Susan stared intently at the phone in her hand, she was
watching a video of herself and three men in an orgy. The shocking truth was,
she was only seeing her face in the video and none of the men’s faces as their
faces were blurred out. As she watched, she felt her body tense, she was seeing
things that if it ever mistakenly got into her father’s hands, would kill him
before his time. Tom had sent it to her some minutes ago and she felt like
screaming out loud. She really didn’t want to regret the fact that she moved to
Abuja and she was not going to allow Tom to destroy her reputation, a status
that was quickly going down the drain.

The video ended and she pressed the replay button and felt
the hot tears stream down her cheeks. 

Her phone rang loud and the caller ID
read Tom, she picked it as soon as it rang.

“I see you have watched the video, am I correct?” Tom asked.

“Yes…I have…what do you want from me?”

“Nothing….I’m not asking for money, or gold or even
silver, I just need your compliance and submissiveness…you are a woman and
you should learn to stoop low for men to dominate ….” He said.

“Really?” She spat.

“I’m having some friends over tonight at my house, I’ll like
you to come and entertain us…” Tom said.

“I have work tomorrow Tom, you know that I haven’t caught up
with work at the office…” She started.

“Well then, I’m sure you’ll don’t mind seeing everyone at
the office watching your illicit video right? I’ll forward it to them….” He
said calmly.

“I’ll get ready…” Susan said with so much hate in her

“Thank you darling…I’ll be at your place to pick you
up….my driver is out of town till tomorrow…” He said and hung up.

Susan stared at the phone and quickly made up her mind, she
knew what to do.

Bode had closed work for the day, he quickly cleared his
desk and was about to leave for home when he heard the knock at his door. Since
his wife left for Abuja, he had been making it a point of duty to leave for
home at least by 5pm because he wanted to spend quality time with his children.
The knock came the second time and he mumbled a response, the door opened to
reveal Jumoke, she looked stressed as eye bags lay huge around her eyes,

“Jumi…” He said to her, calling her by the name he’d
chosen to call her.
“Hello sir…” She replied.

“I am leaving for home, is there anything I need to sign?
Any documents I need to see?”
“No…everything is fine…”

“Then you must be here to say thank you for the gift….” He
said smiling.

“Oh yea….thank you for the gift, I love the perfumes but seriously,
you shouldn’t have gone that far….” She said.

“I always go the extra miles for my friends.” He said.

“Oh…okay…” She murmured not knowing what else to say.

“Is there anything you need?” He asked.

“I need a salary advance.” She blurted.


“Yes sir…I approached the HR about it and I was told to receive
an approval from you before it’s processed.” She said.

“How much do you need?” He asked.

“About forty thousand naira….”

When he didn’t say anything, she continued.

“Things have not been good for me…I mean…after my dad
passed, we’ve been struggling to make ends meet and since it’s just my mom and
I who bring in the major sources of income, things have been pretty bad. My
brother passed to study medicine at the University and I’m struggling to pay
his fees, my littlest brother is with the set for WAEC and my sister just
concluded her junior WAEC, I am so helpless right now, coupled with the fact
that we owe the Landlord thirty thousand….” She said as she held back her

Bode walked up to her and handed her the files in his hand.

“Will you take this to the car for me?” He said politely.

Jumoke stared at him stunned, she collected the files from
him and headed out of the office, 
regretting that she had just given her boss a
glimpse into her weak moment. As she walked downstairs, Bode followed suit and
by the time they got outside the office, the driver hurried to take the files
from Jumoke, she handed the files over to him and turned to leave.

“Could you get into the car?” He said to her.

She got into the front seat of the car while Bode got into
the back, the driver drove out of the gate and as soon as they entered the
road, Bode said to him.

“Take your left.”

The driver did as he was told and soon he was told to stop,
it was in front of the bank. Bode got out of the car and went to the ATM, after
he had made his withdrawals, he walked back to the car and hopped in.

“Here…have this and solve all those problems, okay…” He

Jumoke didn’t know what to say, she turned to look at him
and said.

“Thank you so much sir…I never expected this…I promise
to refund you once I am paid.”

“Don’t bother about that…let’s call it a thank you for
last night, you were really helpful.” He said referring to her helping out with
his kids.

