Mitch walked into the hotel reception and spoke to the
“I’m here to see Diamond…” He said.
“Let me check to see if there’s anyone like that in our
rooms.” She responded as she checked the computer screen. “Yes, there’s a Miss
Diamond here but I’ll have to call to see if I can send you up.”
“Yes…please…” Mitch said elated that Diamond was finally
going to see him.
The receptionist quickly placed a call to the room and said
to him.
“She says you can go up, her room number is 109.” She said.

Mitch nodded in thanks and made his way upstairs to the room
and rapped at the door. The door opened and the room was dark as the lights
were turned off.
“Diamond…” Mitch called out as he walked into the room and
looked around.
The lights came on and Cherry stood there dressed in nothing
but lacy lingerie.
“Hello Mitch…” She said in her most seductive voice.
“Whaaat?” Mitch spat.
Cherry walked up to him and snaked her arms around his neck.
“Mitch darling…I know you missed me…I missed you so much
Mitch pushed her away from him and she fell to the ground in
“Do you want to kill me?” Cherry asked in fury.
“Where’s Diamond? Where is your sister?”
“You’re trying to woo her right? Have you forgotten all
we’ve been through together? Have you forgotten everything?”
“You’re dead to me Cherry!” Mitch screamed.
Cherry struggled to her feet and stumbled towards him.
“You can never have my sister! Never!”
“What’s your business with that? I love Diamond and I want
us to be together.” He said.
Cherry stared at him in surprise.
“You love Diamond? You love my sister?”
“Yes, and I don’t know how took me so long to realize that
but yes, I love her! She’s a better person than you’ll ever be.” Mitch spat at
her. “I should have suspected that FB message was from you because Diamond is
not the type who’d ask me to visit her at a hotel, she’d rather have me visit
her at home than at the hotel.”
Cherry reached out to hold him.
“Look at me Mitch, look at how sexy I am…I used to be your
dream woman, you used to love me so much…” She cried.
“I used to love you…that’s a very important sentence you
made right there. I used to love you but I don’t anymore…I don’t.” He said
and turned to leave.
“No…Mitch no! You can’t leave me here! I must have you
back…I want you back…” She pleaded as she held on to the waist band of his
“You are too late Cherry. I almost lost my life because of
you, you found someone else and showed me that I meant nothing and at that
moment, I felt empty, useless and worthless. Thank you for showing me who you
truly are.” He said.
“I married Sean because he threatened me, he promised to
kill my family…he wanted to harm us if I didn’t accept his proposal, I swear
that’s the truth. I knew about Sean’s dealings and he vowed that if I didn’t
marry him, he’d kill me and my family, that’s why I accepted…I promise that I
did all that because of fear…”
“No Cherry, you did it because of greed. You were greedy and
wanted money and he had a lot of money.” Mitch said prying her hands away from
the waistband of his jeans.
“No…I am telling you the truth and nothing but the
truth…please…please Mitch…please…” Cherry said falling on her knees
before him and hugging his legs close.
“Let me go Cherry!” Mitch said as he pried her arms away
from his legs and walked out of the hotel room.
Cherry watched Mitch go and screamed in pain.
“It’s not over Mitch! It’s not over!”
Stella walked into the compound she’d shared with Madu and
the first person who ran to meet her was Brenda, her former neighbour.
“Stella…haba! It’s been long ooo…” Brenda said walking
up to her with a wide smile. “Have you added weight? You look chubby.”
“Hello Brenda…” Stella said stiffly.
“Didn’t you see your husband? You just missed him…he left
in the black jeep that just left this compound…”
“Excuse me?”
Stella’s sister walked into the compound and greeted Brenda.
“Hello madam…” She greeted.
“Is she your sister? Una resemble ooo.” Brenda said.
“Yes, she is my…my sister…” Stella said in a shaky
voice. “What were you saying about Madu?”
“You are late…you just missed your husband. He left here
right now with Kamsi.” Brenda said.
“He’s coming back, right?” Stella asked sounding hopeful.
“He packed everything except the furniture…and he gave me
two bags filled with your clothes.” Brenda said.
“What?” Stella said in shock.
“Yes, he really packed all the stuff…and he told me he’s
moving to his new house.” Brenda said watching for the effect of her words on
Stella stared at Brenda in shock, it was as though the blood
had drained from her face.
“Oh…okay then…I’ll just call him…” Stella said.
“Yes, please do…and please take your clothes too.” Brenda
said to her.
