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Zach’s mouth stood agape as he stared at Queen.

“Don’t give me that look, Zach? Are you going to deny it? Are you going to deny that the woman who’s shared an office with me these past few months is actually your wife?” She asked with tears in her eyes.
Zach knew he had to do one of two things; first, he could run for his dear life, disappear from the face of the earth and leave no trace and two, he could explain things calmly to his wife, hoping that she understood. He had to be smart.
“Can…can I see her?” He asked in a low voice.
Queen threw her hands in the air in disbelief.
“You don’t even have the decency to deny it! You don’t even…you can’t…I mean…oh my goodness! What is happening to me?” She wailed. “My husband is married to another woman…oh my God!”
“It’s a long story and I need you to be calm so that I can explain it to you.” He said putting on his most innocent face.

She looked at him and shook her head.
“You are pathetic! If you think I’d stand here and let you explain trash to me, then you must be mistaken!” She yelled at him. “Nurse! Where is my son?” She screamed at no one in particular. “I need to go home…”
“If you walk away without allowing me to explain things, then you will be throwing six beautiful years of marriage away. I don’t deny that I know her…and that should show you that I am an honorable man and…”
“What has that got to do with anything? What?” She screamed.
“Madam…this is a hospital, we advise that you take your personal matters outside.” A nurse said to them.
A nurse emerged with Junior and he ran up to his father, Zach carried his son and made his way out of the hospital, Queen stood there for a while but followed them a minute after.
They got outside and Zach opened his car door and his son got in.
“Junior…” Queen started then remembering her son’s condition, she made signals to him to get out of the car but he stubbornly shook his head.
“Can you please listen to me?” Zach pleaded.
Queen wiped the tears from her eyes.
“Now I understand the long stares and whispers at your father’s burial. My sisters’ in-law knew about this, right? They knew about it and I was nothing but a fool…” She said.
“Queen, you are the only wife I’ve ever and will ever have.” Zach said.
Queen raised her hand and slapped him on his cheek.
“You can never say anything to me to change my mind. How did you intend to keep this a secret? How long did you intend to deceive me?” Queen fired at him.
“Jessica is not my wife. In her head, she thinks she is but she’s not.” He shouted. “Let me explain things to you dammit!”
Queen looked at him, she didn’t understand what she’d heard but she was too emotional to rule it out either.
“Yes, she’s not my wife. She stalked me for the longest time and built these fantasies in her head that we are in a relationship but that was a big lie. One day, I was tired of her stalking and I confronted her and told her that I was happily married and that she’s not my wife and she had a seizure. I was so scared, so scared that I rushed her to the clinic and she was declared mentally unstable. Her family also confirmed it to me when they came to the hospital and her mother begged that I pretend that I was her daughter’s husband for her sanity. It was the hardest decision I had to make but I did it because I felt that I was saving a life but the truth is, she’s not my wife.”
“You’re lying to me?”
“Jessica is suffering from a rare obsessive disorder. She builds fantasies of people…men in particular, in her head and claims that she’s married to them. She seems so normal on the outside and that’s why she can keep a job, have friends and live a normal life but when it comes to men that she’s attracted to, she can’t help herself. She started stalking me last year and I know that I should I have told you but I couldn’t. In her head, she’s my wife and we’re married. I’m sure she has pictures of me and has photo-shopped it with her personal pictures…it’s sick and pathetic.”
Queen looked at him, not knowing whether to believe him or not.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“How would you have taken it? No normal man will tell his wife that he is deceiving a woman into believing that they are married and she won’t get jealous.” He said looking into her eyes. “I gave her family a one-year ultimatum to pretend that I am her husband before pulling out of the agreement and they agreed. Presently I still have a few months left and I promise to pressure her family to hasten things and get her out of my life for good.”
Queen looked at him, her eyes were red and puffy from crying.
“This sounds so unreal…I’ve never heard of a thing like this before.”
“Me neither but Jessica’s case opened my eyes to a lot of things…”
“You knew that we worked together right? That was the reason you freaked out when she took Junior to the party because you also attended the party…” Queen said.
“I didn’t know that you both worked together and no, I wasn’t at the party but darling, she’s mentally unstable and you placed our son in her care and that was very dangerous…”
“I also remember you answering her phone call on the day I’d called her.” Queen accused.
“Listen to me Queen, you have to believe me. I have nothing to do with her, we don’t even live together and we are not a couple.”
“She said she lives with her husband…”
“I am not her husband. I told you that she’s mentally unstable and I had to help her out.”
“How did you meet her?”
“Through a friend…we had an office party and he brought her along, according to him, she’s his relative. She started stalking me as soon as I left the office and…”
“Have you slept with her?”
“Have you had sex with her? Tell me the truth, Zach!”
“No, I swear I haven’t. I am a married man and I have never had any reason to be unfaithful. C’mon Queen, you know my schedule and how busy I am. I hardly stay in Lagos and when I do, it’s just for a couple of days and now that you are here with Junior, I rented an apartment for the three of us. We just got back from my father’s burial and if you aren’t the only wife I have, I’d have taken her too but I didn’t. And as for my sisters-in-law, I think it’s a misunderstanding of some sort.”
“I don’t know…honestly Zach, I don’t know what to believe.”
“I swear on my father’s grave that I am telling you the truth and nothing but the truth. Jessica is a sick woman who is obsessed with me and I know that I should have been honest with you but…I wasn’t and I understand if you are angry with me for it but I don’t want you to think that I’m involved in polygamy when I’m not.”
“I have to go…” She said reaching into the back seat of the car to bring out her son.
“I’ll come home once I’m done here…I need to call her brother to come pick her up and I also need to finally put an end to this charade. I can’t lose my marriage over this.” He said sounding very sad.
Queen held her son by the arm.
“I need to lie down and process all you’ve just said to me.” Queen said, taking her son by the hand and walking out of the hospital grounds with him.
As Zach watched them leave, he prayed with all his heart that she’d believed every lie that had come out of his mouth.

