Susan applied her lipstick, it was thick, glossy and red.
Her eyes were enhanced through the aid of an eye mascara and shadow, and she
had purposely chosen a Smokey eye look for her first day at work. Her outfit
was a mix of corporate and flirty. The skirt was short and sat well above her
knees, while the bustier she wore underneath her blazer pushed up her boobs and
made her look somewhat like a strip-star instead of a young executive.

She had arrived Abuja yesterday before noon and her company
had sent a driver to her who took her to her new residential abode at Wuse zone
2. It wasn’t all that but it was manageable at least till, she secured a place
of her own. Abuja was a laid-back Lagos but with class, in this city there exists
a glitz, glamorous and expensive lifestyle and unlike Lagos, it was so cool.
Susan loved Abuja and all it represents.
 The human resources
manager had given her the day off and had requested that she resumed the next
day, this availed Susan the opportunity of bringing body and soul together by
outlining things she needed to do to get recognized and snagged by a man in the
big city of Abuja.
She quickly wore her four inch heels and was out of the
small one bedroom self contained apartment in a flash. At the gate of her new accommodation
was the company driver who was to take her to the office, only for today
because she was still new in the city and might find it difficult finding her
way to the office at Garki.
She arrived the office at eight am prompt and since she was
the staff on transfer from Lagos, she had to wait at the reception for the
Human resources manager who was to assign her to her new desk. As soon as she
stepped in, all brows rose as even the receptionist, stared at her in surprise.
“Good morning…” Susan had greeted, letting off a heavy British/American/Australian
“Hello…” The receptionist had said.

“I am the new staff transfered from Lagos.” Susan said, still speaking in her
newly acquired accent.
“Oh…true…we’ve been expecting you please wait a moment,
I will inform the head HR.” The receptionist said.
“Thank you…” Susan had replied and at that moment, wished
she didn’t because her teeth suddenly scraped her tongue and she felt the
metallic taste of blood in her mouth.
She had waited for thirty minutes before the Human Resources
head walked into the reception and after speaking to the receptionist for a
while, turned to regard her. The Head HR was a very beautiful woman, who wore a hidjab.
“Good morning Susan…” The woman said.
“Good morning…” Susan smiled.
“My name is Rukayat…and I am the head of the Human
Resources department. It is a pleasure having you here with us.” She said.
“Thank you…I am pleased to be here as well…” Susan said.
The head HR took in her dressing and smiled stonily at her.
“I believe that you are to join the operations department
….am I correct?” Rukayat asked.
“Yes…I am…” Susan said, still maintaining her accent.
“Hmmm…please come with me…” Rukayat said.
Susan followed her behind and they both climbed the stairs.
Susan was used to wearing heels but judging from her distance to and from work
every day in Lagos, she never used to wear heels that were so high, she wore
mostly kitten heels. Now, walking in the pair of new four-inch heels was a
challenge for her. She struggled to catch up with the HR head who hurried up
the stairs swiftly. As soon as she reached the landing, Susan stopped short,
this office was very different from hers, the top of the stairs was very large
with desks and partitions placed around, there was also a very beautiful view
from above as the walls surrounding the top floor was glass encased.
“Hello everyone…meet our new operations
executive…Susan…” Rukayat said.
The busy office experienced a halt as everyone looked up at
her and said ‘welcome’, some men whistled.
“Come with me, Susan, I would like you to meet our director
and also our head of operations.” Rukayat said quickly.
Susan hurried to catch up with Rukayat, but it was difficult
as her skirt kept hiking up and her heels sounded harshly and nosily on the
tiled floors,
Rukayat quickly knocked at the door with a brass panel which
had the inscription ‘Engr. Thomas John’ and stepped in with Susan in tow.
The office was well-furnished and Susan loved the space it
“Good morning Tom…” Rukayat greeted and without waiting
for a response, sat down on one of the seats in the office.
Susan stared at the white man who was formerly standing by
the window and staring out into the streets but turned to face them as soon as
they came in.
 Tom was in his early
sixties, his teeth was brown, stained by too much tobacco and his eyes were
red-rimmed which either suggested he did not sleep well last night or has been
drinking heavily and for those who knew Tom, both the former and latter were
spot on.
“Good morning…” Susan said and sat beside Rukayat.
“Rukii….” Tom nodded in acknowledgement.
“This is our new staff, from the Lagos office…” Rukayat
“Hmmmm….”Tom replied, casting furtive glances at Susan.
“I am taking her on a tour round the office and your office
is the first top management stop!” Rukayat said.
“Really?” Tom asked as he walked towards the women and held
out his hands to Susan.
“Hello again, my name is Thomas John but everyone calls me
Tom.” He smiled.
“I am Susan…” She placed her palms in his.
“Do I detect an accent? Where were you raised?” Tom asked
interested in knowing more about her.
Susan felt tense like never before, she wished she had
dropped the accent but it was too late.
“I err…have been around the world.” Susan laughed
“Hmmm interesting…. I’d like us to have a
chat…later…when you’re through with your rounds…huh…” Tom said winking
at her.
Susan knew she had sent the wrong signal, she didn’t want a
man like Tom but she had no choice but to play along, besides, who knows if he
could help link her up with prospective males.
As Susan and Rukayat left Tom’s office, Tom smiled and
quickly sent a message via Skype to his other colleagues at the top management

