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“Oh…it’s you. What do you want?” Emeka hissed into the

“Ah ah…this isn’t how to treat a lady…c’mon…” the lady’s
voice at the other end of the phone whispered.
“It was only one night and that’s over, okay…do you want me
to spell it out to you?” Emeka almost barked.
“Hmmm…the condom broke or have you forgotten? And I was
ovulating so…” The lady’s voice trailed off.
Emeka felt like breaking something. ‘Why had he asked his sister to send over the devil’s incarnate to him last week after his
fight with Ade?’ He asked himself. Aside from the fact that he had slated his lust that night, he was irritated at her the next morning. She was a terrible sight to
behold with dark circles under her eyes, dried saliva all over her jaw and a
runny nose to say the least.
“Good morning babe…” She had cooed. “What do you want me to
prepare for breakfast?” She asked as she stretched her naked form as she rose
from the bed.
Already irritated at himself for sinking low to sleeping with a random girl who wasn’t his girlfriend, he had asked politely.
“Could you leave my house please?”
Now, while listening to her conversation on the phone, he
felt like wringing her tiny neck.
“Listen to me Nkechi and listen real good…I am in a
relationship with a lady who I love to death. Do not and I repeat, do not call
this line again or you’ll regret it.” Emeka said and cut the call.
Quickly he checked his BBM updates and saw Ade’s new status.
She posted a selfie of herself seated in her office chair and captioned it, ‘Living
life to the full and getting rid of baggage.’ 
Emeka was stunned, he asked
himself, ‘How could she write something like that? How dare she refer to him as
baggage?’ Swallowing his pride, he exited the BBM icon and called her, the
phone rang for so long and when he thought she wouldn’t pick, she answered.
“Adeola Sukanmi-Bode George on the line, assistant
supervisor for Global consulting and personnel in charge of…”
“Cut it out Ade. How are you?” Emeka asked through grit

“Who am I speaking with please?” Ade said, sounding bored.
“You know who it is.” Emeka replied.
“Sorry, this number is not on my contact list.” Ade spat.
“Even if you deleted it, you know my number by heart, we
memorized our numbers on Valentine’s Day, remember.”
“Just so you know, I washed my memory with lime and bleach.
Do tell me your name and state your intentions.”
“Well…I just wanted to tell you to change your PM, what’s
the meaning of ‘getting rid of excess baggage’ do I look like baggage?”
“If I remember correctly, I said baggage and not excess
baggage besides who gave you the right to stalk me?” Ade snapped.
“Get that PM out of there for Pete’s sake! My friends are on
your BBM remember?”
“The last time I checked, I never wrote the name, Emeka on my PM!” Ade almost
“Ade…I’m warning you, remove the PM from your BBM now!
What’s the meaning of all this? Is it a crime to have you as my girlfriend?”
“Hah! Girlfriend? After saying that I have Ebola…now
you’re calling me your girlfriend mtchewww.”
“I’m running out of airtime, let’s discuss this over dinner
tonight. Besides I corrected you yesterday because you didn’t wash your hands
before eating.”
“You must be dreaming. Discuss what? The baggage issue? Stop
trying to get back into my life Emeka.”
“I’m not…honestly. I just want us to talk about the PM or
isn’t that a big issue? My battery is about to die. Let’s meet at the Lounge by
seven pm tonight.” Emeka lied, he really wanted to see her.
“Story…” Ade hissed.
“If you aren’t going to meet me there, then you can as well
as delete that ratchet PM now!” Emeka thundered.
Ade hissed and hung up. She remembered how she felt when his call came through, the first thing she did was ‘dance’, she danced and watched her phone ring and after a a while she had picked the call. Now, she was elated and angry at the same
time. He had been the first to bend and she was so thrilled, she missed Emeka
so bad but she’ll have fun for a while and maybe this will make him realize her
value and perhaps he’ll pop the question too. She thought with a huge smile on
her face.