Bode instructed the driver to drive back to the office and
there they dropped Jumoke off. She quickly pushed her hand with the money into
the small pocket of her blazer and hurried upstairs. When she got to her desk,
she began to count the money, by the time she was through, she was stunned,
instead of the forty thousand naira she had asked for, her boss had given her a
hundred thousand naira.

Tosin hadn’t packed anything, she had left all her belonging
in the apartment at Abuja and had arrived Lagos with her handbag. She didn’t
call Bode to inform him of her arrival, instead she headed straight to her
office where she met with the CEO.

“Tosin…you are right on time, I appreciate that…” Eniola
said, he stared at her as though he was an old owl.

Eniola wasn’t that old, he had celebrated his sixtieth
birthday three years ago and wasn’t planning on retiring even in the next
twenty years.

“Thank you sir…I had to come as quickly as I could.”

“I am thinking of withdrawing you from this Abuja
project…so that you can focus on your life here, your family especially. I
would retain your promotion of course…”

“Sir…why sir?” Tosin asked in shock.

“Aside from the fact that I have been receiving complaints
from the construction workers at Abuja, I think that you are a bit too fresh to
get out there even moreso because you are there alone. I hate to be the one to
drag you away from family.”

“But that’s not important….” She blurted.

“Family is not important? Seriously?” He asked.

“No…no…I didn’t mean that…what I meant is, it’s not
what it seems…” She started.

“I have called you to Lagos to relieve you of the Abuja
assignment….” He started.

Tosin made to speak but he held up his hand.

“Wait a minute….I’d like you to go home and sleep over
this. You seem a bit too overwhelmed…I hope you know that being with your
family while on a job has a way of giving you some sort of sanity…” He said.

“No…not at all…my family doesn’t come between me and my
work…” She said.

“Anyway, I’ll still like you to think about it again. Go
home and sleep on it and tell me your decision. If you really want to go to
Abuja, I’ll give you the chance because I know that you’ll do a fantastic job
but if you decide to stay here, there’s no difference really.

“Yes sir…I’ll sleep on it sir but be assured that my
response will be the same.” She said.
“By the time you see your children, I bet you’ll be singing
another song.” He said.

As Tosin left the office, she felt troubled, ‘does it mean
that the CEO thinks I cannot handle the job because I have a family?’ She
thought. As she left the office, she brought her phone and dialled Bode’s

Susan had planned it carefully, she had taken a kitchen
knife and hidden it in her bag. During the course of her journey to the hotel
with Tom, she intended to threaten him to delete the video from his phone and
place the knife to his throat while he drove. He will be so scared that he’ll
beg her to take his phone and delete it herself. As soon as the phone is in her
hands, she’ll delete the video and throw the phone out of the window. She wasn’t
sure of how she would delete the videos from the other men’s phones especially
if they had a copy of it in their gadgets but she’ll find a way, she resolved.

She heard the horn and leaving her accommodation, she locked
the door and made her way to Tom’s car. The car windows were dark so she couldn’t
see if he was alone or with company, but when she entered, she found that he
was alone.

“Hello baby…ready to get stoned tonight?” He asked,
leaning over and flicking his thumb over her lips.

Susan managed a small smile and watched as he pushed the
gear to drive and drove away from her compound. The roads were wide and quite
empty as the car sped down the free way, Susan knew she had no time to loose,
she opened her bag and brought out the gleaming knife and tossing the bag
aside, she leaned towards an unsuspecting Tom and placed the knife against his
“What are you doing?” Tom asked in a chuckle.

“I am going to kill you if you don’t hand me your phone
right now…” She whispered.

“Hahahaha….look at you…do you really think you can kill
me or threaten me? I’m bigger than that baby…” He said laughing.

“How dare you? You destroy my sanity with your foul games?
You use me as a play toy with your friends and you act like you own me? Listen
to me Mister, I didn’t come to Abuja to joke around, I have a plan and that
plan certainly doesn’t have you in it.”

“Tsk…tsk…tsk…little butterfly…do you have wings? You
are threatening your boss you know…by tomorrow I could have you fired.” He

Susan had not realized that she could be fired because of
her singular action but shrugged it off because she didn’t care, her sanity and
peace of mind meant a lot more to her than the stupid job anyway, she thought.

