How nice it felt to eventually get what she wanted, a man
who didn’t tire easily. Nkechi recalled the night before and how she had spent
the most amazing night in the arms of Moses.

Moses and Nkechi had come a long way, they both had schooled
in the east and the both of them had been inseparable back then when the going
was good.  During her first year at the
University, Moses had been the one to teach a very naive Nkechi the ropes and
soon enough she became one of the most sort for girl in the whole University.
As she lay with him last night and while Emeka’s snores reverberated the whole
house, she had noticed that Moses looked tired and upset.
“So how have you been enjoying your stay in Lagos?” Nkechi had
asked him while staring into his eyes.
“Lagos has been terrible. I am practically living out of my
“Out of your suitcase? What of your brother? You told me
that you were in Lagos to be with him for a while.” Nkechi said.
“Yes…I was.”
“Did you tell him that your company retrenched some of its
workers and that you are one of those retrenched?”
“I didn’t have a chance…I told him practically nothing…he’s not the brother I used to know.”
“What’s going on? Moses, this is unlike you…you know. You
are very close to that brother of yours.”
“That’s the point Nkechi…I don’t know my twin brother
anymore…It’s like he has disappeared and someone else has taken his place. Do
you know that as I speak to you, I am 
staying in a small hotel not too far from here?”
“That’s ridiculous!”
“It’s all because of that woman called, Ngozi!”
“Who’s that?”
“My brother’s supposed fiancée…I do not know what she has
done to him but I can categorically tell you that Nduka is not the brother I
used to know. She has totally domesticated him, he cooks, cleans, washes,
scrubs, serves her and what is worse? He resigned from his job to be the
“Tufia! How was she able to do that?” Nkechi exclaimed and snapped her thumb and index
“Nkechi…I feel so bad…I am almost down to my last dime
in this city but I can’t leave without making sure that my brother is okay.
Even my mother has been hysterical since he chased us from the house some days
“Hehhhh….this is serious ooo…do you know what? You can
come stay at my place for a while. Do you intend to get a job in Lagos?”
“Yes…I do…I hope my experience counts because we both
know that my university grade is nothing to write home about. If I graduated
with a third class, it would have been better but with this useless grade, I
was too lucky to be given a job in my former company at Enugu. “
“You know what? Let’s re-write your CV…and I’ll help you
submit some in a few potential companies. What do you say?
“Thank you so much darling. I still wonder why we never got
“Hahaha….I’m too much of a big fish to end up with you…”  Nkechi laughed.
“That’s insultive…I know that you graduated with a good
result and that you are working in a very good place but that gives you no right
to put me down.”
“I’m sorry, I was only trying to tell you that it wouldn’t have worked between the both of us.”
“Hmmmm…then are you sure a relationship is going to work
out with this guy? What’s his name again?”
“Emeka…and yes it is. He is successful, do you know his
company made him the general manager for his department? He is going higher!”
“And while he was rising to the top, there was no girl in
the picture?”
“What kind of question is that?” Nkechi spat.
“I’m just trying to understand his persona. It’s hard to believe that he didn’t have a steady girlfriend before you came into the picture. I know you too well Nkechi”
“Are you calling me a boyfriend snatcher?” Nkechi asked angrily.,
“Well…I’ll save my comments…”
“Please do….
Moses looked at her and smiled.
“Are we ready for another round or is he going to wake up
Nkechi rolled her eyes.
“I put three drops…he might be late for work ….” Nkechi
smiled back.
They both fell on eachother in a tangled heap.
“Can I call my parents? My mother…my dad….” Henrietta
thought she had said but no words came out, rather all she could hear were the
noise from the monitor and  the doctor
and his nurses.
“Did the police say what actually happened to her?” One of
the nurses was asking.
“Yes…she was obviously kidnapped …her body was to be
used for organ extraction..” The doctor said.
“What? This really wicked! How can a human being do this to
his fellow human?” Another nurse said. “She was brought in last night by the
“Has she said anything?” The doctor asked.
“No…not a word. She just opens her eyes and shuts it again
but she doesn’t say anything.” The first nurse said.
“She’s definitely not in a coma, but her body is still in a
state of shock. I just hope it doesn’t affect her mind…”
“I hope so too…such a beautiful girl. How in the world did
she get involved with such hooligans? Our children must educated on how to keep
the right company at all times…who knows, she might have been lured into
their nest by a friend.” The second nurse was saying.
“Let’s keep watching her…by tomorrow we’ll be able to see
how worse her condition really is. Honestly, her body is fine and the anaesthesia has been wearing off gradually, she should be able to sit up and speak at this
time. Like I said earlier, lets keep watching her.” The doctor said and
scribbled something on the sheet before leaving the hospital room.
