your family take the news of the proposal?” He asked.
“They were so thrilled.” She lied.
“I have to take a trip out of town quickly, when I return, I’ll
come to see you.”
“How long will you stay out of town?”
“Maybe for a week or there about….but I’ll call you each
and everyday.”
“Safe trip my love, I love you my king, my shield, my
“I love you too my queen, my angel.”
As soon as he hung up, Jerry arrived with the Mayo. He
dropped it off on the kitchen counter and turned around to go.
“Jerry, guess what?”
Her brother looked at her with his typical bored facial expression.
“I am getting married to the richest guy in Nigeria.”
“I just spoke to him and he says my engagement ring costs
seven million naira.”
“What are you doing wearing an engagement ring that costs
that much? Why don’t we sell it and build a house. We don’t have a landed property ooo.” Jerry said.
“You’re mad! You are crazy!” She shouted as she picked up a ball
of onion and hurled it at him.
Jerry ran out to the sitting room to continue playing his
game while Cherry made her Mayo and kept thinking of her grand wedding worth
one hundred million naira.
Mitch had hardly finished eaten when he went into his room and came
out with a medium-sized bag.
“Going somewhere?” His mother asked.
“Yea…” Mitch said.
“Don’t be a sour sport Mitch! I took a sick leave from work
today to spend the day with you and now you’re going out?” Angel said.
“I’m sorry guys but you know I have to see her.”
“See who?” Angel asked.
“My girlfriend, Cherry.”
“Ha!” Mirabel, his younger sister exclaimed. She was
drinking a cup of tea and was dressed in her khaki uniform for NYSC. She had
“What is Ha?” Mitch demanded.
“Errrm sister Angel, can you drive me to CDS today?” Mirabel
begged with puppy-like eyes.
“Hey! Abeg stop using my car to shine ejo!” Angel started
holding up her hand in the air and cutting her off.
“Wait…you guys are dodging my question, why are you not
thrilled that I’m going to see my girlfriend.”
“What girlfriend? The one who has obviously moved on with
her life or the mirage you left in Nigeria.” Angel asked.
“Wait, you guys must be joking.” He put his hand into the bag he held and brought out a small box. “I’m proposing to her today!”
“Good luck bro.” Oyin said.
“Are you on Instagram? Oh it’s true…you’re not!” Mirabel
“What’s Instagram got to do with anything?”
“Well, if you are on Instagram, you’ll see a few of her
pictures because her account is actually private.” Mirabel pauses and rubs her
chin as though to think. “Well, I stumbled on some of her pictures from some of
my friends who follow her and guess what? The bitch ain’t loyal!”
“Will you shut up Mirabel? How dare you talk about my babe
like that?”
“Don’t shout at your sister, Mitch, go and sleep, you have
been travelling for days ehn. You know you took connecting flights back home and
you’ve been shuffling from airports to airports.” His mother said. “That girl
you want to propose to, stopped visiting this family three months after you
left the country. She blocked your sisters on Instagram and on Facebook. Is
that the kind of woman you want to marry?” His mother asked.
“Stop it guys! I’m going to see her and I don’t believe
anything you guys have said.” Mitch said and walked out through the door.
As soon as he left, Mirabel handed her phone to her mother.
“Here mom, my friend just screen grabbed this picture.”
Anegel rushed to take a look at it and they all peered at a
finger with a very huge diamond ring.
“Take a wild guess guys? Our adorable Cherry is actually
engaged to be married!” Mirabel said.
Jerry had just cleaned his plate of the Mayo sandwich and
was about taking it to the kitchen to wash it when he heard the doorbell. He
went to answer the door and his eyes widened in surprise, he couldn’t believe
who he was seeing.
“Uncle Mitch? Uncle Mitch is this really you?”
“In flesh and blood bro.” Mitch said with a smile.
Jerry hurriedly opened the door and literally jumped into
his arms.
“You’re all grown! I just left two years ago and I can swear
that you’ve grown taller and more mature.” Mitch praised.
“Well, a guy’s gotta grow.” Jerry said with a smile.
“How’s everyone?”
“Come on in…” Jerry said letting him inside the house.
“Where’s my babe…she’s at work right?” Mitch said. “When does
she close from work? Infact, where’s her workplace, I need to surprise her.” He
“She’s not at work today, she’s in her room.” Jerry said.
Mitch’s eyes lightened up and he hurried towards Cherry’s
room. He took the box out of the bag and handed the bag to Jerry. 
“I’ll be right back. Check the bag, I got something for you in there.” He said to Jerry who was smiling in
Cherry had just stepped out of the bathroom, she had removed
her ring and kept it on her dresser. She was using her lotion when she heard
her door open.
“Jerry!” She screamed, angry that her brother had forgotten
to knock.
The door opened and instead of Jerry, Mitch stood there. She
opened her mouth to speak but words didn’t come forth.
“My sunshine! My noonday sun! My priceless angel!’ Mitch
said as he rushed towards her to hug her.
Cherry hugged him back and wondered how on earth Mitch was
standing in her room here in Nigeria.
“I thought….you were still studying…at the university.”
She stammered stupidly.
“I lied all along, I finished my final exams and rounded up
just last week.” He smiled. “I wanted my home coming to be a surprise to you. I’ve
missed you, did you miss me?”
“Oh my love, I missed you so much…” Cherry said.
Mitch kissed her and she kissed him back. As soon as he
broke the kiss, he fell on one knee, and held out a
small box which he opened to reveal a ring.
“My priceless angel, my star, my world, I’ve kept my promise
to marry you as soon as my feet touch the Nigerian soil. So, here’s me asking
you to do me the honour of being my wife, my love, my life.” He said.
Cherry stared at the small ring with its small diamond which
couldn’t compare to the heavy diamond ring that Sean had given her and with a
smile, she said.
“Yes I will, sweetheart.”



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