Susan was bailed and was free from prison till the day she
had to appear at court, however she couldn’t travel out of Abuja, her father and her lawyer took her to a restaurant where
she had a good meal. Susan looked around, grateful to be out of the cell and
the hospital.
“We need to win this case…” Her lawyer was saying while
munching a piece of chicken.
“I believe we will…” Her father replied.
“Is there anything I need to know? I mean about the whole
case and about the murder of Thomas John. What were you doing at the crime scene
that night?” The lawyer asked her.

Susan gulped the water she was drinking hastily and looked
up at the lawyer.
“Nothing…I mean…he came to my place and asked that we go
out for drinks, but when we got into the car, he started to misbehave so I
shouted that he stop the car so that I can go back home. He stopped the car
and I hurried out and left the scene.” Susan said.
“Are you sure about this? The police actually have copies of
your photos at the scene of the murder at about the time he was murdered and it
was recorded during your first testimony that you denied having any kind of association with the deceased.”
“I was scared alright.Everyone was scared at the office and
I was more scared because I thought everyone would accuse me, besides I was a
new staff at that time and I didn’t want other staff to think that I was
“Were you? Did you all of a sudden become promiscuous as
soon as your feet hit Abuja?” Her father asked with pain in his eyes.
“Dad…..” Susan started.
“You have been lying all these while…don’t ask me how I
know it but I do. You never lie to me…Susan!” Her father demanded.
“I don’t know what else you want me to say…I have said the
truth.” Susan said.
“Thank God you’ve been bailed. We’ll spend most of our time focusing on court proceedings…” The lawyer said.
Susan’s father thanked him and as soon as they were done at the restaurant, Susan and her dad took a taxi while the lawyer drove his car
back to his office. When Susan was in the cab with her father, he asked.
“I’ll ask you one last time…did you do it?” Her father
asked through grit teeth.
Susan looked at him and nodded slowly in response.
“I am sorry…” She said and burst into tears.
Her father covered his face with his palms and soon, he felt
tears fall from his lids.
“A new home and a new beginning…” Chuka said to Rita as he
looked around at the small shabby one room apartment that they had moved to which was some miles after Gwagwalada.
“This…is…” Rita said speechless at their sudden switch
from grace to grass.
“We will work hard and we will get back to our feet.” Chuka
said closing the weak door of the small one roomed house.
“This looks like a hut…” Rita said.
“I am trying to get a better life for us. Don’t you know
that our baby needs a good life? This is a much proper start rather than
feeding off my uncle and his wife…”
“What baby?” Rita asked surprised.
Chuka placed his palm over her stomach and rubbed it
“The one in your belly.”
“I told you I miscarried.”
“You were just pulling my legs…” Chuka insisted.
“No Chuka, I wasn’t…” Rita said in a worried tone.
“Well…I’m glad that our baby would have a place to call
home once he’s born.” Chuka said and hurrying to the walls of the room he said.
“My wardrobe is in a mess…where is my white shirt…I must have left it here
“Chuka! Is everything alright? There is no wardrobe in this room.” Rita said in a concerned
“Ofcourse there is, Aisha…” Chuka
Rita’s heartbeat stopped, she looked at Chuka and took slow
steps up to him placing her palms on his forehead to see if he was running a temperature.
“I am not Aisha.”
“Oh yes you are! You little girl…your pranks are over!
Don’t you remember our dreams? When we’ll lie on the bed of my uncle’s guest
room house and talk about the numbers of children we wish to have?”
“No…we never had that dream…” Rita said.
“Oh stop it Aisha…stop talking rubbish…” Chuka said then
refocusing on the walls of his house he said. “Where are those white shirts of
mine? I thought the dry-cleaner guy was supposed to pick them up.”
Rita closed her eyes and felt the tears fall from her
eyelids, she had never expected this to happen. They had both left his uncle’s
house very early this morning before anyone had woken up as Chuka had claimed
that it was time for them to go and that he had found a place for them
somewhere else. They had journeyed to this place for almost two and the half
hours and now here she was, in a shabby mess of a house. She was surprised to
note that Chuka was behaving unlike himself because all through their ride to
this place, he had referred to her as Rita and not Aisha.
“So…here we are, this is manageable but with time we will
adjust.” Chuka said to her. Noticing that she was crying, he walked up to
her and held her in his arms. “I know that things look bad but look at the
brighter side, we have each other.” He said.
Rita looked at him puzzled, noticing that his countenance had changed.
“Chuka…what’s my name?” She asked.
‘What kind of question is that?”
“No, please answer my question…”
“Rita…” He said.
“You called me Aisha some moments ago.”
“Me? Called you Aisha? Are you joking? I never did such
thing! Ever!” Chuka said.
“Yes you did…”
“Stop this Rita. I don’t know what you are saying, anyway I’m
going out to see the environment and what it has to offer. The agent who got
this place for me told me that I could get a lot of small jobs here because
most people here are not educated and I could get a job teaching in any of the
private schools for the meantime.” Chuka said as he opened the battered door
and left the house.
Rita crouched to the ground in a bout of fresh tears.

“Jumoke, can I see you in my office now?” Bode said opening
the door to call her and closing the door behind him as soon as he was done.
Jumoke stood up from her desk and headed to his office. She
had heeded her mother’s advice and was at work. As soon as she walked into the
office, Bode pulled her into his arms.
“You haven’t been answering my calls.” He said.
“No Bode please…let me go…” Jumoke said struggling to
set herself free.
“No I won’t until we talk about this!” He said.
“Talk about what? You are married and I can’t hurt myself
anymore…you have a family…a wife…” Jumoke said.
“I asked my wife for a divorce…” Bode said hastily.
“You did what?”
“You can’t blame me Jumi…that woman has been away for
almost three months …it’s as though I’m not married.”
“But that doesn’t give you enough grounds to divorce her.”
“I want to…for sanity sake and for our sake too…I want
to be with you instead.”
“Bode stop this please…” Jumoke said.
“No I won’t…I can’t get you out of my head Jumoke…”
“I made a big mistake Bode. I made a big mistake by
getting involved with you. Don’t you see that I am the only one who can get
hurt in this game? You have a wife who might continue to stay married to you
and you have kids who will always love you. Where does that leave me? I shouldn’t have gotten close to you…” Jumoke started.
“I am sorry that you feel this way but I’ll be dammed if I
ever leave you…ever!” Bode said.
Jumoke released herself from his grip and hurried out of his

Tosin had not taken permission and no one knew where she
was, all she knew was she needed one day off to sort out whatever was going on
between her husband and the stupid tramp her sister had told her about. As the
plane touched the grounds of Lagos, she made up her mind on what to do.

To be continued….
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  1. Destruction lies waiting patiently at the door of success for those who destroy others..
    Aside Aisha, who knows how many other girls chuka may have destroyed tooo.
    NEMESIS just invited KARMA to Chuka's life.
    As for Susan, you just sent your dad to an early grave


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