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Isaac knew he liked her, the way she walked, talked, smiled
and even frowned, he was just driving out of his house when he spotted her
alighting from a bike at the entrance of the estate. He stopped the car and
waited till she tried walking past his building before honking, she didn’t look
up in recognition, instead she kept walking as though she had the world on her

“Helllllllooooo…” He beckoned as he stuck his head out of
the car window.
Grace turned and sighing audibly she walked back towards
“Am I hallucinating or are you avoiding me?” Isaac asked
with a hint of laughter in his voice.
“Avoiding you? How? Isaac please, I’ve had a long day, if
you have nothing reasonable to say, please let me go.”
“I don’t remember tying you to my vehicle.” Isaac said.
Grace gave him a killer glare and turned to walk away.
“Sorry dear…please come back…” Isaac begged.
“What do you want?” Grace asked, turning back.
“Why are babes like this? You girls love to play hard to get
“For the last time, what do you want? Isaac Mobola-Jacobs?”
“Some of your time…”
“I gave you that already! We spent sometime together working
on the estate project…”
“Well…I only came to your place once, don’t make it sound
like we spend every waking minute together…not that I’d object to that you
know…” He smiled.
“I hate you…I hope you know that.” Grace supplied.
“Such strong emotion…I love the way you express yourself.”
“Please I need to go in to the house, have a shower, and …”
“Be off again from dusk till dawn? I know what’s up your
sleeves girl!”
Grace’s heart skipped a beat. Did he really know? Was he
trailing her?
“Ex…ex…cuse me?” Grace stammered.
“I’ll understand if you have a man in your life but don’t push
me away…” He said, a bit more sincere, now.
“You are funny…” Grace said, finding the courage to laugh.
“C’mon…listen to the voice of a lonely dude…” He cajoled.
“Okay…what do you propose?”
“Why don’t I pick you up tomorrow at seven for dinner.”
“That sounds nice.”
“Thank you for accepting…” Isaac said.
‘You’re welcome…” Grace answered and smiling slightly, she
walked away.
Isaac stared at her retreating form, there was something
about her that drew her strongly to him and he knew that in a matter of time,
she’ll be his.
Kehinde cooked dinner with extra care, making sure that the
aroma tempted everyone to eat, she had decided to make peace with Babz, besides
he was her husband and alienating him could lead to his growing affection for
Kehinde. The stew was ready and she turned off the fire, quietly she tiptoed to
the window to see if anyone was there watching her and later to the door to see
if it was properly closed. Then, bringing out the small sachet of powder from
her pocket, she scooped out some stew into a bowl and poured the whole contents
into it and stirred with a small match stick on the kitchen counter. Smiling
to herself, she glanced at the sachet again, which had the boldly inscribed
words ‘RAT EXTERMINATOR’ and opening the garbage bin, she threw it inside and
shut it close.
When her friend had made the suggestion to her in the
afternoon, she had been so impatient to try it out so she had to get a rat poison
which was obtainable from the local stores in the area.
The door to the kitchen opened and Kehinde startled.
“This stew smells nice.” Demilade says appreciatively as
soon as she enters the kitchen.
“Thank you so much…this is my way of saying I’m sorry for
the bad way I treated you.”
“No…please don’t apologize aunty Kehinde…you have been so
kind to me.”
“Why don’t you go to the dining while I serve dinner?”
“I really want to help you, can I assist with the serving?”
Kehinde smiled slyly.
“Ofcourse you can…here’s your stew, I’ve already scooped it
out.” Kehinde said.
“Thank you very much ma.”
“Do you know if my husband is ready to eat yet?”
“He is still in the bedroom, should I knock to ask him?”
“Sure you can…but first, take your stew to the sitting room,
would you like some Efo?”
“Yes please…”
“Okay, I’ll scoop it out with the rice.”
“Thank you, God bless you ma.” Demilade said as she takes
the stew out of the kitchen.
“Idiot! Bastard! She wants to snatch my husband! Let’s see
if her dead body can do that! Rubbish!” Kehinde murmured under her breath.
Demilade soon returns from the dinning and Kehinde gives her
the plate of rice and vegetables. She follows her closely behind with a huge
tray of food. They both enter the dining room together, Babz is already seated,
