Cherry stood outside Mitch’s house, she stood at a safe
distance just incase one of his sisters appeared to shoo her away. She stared
at her phone and dialled his number, it wasn’t connecting so she kept dialling.
She was still dialling his number when the gate to the house opened and Mitch
stepped out holding on to one crutch, she took a step forward but stopped when
a female joined him. It was her sister. Cherry opened her mouth and stared in
complete confusion.

Mitch and Diamond stood outside the gate, chatting and
laughing like old friends, they spoke at length and when Cherry thought their
conversation was nearing its end, Angel stepped out of the house and they all
began their conversation again, laughing like old friends. Cherry felt crushed
and betrayed how could her sister go behind her back and offer her friendship
to Mitch? She hoped what she was thinking wasn’t true and that Diamond had only
gone to visit Angel as she had said earlier. Soon, Angel walked up to a car
which was parked outside and got in, Diamond followed but not before giving
Mitch a hug. As the car drove off, Mitch waved at them and just as he was about
to turn towards the house, Cherry jumped out of hiding and rushed up to him.
Mitch had just had a beautiful time with Diamond, they had
spent a few hours at the beach and later returned home where Angel had cooked a
special meal of fried yam and fried fish which they’d all eaten and conversed.
He had just opened the gate when he heard a familiar voice.
“Mitch!” The voice called out, it sounded desperate and full
of pleas.
The voice once used to make Mitch’s heart turn to jelly but
now, it made his blood run cold. Mitch turned and stared at Cherry.
“Mitch, I…how are you? You look so good…” Cherry said as
she hurried up towards him.
Mitch still didn’t reply, he stared at her as though she was
a demon that had just been released from the pits of hell.
“I wish I could right my past mistakes but…I can assure
you that everything that happened wasn’t my fault. I honestly wanted to marry
you but the situation was beyond my control…” She said to him.
Mitch turned towards the gate and made to go in but her
voice stopped him.
“Please Mitch…hear me out. You’re not going to throw our
love into the dirt….please…”
“What do you want?” Mitch asked her.
“I …want your forgiveness…” Cherry said.
“I have forgiven.” He said.
Cherry smiled as though she’d just won the lottery.
“Thank you so much…thank God, do you know my heart pounded
in my chest as I journeyed to this place? Thank you for having the best heart
ever.” Cherry said.
Mitch didn’t respond, he walked into the compound and turned
to lock the gate behind him but Cherry was there by the gate, she placed her
foot as a barrier.
“Can we talk?” She pleaded.
“Have you buried your dead?” He asked with an unreadable
expression on his face.
“No…I mean, it’s being taken care of by his family…”
“Aren’t you his family?” Mitch asked.
“Not anymore…” Cherry said with a small smile.
“Goodnight Cherry and please do not come back here again.”
He said stiffly.
“I know you’re worried about me and what your family might
do when they see me but I’m not really scared. I made a mistake and I came to
“And I have accepted your apologies.” He said.
“You’re so good Mitch, you’re so good.” She said.
Mitch nodded and slammed the gate shut, locking it from
inside. Cherry stood there, not knowing what to make of their conversation.
Madu stared at his aunt’s missed calls, he was so tired,
angry and confused. He dialled his aunt’s number and watched it ring.
“Madu! Where have you been? I have been calling you for
hours.” His aunt said to him over the phone.
“I was busy…” He said.
“Too busy to pick my calls?” She asked.
“Auntie…what is it now?” He asked, still confused over his
daughter’s disappearance.
“Anyway, I was calling because someone wanted to talk to you
but I am almost in Lagos now so, we should see soon.”
“You are…what?” Madu asked in a shaky voice.
“We just passed Shagamu.” Aunt Scholastica said.
“Huh? You just passed gini?” Madu asked in shock.
“Why do you sound so surprised? I have been planning to
visit you in Lagos for a while now…” She said.
Madu scratched his head in confusion, his aunt was going to
go to his former place and he wasn’t there and also, he couldn’t leave Anita’s
place without his daughter.
“Auntie why didn’t you tell me?”
“Biko…free me! I wanted to come and I’m almost in Lagos.
You should be jumping for joy that your aunt is coming to see you.” She said.
“It’s already almost seven pm, how come you’re still on your
way? Didn’t you leave early?” He asked.
“That was the reason I was calling…someone wanted to speak
to you but since you weren’t answering your calls, he had his son drive me to
Lagos so that we could pick you up and bring you to the village tomorrow.”
“What are you talking about auntie?” Madu asked.
“It’s a long story but I’ll tell you when I see you.” She
Madu rubbed his head and groaned in frustration.
“Are you okay?” His aunt asked.
“Yes…I’m fine…”
“So you’ll be expecting me?”
“Yes ma…yes…I will.” He said and hung up.
