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“Oh my God! Nduka! My love! My heart-beat…No…please No!”
Ngozi wailed as she stared at Nduka’s blank expression.
His eyes had already lost its look of life. Nduka’s eyes
stared accusingly at her but his body did not move, it was still and
motionless. Ngozi was helpless, she didn’t know what to do. She stood up from
the bed and stared at his semi-naked form on the bed while clutching her mouth
with her palms. She choked back her tears and ran to grab her phone and dialed
a number.

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Ade was asleep when her phone rang, she normally didn’t leave
her phone on while sleeping but she had secretly hoped that Emeka would call
her again. She picked up the phone, looked at the caller ID and hissed.
“What does she want? Does she want to boast again about her
rosy love life?” Ade smirked as she contemplated on whether to take the call or
not. After second thoughts, she picked the call, making up her mind to answer
the call as abruptly as possible.
“Hello…Ade on the line….”
“I…I’m in a mess…please help me. I don’t know why I called
you but…I need your help please….” Ngozi choked in tears at the other end of
the line.
Ade sat up on her bed and asked hurriedly.
“Ngozi! Are you okay? Is everything alright? Why are you
crying? What happened?” Ade asked.
“Could you come please? I need your help…I need to to…”
Ngozi’s voice cracked as she wailed louder.
“Send me your address, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Ade
As soon as Ngozi gave her the address, Ade hurriedly scribbled
it down on a piece of paper. She ended the call and rushed to her wardrobe to
bring out a simple gown to wear. She hastily donned the outfit, slipped her
feet into her flat slippers and left her room, taking the stairs two at a time.
Her father was at the foot of the stairs, he was about to retire for the night.
“Don’t tell me you’re going out.” He said to her.
“A friend is in distress, I need to go and see her now.” Ade
said to him.
“What friend? I know all your friends, which one of them is
in distress?” Her father asked.
“It’s Bola’s colleague Ngozi, Bola introduced us to each
other a while ago and…”
‘Do you know her well enough to dash off to her house at
this time of the night? It’s ten thirty pm Ade!”
“Don’t worry daddy, I can take care of myself, besides she
lives close.” Ade lied, knowing from the address Ngozi had given her that Ngozi
lived quite far from her.
“What can’t wait till tomorrow? Lagos is not the same as it
used to be before. In my days, you could stroll about the streets of Lagos at
this time but now…it’s not the same anymore.”
“I’ll spend the night in her place if it’s impossible to
come home today and I’ll probably send for Jonathan to pick me up from her
place tomorrow too.” Ade said.
“There’s no changing your mind then? Off you go…” Her father
Ade rushed out of the house and jumped into her car.
Immediately she kicked the engine to life and glided out of the huge compound.
Locating Ngozi’s house was not difficult and as Ade drove
into Ngozi’s street, she felt a deep sense of dread. She stopped at the
entrance of the house and got out of her car, carefully checking to see if the
street was safe enough. She knocked at the gate and was let in by a gateman who
showed her to Ngozi’s flat.
Soon she was pounding at Ngozi’s door, she couldn’t take the
suspense much longer. Ngozi wouldn’t have called her if it wasn’t serious. The
door opened and a very distraught and pathetic-looking Ngozi opened the door.
Ade rushed into the house and Ngozi closed the door behind her.
“What is it? Ngozi! Your call scared me.” Ade said.
“You have to…promise…that you wouldn’t tell
anyone…bout…about this…” Ngozi stammered, tears still hung on her lids.
“Promise? What have you gotten yourself into? What
happened?” Ade asked.
“I can’t tell you anything unless you promise not to utter a
word to any…anyone. Promise me, Ade.”
Ade stared at Ngozi who was looking scary by the minute. Her
hair was tousled, her eyes were wide open and at that minute, she bore close
resemblance to an owl.
“I pro…mise.” Ade said in a whisper.
Ngozi gestured towards the passage way of the house which
led to the rooms within. Ade was suddenly scared, ‘was it wise for her to have
come alone? What if Ngozi wasn’t the person everyone thought she was?’ She
could be a killer and besides Ade realized that she didn’t even know Ngozi well
enough to have travelled all the way from the Island to see her and at this
time of the night too.
