Morayo watched her husband walk into the house and hurriedly
go into his room, she had seen the feature in the business paper and she was extremely
proud of him. She recalled how they had spent their years in the University
dreaming of a day like this.
see…at that time, we would be so happy together and too successful to be
true. I would be at the top of a leading company while you’ll also be at the
top and we’ll  have a beautiful family. An envy to everyone around us…”
He has
said to her ten years ago, while they were so in love and undergrads in the

She recalled how close they used to be, how they had instantly
taken to each other the very first day they met at the University and how they
had instantly clicked. Gbade was and still is the love of her life and she
would give anything to see him happy again.
“I saw the papers…congratulations on your feature…”  Morayo said.
“Hmmm….” Gbade grunted and walked into his room and
slammed the door.
Morayo was standing in the sitting room of their lavish
house, she wanted to walk up to his room and knock. On her way back from the
office, she had bought a bottle of Gbade’s favourite champagne and she wanted
them to make a toast. She walked up to his room door and raised her hand to
knock when he pulled the door open.
“Oh! Are you on your way out?” She asked.
Gbade had changed into a casual shirt and chinos trousers.
“Yes I am…” He said in finality.
“I err…had a bottle of champagne to you know….celebrate
your…err…feature…” Morayo said.
“You can drink it alone, I am dinning out so…I’ll have a
bottle of champagne there…”
Morayo stopped short as he strode way from her.
“Is there another woman?” She asked.
Gbade stopped and turned to face her.
“If that would make you feel better, maybe there is…”
Gbade said and leaving the house, he slammed the door shut.
Morayo sat still on the sofa, she couldn’t believe her ears,
‘how could Gbade say such thing to her? After all they had been through together?’ she thought.
Ebube watched her room mate get ready for her outing.
“Going somewhere special? That outfit you have on is very
sexy…” Ebube noted.
“Yea….for a sexy somebori…” Ogonna giggled. “So, how was
work?” She asked changing the topic while applying her foundation.
“Mtcheww….can you imagine the ego of the lady I’m working
with? Her ego is this big.” Ebube said holding her hands wide apart in
“Are you serious? What is her problem sef?’ Ogonna asked,
quite offended.
“I don’t know ooo…it seems she hates it that I got a job
there or something…” Ebube said.
“Na wah ooo…she should chill abeg, it’s not as though you
are a permanent staff biko…”
“Abi ooo….nonsense! Thank God I don’t have to address her
with a title attached to it but by her first name so that she knows that we are
in the same class as colleagues after all. I get to address her as simply, Morayo.”
“Good for her….” Ogonna said and her phone rang. She
quickly answered. “Hello, are you outside? Now? I am running late…oh my
gosh…” She said. “You want to come in? Really? Our place is cramped up
ooo…but sure…it’s the first mini apartment at your left.” Ogonna said and
hung up.
“What? Your date is coming in here?” Ebube asked baffled.
“Yeah…I am not done with make-up and he doesn’t want to
wait in the car.”
“Do I know him?” Ebube asked.
“No…” Ogonna answered plainly.
Soon, there was a knock at the door and Ogonna rushed to
open it.
Gbade stepped into their mini self-contained flat which
comprised of a large room which doubled as sitting room and bedroom, a bathroom
facility and kitchen.
“I am so sorry, I am African and we stick to our time….”
Ogonna chuckled.
“It’s no problem…” Gbade said smiling as he walked into
the house. “Women love to take their time when getting dressed.”
“Good evening…” Ebube greeted, standing up to meet him
with hand outstretched for a handshake.
“Hello…my name is Gbade…”
Ebube noticed that her friend’s date was a very attractive
man in his early forties.
“My name is Ebube…it’s nice meeting you…”
Gbade sat down on the lone chair at the corner and studied
the room.
“Nice place you’ve got here…” He said.
“Nice kor? It’s small and freaking expensive…” Ogonna said
as she took her time with her make-up.
