Stella sat on the bed and stared at her phone, she had found
Duncan’s brother’s number in his phone and had called him. Just before placing
back Duncan’s phone into his drawer, she’d snooped and what she saw shocked her.
Duncan had the pictures of different young women, and most of them were women
he’d dealt with in the past.
As she sat and waited for Duncan’s brother to show up, she
stared at her bags which were fully packed at the corner.
The door was pushed open and the housekeeper walked in.
“Madam, there’s a man here to see you…he said he’s oga’s

Stella nodded and walked out of the room, she made her way
down the stairs and saw Duncan’s brother staring at the last step of the staircase
in curiousity.
“Good evening…” She greeted.
He looked up at her and gave her a cool and assessing gaze,
she could tell that he was reading her.
“Errm…that’s where he fell…that’s where he hit his
head.” She said.
“Yes…I noticed the blood cloth on the staircase. How come
it hasn’t been cleaned yet?” Duncan’s brother asked.
“I told the maids to err…not to touch the stairs just
incase the police had to be involved. I didn’t want to tamper with anything.”
She said shakily.
“Hmmm… you were going to turn yourself in?” Duncan’s
brother asked.
Stella nodded slowly. Duncan’s brother stretched out his
hand for a handshake.
“My name is Josh, I am Duncan’s brother.” He said.
“My name is Stella and I’m…I’m…” She stuttered, not
knowing what to say.
“You’re just another victim in the line of all my brother’s
victims.” He said with a dry smile.
“What do you mean by that?” Stella asked in confusion.
“Let’s sit and talk…I don’t think I can converse easily
while standing.” He said as he gestured towards the sitting room.
Stella nodded and followed him, they both made their way to
the sitting room where they sat down.
“Duncan is my brother but I must admit that he has a
problem, infact we all know that he has a problem.” Josh said matter of factly.
“I…don’t understand.”
“You don’t? Why are there bruises on your body? Why is your
left eye swollen?” Josh asked.
Stella looked away.
“I tried to leave…I wanted to get out of this hell-hole
once and for all because he’d pushed me beyond my limit but just when I was
about to leave, we got into this big fight and he missed a step and fell down
the stairs…”
“I hope he survives it and admit to himself that he has a
problem. Duncan has a rare obsessive disorder, he’s not obsessed with property
or being clean or anything like that but he’s obsessed with the women in his
life. He wants to be at the center of their lives and he cuts them off anything
that could distract them from focusing on him. He’s not faithful though,
because I know that with his former girlfriend, he was still having affairs
outside just for the fun of it but he had a way of latching on to someone so
strongly that the person had to do the unthinkable to be set free. His last
girlfriend was almost bleeding to death when she dialled the phone number of
her cousin who was a police officer. We know how much we spent to avoid having
him go to jail for domestic abuse. Then, he decided to move to Nigeria and take
over one of the businesses my father invested in and we all thought that
everything was okay with him and that he was living a normal life. I guess it’s
so hard to believe with my brother because when I received your call, I knew he
was at it again.” He said.
“I don’t know what to say, you see…all this is my fault, I
let myself get carried away, I had a good family, a good husband and a
wonderful child and I threw it all away.” Stella said wiping the tears from her
eyes with the back of her palm.
“You are married?” Josh asked with eyes wide.
“Yes, Duncan wanted me to have a divorce but it’s not been
finalized yet.”
“Wow! I feel so sad for you.” Josh said.
“I feel so bad for myself. I let a good man go because I
wanted to have a stress-free life, I wanted to be showered with gifts,
attention and look at where it got me. All my life, I’ve never been beaten by a
man till I met Duncan…he treated me like a bag of faeces. I feel so sad that
he fell from the stairs but whenever I think of what he did to me, I feel so
“I understand and I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’ll
drop by at the hospital and see how he’s doing. I guess we’ll have to register
him at a center abroad where they can handle his type of obsessive attitude. I
hope it all turns out well.”
“I’m sorry for all this…I’m sorry that we had to meet in
this kind of situation and I am really grateful that you didn’t judge me too
harshly and also that you shared the problems of your brother with me.” She
said with tears in her eyes.