eagerly anticipating his meal, Kehinde stops in alarm, Demilade’s plate of stew
is no more on the table.
“Where is Demilade’s stew?” Kehinde asks rather alarmed.
“Oh…was that Demilade’s stew?” Babz asked.
“Answer my question and stop saying rubbish.” Kehinde said
already tensed.
“Should my question warrant insults?”
“Where is it? I hope you didn’t eat it, it’s not meant for
you.” Kehinde supplied rather quickly.
“I saw the plate on the table and I though it’s Godzilla’s
plate, so I took it to him outside, isn’t that his dish?.” Babs asked.
“Godzilla? My dog, Godzilla! The one my father gave me for
my birthday four years ago.”
“Yes, why are you giving me the dogs details?”
Kehinde hastily dropped the tray on the dinning table and
rushed out of the dining room.
“I am sorry…I didn’t know it was yours…” Babs said to
“It’s okay…” Demilade replied.
“You can help yourself to more stew from the kitchen.”
“No…you know what? I just realized that I’m not hungry…”
Demilade said and turning on her heels she left the dining room and went to the
kitchen. Opening the back door, she tiptoed outside towards the dog cage, she
heard Kehinde’s voice and inched closer to hear what she was saying.
“Oh no, Godzilla! Don’t tell me you finished the stew…but it
wasn’t meant for you…it wasn’t meant for you…” Kehinde sobbed.
The dog made small whining noises as he scratched himself
and smacked his lips. At that point, fear seized Demilade, something told her,
the stew was poisoned.
In truth, Godzilla died at eleven forty-five pm, that
same night.
Amelia was dropped off infront of the bus park, it was
already late in the evening and she was already exhausted. The incident that
happened at the hotel room was too much of a nightmare. ‘Where have
I gone wrong? Is this how big the punishment for adultery is?’ she asked
herself for the umpteenth time. She remembered standing there for a while and
then falling to her knees in tears, she couldn’t scream or call out for help as
it would put her in more trouble. Instead, she hurriedly ran to the bathroom to
wash her face, changed her clothes, took her gadgets, ransacked Andy’s wallet
for money and fled for her life. She had managed to sneak past the receptionist
at the lobby only to meet the hotel security who had asked her if she was
checking out but she had lied that she had to quickly meet up with a friend.
She took a taxi cab from the hotel and inorder to cover up her tracks she had
asked that the cab driver took her to a restaurant as soon as he dropped her
off there, she hailed another taxi which took her to the bus park where she
hoped to return to Nigeria.
“Good evening madam, can I help you?” A male voice asked.
Amelia turned around quickly and stared at him as if he had
said, ‘you are arrested for the murder of Andy’.
“Good…evening…” She stammered.
“Can I help you? Do you want to book transportation to
Nigeria?” He asked.
She hinted a slight igbo accent and asked.
“Are you Nigerian? Are you Igbo?”
“Yes…I am , my name is Chinedu.”
“Nice to meet you Chinedu…my name is …Amaka…I err…want to
board a bus to Lagos.” Amelia lied.
“Yes please…”
“We don’t operate night buses…you can come back in the
morning but buy your ticket today so as to avoid missing the first bus.”
“Ha…but it’s urgent that I return today…” Amelia said in a
shaky voice.
“We don’t do night services…did you lodge in a hotel?”
“Why…why do you ask?”
“I am asking because you might have to go back there to
spend the night and come back tomorrow.”
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry…I err…stayed with a friend and she had to travel this
afternoon to Congo…” Amelia lied impressed with herself at her lies.
“Hmmm…then you might want to book a hotel, the bus park has
one. It’s quite dingy so don’t expect so much luxury but I suggest you stay
there so that you can catch the first flight back to Lagos tomorrow.”
“Thank you so much…I hope it’s not too expensive, I’m a bit
short on Cedis…”
“It’s not expensive…if you have naira on you, I can help you
find money changers, they will help change your money to Cedis.”
“Thank you…you are so kind…” Amelia thanked.
“I hope you have your passport, because you won’t be allowed
to travel without it.” He asked.
Amelia froze, in a haste to leave the hotel, she had left
her ECOWAS passport in the hotel room. At that moment, she knew that she was in
serious trouble.


  1. Cheating/adultery NEVER PAYS. Ladies and men take note.
    But Babz wife is wicked o. Demilade thank God for your life.


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