Cherry stood there staring at Mitch as though he’d just fallen from the sky.

“Cherry! You’re getting married?” Mitch asked incredulously.

Cherry wanted desperately to deny it but she was standing before her family members and Sean’s family members so she couldn’t find the appropriate words to say.

Sean stood up and looked at Mitch in confusion, he regarded Cherry.

“Darling, what’s going on?” He asked.

“I…I…” Cherry started then fell to the ground in a faint.

Everyone rushed to her form on the ground and Sean yelled at someone to get some water to revive her.

Mitch stood there astounded, what was happening? He thought. What had just happened? He asked himself. He was still standing there when Diamond rushed up to him and dragged him with her. Mitch didn’t protest, he was speechless and he didn’t speak till he got outside the house.

“You need to go.” Diamond started.

“What…what just happened?” Mitch asked in a daze.

“I’ll let Cherry explain that to you but you need to leave.” Diamond said.

“Did my Cherry just have her introduction with another man practically under my nose?” Mitch asked as his face cringed in tears.

“Please don’t cry Mitch…please…please…just go home…please.” Diamond said.

They were still standing there at the foot of the stairs when Sean’s voice was heard from upstairs.

“Where’s that moron that tried to ruin my day? Where’s that bastard? Where is he? He was here right now! Who’s that spineless animal whose motive was to destroy my union with Cherry?” Sean screamed.

“Please Mitch, you need to leave…please before this gets ugly.”

“I can’t believe this…I can’t believe this….” Mitch said over and over.

“Come…” Diamond said as she dragged him out of the compound.

“Tell me the truth Diamond, is she going to really marry that man?”

“I can’t explain the obvious to you Mitch, you’re a grown man, figure it out and please just go before Sean comes out here to cause a scene.” Diamond advised.

“His name…name is Sean?” Mitch asked. “He’s the one she told me about that your dad was owing a lot of money, right? Tell me Diamond, have you guys been reconnected with your dad?”

“I promise I’ll give you a call. Did you come with a car?” Diamond asked.

Mitch nodded, his throat suddenly went dry.

“Go home okay….” Diamond said quickly as she walked him to the car he’d parked across the street. “Can you drive in your state?”

Mitch didn’t reply, he just slid into the driver’s seat, wore his seat belt and drove off. Diamond stared at the car and shook her head sorrowfully.

Meanwhile Cherry had been carried to her room and was lying on the bed while one of Sean’s aunts tried to revive her.

“Is she going to be alright?” Another of Sean’s relatives asked.

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine…I’m a nurse and I’ve handled cases like this before.” Sean’s aunt said.

Cherry’s mother walked into the room with an unreadable facial expression.

“Please can you all excuse us?” She said stiffly.

“We’re trying our best to revive her.” Sean’s aunt said.

“Don’t worry, I know how to revive her…just give me a moment with her please.” Cherry’s mother said.

Sean’s relatives nodded and left the room wondering at Cherry’s mother’s attitude, immediately the door was shut behind them, Cherry’s mother said.

“Cherry wake up this instant and stop the pretence!”

Cherry opened her eyes and stared at her mother.

“Mommy…” She started.

“Shut up Cherry! What did you think? That fainting will make the truth of what you did fade away?”

Cherry stared at her mother and didn’t speak.

“What did you think?” Her mother said shouting this time so the veins could be seen straining against her neck.

“I…..” Cherry opened her mouth to speak.

“Do you even love any of the two men that are vying for your hand? Do you love Mitch? If you do, you won’t put him through this. Did you see the look on his face when he saw you with that drink in your hand? Do you know what you’ve caused for that poor man who’s loved you for a very long time? What of Sean, what will you tell him when he asks for an explanation? Another one of your lies? I’m ashamed of you Cherry, I’m very ashamed.” Her mother said.