The first nurse followed him out while the second stayed
behind, checking her drips and making sure that Henrietta was comfortable.
Henrietta on the other hand struggled to open her eyes, she
saw the nurse busying about and when the nurse looked up and saw her with her
eyes open, she said.
“Hello dear…you will be fine, just tell me if you need
“I need to talk to my parents….”’ Henrietta said but the
words didn’t come out, it stayed trapped inside her mind.
“Can you tell me your name?” The nurse asked.
“My name is Henrietta…” The words again didn’t come out
but stayed within. Henrietta now had a cause to panic, she tried getting up but
her body felt numb, she tried struggling with the sheets but her body remained
“Don’t worry, you will be fine.” The nurse said reassuringly
to her. She finally exited the hospital room.
Henrietta knew that it was lie, her body didn’t feel
fine,she couldn’t move or speak, she could only open her eyes and blink. What
was happening to her?
Henrietta’s parents were already out of their minds with
grief and worry. The police were still searching but there was no trace of
their daughter.
“Where is she? It’s three days…three whole days!” Her
mother cried.
The neighbours were all crowded in their house and their
church members as well, there was no place to sit as everywhere was full with
“What really happened?” People kept asking over and over
again and Henrietta’s family never got tired of telling the story of how their
daughter disappeared from home.
“What her office? Have they called?” One of the neighbours
“Those people! God will punish them! Can you imagine that we
haven’t received any call from them? After we had asked her direct boss if she
had travelled with her for business, and she had said no, since then, to even
ask if she’s okay, they haven’t asked. Nothing! Not a word! I pray to find my
daughter alive…because when I do, she is never going to work in that office
again…I am going to sue them for staff negligence…” Henrietta’s mother
Everyone rushed to calm her down. They were still talking in
a hush when the phone rang, everyone looked around. ‘whose phone was it?’ It
was Henrietta’s father’s phone.
Henrietta’s father looked at the number and screamed…
“It’s her! It’s Henrietta! It’s my daughter! My daughter….”
He shouted in joy as he stared at the phone.
“Answer it…answer it dad…” Hank shouted as he ran over
to his father’s side.
“What are you waiting for! Answer it!” Henrietta’s mother
screamed as she rushed towards her husband.
Henrietta’s father picked the call.
“Henri…Henrietta where have you been? We have been so
“Hello sir, my name is Calista…” The voice from the other
end of the phone said.
“Who? This is my daughter’s phone you thief! Give it back to
her! Where is she?
Everyone in the room held their breaths as they listen only
to Henrietta’s father’s side of the conversation.
“She is on the outskirts of Lagos sir…I…found her and
“You what?” Henrietta’s father asked in panic.
Hank took the phone from his father and answered it instead.
“Hello…my name is Hank I am Henrietta’s brother.”
“Oh hello, is that her name? Okay…I found your
sister…she is fine and she’s at the hospital.”
“Hospital? Where? How?” Hank asked.
Henrietta’s parents screamed at the mention of Hospital.
“It’s a long story, but to cut it short, she was kidnapped
by human traffickers, thank God she was rescued. She’s at the hospital now, receiving treatment. I’ll send you the address and location of the hospital….” Callista was saying.
“Traffickers? Kidnapped?” Hank echoed.
Everyone screamed at the mention of that.
“Please do…I really appreciate this…thank you so much.”
Hank said and hung up.
“Did you just hang up? 
Where is your sister? Was she kidnapped?” Hank’s mother screamed
“Calm down mother…Henrietta was kidnapped but thank God is
alive and well. The lady I spoke with on the phone is sending us the address so
as to go and get her.”
“What if the lady is a kidnapper? We have to inform the
police about this…” Henrietta’s father said in a shaky voice.
“Let’s go now! Call a taxi cab…we are going to get my
daughter even if it’s in a kidnappers den.”Henrietta’s mother said in a firm
The concerned neighbours and church members nodded in affirmative.
Ngozi was busy typing away at the keys of her keyboard when
she heard the door to her office open.
She looked up to see a very cheerful Bola walk into her
“The least you would have done is knock.” Ngozi said
“Oh…that! Sorry dear it didn’t cross my mind.” Bola said
“It’s no problem. Please sit.” Ngozi gestured to the chair
infront of her desk.
Bola sat down and stared around the office.
“Your office is filled up with piles upon piles of files, I
heard that your personal assistant disappeared all of a sudden. The news is
buzzing around the Human resources department.”
“Is that all they can do there at HR? Gossip? I have stated
clearly that I need a new P.A what don’t they understand by that request?”
