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Amelia stood at
the doorstep and raised her hand to knock but she felt weak. It had been a
gruesome two weeks after she had been told that she was free from all charges
of Andy’s murder. Despite the good news, a cloud still loomed above her head
like a shadow and all she wanted was to rewind the hands of the clock and go
back in time.

Back to the time when she ran her business as a make-up artist
and was newly married to George- she wished she had given him everything he
needed in a wife but alas, she hadn’t. Summoning courage, she rapped at the
door, no one answered, she rapped again, still no answer. It was funny how she
never had to knock before entering this house before, this was her matrimonial
home but due to her greed and silliness, she was quickly reduce to the status
of a guest. After the third knock and no one answered, she pushed open the
door, the door slid open to her surprise, ‘how had the house suddenly
become abandoned?’ she asked herself quietly. She entered the sitting room and
saw a young boy of about ten  years old sprawled on the Persian carpet and playing a video
game, the sitting room was noisy as the noise of the game echoed and bounced
against the walls.

“Hello…” Amelia
greeted suddenly puzzled to know who the boy was.
The boy didn’t
reply, he didn’t even flinch, his gaze was focused on the television set.
Amelia walked to him and tapped him.
The boy looked
up and his eyes widened in surprise as he hurriedly stood up and paused the
“Good afternoon
ma.” He greeted.
have been knocking for a while now, I thought no one was home.” Amelia said
“I am sorry
about that ma…there are actually people in the house, my uncle George and I but Uncle george is
asleep in his bedroom.”
“Oh really…”
Amelia’s voice trailed off. “And you are…”
“My name is
Bobo…I live here with my mom.” The boy said.
“You live here?”
ma…err…please wait, let me call uncle George and tell him that you are waiting
for him. Please what is your name?”
“Since when? When did you and your mom start living here?” Amelia asked curiosly.
“It’s been a few weeks, mommy went to the market to get foodstuffs to prepare Uncle George’s favourite meal.” Bobo supplied, then seeing that the lady made no move to reply, he continued. “Who do I say wants to see him?”
“Tell him that
his wife has come home.” Amelia said with a spark of vehemence in her eyes.
The boy seemed
shocked and a bit scared when she made her statement, he dashed off out of the
sitting room and went to George’s room.
George was fast
asleep when he felt someone shake him awake. There was no one in his house that
entered his bedroom unannounced except Bobo, so without opening his eyes, he
“Bobo…I am
trying to sleep. Don’t tell me that you are tired of playing the game alone.”
“No uncle…it’s
just that there is someone here to see you.”
George sat up
and rubbed his eyes, yawning slightly.
“See me? Who?”
“She said that I
should tell you that your wife has come home.” Bobo said matter-of-factly.
It was as if an
electric wire had fallen on George, he instantly jumped off his bed and stormed
out of the room with Bobo in close heels. 
He reached the
sitting room in a matter of minutes to see Amelia standing there, she had
turned off the television set and disconnected the game.
“Awww…no! My
video game!” Bobo complained.
“Bobo…could you
go to your room for a moment, I’ll call you when I’m done.” George said, not
taking his eyes off Amelia.
Bobo did as he
was bid, George felt tongue-tied, he was too angry to speak, Amelia spoke
“I see it took
you no time at all to pick the pieces of your life and move on. How convenient!
And then, you’ll claim that you were such a loving husband…fancy meeting your
new family!”
“What are you
doing here?” George asked.
“You haven’t
answered me George! I have been gone for a month and you’ve already moved in
your new family. When were you intending to tell me about that boy and his
mother who supposedly live in our home and don’t you dare deny it.”
“You’re not even
remorseful…”George said silently.
“Remorseful? I
spent four hours in a cell, locked up for what I didn’t do and I’ve
spent the past month torturing myself about how devastated you must feel. How
wrong I was! You are enjoying your new family and life.”
“What do you
want? This is not your home anymore…”
“Really? Who
said so?”
“I say so…”
“My father
leased us this house, this is my father’s property.”
“And I have paid
the house rent!”
“It’s still his
property and he can kick you out whenever I tell him to.”
“Go ahead, kick
me out but know that my rent has to expire first before I leave…”
“George! After
all your love claims…how stupid I was…I believed you loved me.”
“Don’t go there
Amelia…you were having an affair under my nose and what’s more, you sacrificed
your birthday weekend which I had spent almost all I had as well as my
love, planning and organizing. You sacrificed it all for a weekend of pleasure
with a man whom I’m sure, you fell in love with for his money.”
“You can’t deny
that you’ve cheated on me too and you still are, so what’s the big deal?
Everyone cheats!”
“Not everyone my
dear…I am not part of the percentage of cheaters!” George said.
The door opened
and Demilade walked into the house carrying two heavy bags, it was so obvious
that she was coming from the market. Amelia saw her and clapped her hands,
laughing loudly as she did.
“So this is the
lady…this is the woman who seduced you and whom you’ve decided to replace me
with. She’s not bad-looking but considering my looks, she holds no torch.”
“Atleast she’s a
virtuous woman!” George fired back at her.
That hurt, as
Amelia looked at him with glaring spite, turning to Demilade she said.
