When Ade got back home that fateful morning, after spending the night at Ngozi’s place, she had
wondered why she had stretched herself to the limit all for Ngozi. Why had she gone to see Ngozi that night? Why didn’t she turn off her phone as she
normally did?
How would she deal with her Ngozi’s situation? Had Ngozi buried
Nduka already? These were the questions that ran through her mind. Just then, the thought hit her, if Nduka has been buried, then perhaps Emeka would know about his death. It was five whole days
after that fateful night and Ade’s hands itched to pick up her mobile phone and
call Emeka. He hadn’t called her since the night he had asked her out to
The phone hardly rang when Emeka picked, his voice was lower
than usual.
“Hey babe…” Emeka greeted.
“Emeka…how are you?” Ade asked.
“I’m good…even though you abandoned me.”
“I didn’t…” Ade started.
“So what’s up? It’s rather very early in the morning and it’s
a Sunday, aren’t you going to church?” Emeka asked.
“I will…it’s for nine am.” Ade replied.
“Okay.” Emeka answered.
“Errr…I’ve been meaning to ask you about that friend of
yours that we went to see that evening, the Nduka guy.”
“What about him? You seem to have developed interest in him.
This is not the first time you’d be asking me about Nduka.” Emeka sounded
“Oh…it’s nothing. You know he was talking about his company
that night and that they deal in insurance, I was wondering if he could handle
some of my dad’s stuff…you know.” Ade lied.
“Your dad? Ade are you sure that’s what this is all about?
The first time you called me was to ask about the guy’s name and now it’s…oh
well…I could give you his number to call him.”
“No…not at all…I really don’t need his number. I just need
you to contact him for me and tell him that I told my dad about his company.”
Ade said.
“I haven’t heard from him for a while now. I even went to his
office some days ago and his receptionist said he was ill and didnt come to work.” Emeka said.
Ade drew in sharp breath, Emeka had just confirmed her worst
fears. Ngozi had not reported Nduka dead yet.
“Okay…thank you so much…I’ll go and prepare for church now.
Will call you when I get back home.”
“Okay.” Emeka replied and hung up.
Ade stared at the phone and wondered why Emeka had acted
unlike himself. He didn’t beg or plead with her to come back to him and he had
made no mention of their relationship. Sighing heavily, she dropped her phone
on her bed and proceeded to her wardrobe in search for something to wear to
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Emeka dropped the call and heaved a deep sigh, he really missed Ade and he was
so convinced that he loved her. He looked
at his phone screen and was about to type a text message to her when a voice
interrupted him.
“Breakfast is served baby.” Nkechi purred.
“Just what I needed.” Emeka said and stood up from the sofa, heading towards the dining area.
He had a lot on his mind, he knew that he had made a very
big mistake by letting Nkechi walk into his life like she owned it. She gave
him all he ever wanted, sex, food, comfort…everything. She was like a
super-human all in one but why didn’t he feel that spark when they were
together? Why didn’t he smile as much as he did when he was with Ade? Why didn’t
he look forward to seeing her each time? Emeka knew, at that moment, even as he
bit down on the frenh toast Nkechi had made, that he loved Ade whether she was
the perfect woman or not.
Nkechi watched as Emeka savoured his meal, she really wanted
this relationship badly and had prayed about it. She knew all about Emeka’s
love-life with Ade and she knew there was a strong bond between them but her
mission was to destroy it. In six months, she’s be thirty years old and she had
vowed that she’ll be married by then and she didn’t mind if she had to steal
someone else’s man to make it possible. Quietly, she edged towards the sofa
where Emeka had dropped his phone and quickly took it, she was so anxious to
know who he had spoken to that morning and thankfully Emeka didn’t password his
phone. Scrolling to the recently called list she saw the caller ID and cringed.
