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Demilade stared at the hospital room, she felt
fine, her head didn’t hurt as much as it did days ago but she was more confused
than ever. ‘What was happening?’ she asked herself. Yesterday as she had gone
to have her bath in the hospital bathroom she almost screamed. 

Her tummy, her
greatest asset had barely noticeable worm-like stretch marks on it, just the
way it was on her maternal aunts tummy after she had had Yomi her second
cousin. ‘Was it true?’ she asked herself, ‘Did the doctor really mean that she
was not eighteen years old as she thought? If she wasn’t, where were are
memories, where are the past ten or more of her life?’ she bent her head and
groaned aloud, ‘Where was her mother? Her father and her siblings? This was
more than she could bear, she tried to remember her parents address but her
mind was so blank, she tried remembering their phone numbers but that too
proved fuitile, the only thing she remembered were their names but that did
nothing to help.
The door to her hospital room creaked open and she
looked up to see Dr. Babalola walk towards her.
“How are you feeling today?” he asked.
“I’m fine doctor…I don’t even feel any pains at
“Any luck in remembering your family or
friends?” He asked.
“Not at all…” She shook her head.
“This is really difficult…your wounds are
healing nicely and there’s no use keeping you here anymore.” The doctor said.
“That’s good news! But where do I go?”
“We are trying to reach your family with the
sketchy information you gave us…”
“The person that knocked me down, do you know
him or her? I haven’t seen the person since then…and it’s two days now.”
“Errr…I know the lady and…” The doctor
stuttered. He recalled spending the past two days telling his wife to come and pay
Demilade a visit at the hospital but she refused to budge, she had only
transferred payment for Demilade’s hospital bills.
“How come she didn’t come to see if I am dead or
“She knows that you are alive…”
“How do you know that? Do you know her?”
“Yes, she’s my wife.” He replied.
Demilade stared at him and sighed.
“I’m sorry she hasn’t come to visit you, she’s
been very busy with work and deadlines and…” He started trying so hard to make
up excuses for Kehinde.
“It’s okay, I understand, I was at fault too, I
guess I didn’t look well before crossing the road…”
“No, don’t say that.”
“So…now that I’m a step away from being
discharged, where do I go? I don’t even know where I live? And I can’t go back
to the university since it’s obvious that I must have graduated years ago.”
“Yes…but you can come and live with us for a
while, pending till you get your memory back.”
“No, I can’t possibly do that? What if I never
do? Do I become a burden to your family for life?”
“I guess that’s what we signed up for when my
wife ran you over.” The doctor said, “Look at the bright side, it’s just a
partial memory loss and in two weeks hopefully, you will get it back, then you
can go back to your life.”
“Okay…thank you so much.”Demilade said in
The doctor patted her at the back and turning
his back at her, he left the room.
Amelia stared at the ceiling sourly, she spotted
the small spider making its way to the ceiling center and groaned in annoyance.
“Rose! Rose!” She screamed.
There was no answer, Amelia glanced at the clock
and groaned louder, it was ten minutes past ten am, she screamed again.
“Rose! Rose!”
“Ma!” A female voice answered and the door to
her room was pushed open.
Amelia regarded the young lady in distaste, one
of the first things Amelia had done as a new wife was hire the services of a
housekeeper, she didn’t want to ruin her manicure with housework.
“How long does it take you to answer your name?
Are you deaf?”
“No madam…”
Amelia pointed at the ceiling.
“What is that up there?” Amelia asked.
“Madam na spider…”
“Is the spider a tenant in this house? Does it
pay the rent?”
“Madam, I nor know that one abeg.” Rose replied.
“Are you mad? Don’t you understand my innuendo?
Why is a spider in my bedroom?”
“Na wetin you for talk ma…nor be to dey yarn long
grammar.” Rose said and turned to leave.
“Am I finished with you yet? Where do you think
you’re going?”
“I wan go kitchen.”
“What is happening in the kitchen?”
“Na dia broom dey.” Rose answered saucily and
walked out of the room.
Amelia groaned aloud and screamed after her.
“Get my tea ready while you are at it and I want
brown bread today and butter.” She quickly whipped out her phone and dialed her
husband, he picked at the fourth ring.
“Can I call you back? I’m in a meeting…” George
“To hell with your useless meetings! George! I
need this nitwit out of my house today, I have had it!”
“What nitwit?”
“Rose ofcourse…”
“Baby I am at the office and in the middle of an
important executive meeting, you don’t want me to handle domestic matters at work
do you? Besides it’s a woman’s affair and…”
“Don’t give me that crap! I need this girl out
of this house today, call the agency to send another one.”
“You know how hard it was for us to get her, her
agency isn’t as expensive as the others and as at when we asked for a
housekeeper they were short on them….”
“Yadayadayada…” Amelia replied.
“Get me a new maid now and stop these excuses…I
saw a spider today, a big one and if I didn’t wake up on time, it would have
bit me and do you know that spiders have venom?”
“No they don’t…”
“George Okpara…get me a new maid now or consider
living the life of a recluse for the next one year, am I understood?” She
didn’t wait to hear his reply and hung up.
She was just about to toss her phone to the side
of her bed when she heard her Whatsapp messenger beep. She checked to see who
was chatting her up, it was Andy.
‘Hey babe…” He wrote.
Amelia pondered on the words to use and finally
settled on one.
“Hi hun…” She replied.
“I forgot to say thank you for dinner Saturday
night…” He wrote.
“Awwww…thank you too…I didn’t realize that such
restaurant existed in Lagos, the place was surreal.” Amelia wrote.
“How about we hang out some other time…”
“Really? When…”
“Are you free for lunch today?”
“Let’s make the venue my place, I’ll order
“Woah there big guy, I don’t do men’s homes on
the second date…”