“Please let him in…tell the receptionist to let him in.”
Ngozi said to Henrietta with emotion.
It had worked! She said to herself, the potion that Jelia
had given to her was working. Suddenly, the door swung open and Nduka stepped
inside the office.
“Nduka darling…” Ngozi started as she hurried to embrace
Nduka gently eased himself away from her embrace and stared
deep into her eyes.
“I am going to be truthful with you Ngozi. I came home today
and immediately I entered the house, I felt an urge to be honest for once in my
life, so…I am here to tell you the whole truth.” Nduka said with moist eyes.
Ngozi was confused, she nodded and let him lead her to the
long sofa in her office. Once they were seated, Nduka started.
“I must confess that I have never truly loved you and I
thought I would but the curse is stronger than me.” Nduka said.
“What curse? What are you talking about?” Ngozi asked.
“A long time ago, I broke a woman’s heart and she laid a
curse on me that I would never ever fall in love in my life. So, after trying
so hard to love you these past few years and it was still futile, I’ve decided
to go in search of love again. I am still searching for it and I do not know
where to find it but I hope that I will. It is in this light that I want to
break our relationship…let’s end it here and now and avoid the hurt, pain and
betrayal. I know that my actions hurt you and I know that you are very angry
with me and I am truly sorry.” Nduka said staring at Ngozi.
“You sound paranoid Nduka. What do you mean that you are
still searching for love?” Ngozi asked.
“It sounds strange but I’ve been incomplete for a long time
and it’s high time that I face the consequences of my actions. I don’t care if I
have to go in search for the girl that lay the curse on me and ask for her
forgiveness!” Emeka said sounding bitter.
“I don’t understand. How would you believe in a curse? It’s
just a curse…what could you have done that made someone curse you? I mean…I
could be driving and splash water on a pedestrian and she’ll hurl curses at me,
that doesn’t mean that it will affect me. I think you are putting too much weight on this issue. I love you and that’s what matters.” Ngozi said
“But I don’t love you…don’t you understand?” Nduka said
sounding frustrated.
“Okay…could you tell me what happened to make a girl curse
you…I want to know what you did that made her say that you’d never love any
woman. I love you and I am ready to die fighting for you.” Ngozi said.
“I raped her sister.” Was Nduka’s silent reply.

“What?” Ngozi asked shocked.
“We were sixteen at that time. Long ago in my home town. I
was close friends with a young girl, Ijeoma. We were in the same class and we
liked each other very much, we were in love and that was the first time I was
feeling anything strong for someone in my life who is not part of my family.
What my friend didn’t know was that even though I loved her, I was lusting
after her twin sister, Ifeanyi, who even though she didn’t bear exact
resemblance with Ijeoma, was so beautiful and innocent. So one day, when I came to
their house to pay her a visit, I found her twin sister alone as every
other member of the family was not at home. I forced myself on her and after
the deed was done, I ran away but didn’t run so far because her family
eventually caught up with me and that was how my friend laid a curse on me
which I am still suffering till this day.” Nduka said.
“Why didn’t her sister run from you when she saw that you
were intent on raping her? Don’t you think she liked you too? Most girls that are raped bring such things upon themselves …you know.” Ngozi said.
“Stop it Ngozi!” Nduka said and stood up from the sofa. He
ran his hands through his well shaved head and said, “No matter what…raping is evil and it’s a huge sin regardless of what you think. My actions was worse because Ifeanyi was crippled,
stuck to a wheel chair, defenseless…and so beautiful. I marred her beauty on
the day that I decided to lay my hands on her.” Nduka said as tears fell down
his cheeks.
Ngozi stood up and put her arms round him.
“Please Nduka, let’s work this out as a family…together we
will solve your issues. I’m not leaving you…never! Maybe we could go…and see her family together and ask for their forgiveness.”
“I won’t drag you into this with me. I made a mistake and I will pay for it alone. I just want you to leave me alone and go and live your life. I’ve made my decision and it’s final. By tomorrow morning,
I want you out of my house.” Nduka said, turning to leave.
‘Nduka…please wait! I’ll go if you insist but for the very
last time, let me prepare you something special. I’ll cook your favourite meal, once you’ve eaten it…then, I’ll be gone, first thing tomorrow morning.”
Nduka nodded and opening the door he left Ngozi’s office.
Ngozi stared at the closed door and released a pent-up breath, at least, there
was an improvement in his attitude and definitely by night fall after he has
eaten her meal prepared with Jelia’s potion, he’ll be hers again. As for the story of the girl he had raped, she was sure that he was under the influence of the potion, hence his cock and bull story. 
“What rubbish bullshit about curses! I’m sure that it’s Jelia’s potion that’s at work and if his story is really true then maybe the girl deserved
it! What was she doing seating alone at home when she knew she couldn’t walk?”
Ngozi hissed and returned to her work.