It was saved as ‘My babe’. Nkechi almost screamed in fury but sixth sense
warned her that she had to play cool inorder to get Emeka. She had already
found her way into his family’s heart as all through last week, she had been
flooding Emeka’s mother’s phone with call credit and had been buying goodies
for Emeka’s sister’s children. She was marking time, by the time she got what
she wanted and Emeka’s ring was on her finger, she’d make sure that his family
paid her back for every gift she had freely bestowed on them. Now, staring
angrily at the ‘My babe’ caller ID she pressed the delete button.
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“It’s church time Henrietta! Wake-up!” Her mother said as
she drew back her curtains.
Henrietta sat up and yawned long and hard, she felt like a
thousand horses had trampled on her during her sleep.
“Morning mom.”
“It’s almost eight am and service starts at nine. You are
usually the first to wake up because you are with the choir. Why aren’t you up
already?” Her mom asked with a disappointed tone of voice.
“I’m really sick mom…I don’t think I can make it to church
today.” Henrietta said.
“What? Today is special Sunday service! Pastor James is
ministering and you always love to sing with the choir on special Sunday
services. What has come over you?”
“I am sick mom, that’s what has come over me!” Henrietta
snapped. “Can’t someone be sick again? Besides, there will be other special
“Are you serious? Henrietta!”
“Mom! Stop looking at me like I’ve committed a huge sin by
not going to church today. I am really ill and you should be worried and you
should be telling me to rest and not chastising me.”
“I’m not chastising you Henrietta, but aren’t you the same
young lady who was curled up in bed yesterday? You only came out on three
occasions and that was to eat.”
Henrietta was about to snap again but stopped when her
father walked into the room.
“Good morning dad.”
“Sorry I didn’t knock, I heard your mom’s voice.” Her father
started and after noticing that Henrietta was still in bed, he said, “Why aren’t
you ready for church? It’s past eight am.”
“She says she’s ill.” Her mother answered angrily.
“So you mean that I’m lying right? Dad…I am really ill and
all mom can do is point accusing fingers on me. Even God will understand my
sitting at home today.” Henrietta said.
“It’s alright dear…” Turning to his wife he said, “Don’t
worry, let’s go to church…she’ll come with us next week. Hank’s already off to
church, he’s on the band and he has a rehearsal.”
Henrietta’s mother stormed out of the room, her father
stayed back.
“I don’t know why she doesn’t believe me.” Henrietta whined.
“Why would she? When all through last night what we heard
was your late night call.” Her father said.
Henrietta’s eyes widened in shock at the truth of her father’s
“C’mon dad, he’s my new friend and you know how demanding it
is to keep up especially when it’s someone that’s looking for a relationship.”
“Any man that really wants you will work hard to get you.
Ask yourself this question, who’s giving more in the relationship? I heard that
he’s a rich dude, nothing prevents him from calling you yesterday afternoon,
besides you spent the whole day in bed, I bet, dreaming of him. Why did he have
to wait till midnight to call you? Besides I heard that midnight calls are
free, if he’s a rich man as he claims, why can’t he burn call credit during the
“He’s a busy man and all day yesterday, he was working on
his father’s site on the Island, he was super busy dad.” Henrietta explained.
“You are my only girl and I don’t want to see you get hurt…that’s
why I’m saying this. I’ll go to church and pray for your speedy recovery.
Church service ends at 2pm today so, if you are hungry, feel free to raid the fridge
but do not touch my Nutella.” Her father warned.
Henrietta laughed, everyone knew of her father’s love for
chocolates and sweet foods.
“Okay dad…see you later.”
As soon as her dad left her room, Henrietta leapt off the
bed and rushed to latch her door. She hurried back to her bed, picked up her
phone and saw the text message she had been waiting for.
to the Island sugar, I’ll be waiting for you. When you get to Parkview gate,
call and I’ll come pick you up.’
Henrietta whopped in joy, she was finally going to Jonathan’s
house and would probably meet his parents. She really needed to make a lasting
impression so she ran to her wardrobe in search for something fabulous to wear.
The door bell rang again and Ngozi went to answer the door.