Zach stared at the doctor in anger, he didn’t understand why the man was refusing to release his wife.

“Listen to me doctor and listen good, I want my wife transferred as soon as possible. I won’t have her here in this hospital.” He said.
“Sir, your wife is not stable yet and we can’t move her now or it might cause complications.”
“Look, I’ve called my private hospital and they are sending down an ambulance. My wife needs to leave this hospital today.”
“I doubt that you have any concern for your wife at all. She sustained injuries and we’re observing her for internal bleeding.”
“How dare you question my intentions for my wife? How dare you?” Zach spat.
The doctor raised his hands in defeat.
“I did no such thing. I will need you to sign a form stating that you asked for your wife’s transfer even after we’ve told you that she’s unstable.”
“Do whatever you like…I need to get her out of here now!” Zach said, knowing that having Jessica in close proximity to Queen will definitely cause a volcanic eruption.

Jessica struggled to open her eyes, she was in so much pain. ‘What happened?’ she wondered as she looked around the room, she was confined.

“Where am I?” She asked, wincing again in pain.
“Darling…honey…I’m here…” Zach said rushing up to her side.
Jessica looked at him and everything rushed back. She had been in Queen’s house and had discovered that her husband was already a married man, he was not only her friend’s husband but Junior’s father.
“Go away!” She said forcefully, trying so hard not to cry.
“Baby…” He started.
“You will pay for this…I swear you’ll pay…” Jessica cried.
“I had you transferred to a hospital closer to our home…you sustained some injuries but you’re being watched for internal injuries.” He said,
“Get out of here.” She said.
Zach placed his palm on hers and squeezed gently.
“You have every right to be angry…I…have offended you..so badly.” He said and started to cry.
“Leave me alone. I want to see my mom, sisters and my brother…my family…” She gasped.
“I am your family darling…I know that I haven’t been completely honest with you but please forgive me.”
“I thought I was hallucinating…I thought my mind was playing tricks on me…” Jessica wept. “I loved you so much…perhaps my love was too much that you felt so choked and you had to…to…”
“Listen…I married Queen a long time ago…a very long time ago. I know that I haven’t been honest about my true marriage status but…Queen and I…we’re separated and heading towards a divorce. I know I didn’t tell you that I was even married at all but how could I tell the woman I loved so much, more than my myself that I was already married and the divorce wasn’t even final. You are so beautiful…so gorgeous and the day you accepted my proposal was the happiest day of my life. How could I look you in the eye and tell you that I was married and I had a son? I felt that the divorce will be over before the wedding but Queen, being so wicked and cruel, saw how happy my new marriage made me, she vowed that I’d never find happiness and used our son as bait to move to Lagos, start a life here and get me to provide for all their needs.” He cried.
Jessica looked at Zach, she found herself believing him.
“Did she know that I was the one you married? I mean…before today.”
“No..no she didn’t…I hid you from her just like a jeweller hides his most precious stone. I didn’t want her to talk to you or know you and that was why I was surprised when she called me this afternoon and told me venomously that she’d found my wife and that you were already in her grasp. As I ran to the hospital, I swore that I’d commit murder if she even laid a finger on you.” He said looked enraged.
“Queen is my colleague at work, we bonded because we shared the same surname and I confided in her. I was surprised when I went to her house and saw your picture because I had found the receipt of the house you rented for her in your name.”
“That house was rented for my son because she vowed to stay in a hotel for as long as possible and due to my son’s condition, I wanted him to live in a good house.”
“But…Queen…she…she looks so calm and so good.”
“Don’t be deceived by looks. I have been in bondage since I met her, she’s cruel, wicked, false, manipulative and very evil. She has vowed never to grant me a divorce and I am between the devil and the deep blue sea. The only consolation I have now is that I have you…I have…a loving wife in you, Jess…” He said in tears.
Jessica looked at her husband, pity sprang in her eyes. A nurse walked in with the doctor.
“I’d like to examine your wife…” The doctor said.
Zach nodded and said.
“I’ll step out for a while but I’ll be back. You are all that matters to me Jess and I am sorry that I was never honest with you from the beginning. I understand if you want nothing to do with me but please take pity on me and on the fact that I really enjoyed marriage until I married you.”
As he left the hospital room, Jessica’s eyes followed him, she believed all he had said.
Zach shut the door behind him and stared at the hospital floors,
“That was close!”He whispered to himself.
He had been able to sow seeds of confusion in both wives and hopefully, it would take root and grow, thus, clearing them of any doubt they had of him. He brought out his phone and typed a quick text message to Queen.
“My morning sun, I have asked Jessica’s family to come and take her and they have. I am on my way to the airport to cancel my flight to Abuja. I have called my PA but he’s not answering his phone so I have to quickly cancel my flight at the airport. I love you my darling…I can’t think of my life without you. If you leave me, I swear I’d die. I will be with you as soon as I can. Love always and forever, Zach.”
As the message sent, his fingers were crossed.


To be continue…..


  1. OMG, what does Zach think he is sef? How can they stupidly believe him like that? things will definitely come out sooner than expected.


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