“Don’t worry about Mitch, I’ve got this covered, I’ll talk to him.” Cherry said. “I just need to rest a bit…”

“Oh no you’re not resting my dear!” Her mother said cynically. “You invited about fifteen guests to this house all in the name of an introduction and I’ll be damned if the introduction doesn’t happen so, you’re going to get up on your feet and walk out through that door, apologize to your future in-laws, get a new glass of wine and present it to Sean.” Her mother said firmly.


“Don’t let me disgrace you before those people because I promise that I will if you do not do the needful.” Her mother said.

“Sometimes I feel you love Diamond much more than you love me…” Cherry grumbled as she got up from the bed and stormed out of the room.

Her mother watched her leave and heaving a heavy sigh, she followed her behind.
Madu and Kamsi returned from church with the driver who had taken them to church with Anita’s car. They got into the house and as soon as they got in, they heard a scream from upstairs.

“What’s happening?” Madu asked aloud.

He lifted his daughter in his arms and carrying her, he rushed over to drop her in her room and lock her door. He could hear Anita’s yells.

“You’re not going to hurt me! Never!” Anita yelled.

“Yes I am…and no one is going to stand in my way.” A male voice thundered.

Madu rushed towards Anita’s room, and pushed open the door, he saw Anita on the ground crying while a man waved a knife as he stood above her.

“Will you drop that knife this instant?” Madu screamed.

“Who are you?” The man sneered.

“What do you care? How dare you try to harm a defenceless woman?” Madu spat.

The man looked at Madu and laughed, then turning to regard Anita, he said.

“I’ll be back baby…I’ll be back once your bodyguard is out of here.” He promised and stormed out.

As soon as he left, Madu rushed over to Anita who clung to him weeping.
“Madu, thank…thank God you’re home…he…he’s refused to leave me alone…” She cried.

“Shhh….it’s okay…I’m here…” He said.

“Promise…promise you’ll never leave me…” She pressed.

“You need to get yourself a bodyguard…to help protect you and you also need to report this to the police.”

“No…please…no police I beg of you…no police…..” Anita cried.

“Okay then, tomorrow we begin a search for a bodyguard.” He pressed.

“A bodyguard? You know I never like such attention…”

“Who’s that man?” Madu asked.

“He’s one of my ex-husband’s men…but never mind, I’m happy that you’re here by my side.” Anita said clutching to him possessively.

Madu sighed, he had wanted so desperately to leave this house soon but with the way things stood, he might have to postpone it.

“Let me get you some asprin…you must be very scared.” He said as he stood up to leave.

“Thank you…” She said. “You make me feel safe darling…so safe.”

Madu nodded and left her room, as soon as he closed the door behind him, Anita wiped her tears with the back of her palms and picked up her cell phone. She dialled a number and quickly spoke into the receiver.

“Marco, thanks for a job well done.” She said.

“Did he fall for it?” The voice asked.

“Completely…I’ll send you something to your account. Thanks again.”

“Yes ma’am….” The voice said and hung up.

Anita threw her phone to a corner and bowed her head shedding crocodile tears again, Madu walked into the room with a glass of water and some tablets.

“Have this, it’ll calm you down…” He said.

“You’re really my knight in shining armour, Madu.” She said accepting the pills and popping them into her mouth and washing it down with water. As he helped her get into her bed, thought ‘I have him where I want him.’
Mitch drove blindly down the road, years of betrayal stared him in the face, all the warnings his family had given him and fallen on deaf ears, he thought. He felt the tears spill down his cheeks, he couldn’t believe it, Cherry was really engaged to marry another man and from the looks of it, his sisters had been right all along, the man was rich. He could tell from the cars parked outside Cherry’s house and the way the man had dressed.

“I’m such a fool! The evidence has stared me in the face for so long but I was so stubborn to believe it! I’m a big fool!” He screamed.

Tears poured down his face and he wasn’t concentrating on the road. He quickly ran a red traffic light and soon felt metal collide with metal as the car was tossed in the air and did a somersault as it crashed into a pavement by the side of the road.

To be continued tomorrow….

To be continued on Friday…..
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