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It felt like the world had suddenly become too hot for
Ngozi, she was sweating profusely and shaking at the same time. ‘What was
happening?’ She asked herself as she stared at the two identical men standing
before her. She had fainted initially when she saw them but was revived by
Nduka and his brother and carried up into the house.

“What’s going on? Nduka how come you’re a twin and you never
told me?” Ngozi glared accusingly at the two faces trying to identify which was
“My baby…I am so sorry…I wonder why I never did. This is
Moses Nze, my brother, we normally call him Nze and we’re really close.”
“I am so shocked and I…” Ngozi stammered.
“C’mon…why are you acting like you have seen a ghost? We’re
just twins…not dragons…” Moses chuckled trying to make her laugh.
“How do you expect me to react? I am angry that Nduka didn’t
tell me about you and …and here you are looking like…like…” Ngozi said panting
heavily. “I…can’t breathe…it’s like I’m having a panic attack…” Ngozi choked.
Nduka hurriedly pulled her into his arms, he kissed her and
whispered reassuring words into her ears.
“It’s okay baby…I am here for you…” He murmured.
“Are you serious? Nduka, how could you keep this as a
secret?” Ngozi said while freeing herself from his arms and turning to face the
both men.
“Is this a joke or what? Are you really upset because you
found out that your fiancé is a twin? Give me a break.” Moses said offhandedly.
“No! You give me a break! You can’t just barge into my house
in such outlandish manner.” Ngozi started.
Moses was shocked, ‘how does his brother cope with this kind
of woman?’ He asked himself.
“Excuse me? This is my brother’s house and the last time I checked,
you aren’t married to him. Please send your issues someplace else because I do
not have time for women like you.” Moses snapped.
“How dare you? Moses! How dare you speak to my woman like
that?” Nduka thundered, turning to give Moses a sound slap on his cheek.
Moses didn’t know what startled him more, whether it was his
brother’s slap or Ngozi’s attitude. Moses instantly reciprocated, he threw back
a strong punch and the two brothers fell to the floor in a huge fight.
Ngozi watched them fight, something told her to separate
them while something else told her to sit and watch the fight to see who’ll
win. She chose the latter.

