Tosin woke up in a jolt, her phone was ringing loudly and
she groped about blindly in search of it. She opened her eyes and saw that
everywhere was bright and she sat up in surprise.
“My phone! It’s ringing!” Tosin said as she jumped off the
bed, in search of her bag, she found it at the corner of Priscilla’s room and
quickly took her phone from it. Not bothering to see who’s calling, she

“Tosin…it’s Rabiu…” The chief security officer of her
company said.
“Rabiu how are you? I am running late to work, I’ll be at
the office in a jiffy…” She said.
“Where are you?” He asked.
“I’m errr…I will be with you soon…” Tosin started.
“Don’t worry, we’re coming to get you…” He said and hung
“Coming to get me?” She asked aloud looking at the phone in
her hand and shaking her head in disbelief.
She stared at the clock on the wall, it was fifteen minutes
past eight am, she rushed off to the bathroom, and looked at herself in the
full-length mirror. She looked a mess and she was still in her work wear of
“Where is Priscilla?” She asked herself as she quickly
turned on the tap, washed her face and teeth and smoothened her hair. She stared
at the mirror again and said aloud.
“He is coming to get me? What was Rabiu talking about?” She
asked aloud.
She soon finished and picked up her bag and ran out of the
room, she had just gotten downstairs and was about getting into her car when
the gate opened and Rabiu in the company of two police men walked up to her.
“Rabiu? How did you…find me? What is going on?” Tosin
asked in confusion.
“You are under arrest Mrs. Tosin George…” One of the
policemen said as he brought out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed her wrists.
“What is going on here? Do you know who I am? Rabiu! Rabiu
talk to me!” Tosin shouted.
“Madam I cannot believe that you could hand over the keys of
our building to those two criminals…”Rabiu said in disappointment.
“What two criminals? What are you talking about?”
“The fact that you are in her house just gave you away…”
Rabiu said in a disappointed sigh.
Tosin was baffled, she was literally dragged to the car and
shoved into the police vehicle.
Chuka finished the bottle of spirit till it was empty. He
had brought it back home last night but didn’t drink it as he was distracted by
Rita’s new furniture which she had bought with her mother’s money. He swung the
empty bottle in the air and tipped his head for a drink but nothing came forth,
the bottle was empty.
“Chuka…” A voice said.
Chuka turned to stare at her, she looked exactly the way she
did eight years ago when she had come to the market and he had seen her while
in his uncle’s stall.
“Aisha…” He murmured.
“Yes…it’s me….” She said.
He blinked.
“Can I touch you?” He asked.
“If you want to, but then, I am not real so…you might be
Chuka stood up and tried to reach for her but felt air as he
fell to the ground in a heap.
“I told you…” She said.
Chuka struggled to his feet but found it quite hard to get
“You must be laughing at me! The great Chuka! Oh how he’s
fallen!” Chuka slurred.
“No, on the contrary, I feel pity for you…” She said.
“I don’t need your pity!” Chuka spat.
“It will only get worse…” She said.
“Is that meant to be a threat?” He asked.
“You have one way out of your misery…” She said. “Take
Chuka wanted to reply but found that she was gone, he stood
up and began searching the room, tossing his luggage and kicking the empty buckets.
“Aisha! Aisha! Come back here! We have unfinished business!”
He screamed.
Rita made her way to the pale yellow building, she pushed
open the gates and walked in. She knew she couldn’t return home without
settling scores first. She knocked at the door and Jamil opened it.
“Rita!” He said in surprise. “What a pleasant surprise…do
come in…”
“I won’t stay long, is mama at home?”
“Yes, she is…please come in…” Jamil said.
“Where is everyone?” Rita asked, looking around the empty
“They are all out…” He said.
Rita walked into the spacious old fashioned living room and
sat on the couch.
“I’ll tell her you’re here…” He said and walked into the
Soon an elderly woman dressed in a flowing dress and a black
hidjab walked into the sitting room, her face was etched in sorrow and she bore
a close resemblance to her late daughter.
“Rita! Welcome…it’s been so long…” Aisha’s mother said
reaching out to hug her.
Aisha’s mother smelt of a very strong fragrance.
“Good morning Hadjia…” Rita greeted.
“Did you come to stay with us? I couldn’t help but notice
the luggage you left at the door.” Jamil, Aisha’s littlest brother said.
“No…I am actually on my way home but I couldn’t leave
Abuja without saying goodbye to my friend…” Rita said as tears welled up in
her eyes.
“Oh! That’s so touching!” Aisha’s mother said in gratitude.
“I want to pay her grave a visit. Can I?” Rita asked as
tears welled up in her eyes.
“Yes you can but she was buried in Lafia. Can you make the
trip?” Aisha’s mother asked.
“Yes, even if it’s to the ends of the earth.” Rita said.
“Jamil can accompany you, he was actually heading to Lafia
this afternoon.” Aisha’s mother said.
“If you’d excuse me, I’ll err…go and brush my hair and we’ll
go. I’ll drive…” Jamil said.
“Thank you so much…” Rita said.
Jamil went into the house while Rita and Aisha’s mother sat
in the sitting room.
“So Rita, how have you been?” Aisha’s mother asked.
Rita smiled slightly, she summarized the events of her life,
carefully skipping the part where she got married to the love of Hadjia’s
daughter’s life.
“Daddy, why is everywhere so gloomy these days?” Shade
Bode was helping her wear her shoes, he looked up at his
daughter and asked.
“Why do you say that?”
“I dunno…auntie Jumi doesn’t come here anymore and
everywhere is so gloomy…” Shade said.
“I don’t know I guess err…” Bode started as he had no
answer for his five year old.
Bode’s phone rang and interrupted the awkward moment and he
thanked the heavens that he didn’t have to answer his daughter’s many
“Hello…” He answered.
“Bode…it’s me…” Tosin’s broken voice floated to him over
the phone.
“Tosin! What is going on? You sound terrified!”
“I am! I am about to lose everything Bode, Oh my God! I don’t
know how to explain this to you but I’m in deep shit…deep shit…” She said
and suddenly began crying.
“Calm down Tos, Shhhh…it will be alright just tell me what
the problem is…”
“Could you…could you call our lawyer? Could you tell him
to come help me out of this mess? Please Bode…I beg of you.”
“You are not telling me anything! Talk to me Tosin! Talk to
me!” He shouted in panic.
“My company was almost burnt down last night and those
behind it named me as an accomplice and they have proof…” She choked into the
“What do you mean by proof? You love that company! You
sacrificed your family for that job!”
“Please…just send the lawyer…I am in soup, Bode! Big
soup!” She cried.
“Calm down, I am going to take the next flight to Abuja…I
need to know what’s going on…” Bode said.
Tosin cried loudly and soon the connection was off. Bode
wondered at what happened to reduce his wife to tears.

To be continued on Friday…..


  1. Ghen ghen gehn!!!!! No pity for Tosin yet. I love that u are suffering already stupid woman! Rita girl way to go!! Pele ehn

  2. Hummmm bode is a good man but his wife is something else & that her friend & son I don't understand what the 3 of them are about. Well we shall see as time gos on

  3. I might be a hopeless romantic but hey, I believe Bode and Tosin need to get back together. Sacrifices need to be made by both and i suggest a vacation. Of course, it all will depend on you.
    Thank you Rita, for realizing what you needed to do. And am i wrong in thinking that Rita and Jamil might start dating?

    • Well…Jumoke laid her bed in a matrimonial one, so whatever the consequences, she'll face it. At the end of the day, it's all win win.
      Thank you for reading dearie.


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