Stella nodded and followed her up to her mini flat to take
the bags containing her things. When she got back to the taxi to load her bags
in the trunk, her sister looked at her.
“I have his number in my phone…I’ll call him and ask where
they moved to. Don’t look so sad, everything will be okay.” Her sister assured.
“I’m not so sure about that…” Stella said as she shut the
booth of the car and got into the front seat.
Mitch got out of the taxi cab and made his way straight
ahead towards the house across the street. His face was firm with determination
and his eyes blazed in fury as he walked up to the house and made his way
He raised his hand to knock but the door opened before he
“Uncle Mitch…” The young man at the door greeted.
“Jerry, how are you?” Mitch greeted.
“It’s such a pleasant surprise to see you here, I heard of
the accident and I’m so sorry that you were hurt.” Jerry said.
“It’s okay Jerry, everything is over now. Is your sister,
Diamond at home?” He asked.
“Oh yes…she’s in her room.” Jerry said.
“What of your mom? Is she home too?” Mitch asked.
“Yes, she just got back from a wedding.” Jerry informed.
Mitch nodded and Jerry ushered him into the house. As soon
as he sat down, he said to Jerry.
“Can you please tell Diamond that I’m here?”
“Yes…sure…” Jerry said and disappeared into the house.
Soon, Diamond walked out into the sitting room.
“Mitch! Is everything okay?” She asked.
“Does it seem as though something is wrong?” Mitch asked.
“No…I mean, I didn’t expect to see you here….” Diamond
“You’re avoiding me so I decided to come here to see you.”
Mitch said.
“I…I’m not avoiding you Mitch…it’s just…”
“It’s just what, Diamond. Don’t make excuses, I know you’re
thinking of your sister and I respect that but I love you and I want us to be together.”
Diamond looked at Mitch in surprise.
“You love me?”
“Yes…I do, who won’t love a sefless woman like you? You’re
kind, generous, beautiful, intelligent…should I go on? I just realized that I’ve
been so stupid to have not seen the true you.”
“I love you too Mitch…a whole lot but…” Diamond started.
The door burst open and Cherry stood there staring at them
like the raging lion.
“What are you doing in my house Mitch?” Cherry screamed.
“I’m here to see Diamond. After the stunts you pulled off at
the hotel, I think it’s time I set things straight. I don’t want you Cherry and
I never will! I want Diamond and if she’ll have me, I’ll be the happiest man in
the world.”
“Over my dead body! My sister will never have you! Never!”
Cherry spat.
“You can’t make decisions for me…” Diamond said.
“Shut up Diamond! Shut up!” Cherry screamed at her.
“I want you to know Diamond…” Mitch said to Diamond. “I
want you to know that Cherry replied to my messages on your Facebook and told
me to meet her at a hotel. I went there thinking that it was you…”
Diamond stared at her sister in horror.
“You logged into my Facebook? Who gave you my password?”
“You’re a boyfriend thief Diamond! You are trying to steal
Mitch from me!” Cherry screamed as the veins in her neck threatened to pop out.
At that moment, their mother walked out into the sitting
room and said in a loud voice.
“Cherry will you keep silent? I fear that you need mental
evaluation because you speak like someone who’s going senile! How dare you
stand up to Mitch after all you did to him? You chose Sean over him, and
because of the heartbreak he almost died in an accident. Now, that you feel
that Sean is out of the way, you’re running back into his arms. What do you
take him for? A fool?”
“I knew it! I knew you’d take Diamond’s side. She’s your
favourite child isn’t she? She’s the apple of your eye right?” Cherry screamed
at her mother.
“I’m not here to cause confusion of bring about disagreement
between mother and daughter, I am here to speak to Diamond and ask her to
accept me into her life. That’s all.” Mitch said.
“Diamond, please make a decision now and let it stand. Do
you accept Mitch?” Her mother asked with a firm determination in her eyes.
Diamond looked at Mitch, then at her sister who was fuming
and finally at Mitch again.
“I chose to be with Mitch, mom…” Diamond said.
Mitch smiled and rushed over to give her a hug. Cherry
screamed and ran out of the sitting room.
“Don’t mind your sister…she had her chance but she blew
it…” Her mother said to her.
Diamond and Mitch broke the hug to smile at Diamond’s mother
when Cherry raced out of the kitchen with a sharp knife in her hands. They were
all oblivious to the fact that Cherry was hurrying towards them with evil
intent. It was when Diamond felt the sharp pain at the back of her neck that
she screamed. Cherry had struck her with a knife and she fell to the ground as
blood poured out from her wound.
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