Merry Christmas Everyone!Hope you’re having fun wherever you are! I am spending Christmas with my family and after meals, I’ll maybe watch a movie and later continue writing my series. May this year’s Christmas bring so much joy and happiness to you and your loved ones. I love youuuuuuu!!!!

Jumoke sat down on the chair beside
the baby’s bed and watched him sleep. He was so innocent and even with the drip
which was inserted into his veins, he kept on sleeping. Jumoke stroked his head
and watched him sleep, she asked herself the umpteenth time, ‘where was his

A young doctor walked in to the

“Good Afternoon doctor…”
Jumoke greeted.

“Good Afternoon ma’am…you’re
his mother right?” The doctor asked.

” No…I am his father’s

“Where is his mother?”

“She’s in Abuja…on business.”

“Really? Wow….okay,


“Okay miss Jumoke, I am
standing in for the boy’s family doctor, Dr. Adebayo who is unavoidably absent.
We have run some tests on the baby and find that he has dysentery, this is not
uncommon for babies his age but then again, we ran more tests and was surprised
to see that he had some bacteria in his system. Now, that’s something to worry
about. I need to ask how his food is prepared and who gives him the food and
what ways is he given his food?” the doctor asked.

“I think the nanny would answer
that question better, she went downstairs to get something…” Jumoke

As though on cue, the nanny walked
into the room.

“Is she the nanny?” the
doctor asked referring to the nanny.

“Yes ma…I am the nanny.”

“I need to ask you some vital
questions about the patient and I want you to tell me the honest truth am I
understood?” the doctor asked.

Jumoke watched as the doctor asked
the nanny lots of questions and was baffled at the answers. The nanny
complained of being overwhelmed with the care of the older kids that she
sometimes forgets to sterilise the baby’s bottle. As the nanny spoke, Jumoke
felt her phone vibrate and she picked the call, it was Bode.

“Hello sir…”

“How is he? What is the doctor
saying?” Bode asked.

“She says it’s dysentery and
that she saw bacteria in his system through the tests…”

“Are you serious? How is he? Is
he crying?”

“No, he’s asleep…”

“Thank you so much for this
Jumi, I I took a quick break from the meeting to call you. I have instructed
the driver to pick up my kids from school and bring them to the office, once
I’m done, we’ll be on our way to the hospital.”


“Thank you so much…you are a

“You are welcome…”

“See you soon …”

Jumoke hung up the call.


Tosin had begun sifting through her
emails for potential staff and was sending them emails as regards interviews. A
knock sounded at the door an she looked up.

“Come on in…” She said.

The door opened and an elegantly
dressed middle aged lady walked in.

“Good day madam…please
sit…” Tosin said, she didn’t know the woman and was curious to know who she was.

“Good Afternoon…lovely space
you’ve got here…” The woman said.

Tosin said her thanks and stared at
her lady in open envy. She oozed class and was beautiful from head to toe plus
she was impeccably dressed.

“My name is Tosin George, how
may I help you.” Tosin had conveniently left out the Mrs from her name,
something she rarely did.

“I am Priscilla Williams…so
glad to meet you. ” The lady said. “I saw how this place turned out
and I was so curious to see in interior, that’s why I came in…I saw a worker
downstairs and he said that the manager on the job was around so, I came in. I
hope I’m not intruding…”

“No you’re not…not at all,
it’s always refreshing to see another woman around since I’ve been with men all
these while…the contractors are men as well as the painters and all…” Tosin

” You must be wondering why
I’ve taken a particular interest in this building…”

“Oh yes..please share…”

“My ex-husband owned this building, when he said he was selling I was curious to know the buyer…the land
was part of my son’s inheritance but…as the saying goes, things are never
what they seem.” The lady said wistfully.

“Oh!” was all Tosin could

“I run a beauty spa not too far
from here, people say it’s the biggest in Abuja but I’m sure they are just
bluffing…you should visit sometime. Your pampering would be a compliment on
the house.” The woman smiled.

“Oh thank you… I am
flattered. I must confess that this is my first time in the city of Abuja, I
mean I do visit for two day or three on business but this is the first time
that I can actually say I reside in Abuja.”

“Oh goody…I’ll love to show
you around. Here’s my card…” Priscilla said as she handed the card over
to Tosin. ” Can I have yours?”


They both exchanged cards and the
lady left the office. As soon as she left, Tosin breathed deeply and exhaled,
that woman had ‘presence’ she thought and refocusing on work, she got back to
her duties.


“Where are you?” The voice asked through the phone.

“I’m just leaving my husband’s
former office…” Priscilla said in an icy voice.

“Have they started operations
there?” The voice asked.

“Yes and it’s a woman that’s
heading the board…pffttt…” Priscilla hissed.

“Wow…it must be hard on you
dear, having to accept the fact that the property is gone.”