‘We’ve just caught a big fish in our net!’
Chuka was having a hard time concentrating at work,
suddenly, he felt the urge to be with a woman and worst of all was, it was
still nine am in the morning. 
“Mr. Chuka there’s a woman at the front desk…she wants to
see you…”His secretary said via the intercom.
“See me? What’s her name? I have no appointment for this
morning…” Chuka pressed the button and replied.
“Well…she’s at the front desk and the receptionist says
she refuses to leave a name.”  His
secretary said.
“Well…tell the receptionist to get her name and get back
to me.” Chuka said quickly.
His thoughts were still on sex and how to get it fast, but
he had loads of paper work on his desk. His mind strayed to his secretary but
his personality preceded him as every lady in the office made it a duty to warn
others about him. He was still submerged in his thoughts when he heard his
secretary’s voice again over the intercom.
“She said her name is Aisha…” The secretary said.
“Oh gosh! That woman would not leave me alone…c’mon! I
said it’s over! Can’t she get it? And why is she here in my office?” Chuka said
“Should the receptionist send her up?” The secretary asked.
“No…I’ll walk down and meet her myself…mtcheww…” Chuka
hissed and got up.
His phone rang and he ignored the call, hurrying downstairs
to speak some sense into Aisha’s head. He reached the reception in two minutes
and walked up to meet the receptionist.
“Where is she?” Chuka asked.
“Sir?” The receptionist replied.
“You called my secretary to tell her that someone was
waiting for me…” Chuka started.
The receptionist looked around at the guests waiting at the
reception and looked up at him apologetically.
“I…she was just here…I think she…left…I…I…don’t
know when she stepped out.” The receptionist said.
“Serious? Are you serious? Do you want to lose your job? I
came down here all the way from my office and you’re saying that you don’t know
when she left…” Chuka started.
“I am sorry sir…I…”
“Save it!” Chuka said and leaving the reception, he stormed
No sooner had he sat at his desk when his secretary’s voice
came flooding down the intercom again.
“Mr. Chuka, the receptionist says that your guest is
“Is she daft? I am just coming from the reception!” Chuka
“I am sorry about that sir, but it seems she went to use the
rest room…” His receptionist was saying.
“Oh shit!” Chuka said and getting up from his seat he hurried
out of his office and downstairs again.
The receptionist was on a call and as soon as she saw Chuka,
she pointed at a vacant seat in the reception.
“Where is she?” Chuka asked.
“She’s there…” The receptionist said and turned to look at
the empty seat in alarm. “But I told her to sit there and wait…she was there
just now sir…” The receptionist said then, speaking aloud, she asked those at
the reception.
“Excuse me gentlemen and ladies, did you see the young lady I
was speaking to just some minutes ago?”
They all shook their heads and turned away, some were
reading newspapers while others were either busy with their phones or watching
“She was here sir, I can swear she was….” The receptionist
Chuka didn’t reply and stormed back upstairs, he got to his
office and as soon as he had taken his seat, his secretary said via the
“Mr. Chuka, the receptionist just called, your visitor is
downstairs at the reception…”
“To hell with whatever visitor, I am not running downstairs
again for nothing haba!” Chuka said and ended the call.
He tried to focus on work but his mind was playing games
with him as lots of sexual fantasies filled his head. He quickly picked up his
phones and left his office, giving his secretary a flippant order.
“I am on my way to a meeting, if anyone asks of me, tell him
or her that I am around the corner and will be right back!” Chuka said and left
the office through the back exit, he really wasn’t in the mood to see anyone.
Chuka got to the parking lot and into his car as he headed
out of his office and straight to the local brothel.
Jumoke walked into Bode’s office with the files that the
accountant had placed on her desk.
“Oh…drop them on my table.” Bode said quickly, not looking
up from his work.
It was Jumoke’s second day at work and she was literally
walking on eggshells, she knew how damaging office romance could be and she
didn’t want to be caught in its web especially when it had to do with her
former boss’s husband. Jumoke had done her research as after the phone call she
had with Tosin, the reality of who she was working with, stared her in the
Jumoke quickly dropped the files on his desk and turned to walk
away when Bode spoke.
“I see you’re walking on eggshells…”
“Err…no sir…” Jumoke said without turning to face him.
“Whatever happened on Saturday is with the past…I don’t
expect it to affect our future working relationship.” Bode said.
“Yes sir…” Jumoke replied and hurried out of the office.
Bode stared at her retreating back and watched as she opened
the door and left his office. He never imagined that life would be this way for
him, he and Tosin had been childhood sweethearts with big dreams which
encompassed their love for each other but now, after six years of marriage,
everything seemed to be falling apart. First instance was her relocating to
Abuja. Even though she said that she was just going to test-run the new office,
Bode knew his wife, she was not going to leave Abuja till the new staff resumed
and the office was in full swing, something that would happen in maybe six
months to a year. 
Bode was starved, of affection, of sex, of love and of
everything and his instincts told him to go out and have an affair, besides
most men were doing it, even most happily married men who had their wives at
their beck and call. But not Bode, he was a disciplined man who believed in a
one woman policy even from his dating days. When Tosin had not been in the
picture, it had been Folake and he had stuck to her till she had broken his
heart then, Tosin his childhood sweetheart had come running back into his life.
Now, at the age of thirty six, he wondered what he would lose from indulging in
an extra-marital affair. He had actually given it a shot- the kiss he had
shared with Jumoke, his new P.A was a first step but on that day, his head was
so messed up that he wasn’t thinking straight.
However, he felt something,
Jumoke had returned his kiss and deep down he knew that it was only a matter of
cajoling, spoiling and pampering and she was all his for the taking. He needed
a woman in his life and he needed one fast and since his wife was far away
taking care of her business, he might as well, begin taking care of his. Bode
quickly placed a call to a shopping services personnel who he mostly used whenever
he had to buy gifts for his wife and said.
“I need you to get me the sweetest perfume for a lady….I
don’t care about the cost, I just need it packaged and delivered. I’ll send you
a text as to what I need you to write on the card.” He said.

Bode hung up the call and breathed deeply, it was going to
be a fling anyway, he thought, no strings attached!



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