Ade nodded, pushed away her feeling of dread and walked
towards the rooms in the house.  The
pictures scattered everywhere suggested that Ngozi and Nduka lived as a couple in
the house.
They stopped at the door to one of the rooms and Ade pushed
it open, only to let out a frightened scream. Ngozi quickly held Ade’s mouth
close with her right palm as she silently begged that she shouldn’t scream.
“Please don’t scream…you’ll disturb the neighbours.”
Ade was repulsed, she was for the first time in her life,
staring at a dead body. It was Nduka, his eyes were wide open and his mouth was
slightly parted. He lay sideward on the bed and the chilling stillness of his
form was too much for Ade to bear.
“But he’s…he’s dead…” Ade stammered.
“That’s why I called you here.” Ngozi said, sounding
“What happened? Why did you call me? What is all this
about?” Ade stuttered.
“I realized today that in all the friends that I have, I ran
out of options of whom to call. You are the only one who came to mind. Please
help me.” Ngozi begged.
“Help you? How? How do you expect me to help you? Why didn’t
you take him to the hospital? Wait a minute…what happened to him? Did…did you
kill…him?” Ade asked in a shudder, hating to think that she was standing side
by side with a murderer.
“No…I didn’t kill him…I refuse to believe that he is dead.
I…I was in the sitting room asleep and it was when I came into the room
that…that…” Ngozi burst into tears.
“What did he eat before going to sleep? Could it have been
the food? I am so scared right now…” Ade started.
“What are you insinuating? That I poisoned him?” Ngozi asked
literally shaking.
“I didn’t say that…” Ade started.
“I am sorry for screaming at you…it’s my husband that’s dead
here…I mean…we were going to get married before the year runs out…Oh my God!
This is too overwhelming!”
“Let’s call the police. My dad is well acquainted with some
senior officials of the police…”
“But why? We need to call the attention of the authorities.
It’s either we take him to the hospital or we call the police.”
“Are you here to help me or not?” Ngozi asked.
“Yes I am.” Ade whispered
“Then just stay with me and spend the night here…and please
don’t ask any more questions…”
Ade nodded and wished that she hadn’t left her phone on, in
the first place.
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“You seem to love your new job.”
“Yes mom.” Henrietta said and hummed loudly while sorting
through her wardrobe.
“Henrietta…you’re not telling me something.” Her mother
teased, while scooting to sit on her daughter’s bed.
“Aww mom…do I need to tell you everything?” Henrietta
jokingly asked.
“You know you should…atleast…just tell me a bit of it…you
seem so excited of late.”
“I have a new boyfriend. Oh well, he’s not defined the
relationship yet but we are getting there…”
“How did you meet him and when did this friendship start?”
Her mother asked.
“On my way to work ooo…mom, God works in mysterious ways.
The bus I boarded was useless and it stopped us on the way. My new boyfriend
was my Good Samaritan, he was the one who picked me up and took me to work. He
even brought me back home yesterday.”
“How long have you two known each other?”
Henrietta stared at the clock on the wall and said,
“By about eight am this morning, we would have known
ourselves for one full day.” She pronounced triumphantly.
“One day? And you’ve already jumped into conclusions?” Her
mother asked baffled.
“Mom c’mon…I’m not jumping into conclusions. I have a very
strong instinct and I know that he’s the one for me. He’s really tall and
handsome and do you know his family is rich? I can’t wait to tell him that I am
a virgin. I can’t wait to see the look in his eyes when I tell him that he’s
the only one that will ever make love to me. I know he’ll be ecstatic!”
“You’d better be careful dear.” Her mom warned, “There are
wolves in sheep’s clothing.”
“Don’t be such a kill-joy, mom. You and dad tell us the
story of how you met and how it was love at first sight even when people
thought your relationship wouldn’t work.”
“Oh well…just use your head okay…” Her mother said and left
the room.
Henrietta sighed and rolled her eyes at her mother and
turning back to her wardrobe, she picked out a perfect dress for the day.
