Mitch’s family were settling down for a nice lunch prepared by Angel when Mitch’s mother’s phone rang.

“Who is it now ehn?” Mitch’s mother grumbled as she reached out to pick up her phone from the dining table.

She picked the call and greeted.


“Good day, I’m at the scene of an accident…I …errr…I have the phone of the victim…and he saved your number as ‘mom’…” A female voice said shakily.

“An accident? Who’s involved in the…accident?” Mitch’s mother screamed.

Mitch’s father and sister were shocked as they watched their mother’s facial expression.

“Yes ma…” The female voice continued. “He’s been rushed to to the hospital, the car he drove is a blue Toyota Camry and it’s plate number is FK…” She didn’t finish her statement.

The phone fell from Mitch’s mother hand as she stared at nothing in particular, Angel rushed to take the phone and answered it. When she was done, she stared at her parents in grief.

“It’s Mitch…Mitch…he’s been involved in an accident….” Angel said choking on a sob.

Mitch’s mother let out a loud wail while his father rushed to pick up his car keys.

“Were you given the name of the hospital? Come on…let’s go.” Mitch’s father said.

Angel and her parents rushed out of the house, their lunch was forgotten.
Stella was in the kitchen, the cook was there too, chopping vegetables while she cooked. Duncan walked into the kitchen smiling from ear to ear.

“Now, here’s where I want you to be. I want to be the number one priority in your life.” He said walking over to her to nuzzle her neck and hug her.

“I just want to make you something special for lunch, just to say I’m sorry…for everything.” Stella said.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that…I’m so happy.” He said to her. “Guess what I got for you?”

“Really? You got me another present?” Stella asked with a smile.

“Yes…I do…” He said and produced a phone.

“Whaaat? A phone?”

“Yes baby, you know I spoke about changing your phone and sim.”

“I …thought…you only spoke about a sim card change.”

“Well, I’ve changed my mind darling….you see, it’s best to keep you away from everyone you once knew and the best way is to get you a new phone, and a new sim.” He smiled. “Now that you’re with me, your social status has changed and you don’t need to have space for the lowlives you once knew.”

Stella’s heart pounded, how was she going to contact her family, her daughter and her friends. She thought.

“That’s fine…” She said in a shaky voice.

The doorbell rang.

“Hmmm…who can that be? I’m not expecting anyone.” Duncan said. “Are you?”

“Well…I’m not expecting anyone either…” Stella said.

Shortly, the housekeeper walked into the kitchen and said.

“Madam, you have a visitor.”

“Me? A visitor?” Stella asked in a shaky voice.

Duncan gave her a very big frown.

“I thought you said you were not expecting anyone.” He said.

“No, I promise I’m not…” Stella said shakily.

“Stella, we both know that you shouldn’t lie to me….” Duncan said with a stiff smile.

“Darling, I swear I’m not lying…” Stella said in self defence.

Duncan turned to look at the housekeeper.

“Who’s here to see my wife?” He asked.

Stella was shocked to hear the word ‘wife’ and shuddered at the word.

“It’s Miss Rhoda sir.” The housekeeper said.

Duncan’s nose flared, he was very angry to hear that Rhoda was here to see Stella.

“I didn’t…tell her to come. I don’t know why she’s here…I mean….I…” Stella stammered.

Duncan took his hand in hers and gave instructions to the cook.

“Finish off the meal.” He said, then to Stella he said. “Let’s go and greet our guest.”

They both walked out of the kitchen hand in hand.
Rhoda was in the very large sitting room flipping through a furniture magazine when Stella and Duncan walked in. Rhoda was baffled at Stella’s appearance.

“Stella…your face!” Rhoda said about her friend’s appearance while standing up from the sofa.

“I…errr…” Stella started.

“Stella is not used to the grandeur of this place and she’s been bumping into walls…” Duncan said. “What brings you here?”

“I spoke with Stella this morning and she was to come visit me but I waited to no avail so I had to come and see her instead.” Rhoda said with a smile, then turning to Duncan, she said. “I haven’t told you this before but your house is beautiful, Duncan.” Rhoda praised.

“Thank you.” Duncan said stiffly, then turned to address Stella. “You called Rhoda this morning? You didn’t tell me sweetheart.”

“I….errr….yes…I did…I…” Stella stammered badly.

“I’ll leave you two to continue your ladies talk, I’ll be in the bedroom watching sports.” Duncan said and walked away.

As soon as Duncan left, Rhoda started.
“I am just coming from church and decided to pay you a visit.” She touched Stella’s face. “Wow….he really hit you bad…your face is swollen.”

Stella looked around in fear to see if Duncan was around somewhere.

“Rhoda, I am in a mess! I don’t know but I think that being with Duncan is a great mistake…I’m trapped….I can’t leave…I…”

“Wait a minute, is it because he hit you? But you hit him first….” Rhoda said. “I must confess that he really beat you badly but you can’t just leave him like that…Duncan is everywoman’s dream.”