“Hello dear…my
name is Amelia, what’s yours?”
“Well Demilade,
I’m sorry to be the one to break this news to you but, the party is over!
George’s wife and real family is back! I believe that the young boy I saw here
is your son, the resemblance is quite uncanny. Please take him along with you…”
“What is the
meaning of this? Get the hell out of my house Amelia!” George ordered.
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“Oooohhh what a
temper! I am scared! Look at me George, take a good look at me. I, Amelia, will
not succumb to your threats, first thing tomorrow, I am moving back in and
that’s final!”
“I don’t think
you know who you are addressing. Look at me Amelia, I will kill you if you step
your dirty legs into my house and life ever again! Now get out before I damage
what is left of you.” George thundered.
Amelia had never
seen George this angry in the years she’s known him, she became suddenly afraid
of him.
“You have not
heard the last of me George, I will drag you down and I don’t care how far I
“Aren’t you
tired of seeing your name in the media already? I was thinking that after such
shameful saga, you’ll be wise enough to dig a hole and hide yourself, same with
your family but since it’s war that you guys want, you will get war! Bring it
on!” George shouted back at her.
Amelia hissed
and stormed out of the house. This wasn’t her plan, her initial plan was to get to
George’s house, shed long and loud tears, regain his sympathy and return to his
home and life but it didn’t seem to be happening, instead, the reverse was the
Amelia burst
into her parents’ house in tears, she rushed into her room and locked herself
up till dinner time.
“Aunt Amelia,
mommy and daddy said you should come downstairs for dinner.” Chioma her
relative said through her closed door.
“Go away! Didn’t
you tell them about my state of mind when I came home this afternoon?” Amelia shouted from
her room.
“I told them and they said that it’s best to leave you alone.” Chioma said.
“I’ll be down in
twenty minutes.” Amelia said briskly.
Chioma left to
inform Amelia’s parents. Twenty five minutes later, while Amelia’s parents were
already half-way through their meal, Amelia walked in and they both stopped and
She looked
incredibly beautiful in her white palazzo pants with a crop top in the matching
“Oh my God!
Amelia? Is this my daughter?” Amelia’s mom said rushing to hug her.
“Yes mum…it’s
me.” Amelia said smiling.
“I am so proud
of you dear daughter.” Her father said in smiles as he too hugged her.
Amelia hugged
her parents and after the hugs sat down to eat.
“This a feast.
Chioma! Tell the steward to bring me the best wine in my bar!” Amelia’s dad
said in joy.
Chioma who was
hovering at a corner immediately rushed off.
“I am so glad!
Do you know how happy I am? My daughter is back to her old self.” Amelia’s
mother said.
“Yes mum and for
a good cause too.” Amelia said.
“A good cause?”
her parents echoed.
“Yes…I want to
win my husband back, by fire or by force!” Amelia said firmly.
They had just
finished eating dinner and Rose was clearing the dishes.
“Thank you for a
wonderful meal…I wonder how you do this…it’s like you’ve got domestic
chores all figured out!” George said.
“I guess I
learnt from my mom, when I was younger, I used to be the one in charge of the
house whenever she had to go to the market or anywhere so I learnt domestic responsibilities
at an early age.” Demilade said.
Bobo cracked a
bone and eyed his mother and George.
“Are you Bingo?”
George asked playfully.
Bobo nodded and
continued cracking the chicken bone.
“Did you tell
your mom things of the past so that she can recover her memories easier?”
George asked.
“That’s a good
idea…I never thought of it.” Demilade said excitedly.
“Didn’t he tell
you? I thought I told him to do that. Bobo…why didn’t you do as I asked?”
George asked sternly.
“I’m sorry…I
guess I got carried away…” Bobo apologized.
“By video games
I’m sure…” George supplied.
“Yes…I’ll tell
her later…I promise.”
“Why don’t you
tell me now?” Demilade said.
“Really? I don’t
need to be here you know…I could leave if you want…” George said.
“Ofcourse not!
Please stay…” Demilade pleaded.
“Well…I remember
that mommy used to cry so much because she was alone with me and there was no
one to support her. It wasn’t really a good past…” Bobo said solemnly.
George stared at
Bobo and at Demilade, Demilade fell silent, the air was awkward.
“Is that all you
remember? There must have been some good times…”George asked.
“Maybe it was
when we went to my grandparents or uncles and aunties houses for parties and
mommy will pack a lot of leftover food that would feed us for weeks. Mommy and I used to be happy about that.” Bobo
There was
silence, the air was getting too uncomfortable.
“But there must
have been some good times…can’t you remember any?” Demilade asked her son.
“Honestly mom,
this is the happiest we’ve ever been! Right here, in uncle George’s house.
Since you lost your memory and started living here, you’ve started smiling a
lot more and I like it…” Bobo said.
bedtime now…” George said changing the subject.
“Good night mom,
Uncle George…” Bobo said and packing his dishes, he headed out of the sitting
“Don’t listen to
him…you know how kids can be…I guess he’s just talking you know…” Demilade said
in a shaky voice.
“There’s a truth
to what he’s saying…” George said silently.
“Then maybe it’s a good thing that the past remains in the past. Goodnight George…” Demilade said
briskly and left the dining room.

George remained
seated and stared at the clock, curious to know what really went wrong in
Demilade’s past and forgetting all about Amelia’s confrontation, that


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