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Ade woke up and stared around at her surroundings, she
suddenly remembered that she was in Ngozi’s place. She quickly looked at her
watch and stood up from the sofa where she had dozed off and walked into the
passage way which led to the rooms of the house. She was so scared when she remembered
that she had spent the night in the same house with a dead man. She opened the
door to the room where the body of Nduka lay and cringed. Ngozi was kneeling at
the bedside and was speaking to Nduka’s body which lay lifeless before her.
“You are not dead…I want to tell you that I love you and the
love we have for each other will never die. I’m sorry I have to leave you here
for a while but I promise to be back. I will go and see the woman and will tell
her to give me a potion to bring back your life. When she does, I will share
the potion in three parts and you will be alive and fine again.” Ngozi was
“Ngozi, it’s six o’clock in the morning. Let’s take Nduka to
the morgue and start arrangements for…” Ade started.
“No!” Ngozi said, turning to face her with red-rimmed eyes.
“No? But he’s dead and the more we leave him here, his body
will begin to decay and smell…it’s not healthy.”
“I’ll decide what’s healthy for me, Ade. Thank you for your
help, you can go home now. Nduka and I are grateful for everything. We promise
to pay you a visit and send you a ‘thank you’ card when this is all over. The
storm will not rock our boat!” Ngozi said.
“But…let me help you …I can call my dad or Emeka…” Ade
“I will not let you spread ill news about my private life to
the dogs! Go home Ade and I trust that you will not utter anything about this
to anyone. Nduka is just sleeping and he will awake very soon. Go home now and
prepare for work.” Ngozi said as she walked to the door.
Ade followed her in shock and bafflement, she quietly exited
the house and once outside, she entered her car and as soon as she started the
engine, she noticed that her hands were shaking. Taking in a deep breathe, she
pulled out from her parking spot and suddenly noticed that she was crying. The events
of last night were too much to bear.
The street seemed different and the house looked smaller,
shabbier and dirtier. Ngozi parked her car and walked the short distance to the
house. She had not even called her office to tell them that she couldn’t come
to work and she honestly didn’t care. All she needed to do now, was to pay a
visit the root of her misfortune.
She entered the small house and proceeded to Jelia’s shrine,
the house seemed darker and smaller. She pushed open the door and entered the
dimly lit shrine.
“What do you seek here?” Jelia’s voice floated from the
“The potion killed my husband.” Ngozi said.
“My potion doesn’t kill…you either did something wrong or he
died for the wrong reasons.” Jelia said.
“What do you mean by that? I want him back! I gave him the
potion as you instructed and now he’s gone.” Ngozi started to raise her voice.
“Don’t raise your voice here or else.” Jelia warned.
“Or else what? I need you to come with me now and raise him
up from the dead.” Ngozi said.
“I am not God! God is the only one who can send his spirit
back to him. This shows that your love wasn’t meant to be…he is not yours and
binding your spirit with his was more harm than good.” Jelia said.
‘You’re yarning dust! You are talking trash! All I know is,
I want my Nduka back now!” Ngozi demanded.
“Get out of here! This is what you deserve! Greedy and
selfish women of nowadays, what you people must know that you cannot force
love. What is meant to be will be. And what will not be will never be. Leave
this house now or I’ll strike you with the curse of madness.” Jelia screamed.
“No! No! I want Nduka back! You cannot intimidate me…you
cannot shut me up. I’m an educated literate young woman and I know my rights.”
“Hahahaha…rights? Go to the law court and tell them that a
poor woman known as Jelia who trades for a living, gave you a potion to make
your man love you. Go and present your case to the judge and see whether you
won’t be thrown in jail for manslaughter.” Jelia said.
Ngozi fell down to the ground and wailed loudly in tears.
“Get out of this shrine now! You are desecrating this
place.” Jelia said.
Ngozi stood up and sorrowfully left the shrine. For her, it
wasn’t over yet, Nduka was going to live whether Jelia liked it or not. She
entered her car and brought out her phone. Ignoring the missed calls on the
screen of her phone, she scrolled through her contact list and dialed the
number. The dial tone sounded and a male voice answered.

“Good morning pastor, It’s me, Ngozi. I need a miracle…”

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