Stella served Duncan his dinner and watched him dig in, she couldn’t
believe it. Here he was, being so possessive of her and making sure her life
revolved around him yet, he was dating Rhoda, the woman she thought was her friend,
the lady she confided in. She closed her eyes in disbelief and when she opened
them, Duncan was staring at her.
“Are you ill?” He asked her.
“I feel a bit dizzy…” She lied.
She was thankful that no one knew that her sister had paid
her a visit, even Rhoda had no idea of that. She’d told the security men at the
gate that her sister was her earring supplier.
“I heard that you welcomed a visitor here today.” He said.
“Oh yes, my earring supplier came calling…she err…we
bumped into eachother the last time I went to the supermarket and she wanted to
show me some new earrings she had in stock. I couldn’t refuse so I asked her to
come. Remember that the company is having a dinner party and I wanted to pick
the accessories for the event.”
“What dinner party?” He asked.
“The shareholders dinner event, the one that is always
hosted at the banquet hall. I kinda saw the invite in your drawer and felt that
I was going too.”
“You’re not coming with me.” He said to her.
Stella nodded and said.
“Okay? Is that it? Aren’t you going to protest?” He asked
looking at her as though expecting an unpleasant reaction.
“Protest? Oh no, I errr…if you don’t want me to come with
you, then I won’t.” She said.
“Well, I don’t want you to come with me for various reasons.
The first is that you’re not a working class woman. You see, the dinner event
is for sophisticated and upwardly mobile people and if the men are bringing
their partners, they are also career-women and sophisticated ones too. Why do
you feel I’ll take you to such event? Do you want me to be embarrassed? I’m not
ready to have you tell people that you’ve been delegated to the kitchen.” He said.
Stella stared at Duncan in disbelief, she couldn’t believe
that this was the same man who’d wooed her and had her swooning, now he made
her want to throw up.
“Okay…” She simply said.
Duncan looked at her as though waiting for her to cry but
when he saw no signs of it, he said.
“You’re trash you know? You don’t deserve to sleep beside
me, infact, you should move out of my room to the boysquarters and sleep there
with the help.” He said.
Stella grew angry.
“I have a home, and I’d rather return there.” She said.
“Hahahahaahaha…” He threw his head back and laughed. “What
home are you talking about? Do you mean that shabby place you shared with your delinquent
husband and imbecilled daughter?”
Stella stared at him in horror.
“Don’t you dare insult my daughter!”
Dunca stood up from his chair like an enraged animal and grabbed
her, squeezing her neck with his palm.
“How dare you speak to me in such manner?” He thundered.
“Let me go…Duncan…let me go…” She cried.
“I’ll talk about anyone linked to you the way I please…I’ll
treat you the way I want you to be treated and you don’t have an opinion about
that. Am I understood?” He spat.
Stella nodded and he suddenly released his hold from her
neck. She stood there staring at him shakily and he suddenly smiled at her and
held open his arms to her for an embrace.
“C’mon darling, don’t take me serious…you know I’m madly
in love with you…” He said pulling her into his arms for a hug.
Stella breathed fast, she knew she needed to get out of this
psycho’s house as fast as she could before he killed her.
Diamond was in her room humming to a tune from the radio
when her door was pushed open and Cherry walked in.
“Hey…are you angry with the door? Couldn’t you just open
in quietly?” Diamond asked.
Cherry stared at Diamond in hate.
“How dare you? You whore! You good for nothing slut!” She
“Exucse me?” Diamond said turning to look behind her to see
if Cherry was addressing the curtains or something.
“Don’t you dare pretend with me…I can see through your
pretences!” Cherry spat.
“Cherry, are you okay?”
“I saw you with Mitch today, you were flaunting yourself and
throwing yourself at him.” Cherry said.
“Are you a monitoring spirit?” Diamond asked.
“If you know what’s good for you Diamond, leave my husband
“Your what? Did you just call Mitch your husband? Cherry,
are you sick in the head?” Diamond asked.
“I spoke to Mitch and he’s willing that we start from
scratch and I won’t let a prostitute like you get in our way so back off.”
“Mitch wants you back?” Diamond asked in mockery.
“Yes he does, why is that so strange?”
“Okay darling sister…” Diamond said pulling out her night
wear from her wardrobe.
“Stay away!” Cherry warned.
“Goodnight, I’m about to go to sleep. Please shut the door
behind you, I’m not in the mood for rubbish.”
“We’ll see who’s talking rubbish at the end of the day.
Mitch is mine and I’m getting him back.”
“I thought you mentioned that he’s your husband already, why
are you getting him back when he’s already yours?” Diamond asked.
Cherry stared at her sister with so much anger and turning
on her heels, she stormed out of Diamond’s bedroom. Diamond walked up to her
door and bolted it shut.
To be continued tomorrow….
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