“It’s okay…I knew it that one day, Duncan’s attitude was
going to throw him into a bigger pit that he’d ever imagined.” Josh said.
Stella stood up and stared at Josh.
“My bags are packed upstairs…I’ll go and bring them down
and leave…”
“Okay Stella, thank you for calling me.” Josh said.
As Stella made her way upstairs, she felt a heavy weight
leave her chest and suddenly, tears fell rapidly from her eyes and she knew
without being told that she had lost it all.
Anita sat in a cell and stared at the walls which seemed to
hole her in. The police were really smart and it hadn’t taken them time to
piece the puzzle together, they knew that she had been the mastermind behind
the bank robbery which had happened about two months ago and the robbery at
Aba. It happened that the police had some clues about her but they hadn’t been
able to put a face to the woman behind the biggest robberies in the country.
Anita knew she was done for, she had no access to any of her accounts as the
authorities were in the process of freezing them, her house was confisticated
and all her properties were in the hands of the law. She wanted to scream. It
was all Madu’s fault, she kept repeating over and over again. Her obsession
with him had cost her a lot, it had cost her her business, her property and her
life. She couldn’t plan revenge because something told her that she was going
to be locked up behind bars for a very long time and only God knows if she’d be
alive by the time she’d served her full sentence.
Cherry watched Diamond walk into the house and shut the door
behind her, she had turned off the lights and was in the sitting room, waiting
for her sister to arrive. Diamond turned on the switch and yelped to see her
sister staring at her like a dragon warrior.
“You scared me!” Diamond exclaimed. “What are you doing
sitting around in the dark?”
“Waiting for you dear sister.” Cherry said.
“Waiting for me? Do I owe you any money?”
“You don’t owe me money sister, you owe me something else.”
Cherry stressed.
Diamond stared at her sister in confusion and walked into
the sitting room of their house.
“If you have some petty rubbish to talk about, I’m so tired.
I had a long day and I need to sleep.”
Diamond said.
“Really? After spending so much time at work?” Cherry asked
“I don’t know what you’re implying.”
“Why don’t you spit it out? You’re envious of me? Why do you
want what I want?”
“This is ridiculous! I don’t believe I’m having this
conversation with you.” Diamond said.
“Ofcourse you are! You are trying to get into Mitch’s life.
Admit it! You want him! You want Mitch so badly but guess what? You can’t and
you won’t have him!” Cherry spat at her.
“Are you hurt? Does it hurt you that Mitch and I are close
to eachother?”
“Me? Jealous?” Cherry laughed hysterically. “How can you say
that I’m jealous of you? Diamond, we’re twin sisters but you don’t hold a torch
to me.”
“Oh…I know that but why does it seem as though you feel
threatened by me? Afterall you’re the twin with the brighter torch or have you
lost your touch?”
“Listen to me Diamond and listen good, if you have set your
sights on Mitch, I advise you to stay away or else…”
“Or what Cherry?” Diamond flared in anger. “What do you
intend to do to me?”
Their mother walked out of the room and glared at them in
“What’s going on here? Cherry! Diamond! What is happening?
Why are you two yelling at eachother?” Their mother asked.
“It’s nothing mom, we were just about to retire for the
night.” Diamond said.
Cherry stared at her in silence.
“Why are you back home so late?” Their mother asked Diamond.
“I worked a bit late and I had to meet up with a friend as
well.” Diamond said as she walked towards her bedroom.
“I hope you had something to eat?” Her mother asked.
“I had a heavy lunch…I’m not hungry for anything right
now. Good night mummy.” Diamond said and walked into her room while Cherry
stood in the sitting room and stared at her mother.
“I knew you were picking a fight with your sister…you’d
better learn to behave yourself.” Her mother said.
“You love being on her side don’t you? Keep supporting her
and one day you’ll regret it.” Cherry spat.
“I really don’t have time for your rubbish Cherry. All I ask
is that you don’t turn my home into a boxing ring.” Her mother said and left in
the sitting room alone.
Cherry stood there in anger, she wanted to yell at someone
so badly. She stared at her phone and saw that Mitch hadn’t returned her calls.
She was officially pissed.
To be continued tomorrow….
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