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“Can you imagine the embarrassment?” Ade was screaming.
Emeka stood and watched her talk, besides that was all she
loved to do, talk and talk some more.
“I have never been more humiliated in my entire life and do
you know what? She was standing outside your door for hours before you arrived.
Who is she?” Ade asked.
“I am really tired and I need to atleast drop my laptop bag
and remove my clothing before answering all your questions.” He paused a while
and asked. “Are you sleeping over?”
“What do you think?” Ade spat.
“I guessed as much.” Emeka replied and ignoring her, he
walked out of the sitting room to the bedroom where he removed his clothing.
Ade walked behind him and watched him undress.
“Is this all you are going to say? Emeka!”
“Are those the first words a woman says to her man after a
long day?” Emeka asked.
“I was at work too in case you don’t recall.” Ade spat.
“Ade, you need to drop the attitude.” Emeka warned.
“Drop what? Do I have an attitude? A lady came into this
house threatening that you will marry her and bearing in her hands a large
basket of food and I’m telling you and you aren’t even listening.” Ade shouted.
“Ohhhh…what reply do you expect from me? Atleast, the lady
brought food and what did you bring? Insults, anger and ….Infact, I’d like to
be alone.” Emeka said.
“Are you serious? Emeka! You would like what? We just had a
small spat and we haven’t spoken for two days…”
“We have spoken…I called you to invite you for dinner and
you stood me up.” Emeka said, facing her with tired eyes.
“I was busy and besides…I told you that I wasn’t coming…”Ade
“Ade…please can I get some rest? I have had such a long,
stressful and tiring day at work coupled with some bad news…I really don’t have
time to talk about this issue.”
“Really…so you can’t tell me about the lady that came to
your house in the bid to seduce you.”
“A lot of ladies try to seduce me…and the fact is, they wouldn’t
succeed else I give in…”
“So you gave in right? That’s what you are saying…” Ade
“Didn’t you hear me say that I received a very bad news
today? Couldn’t you ask what it is?” Emeka said, his voice cracking in the
“I have received bad news today too…I was given a query at
work and I left early to …come to your place but instead, I see a stupid woman
standing comfortably in my territory. What other bad news could there be?” Ade
asked angrily.
Emeka shook his head and exhaled, promising himself not to
respond to any other word she utters, he rids himself of his clothing and goes
into the bathroom, locking the door behind him.
“Emeka! I am leaving you…do you hear me? This is over! Whatever
we have shared is over! I can’t believe that you have been cheating on me and
have no dignity to deny it…”Ade said as pain laced through her voice. With
tears blinding her, she stormed out of his room, picked up her bag from the
sitting room sofa and left the house. She banged the door so hard that the
noise was heard miles away.
Emeka who had turned on the shower and let the noise drown
her voice, wiped off the water glistening down his body and stepped out of the
shower. He entered his room to see that Ade had left and when he was about to
pull out his pajamas from the wardrobe, his phone vibrated. He went to pick it
up from his trouser pocket and seeing the caller ID, he answered the call.
“Hi…it’s me Nkechi.” The voice said on the line.
“Hey…what’s up?” Emeka asked.
“You sound sad…are you alright?” Nkechi asked.
At that moment, as soon the words he had been waiting for
was uttered, Emeka’s eyes filled up with tears.
“I…am…okay. How are you?”
“I’m fine but you don’t sound too good. I cooked something
nice for you and stopped by your house but you weren’t there…” She said.
“I received really bad news today….my dad is very sick and …we
are afraid that he’s…” Emeka’s voice cut as he used his free palm to wipe the
tears that was falling from his eyes.
“Oh my God…is he going to be okay? I am coming over right
now! You shouldn’t be alone at this time…” Nkechi said.
Emeka nodded and hung up. He sat on the bed and let the
tears flow.
Nkechi hastily jumped out of the taxi which had been sitting
right across Emeka’s house for the past three hours. The food was already cold
but she had every intention of microwaving it. Crossing the street hastily, she
made her way into Emeka’s compound.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Hank had asked
her that morning, when she had confided in him that she wasn’t going to work.
“Yep!” Henrietta had smiled breezily at her brother.
“Did you call your boss?”
“I sent her a text message. Why the long face?”
“I feel you are throwing your career away for a relationship
which I think, is not…”
“Don’t go there Hank…I need your support every step of the
way…I don’t want you to doubt that my relationship with Jonathan would work.”
Henrietta had said.
“What’s in the suitcase?” Hank had asked.
“Something…some documents…I think…”
“Where are you going to…now, I mean?”
“Errr…Jonathan’s friend is taking me to the place where I’d
deliver the suitcase.” Henrietta had replied.
“Good luck then.” Hank had said.
Now, as Henrietta held the suitcase tightly in her grasp and
watched the driver take her to an unknown destination, she couldn’t help but
wish strongly for the luck that her brother had sent her way.
Early that morning, Jonathan had called her and had
instantly given her the address of one of his friends at Ojota. She had
withdrawn an extra five thousand naira for taxi cab inorder to transport
herself to Ojota. On reaching the place, Jonathan’s friend who was known simply
as Debee had placed her into a car to an unknown destination where she was
supposed to go for capturing. Jonathan had booked an eight pm flight to Dubai
for her and he told her that her Dubai visa would be ready before sundown.
Henrietta trusted him.
The drive was taking so long and from the road signs, it was
obvious that they were far from Lagos state.
“Oga…abeg, where we dey go?” Henrietta politely asked the
“We wan do ya capturing.” The driver replied.
“It’s almost three pm and we have been riding for hours…besides,
there’s no service on my phone and I can’t contact anyone.”
“We don dey near the place.” The driver answered bluntly.
Henrietta relaxed a bit by his reply but she was still
feeling uneasy. Suddenly, they made a quick turn into a small village and soon
they were at their destination.
“Can I quickly pee?” Henrietta asked.
The driver looked at her suspiciously and gestured towards
the bushes beside the abandoned-looking house that they had stopped at.
“Thank you.” Henrietta murmured and rummaging through her
bag, she quickly found tissue paper and alighting from the car she made her way
to the bushes to pee. She was already down to business when she heard voices coming
from the far side of the bushes.
“Baba don come…e carry merchandise.” One male voice was
“Hope say she dey okay because, the last girl be like pesin
wey wan die.” Said another male voice.
“Na Pakolo bring am na…Pakolo nor dey carry anyhow girl. I
hear say she fresh like fish but the important thing be say, she be virgin.”
One of the men was saying.
“Na true? Virgin nor dey again ooo…abi im test am first?”
Another one asked.
“She open mouth tell am…nor be all these girls wey dey jump
for money like say nothing dey. She see fine motor and clean guy…na so she wan
die for dia.”
The men laughed loud.
“She go die ni…but de proper way…we must settle baba driver
first then, attack the girl. Doctor call ooo…he talk say, big clients full
ground. The ones wey need heart transplant don plenty full ground.” The first
male was saying.
“Hmmm…na the kidneys be the better part. We fit get one
hundred thousand naira each for those organs.” Another man expressed.
Henrietta’s mouth was wide open in shock, her knees shook
terribly and she was beginning to see stars.
“But first of all…we go do the usual na…we must sample de
goods atleast, dem nor dey sell woman vagina join.” The second man said.
“Woman nor go kee you…” Another man said and laughed.

At that point, Henrietta rolled to the ground in a faint.


  1. Henrietta ehaff enter ham. c what long throat has caused. sad what all this girls do for money in the real world. May God help us.
    Ade is something else.
    as for Nkechi I don't even know what to say.
    Well done Ada.


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