Amelia was so happy to see Demilade in pain, she had heard
her cries all through the night and laughed in glee. She honestly didn’t know
who would have thought her worthy to have kidnapped her son from her but she
was glad it happened. Demilade had screamed non-stop kept through the night
while George sat beside her, consoling her and murmuring words of comfort.

course the police had started investigations but she wouldn’t bet on the
Nigerian police, Amelia thought in glee. If Demilade’s son were to be her
father’s grandson, infact, the Nigerian police will spend sleepless nights
searching for the whereabouts of the boy. Thank God she wasn’t poor she thought
to herself, poverty was such a disease and both George and Demilade were too
poor to invest the kind of money that could bring the boy back. As far as she
was concerned, the boy was lost for good.

The next morning, which was a Sunday, Amelia stood up from
the couch were she was used to spending her nights and walked out to brush her
teeth at the sink in the guest toilet which was beside the sitting room, she
had just closed the door behind her when George walked into the sitting room
talking loudly, it was obvious that he was making a phone call.
“Yes sir…I am as confused as anyone else….we have no
clue as to who would have done this…the mother of the boy is so
devastated…please help us out sir…” George said into the receiver. After a
while he continued. “I don’t have any enemies that would want to plot my
downfall…but wait….my ex-parents-in-law are against me…and I’m sure that
they will stop at nothing to destroy my life sir…”
As soon as Amelia heard that part, she burst out of the
guest toilet and charged at George still with the toothbrush in her mouth.
“How dare you say that? Have you not caused my family enough
pain already?” Amelia shouted.
“Can I call you back sir? Thanks…” George said quickly and
hung up.
“You are swine, George, a dirty pig! A man with no honour!
How dare you accuse my parents of such rubbish! How dare you?”
“Your family has tried unceasingly to make my life miserable
and I can promise you that they have a hand in this kidnap of Bobo…”
“May God punish you George…may God punish you…” Amelia
“And may he punish you cheating wife! Go back to your family…I
do not want you here anymore….go away!” George shouted.
“I am not leaving! My father owns the house! He owns this
compound and this is my matrimonial home…I am not leaving…never!” Amelia
“I will kill you…I promise you…I will strangle you to
death someday…” George shouted.
“Then my blood will be on your rotten generation…that is,
if you’ll ever have a family! You think you can run off and marry that woman,
that Demilade, and go scot free? If you kill me, my spirit will hunt you down
till you join me! I can never leave you George, be it in life or in death!”
Demilade walked out into the sitting room.
“Can we please keep quiet? My son is missing…” Demilade
“He can drown at the river Niger for all I care…that boy
is a bastard and he has no right to live!” Amelia shouted.
Demilade rushed at Amelia and pushed her to the ground, the
both of them began to fight, while George tried to separate them. Demilade
fought with all the strength in her and beat up Amelia mercilessly, tearing and
kicking, she was so angry at her and everything that was happening.
George pulled Demilade off Amelia’s body and Amelia ran to
the kitchen to hide. George took Demilade to her room and kept begging her to
calm down.
Meanwhile Amelia who was in the kitchen, mischievously cooked
up a ploy, she quickly went to the knife-rack and picked up a sharp knife. Then
venturing to the sitting room, she picked up her phone and dialled her father’s
“Hello…Amelia…” Her father said through the phone.
“Daddy…they are killing me…they …stabbed me… they
are murdering me….” She cried.
“Amelia! What is going on there? Amelia!”
“I had to run….I had to hide beside the kitchen
cup…cupboard…these people…Demilade and George…they are
animals…they…I am …losing a lot of blood…come quick!” Amelia cried and
hung up the call.
Then running to the kitchen with the knife, her eyes glinted
in mischief as she slashed her arms and watched the blood ooze from the wound
she had just inflicted on herself. She hurried to hide beside the huge kitchen
cupboard laughing mirthlessly and waiting for her father’s rescue.
The loud sound that came from the door as it was thrown off
its hinges woke Demilade up, she turned to stare at George who had dozed off on
the chair beside her. They had spent the whole night crying that they didn’t have
the time to catch some sleep, hence they had dozed off after the fight between
Demilade and Amelia. Due to the impact that the kidnap of Bobo had on Rose,
George had called her sister to come and take her with her last night.
“George…did you hear that?” Demilade asked as she stood up
to shake George gently.
“Hear what?” George asked quickly, he opened his eyes and
stared at Demilade in confusion.
“It’s like someone just broke down the door…” Demilade
started, she had hardly finished her statement when the door to the room was
pushed open and three men in uniform jumped in as though they were set to
capture armed robbers.
“Mr George and Miss Demilade…you both are under arrest for
the attempted murder of Mrs. Amelia…you have the right to remain silent …”
One of the police men continued.
“What? What are you saying? This is my house! What are you
talking about?” George asked.
The men dragged Demilade and George out of the room and by
the time they reached the sitting room, they were shocked to discover that the
whole house was flooded with policemen. Amelia had been placed on a stretcher
and was about to be wheeled out of the house, she was bleeding profusely from
both bandaged arms.
“George! You will pay for this! You will suffer for this!”
Amelia’s father barked at him.
“Pay for what? What did I do?” George asked.
“We are innocent!” Demilade cried out to the policemen. “My
son was kidnapped yesterday and we are working with the police…your colleagues….to
see that he is returned to us…please sirs….we have done nothing wrong…”
“Shut up or I’ll strangle you…look at my daughter…you
both wanted to kill her…you stabbed her….you stabbed her!” Amelia’s father
“What? We just fought and George separated us and we went
into the room, I never attacked her with a knife, I am telling the truth…”
Demilade cried. “Amelia! Why are you doing this to me? What have I ever done to
you? I am hurting because my son was kidnapped and you’ve already staged
another scene to get me arrested….what have I done to you?” Demilade shouted
in tears.
Amelia still on the stretcher opened her eyes in slits and
looked at Demilade and George and said.
“I am going to forgive you both…because that’s what Jesus
did on the cross. He said…Father forgive them, for they know not what they
are doing….”
“Take them away!” Amelia’s father said to the policemen, and
to the hospital staff he said, “wheel my daughter out of this house and into
the ambulance quickly, she is losing too much blood!”
George and Demilade were taken out of the house and pushed
into the police van while Amelia was taken away in the ambulance. Her father
gave instructions to the policemen, got into his vehicle and left.
By the time the whole place had been emptied of people, Rose
walked out of the boys-quarters. She had not gone with her sister as George had
advised instead, she had snuck into the boys-quarters of the house determined
to stay with Mr. George and Demilade through this rough time. Shaking her head
in pity and shedding tears, she said.
“I talk am say, that lizard wey die for front of this house
nor be ordinary thing….e never reach five days since we see am and katakata
wey don happen for dis house ehn…I nor fit use mouth talk am.”

She walked into the house in tears and started cleaning up.
To be continued next week….

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