“It’s so unfair, that was all
we had left but the courts confiscated it. Thank God that my fraudulent
husband registered the spa and beauty parlour in my name, we would have been
kicked out on the streets and thank God that the house is in his brother’s name
as well.” Priscilla said in spite.

“What are you going to do now?
You’ve seen the place your husband used to own, you’ve seen that it’s been
occupied by another company…”

“A company that didn’t investigate
properly before buying the land that belonged to my son….who gave the court
the order to sell that land? Who?” Priscilla shouted and hit the steering
of her car.

“Your husband was caught in a scam, he
was fraudulent and was charged to court, that’s the right thing the courts had
to do to pay back all those he stole from. I am thankful that you divorced him
when you could.”

“What would you have done if
you were in my shoes ehn? What? Stayed? I can’t be married to a man who’s
locked up in jail…I married him for the money and now that the money is gone,
I had to find my way out…” She said.

“It’s okay…just know that
whatever happens, I’ll be here for you no matter what.”

“Thanks sis…you’re the
best…” Priscilla said an hung up.

She started the car and sped off
leaving what used to be her son’s behind.


Everything was happening so fast,
Chuka wanted a quick wedding at the registry and then later at the church when
they were done with the church wedding. Rita had called her parents over the
phone an told them of what she was about to do, her mother was ecstatic that
her daughter was finally getting married an her father kept asking questions
about the man an his tribe, he wasn’t too happy that Chuka is Igbo. They agreed to come to Abuja for the court wedding after which they’ll leave for Warri on that same day.

Obviously news travelled fast and
soon she was getting calls from everywhere, from her siblings to her cousins,
she saw a call come in from her cousin Kewe and she ignored it, she didn’t need
anyone telling her what to do and what not to do, Aisha was dead and never
coming back and since Chuka was going to get married sometime in the future,
what better candidate for the position than Rita herself, she thought.

She left Chuka’s house that morning
to pack some of her things from her house to his place, as soon as she alighted
from the cab, she saw Aisha’s brother, Hamisu, at her door waiting for her.

“Rita…I didn’t know you were
not at home or I wouldn’t have come. I came to pick my
sisters clothes, our mother wants to have them.” He said.

“Oh sure…how are you

“Well… I am holding up, it’s
been so difficult knowing that she is gone…my poor sister…” He said.
Rita was already feeling uneasy,
hearing about Aisha again.

“I’ll open the door so that you
can take everything you want.” Rita said as she opened the door to the
small apartment.

“Where is that man, Chuka? My
parents asked about him, they know she loved him so much but was surprised that
he didn’t show up to offer his condolences.”

“Oh…I guess he must have been
busy…” Rita said, making excuses for Chuka.

“Busy? His girlfriend died and
he couldn’t come to pay respects…that’s insensitive.”

“Well…they weren’t dating
anymore when she died, Chuka didn’t even know about her death till I told him

“Okay, now he knows that she’s dead, what stops
him from coming to see my family and offer his condolence? Do you see what I
mean? That man will suffer walahi…he will suffer!” Aisha’s brother

“Stop it okay…no one is
suffering, if you want him to pay your family a visit, I’ll call him and tell
him to do so. Aisha doesn’t need all these negativity…she is in peace.”

“No she is not resting in
peace…her spirit is troubled, I can feel it, even my mother can feel it that’s
why she told me to come and get her belongings, maybe if it’s with family
she’ll feel more at rest.”

Rita opened the door and stepped
inside the house with Hamisu, he went into Aisha’s room and packed up her
belonging in a bag he had brought, when he was leaving, he said to Rita.

“Something tells me that Chuka
is linked to the untimely death of Aisha. I won’t press this issue further but I
know that he will suffer for whatever pains he caused Aisha, both him and his
entire family.” Hamisu said and picking up the bag with Aisha’s things, he
left the house.

Rita slumped on her sofa in a
resigned heap, she didn’t know how to convince Chuka to pay Aisha’s family a
visit but she promised herself to try. Soon, she felt her eyelids droop as sleep
claimed her.

What happened next felt real, Rita
was playing hide and seek in a wide garage and was shouting aloud.

“Come and catch me!”

Suddenly she ran to hide and found
herself in an enclosed space and soon it was dark. She looked up and saw Aisha
hung on the ceiling, blood dripped from her neck, hands, face and she smiled at

“Aisha…” She said.

“Rita…save me
me…” Aisha said from her position on the ceiling.

Rita shook her head and turned back
to run but bumped into Aisha again.

“Leave me alone!” Rita

“You know that you’ll pay
right?” Aisha said menacingly, baring sharp teeth.

“I don’t owe you anything leave
me alone…” Rita screamed and quickly opened her eyes.

Rita sat up and began panting as
though gasping for air. She had never had such scary dream in her entire life,
and for the first time since Aisha’s death, she was truly afraid.
To be continued tomorrow….



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