Amelia was shocked to see that George wasn’t bothered by her presence, he ignored her totally as though she didn’t exist and walked into his room. Later, he came out to the dining to eat dinner. Deciding to take the bull by the horns, she walked up to meet him at the dining.

“George…” Amelia called out.
George was swallowing a morsel of wheat when he heard her call out his name, something sharp twisted in his guts. He felt so used and betrayed, ‘how had his life turned out this way?’ he thought to himself. Amelia who was once his life was now reduced to nothing before his eyes. He didn’t reply but continued eating.
“George dear…please talk to me…let’s not live like this anymore…I want peace…please…” Amelia begged.
“If you really want peace, you know how to get it, now can you leave me in peace so that I can eat?” George said.
“George darling…please take me back, I promise to be a good wife…I promise that we would start planning for a baby and soon this house will be filled with laughter. Don’t turn me away…” Amelia pleaded.
George ignored her and kept eating, soon after, Demilade joined them at the table, she brought George’s freshly squeezed juice.
“Thank you so much dear…I was almost sure, you weren’t going to squeeze it…”George said to Demilade.
“Why not? I had it already squeezed before you came home…” Demilade replied, setting the juice jug down on the table.
“How is Bobo? Has Rose taken in the cake” George asked.
“Yes she has…he’ll eat it tomorrow but not all of it ooo…it’s a lot of sugar.”
“Wait a minute, Bobo is supposed to be at your parents place right?”
“Yea…” Demilade answered with eyes downcast.
“Did something go wrong? What happened?” George asked.
“I’ll tell you later…”Demilade said, she wasn’t comfortable discussing her problems in front of Amelia. “Tell me about work…how was your first day?”
“I’d rather, you didn’t ask that question…”George started.
Amelia felt left out, George and Demilade conversed like old friends while ignoring her completely, by the time she was tired of being ignored, she walked back to the sofa where she once lay and sat down again bringing out her phone from her bag. She saw she had new BBM messages and smiled sourly when she saw that they were from her friends. She shook her head slightly, none of her girl-friends had come to pay her a visit through the most trying period of her life, and now, they were sending her BBM messages. She clicked on one of the messages to see that it was actually a BBM broadcast which read.

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“Zekes getting hitched soon and we have to plan a bridal shower for her as soon as we can. We are creating a Bridal Shower BBM group to that effect so, everyone, get ready to give our friend all our support. We look forward to your cooperation.”
Zeke was getting married? She asked herself. She remembered the last time she saw her friend, Zeke, it was on the day she had seen Andy for the first time, at the plaza where they had gone for lunch and a girls hang-out. Zeke hadn’t been engaged then and neither was she seeing anyone serious either! She wished she could meet up with her friends and maybe advice them on life and the journey of marriage which wasn’t as easy as people thought. She looked around at her sitting room and sighed, ‘who would have thought that two months after her marriage, she’ll be in such deep shit’ her friends were only interested in the paparazzi that surrounded the wedding buzz from the engagement ring to the bridal shower and wedding, no one thought of the life after the wedding. Here she was, reaping the sour fruit of her mistake, she wished she could go and meet her friends or even call them but the shame was too much to bear. She who was always looked upon as the luckiest was now the most unfortunate. Amelia resolved in her mind to patch her marriage together before ever having to face, Zeke, Didi and Morenike.  She was about dropping her phone into her bag, when a call came in, she saw the caller ID and froze, picking the call, she spoke into the receiver.
“Hello doctor…” Amelia said silently.
“Amelia…how are you doing?”
“I am very well, thank you…” Amelia said.
“I am glad to hear that.” The doctor said and paused, then continued, “ Have you registered your Antiretroviral therapy yet? I spoke to one of the nurses and she said that after you received your test results, you left the hospital hastily and didn’t even wait for the card for counselling and therapy.
“I’d rather not talk about that right now doc…” Amelia started.
“The earlier you start, the better for you…I hope you know that this therapy helps you manage your HIV properly and also helps to avoid your transmission of the virus to unsuspecting persons.”
“Doc…can I call you back? I am in the middle of a family emergency.” Amelia said hastily and quickly hung up.
Her HIV status was not going to stop her from winning her man back at all costs, she thought.  Her plan was to hide the truth of her status from family and friends, win George’s love back, avoid telling him the truth of her status and start the treatment for her own good. Besides it wouldn’t be wrong to infect George with the virus because leaving him free would mean that after she was gone, he would have a chance to marry the conniving Demilade and live happily ever after with her and she couldn’t have that.

Turning off her phone she placed it into her bag and readied herself for sleep, she wasn’t going to fight George, she thought, she’ll just win him over with her sweetness and humility.  Instead of demanding for a room or getting one forcefully, she’ll bunk on the couch for the night and perhaps George will relent and ask her to share his bed with him besides he used to love her so much and she had no doubt that the love was still there. All she needed to do was to remind him of what drew her to him in the first place and everything will be perfect, she thought.
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