No one had come calling this past week and she wasn’t surprised. She had only
sent a text message to her boss at work informing him that she had to quickly
travel to see her very sick dad and for her friends, she had simply turned her
data off and had stopped picking calls. Nduka’s phone had been switched off too, after she had called his office to say that he was ill and had answered a few of his family members calls. The door bell rang a third time and
Ngozi almost screamed in anger. She opened the door and received the shock of
her life.
“Is this the home of Nduka?”
Ngozi nodded, her breath still caught in her throat as she
stared at the young man who stood at the door and who bore a splitting resemblance to the man she loved and had partly murdered.
“I am Moses, Nduka’s brother. I have been calling his phone
but a lady answered and said he on holiday, are you the lady?” The man asked.
Ngozi nodded again, she could hardly speak.
“Err…can I come in? When do I expect Nduka to return? My mom
called me and said it’s unlike him to keep her in suspence. Do you have an idea of
how I can reach him?”
Ngozi’s mind was already playing hanky panky with her. A
voice said, tell him the truth while another said, are you kidding me?
“I am…Ngozi…Nduka’s wife to be…err…his fiance…I mean his
girlfriend. He is not at home at the moment…he traveled.”
Moses walked into the house, his gaze swept the sitting room
appreciatively. He knew his brother had taste so he wasn’t surprised at what he
saw, what he couldn’t put a finger on was the very eerie smell that hung stale
in the house.
“It’s nice to meet you. It’s indeed a surprise to hear that
Nduka is living with a female in his home…the Nduka I know, wouldn’t do that..”
His brother’s statement hung in the air.
“Oh…really? That’s a surprise…I mean…I never knew…it’s all
new to me…” Ngozi stammered.
“Are you okay? You seem nervous…” Nduka’s brother asked.
“No…I’m just surprised that Nduka has a brother who shares
such remarkable resemblance with him.” Ngozi started.
“We are not twins but we look like twins, we even share the same
vibe as twins do even though I’m two years younger than Nduka. When we were
kids we fall sick at the same time and stuff. 
I don’t know but I’ve been having a weird feeling about him these days,
it’s like he’s confined somewhere. Do you know exactly where he traveled to?
Did he drop a number that you could reach him on?” Moses asked.
“Errr…I have no idea…I mean…he went to Seychelles and he hasn’t given me any number to contact him…” Ngozi stammered further.
“And you’re his fiance? And he didn’t give you any number to contact him? That’s strange!”
“No it’s not… I mean…” Ngozi was stuck.
“It’s alright, I’ll wait for his calls then…hopefully he’ll
call soon because I really need to get back to Enugu where I work. You see, I took
a short leave of absence and this isn’t the best time to take it but…” Moses
started but was interrupted by the ringtone from Ngozi’s phone.
“I’m sorry I have to take that call…err…” Ngozi stammered
again as she went to pick her phone from the center table.
Ngozi had earlier turned on her phone this morning and she
was beginning to regret her decision. She looked at the caller ID, it was the
“Is that Nduka?” Moses asked.
Ngozi shook her head and took the call.
“Hello sir…” Ngozi greeted almost whispering.
“Good morning Ngozi…how are you?” The pastor asked in a
concerned voice.
“I am fine sir.” Ngozi replied.
“Good. How was his funeral? Hope it went well?”
“Yes sir it did…” Ngozi replied.
“He is resting in the Lord, please do not relent in prayers
for yourself. How did his family take the news?” The pastor asked.
“They took it well sir.” Ngozi answered while stealing a
glance at Moses who was staring at the framed picture of herself and Nduka on
the wall.
“I’ll pay you a visit after church today with some members
from the church, I told them about your case and how you finally decided to
return to our church after a long while and they want to pray with you at home
“No…no…no…I’m not at home, I’m in my parents place.” Ngozi
Moses turned to look at her sharply, his face cringed in
distrust and his ‘tsks’ floated down to her ears.
