Stella ate her food and looked up to see her friend staring
at her.
“What?” She asked with her mouth full.
“You are strange…what’s up?” Rhoda asked.
Stella swallowed, drank some water and said.
“Duncan wants me.”

“Duh! Is that not what has been on the plate for weeks now?”
“Madu and I are working on living happily. We are both
struggling to …you know…”
“Abeg stop talking like you don’t have any sense. How can
you compare a Personal assistant husband to a General Manager who has shares in
our company and a lot of other companies? Duncan is rich, he’s wealthy, he’s
single and he’s so in love with you.”
“Love? Are we talking love already? Listen Rhoda, I have a
daughter, I don’t want her caught up in the middle of this all and…”
“And what? This man bought you a beautiful Rolex watch on
your birthday, he gave you money and what did your husband get you? Nothing!
Face it! Madu is useless!”
“Hey, don’t insult him okay…he tries so hard.”
“Look at you Stella, you are one of the hardest working
staff of our company yet most of our other married colleagues live better than
you do. Your husband has brought you so low that you now rub shoulders with the
dirt. You are worth more baby! You are worth thousands of diamonds, you are a
“So, if I accept to date Duncan…what happens to Madu?”
“What happens to him? I don’t care…if he can leave the
marriage with head held high, then fine.”
“I don’t want to end my marriage. I still want to be…”
“Married to him? What if Duncan wants to marry you? Listen
to me, we only have one life to live. Don’t pretend as though Madu is a saint
and that he has always been a provider because he hasn’t! Just weeks ago, you
got home to an empty and hopeless situation. Months ago, you paid your daughter’s
school fees, the house rent, bills and many more. Don’t think his job as a
glorified secretary is going to change things. You are settling for less and
the earlier you learn to embrace your womanhood and stop eating from hand to
mouth, the better for you.”
“You’re right Rhoda. With Duncan, I feel like a little girl
in love, I feel pampered, spoiled and genuinely loved but with Madu, love has
become a chore and I don’t want that. I’m still young and I can love again and
live again.”
“That’s my girl…live…love…be free.”
Stella giggled and said.
“He wants us to meet after work today…he says I’m avoiding
him.” She blushed.
“Lookatew! Blushing like a school girl…”
“Well, I think I’d give this a shot and see how it goes and
if it doesn’t work, I’ll let it go and Madu doesn’t need to know.”
“Good! Date him and if he’s not what you expected, let him
“Cheers to that!” Stella said lifting up her glass of water
to Rhoda. Rhoda lifted hers up and they clicked their glasses and giggled some
Try as he may, Madu could not shake the fear of what his
aunt had said away from his mind. He stood up from his desk and walked down the
empty hall way, downstairs and outside to the warehouse. He strode up to the
large building under the hot sun and was stopped by a voice.
“Madu!” A female voice called out to him.
He turned, it was Kate, she was the front desk secretary.
“Kate…how are you?”
“I am fine, where are you headed?”
“I just wanted to check the warehouse…” Madu said.
“Check the warehouse? But that’s not part of your job, that
place is out of bounds to everyone who doesn’t have anything to do there.”
“Why? I just want to know what in there…”
The secretary shrugged and said.
“I’ll be at my desk. Is Kamsi coming today?”
“Yes as always.” He said.
“You’re doing a good job with that girl, she’s so well
“I can’t take all the credit, her mom is also part of it
Kate smiled and walked back to the office building. Madu
turned back and headed over to the warehouse, he stopped at the entrance. The
heavy iron gate was locked with a huge key so he rounded over to the back. He
saw a small door and pushed it open and walked in. The large warehouse was
filled from top to bottom with books of different kind.
“Do we manufacture books?” Madu asked aloud.
He picked up one of the books on the ground and it was a
novel like any other, he was puzzled. If the warehouse where they kept the
so-called goods which they manufactured was filled with books written by different
authors, then what did they manufacture?
He walked deeper into the warehouse and his foot kicked a
carton and something spilled. 
Everywhere was quite dark since the lights of the
warehouse was not on so he slipped his hand into his back pocket and brought
out his phone. He turned on his flashlight and flashed it on the ground. He
gasped as he stared at the whitish substance, he closed his eyes in defeat
because he knew what it was.
 Mitch walked into the
house, he was stressed, he had spent the whole day at his desk since Cherry had
said she wasn’t ready to leave her office to get lunch with him and he had left
the office bound home feeling miserable because she was too swamped with work
and had decided to work a little longer at the office while he had to go home.
He recalled getting into the bus tiredly when he’d felt a
tap on his shoulder, he’d looked back and was shocked to see Diamond.
“Diamond! What a pleasant surprise?” He’d said.
“Yes it is…is your office in the area?” She asked.
“Yes…it’s not too far from here. You?”
“Well, we have many companies and staff are mostly shuffled.
I used to work in a farther branch but I was moved here last week.”
“Wow…who would have thought? Why didn’t you wait for your
sister? You know she got a company car…”
Diamond’s eyes had widened as she’d stared at him.
“A company car?” She’d asked.
“Yes, she told me today and I’m really proud of my
babe…she’s such a hard worker.”
Diamond nodded and said nothing but her facial expression
said a lot.
“What’s wrong?” He’d asked.
“Nothing…I’m happy for my sister.”
“I understand how you feel Diamond, you see, Angel got a car
and she’s younger than I am. I understand the pressure especially when one sibling
seems to outshine the other.”
“No, that’s not how I feel. Cherry and I are twins and we
don’t have the same goals.” She’d said.
“I know you’d like to have a car, even if it’s a company
one.” He’d said.
Diamond smiled and after staring at him for quite a while,
she’d said.
“Mitch, always try to investigate things before rounding up
Now, as he stepped into his family house he saw his mother
in the sitting room, he walked past her without greeting.
“Mitch!” She called out.
“What mom?” He answered.
“You’ve avoided me for weeks now, you don’t even greet me
and I’m your mother.”
“You are not the only family I have.” Mitch said. “And you
disrespected a family I consider as mine.” He replied and walked off towards
his room.
Stella walked into the hotel lobby and gave the receptionist
her name and the room number she was going to. Soon, she found herself upstairs
headed towards room 306. She knocked at the door and Duncan answered. She
gasped when she saw him, he was standing at the door, dripping wet as though he’d
just stepped out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around his waist. Stella’s
throat suddenly went dry, she didn’t know what came over her but the kind of
passion she felt at that moment was intense.
“C’mon in…” He said with a smile.
Stella walked into the room and Duncan shut the door behind
her. As soon as she stepped into the room, she saw the loveliest rose petals scattered
on the floors and at the center of the bed. There was a bottle of champagne in
the ice bucket, and a small table with two chairs and a dinner for two.
“You’re going to have to shower.” He said in a seductive
The air conditioning hit her skin and she suddenly wanted to
feel warm, she nodded like a lizard and smiled.
Duncan went into the bathroom to run a warm bath for her and
soon, she walked into the bathroom, shut the door behind her, shrugged out of
her clothes and sunk into the bath tub. It felt like heaven, the warm water did
so much to her body that there and then she wanted to be possessed. Soon, she
stepped out of the water and slipped into a robe and stepped out.
Duncan saw her come out of the bathroom and smiled.
“You’re a brave little one…I half expected you to come out
here with all your clothes on.”
“Well, I’m full of surprises…” She said with a smile.
“Yes you are and I love that…” He said and took two
strides towards her.
He swooped her into his arms and when she didn’t protest, he
took her straight to the bed.


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