“Wow so you admit that we are dating already…”
“No…no…we aren’t, things are complicated with me
right now.”
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
Amelia pondered hard before answering that
“So what’s holding you up?”
“Could we not rush this? Let’s keep it simple
for now…”She wrote.
“For now…I love that phrase…”
“Lunch then…”
“Yep and don’t bother ordering any food…I’m
“Yay! Salivating already…” He wrote.
“Send me your address, I’ll be there by noon…”
She wrote and smiled as he responded quickly.
The door to Amelia’s room barged open and the
housekeeper walked in carrying a long broom. Not caring that Amelia was still
at the center of the bed, Rose stood beside the bed and using the ceiling long
broom, she poked the spider.
“Arrrgggh…” Amelia screamed as she hurriedly
jumped up from the bed.
“You for dey inside bed na…Queen of Africa!”
Rose hissed and continued to hit the ceiling while the spider tried hard to
escape for its life.
Grace hissed when her doorbell rang, she had
just come in barely some hours ago, she had seven clients last night and was so
“Can’t this people allow me to rest? Who is it
sef…” She muttered angrily.
The doorbell rang again and she shuffled her
feet towards the door and opening it, she stared, baffled at who came calling.
“Hey…good morning.” Isaac greeted.
“Morning…” Grace answerd sleepily.
“I was wondering if I could just have a quick
meeting with you, I happed to cancel the meeting I was supposed to have at
Victorial Island.”
“Okay…but can you come later, I need to get some
sleep.” Grace answered in a dull voice.
“Errr…why don’t you let me in, the meeting will
be brief. Besides, don’t you have coffee? It should wake you up in a matter of
“I don’t want coffee…I am just so tired…” Grace
Isaac pushed her door open and stepped into her
house uninvited, he propelled her further into the house and closed the door
behind him.
“It’s eleven am on a Wednesday morning, lots of
ladies have their heads buried in work, I’m sure you have a lot of work to do
in that your…online company.”
Grace’s head snapped, ‘had he found out her
scam?’ she asked herself.
“Sit down and let me get you coffee…I’m sure you
have some in your kitchen.” He said, looking around her house.
“In the…kitchen cabinet.” She croaked.
She watched him guess which of the doors led to
her kitchen and disappear towards the kitchen direction and sighed. Grace knew
she didn’t need coffee, she needed sleep and if possible, to see a doctor. It
was as though her cervix had been punctured or something and her lower abdomen
hurt so badly.
She heard the clatter in the kitchen and groaned
in pain, ‘how does she let Isaac get under her skin? Getting involved with him
would complicate issues for her and God knows that she’d already started
developing strong feelings for him. ‘Get a grip on yourself Grace! Once he
finds out about your secret, he will leave you and you’ll get hurt. A
prostitute never falls in love.’ She admonished herself.
“I am glad you had hot water in your flask, here
you go. The coffee is hot.” Isaac said and handed the cup of coffee to her.
“Thank you.” She accepted the cup and placed it
to her lips.
Isaac stared at Grace silently, ‘what is it
about her?’ he asked himself, she was one of the most arresting women that he
had even seen. Her eyes seemed to have hidden its depths, deep secrets and he
loved the mystery she exudes. She was one slippery eel though, he had come to
her place for the past two days only to meet her absence. He had come last
night at eight pm, hoping to meet her at home to no avail and last two nights
at nine pm but she wasn’t at home either. ‘Did she have a man in her life?’ he
asked himself. He watched her inhale the strong aroma of the coffee and take
long sips, she looked so weary, instinctively, he placed his hands on her
shoulders and worked.
Grace was still sipping her coffee when she felt
Isaac’s strong hands on her shoulders slowly massaging them. It was pure
heaven! She slowly felt her body relax and her knotted muscles melt, her mind
drifted to other things but she pushed the thoughts away, there was no way, she
was letting him or any other man into the secret barricades of her body unless
they paid for it. Yes, she had had sex with him when he had unknowingly called
for her services and that night changed her life, for the first time, she
wasn’t used as a sex tool but as a woman with feelings.
She sat enjoying the massage and reminiscing on
what would’ve been if her situation was different.
“Why did you bring her here?” His wife accused.
Babalola stared at his wife in disgust.
“What do you mean by why did I bring her here?
Aren’t you the one that knocked her down in the first place?”
“I paid for her treatment c’mon…”
“She has partial memory loss I thought I
explained this to you…”
“How are you so sure she’s not scamming us?”
“Do not belittle my experience as a doctor…”
“You told me that cases like hers are very
“Yes I did and that doesn’t mean that she’s not
one of the rarities…”
Kehinde opened the door slowly and peeked at
Demilade still seated in the sitting room and sighed. Turning back to her
husband, she said.
“If this girl causes trouble between the two of
us, just know it’s all your fault.”
“How is it my fault? You knocked her down
remember? If I discharged her without taking full responsibility she could have
gone to the police to seek shelter and who knows, they might come here asking
for a statement from you and you’ll have to support her stay at one of the
government registered shelters till her family is found.”

Kehinde sighed and walked to the window of the
room, she didn’t want Demilade in her house and she needed to find a way to
send her out. Babalola on the other hand stared at his wife, ‘who did I get
married to?’ he asked himself, ‘how come she’s showing no remorse whatsoever
after knocking a poor lady down and even after the trauma Demilade has passed
through? It was miracle that she was still alive, not all patients survive such
accidents.’ He thought. Turning on his heels he left the room inorder to make
sleeping arrangements for his new house guest.


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