“Can we offer you anything?” Ebube asked in a tired voice,
she was so worn out from climbing up and down the stairs at work and needed to
“No thanks…” Gbade said.
“Congrats on your paper feature…” Ogonna said.
“Thank you…”
“You were featured on a paper?” Ebube asked.
“Yes, he was….he’s really smart.” Ogonna smiled.
“Congrats…” Ebube said.
“Thanks…” Gbade replied.
Soon, it was time to leave and Ebube happily told her friend
and date goodbye and goodnight as she shut the door and headed to the bed , she
had a long day ahead of her tomorrow as she suspected that she could be placed
on the site, so she flopped onto the bed and closed her eyes in sleep.
Nkiru was watching her sister feed her younger kids, she had
four in total with the first being six years oldand the last two at three years as they
were twins. The kids whined and cried as they didn’t want to finish their food
and her sister sang and made funny faces so that they could eat. They were still in the course of the meal when the door opened and her brother in-law, Sam
walked into the house holding his briefcase in his hand.
“Daddy…” The older kids chorused as they rushed to give
him a hug.
“How are my darlings?” He asked.
“Hey boo…” Her sister flung a greeting at her husband.
“Hey babe…” Her husband flung back at her.
“Welcome home Sam…” Nkiru greeted.
Sam smiled at her and waved.
“Sorry I seem to crash at your place more frequently
nowadays…my parents gave me a huge deadline…” Nkiru said humorously.
“Haha…leave those people jo…you are welcome here any time.”
He said with a smile.
“Your food is in the microwave…” Nkiru’s sister said.
“My feet aches so badly…my car developed a fault along the
express way and I had to push it to a mechanic’s workshop with some guys…I am
beat.” Sam said.
“Ehya…go and have a bath.” His wife said.
“Could you maybe run a bath for me? I am so tired…”
“What do you mean by run a bath for you? Does it look like I’m
playing ludo here? I am feeding the kids!” Nkiru’s sister spat.
“I begged you naw…” Her husband started.
“Please don’t stress me….I too have a lot of things on my
plate…” His wife said.
Nkiru, in order to avoid a couple’s spat stood up and said.
“I’ll run you a bath. Hot or cold?”
Sam looked at her with eyes filled with gratitude and said.
“Hot please….”
The heater wasn’t working since the electricity was being
powered by the generator, so, Nkiru went to boil some water on the gas in the
kitchen. She soon finished with the water and carrying the kettle, she went to the room her sister
shared with her hubby. She knocked and when she was ushered in, she stepped
into the room.
Sam was there, clad in nothing but a short towel and his
bare chest.
“Your hot water is here…” Nkiru said.
“Thank you so much for this….I really appreciate this…I
am so tired.” Sam said.
“I am sorry for your car mishap, where you able to get it
fixed?” Nkiru asked.
“Yes…I did…thank you for asking.”
He followed Nkiru to the bathroom where she poured the water
into a bucket and turned on the cold water tap.
“You can regulate it as you want….” Nkiru said as she
stepped back and collided with firm male chest.
“I wish your sister is more like you…she…she gets caught
up with the kids…” Sam said.
Nkiru laughed nervously and backed up to the wall of the
“She has four kids to take care of, you should give her
“Do you know how many times my mom has brought maids to this
house to help her out? Your sister feels as though no one can take good care of
the kids like she does and she comes to bed by two am every night tired over
having to do all the chores.” Sam said.
“Don’t worry, she’s trying to be the best mother for your
“And what kind of wife is she trying to be for me? I am a
man and I have needs…” He started.
“Err…I need to drop the kettle in the kitchen…” Nkiru
Sam touched her hand and said.
“Thank you so much for this…I appreciate it.”

Nkiru nodded and hastily made her way out of the room, as
she headed to the kitchen, she could hear her sister recite the nursery rhyme ‘My
Shadow’ with her kids while her heart beat loudly in her chest.
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      There's always trials and tribulations in life and a character is as good as useless if he/she has no issues.
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