“He’s not my dream anymore…I’m scared of him…he makes me so afraid…whenever I’m close to him, I can feel my skin crawl…” Stella cried.

“No…don’t say that…please don’t…” Rhoda said.

“Do you know he wants to cut me off from contacting my friends? He’s bought me a new phone and he’s changing my sim card so that I have no connection with anyone. He’s chaining me to himself literally.” She cried.

Rhoda was shocked.

“Are you for real?”

“Rhoda…I have bitten more than I can chew…”

“Can you maybe, errrm…tell him that you want to stay somewhere else? You know it’s not necessary for one to errr…live in the same house with her boyfriend.” Rhoda suggested.

“Where will I stay? You know that it was because of the problems I had with Madu that I came over here…”

“You can stay with me.” Rhoda said sympathetically.

“I don’t even have a job anymore…” Stella cried. “How will I support myself?”

“That’s so true…and I’m sorry that you’re going through all of this but come to think of it, you’re still better off here than in that hell hole with that man you once called your husband.”

“Ha! Rhoda! I can’t believe you’re still saying this. Even though Madu had nothing to his name, he was good to me, he was kind, he was loving and he was compassionate.”

Rhoda looked at her friend, not knowing what to say.

“I still think you’re better off here than at Madu’s. Look at the beautiful place you live in, you even have household staff, you don’t have to move a muscle. My advice is that you follow Duncan’s rules so as to avoid being beaten again…”

Stella sighed, her friend wasn’t understanding her well enough.

“Have you had lunch? I was just making lunch for Duncan…” Stella asked.

“Never mind, there’s work tomorrow and I’ll be very busy….so, I need to spend the rest of today, sleeping.” Rhoda said.

Stella’s face fell when Rhoda mentioned work.

“You’re lucky you still have to go to work.” Stella said.

“Cheer up dear, I just think that you’re in the learning phase and once you’ve fully studied Duncan, you’ll adjust.” Rhoda said as she stood up from the sofa.

“Thank you for coming dear…I really appreciate it and please come and check up on me from time to time.”

“I promise I will.” Rhoda said giving Stella a hug.

Soon, Stella was waving goodbye to Rhoda as she left the house. As soon as Rhoda left, Stella went to supervise the cooking in the kitchen and soon went upstairs to the bedroom she shared with Duncan. She opened the door and saw Duncan seated on the sofa, watching television.

“I see you’re enjoying your sports.” Stella said.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Rhoda was coming here?” He demanded.

“I didn’t know she was coming…”

“You also did not tell me that you’d called her this morning.”

“I…” Stella started not knowing what to say.

Duncan stood up from the chair and walked up to her menancingly. Stella was scared, she fell to her knees.

“Please Duncan…I beg of you…please…I didn’t know she was coming…” She cried.

“Don’t lie to me…you told her to come here and see what I did to your face. You told her to come here and judge me.” Duncan screamed.

“No…I swear…No please…I didn’t call her to come…I didn’t…” Stella sobbed.

Duncan removed the belt from his waist and hit her with it.

“Aarrhhhh…it hurts please…stop…please…” Stella begged.

Duncan grew angrier by her pleas, he kept on flogging her while she screamed.

“Liar! You lied to me! Liar!” He kept repeating.
Diamond was calling Mitch’s phone number, she was worried that he’d left in such haste and he wasn’t in a good state to be driving. The number rang continuosly and no one answered. Cherry’s introduction was still happening upstairs as she had already presented another glass of wine to Sean since the first one broke.

“Mitch please pick up…c’mon!” She said.

As though her prayers were answered, the phone was picked up at the other end.

“Hello, Mitch, it’s Diamond…”

“Hey Diamond…this is not Mitch, it’s Angel.”

“Oh…Angel…how are you? I want to speak to Mitch, is he there?”

“He was involved in a terrible accident…” Angel said choking on a sob.

“A what? Where is he? Please tell me where he is…” Diamond asked her voice nearing a whisper.

“I’ll send you the name of the hospital…we’re here waiting to hear from the doctor.” Angel said.

As soon as Diamond hung up, she tearfully ran upstairs into the house. Sean and his family were laughing over a joke that one of their relatives cracked while Cherry sat beside Sean forcing a smile on her lips. Diamond rushed into her room inorder to get her wallet, she was still searching for her wallet when Cherry walked into her room.

“What’s wrong? Why did you run into the house like that?” Cherry asked.

“This is all your fault! You couldn’t leave the poor man to live his life without you….if he dies, I promise that you’ll pay for it!” Diamond shouted with tears in her eyes.

“What are you talking about?” Cherry asked.

“Mitch was involved in an accident….” Diamond said. “And it’s all because of you.”

Cherry’s hand flew to her mouth as tears filled her eyes.

“What?” Cherry croaked.

“If he dies, you’ll have his death on your conscience!” Diamond said and walked out of the room.
To be continued tomorrow….

To be continued on Friday…..
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  1. I don't feel sorry for Stella at all. She walked into it with open eyes. I always say that any man who woos you while knowing fully well you are married has questionable principles and character.


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