“Give me your phone!” She screamed as she pressed the blade
against his throat.

“So…if I don’t give you the phone, what are you going to
do?” He asked, laughing aloud.

“Park now! Park at that corner!” Susan ordered still leaving
the knife against his throat.

Tom obliged, laughing aloud like a hyena.

“Give me the phone now…” She said.

Tom turned off the engine and smiled at her.

“So you’re threatening me right? C’mon let’s see how well
you threaten.” He laughed.

“How many people have you shared that video with?” She

“Do you expect me to tell you? I’ll be stupid to do that. C’mon
stop wasting our time, the night is short, or do you want us to start off here
without the party?” He laughed aloud.

Susan inched up close to him and pressed the blade harder
against his throat till she saw blood trickle down his throat.

“Will you shut up and give me the phone…” She ordered,
afraid that they had parked in a secluded corner and might draw attention.

“No my darling…I am not giving you the damn phone…it is
mine…” He said, now growing angry.
Susan didn’t expect what came next, Tom grabbed her hand
which held the knife and tried wrestling it off her. Susan fought back but she
was no match for his strength, soon, he bore upon her on her seat and gave her
a loud slap as he tried to take the knife from her hand. Susan wrestled as
though her life depended on it and when he squeezed her throat with his palm,
she pushed the knife upwards into his chest area. She saw his eyes in the
darkness as it stared at her and Tom slowly sat up and placed his hands over
the knife as though he wanted to pull it out. Blood spewed from his chest and Susan
watched him bleed and slowly slump against the car seat.

Susan didn’t believe that she had actually committed murder,
willing herself not to panic, she inched closer to Tom and placing her hand
into his breast pocket, she brought out his phone and placing it into her bag,
she opened the door of the car and quickly alighted, disappearing into the
night like the shadow.

Bode had been surprised to see his wife at home by the time
he returned from dinner with his kids and their nanny. She was in the bedroom
lying on the bed and glaring at the television.

“Wow…look what the cat dragged in…” Bode had said.

Tosin looked at him and looked away, not interested in making
any snide remarks.

“Hey babe…sorry…I was just joking…how are you? You
didn’t tell me you were coming home today, you just called me this evening to
tell me.” He said.

“I was called to return to Lagos by the CEO…my return was
impromtu” She said.

“Really? Was it serious? Are they thinking of asking you to forfeit
the Abuja position?” He asked hopefully.

“What sort of rubbish talk is that? Bode! This is my career
you’re talking about and not an akara investment.” She said.

“I am sorry…I miss my wife and I was hoping that your
company would realize that you have a family who need you.”

“That’s the lamest idea I’ve ever heard….I was called to
address some work ethics issue, that’s all.” She lied.

“And they called you from the Abuja office? Are they high on
drugs? Don’t you have a new manager who can handle it?” He said.

“Stop all these questions Bode….I’ll be leaving for Abuja
tomorrow….” She said. “How was your day?”
“Same as always. Won’t you go and see your kids? They don’t
know you’re back because I wanted it to be a surprise.” He said.

“I’m too tired…I’ll see them in the morning…” Tosin

“So…does it mean that I’ll get an extra TLC tonight?” He
said walking towards the bed.

“I am tired Bode…didn’t you hear me well enough? Why can’t
men think of anything else other than food and sex?” Tosin hissed and propping
her pillow, she lay her head on it and closed her eyes.

Bode shook his head in self pity and went ahead to undress,
he was shrugging off his jacket when a call came in, he took his phone out of
his breast pocket and peered to see if his wife was asleep. He quickly entered
the bathroom and closed the door behind him while he picked the call.

“Hey Jumi…”                  

 “Hello Mr. Bode…I want to say thank you so much…I
never…never expected this…God bless you…” She said in gratitude.

“Let’s skip the Mr. Bode, it’s Bode…from now on, outside
the office, I’m Bode…” He said.

To be continued next week….              


    • Thank you so much namsie…
      I'll try packaging them as books or maybe as a movie series on TV. *Let dem not come and steal my story and put for TV becos if I catch dem ehn?*
      I appreciate the encouragement dearie.


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