“Okay…we’ll come some other day. I just want you to believe
that even though he didn’t resurrect as you felt he would through my prayers, that God is a miracle God anytime, any day. He just needed an extra angel
in heaven that’s why Nduka left the world to be with him.”
“Thank you sir…can I call you back later? I have company.”
Ngozi said and quickly hung up.
“Why did you lie to whoever just called you?” Moses turned
away from the picture he was looking at to stare at her.
“Sorry you witnessed that, it’s my father’s friend. He promised
to keep a close eye on me as he lives in Lagos while my family lives in the
“Okay…no need to explain, where can I drop my bags?”
Ngozi just realized at that moment that Moses arrived with
bags, she took in steady breaths and gestured to the corridor leading to the
rooms, her heart pounded hard and she could swear that she saw it push up her silk
Moses followed Ngozi to one of the rooms in the house and
proceeded to settle in. Ngozi quickly excused herself and ran to the kitchen,
closing the door behind her. Quickly she moved the huge trash bin and took a
key which she had placed underneath the bin. She walked to the store room door
which also shared a part of the kitchen and opened it up. Occupying the store
room was the very huge deep freezer which Nduka and she had gone shopping for
one year ago. Ngozi fished out a key from her pocket and opened the freezer,
Nduka’s cold eyes stared at her from within the freezer.
Henrietta felt that she was in paradaise.
“Is this really your house? All of it?” Henrietta asked
“Yes it is, it’s actually my father’s though.” Jonathan
Jonathan was true to his word and had picked her up at the
entrance gate to Parkview estate. As soon as his G-Wagon drove into the quiet
streets and honked at the gate of the huge mansion, Henrietta knew she was
home. The house was not just exquisite but breathtakingly beautiful.
“Can I take a tour of the house? Can I see the inside?”
Henrietta asked.
“Sure you can.” Jonathan replied.
They both walked into the beautiful mansion, the entrance to
the house was amazing and for the first time in her entire life, Henrietta was
seeing four lavishly decorated sitting rooms in the downstairs area of one
house. The first sitting room was adorned with a grand piano and the walls
were graced with pictures. A very inquisitive Henrietta studied each picture.
“Is that your dad? He’s so handsome. Your brother?”
She kept saying.
“Yes that’s my family.”
Henrietta stared at the picture and stopped at one, the face
was so achingly familiar. Who was she? She looked like someone she knew…she still couldn’t place the face.
“This is your sister right?” Henrietta asked.
“Yes…the only daughter of the family.”
“I bet her name is special, what’s her name?” Henrietta
“Ade…Adeola.” Jonathan replied.
“Wow…nice…what does that mean?” Henrietta asked.
‘I don’t speak yoruba…our mom wasn’t yourba.” Jonathan
“Wasn’t?” Henrietta asked with a hint of surprise as she
stared at him.
“She died when we were still kids.”
“Ohhhh you poor baby, I am so sorry.”
“It’s okay…It happened a long time ago.” Jonathan said.
“But look at how you’ve grown into a handsome young man…your
dad did a fine job of raising you on his own.” Henrietta said.
Jonathan glanced at the time and suddenly became nervous.
“Let’s go to my friend’s place…let’s chill there.”
“Really? Why? I really want to stay here…c’mon let’s stay
here please…” Henrietta pouted.
“No…let’s go…you’ll visit some other time okay.” Jonathan

Henrietta nodded sulking, she really liked his family home
and didn’t know why he was in a hurry to leave all of a sudden. Jonathan
glanced at the time again, the owners of the house would soon be home.

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  1. chaaain this ngozi girl will go to jail for this how can u ruin your future over a man and aslo burying her self with lies hehehe and this henrietta this is what happens to chics with olojukokoro tendencies they are bound to jam once chance

  2. Hey, the story is kinda not adding up. Can you explain? There is not much detail about Ade spending the night at Ngozi's place and finding out about Nduka's death, so that part is confusing. The previous post made no mention of it at all. Also it seems weird that she'd spend the night at her place anyway since they only just met recently.


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