Ade didn’t meet Emeka up for dinner, he was at the lounge
waiting for her and blocking all the calls from Nkechi while she was at home
painting her nails, pink. She had left her office on time and since her driver had called to tell her that he was delayed on the mainland, she had driven home before the evening turned dark as
she was finding it difficult to drive at night these days. She really needed to change her driver and get someone else, something told her that he was lying to her. Even after working for her cousin, Jonathan had taken her second car to the mechanic claiming that he had to do some repairs at the mainland, she hadn’t protested but let him be, ‘time would tell’ she thought. 
Smiling at her
little strategy to make Emeka more jealous than ever, she dialed her network
service customer care line and was listening to adverts while she knew that
Emeka would be trying her number only to find it busy.

Henrietta blushed and said thank you to Jonathan while
alighting from the car, it was a smooth ride and she was so enthralled to think
that Jonathan had driven her home in another expensive salon car and even braving even the
epic Costain traffic for her. This car was so different from the one he had used in the morning and she blushed as she remembered the softness of the car seats and the soft music that filtered through the loudspeakers. Everything about the car smelt feminine and even the music which consisted mostly of Tiwa Savage, Waje, Omawunmi and Niyola’s songs suggested that it was more of a female’s car than a male’s but she didn’t mind. As soon as she got out of the car, she looked around to
be sure that Kessy, the street urchin was somewhere nearby, disappointed that
she didn’t see her, Henrietta poked her head through the window and whispered
“Goodnight dear…”
“Goodnight love…see you soon. I’ll give you a call before
you sleep okay?” Jonathan said.
“I’ll be waiting.” Henrietta said shyly.
Jonathan started the car and drove off while Henrietta raised
her hand for a long wave.
“Hmmm…this your Lekki work is something else ooo..” Said a
voice beside her.
Henrietta startled and turned sharply.
“Oh…it’s you Kessy. Point of correction, it’s V.I and not
Lekki.” Henrietta said.
“All na Island na. But wait ooo…see levels, that car is
powerful.” Kessy said.
Henrietta was so happy that Kessy had seen the car.
“Yeah…he’s my new boo.” Henrietta said with dreamy eyes.
“Serious? Did you ever have a boo before? You this virgin
girl…” Kessy mocked.
“Say whatever you like, he’s my boo. And this should teach
you that pulling down your pants at the initial stage doesn’t work.” Henrietta
“For these kind of guys…it does.” Kessy snickered.
“Ashawo!” Henrietta spat at Kessy.
“Call me whatever you like, at least I’m not a daydreamer
like you. Don’t get me wrong Henrietta, we were friends while growing up and
even while I envy your ‘virginal’ status, I must warn you that there are wolves
in sheep clothing. Do you know this guy? Where does he work? What does he do? Don’t
be deceived because with the way you’re going, you might pull down your pants
faster that I’ll pull down mine for this guy. Have you stopped dreaming of
six-foot men with huge muscles and foreign accents? What of your photo-shopped
men in GQ? A lot of men just want a pretty lady for a fling. You are grown Henrietta but in the eyes of the world you are still a
baby. Men like this will use you like tissue paper and when they are done, they
wouldn’t even have the decency to flush you.” Kessy said.
“Stop being wicked with your words. He saw that I am pure and more innocent than most girls and he really likes me. He even dropped me off at home all the way from the Island. Can you beat that? All those chewing gum boys that you’ve been having sex with has never walked you home talk-less of driving you home and that’s if they have a car.”
“Hahaha…I’ll be waiting for your distress call because before next week runs out, you’ll be phoning me to help you get Postinor 2.” Kessy said.
“What nonsense! We are going to have sex when the time is right and that’s till our wedding night.”
“Wait…am I missing something? Has he proposed yet? Where’s the ring?” Kessy mocked.
“You know you can never snag a hot man like Jonathan that’s why you’re jealous.” Henrietta spat.
“Oh…is that his name? Be careful abeg…I’ll bet you with my last kobo that your Jonathan guy is not who you think he is. What kind guy braves traffic to bring a girl he met for the first time, back home? Na jazz? Doesn’t he have work to do? What time is it? It’s still six -thirty pm and any man earning the kind of money to get that kind of car is either in his office working his ass off or doing something valuable with his life and not dropping off a lady he met for the first time. Borrow some brain, Henrietta!”
“Get out of my sight! Jealous pig!” Henrietta hissed and
left Kessy standing at the side of the road.
“Abeg ooo…let this not spoil our friendship ooo…if he bought
you Chinese food, please share.” Kessy laughed.
Henrietta stormed into her house, vowing never to let Kessy’s
words get to her.

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The whole house was filled with aroma from the kitchen,
Ngozi prepared Ofe Nsala and pounded yam as though it was her last meal. She
had earlier on, emptied the last potion into the soup pot and even now as she
dished out Nduka’s food, her heart beat fast. Nduka was in the sitting room,
skipping through channels with the remote control, you could tell that he was
“Dinner is ready and served.” Said Ngozi as soon as she
placed the food on the dining table.
“Thanks Ng!” Nduka said and rose to sit at the table.

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‘It’s working!’ Ngozi thought as she sat beside him,
prepared to watch him eat. Nduka had not referred to her by his special nickname
for her ‘Ng’ for as long as she could remember.
Nduka didn’t waste any time, he washed his hands in the bowl
of clean water and after that, he dug into the meal before him. He finished the
whole food in twenty minutes and smiled in satisfaction.
“Did you enjoy your meal?” Ngozi asked.
“I did…thank you very much.” Nduka said and reached out to
hold her hand.
“I’ll go inside and pack my bags…” Ngozi started.
‘Pack your bags? To where? You are not going anywhere…Ng.”
Nduka said as he stood up and pulled her into his embrace.
They kissed and fondled like old times then went into the
room to clinging to eachother like Siamese twins. The heat from the room could
burn down Antarctica as Ngozi and Nduka burned out the fire within their
bodies. By the time they had reached their peaks, Ngozi breathed a sigh of
relief smiled, her plan had worked. Pausing a bit to catch her breath, she turned to face Nduka who was lying beside her on the bed. He was lying still and his penetrating stare bore into her heart.
‘You seem speechless…it’s like you’ve forgotten that I’m the
tigress!” Ngozi joked.
Nduka didn’t reply, he didn’t move either and his eyes stood still, unblinking and unwavering.
“Ndu…” Ngozi laughed, “Don’t tell me all your energy is
gone.” Ngozi said.
Still no answer. Ngozi reached out to tap Nduka slightly on the shoulder, when he didn’t move she shook him, there was still no
response from him. Shaking like a quivering leaf, she moved closer to him and placed her ear on his chest to hear his heartbeat but there
as none.

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“Nduka! Nduka!” Ngozi screamed. “Wake up! What have I done? Nduka! My love! My Heart! Ndu…stop joking with me, stop playing games with me…Nduka!” Ngozi cried when she realized that he wasn’t moving or breathing.

Nduka’s body lay lifeless and as still as death. He was

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  1. wow this nduka is a goat raped a defenceless girl and ngozi is still not turned of chai sadly enough there are some women like this in the real world stupid and ready to make excuses for men. who knows maybe jelia put viagra as the potion lol GREAT JOB ADAEZE. I am so loving this series

  2. I love Ade! She is smart. Ngozi well well well you were already sick. Nduka was remorseful but a sad way to end.
    Ada, I didn't see that Nduka part coming, nyc one! as for Henrietta, I hope her eyes opens fast. and did she just describe her friend as the street urchin? silly she -goat


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