“But you haven’t told them yet what made her leave? She
should have put in a letter of resignation you know.”
“Are you silly or daft like the rest of the workers in this
office. What don’t you understand that Henrietta left on her own accord and I
haven’t heard from her since.”
“Heyyy…don’t insult me Ngozi, I am the only one in this
office who is on your side…”
“Oh…we are taking sides now right? Whatever you guys are
gossiping about me in that office is not going to work ooo…am I clear?”
“What’s happening to you, Ngozi? This is not who you really
are? You were always such a nice lady but suddenly you changed. Are you okay?
Is everything fine with your relationship?”
“How dare you bring in the subject of my relationship into
work matters? You have out-stayed your welcome Bola, please leave my office.”
“Excuse me? Are you chasing me out of your office, Ngozi”
“Yes…I am doing exactly that. Please leave.” Ngozi stood
up from her chair and pointed at the door.
Bola stared at her and shook her head, she quietly exited
the office. Ngozi sat down on her chair, hissed and got back to work.
“Human resources had better started looking for a
replacement for that useless girl, I’m not going to take such insolence from
anyone pertaining this matter.” Ngozi said outloud.
Nkechi walked into her apartment, she had had a long day at
work and she still had to go to Emeka’s house to prepare a fast dinner for him
plus spend some time with him in bed. She tossed her handbag on the sofa and
sunk into the sofa tiredly.
“Back from work already?” Moses asked as he walked into the
sitting room.
“Yes and I’m exhausted, please tell me you cooked.” Nkechi
“No way, I’m not ready to be my brother, Nduka.”
“Atleast you could try considering that I am housing you…”
Nkechi said.
“I am very grateful for that but sorry dear, I am not going
to become as domesticated as my brother is.”
“Oh well…I have to rush out. I need to make my boo
something to eat.”
“That guy is one lucky guy to be blessed with your delicious
cooking. I still remember how amazing your food tastes.”
“You are welcome to keep dreaming dear…but if you don’t
cook, then you’ll have to starve.” Nkechi said as she stood up from the sofa. “Oh
that’s true…lest I forget, I spoke to a friend concerning your search for a
job and he said he’ll give you a call when he gets something. I have to go now,
I can’t have flies poaching all over my man but…do not sleep because when I
return, we are going to revisit old times, just you and me.” Nkechi winked.
“Oh yes we are…” Moses winked back at her.
Nkechi left the house and Moses sat on the sofa and turned
on the television. He had just settled to watch a Nigerian movie when his phone
rang. He looked at the caller ID, he didn’t recognize it but he answered the call.
“Hello, am I speaking with Moses…” The voice at the other
end of the line asked.
“Yes…Moses speaking…”
“Nkechi dropped off your CV with me this afternoon and
luckily there happens to be an opening in my company.”
“Oh really! That’s so good. I will appreciate it if I get
the job.”
“Okay. So I have one question…will you like to work as a
Personal Assisitant?”
“Yes…any job, as long as it pays my bills.”
“Okay…so I’ll send you the address of the office, you can
come for a brief interview tomorrow.”
“I really appreciate this…thank you…thank you so much.”
Moses thanked profusely and hung up.
Ngozi was seated at a table for two in a posh resturant in
V.I, Ken was seated across her.
“Hope you love my selection. I just needed you to try it.” Ken
was saying to Ngozi.
“I totally enjoyed the meal, the prawn tasted so
delicious…how come they make prawn taste this good?’
“They make good food here…”
“Thanks for bringing me here, I really needed to step out of
the office.” Ngozi thanked Ken.
“Anything for you Ngozi….”
Ngozi laughed nervously and stared at her plate.
“I really like you…you know and I want us to become
friends…” Ken said.
“We are friends already…” Ngozi blushed.
“Hmmm…yea…you can say that, but I want something more.
Ngozi, from the first day I met you…there was this feeling inside of me that
told me that you are special.”
“I am? Stop kidding around Ken.”
“I am not kidding…I really like you and I want us to work
towards a relationship.”
Ngozi had just placed a glass of cold water on her lips, she
almost spat it out as soon as he said the word ‘relationship’ .
“You want a relationship with me? Serious?” Ngozi asked.
“I am serious…I hardly joke around with serious issues.”
Ken said, still starring deeply into her eyes.
“Yes…I will love that very much!” Ngozi said out-loud.
She felt someone tap her and push her gently, Ngozi opened
her eyes and stared at her surroundings, she was not in a restaurant. She was in
her bed with Nduka at her side.
“Baby…you were talking in your sleep.” Nduka said staring
at her.
“Stop choking me! Can’t I sleep again?” Ngozi shouted
“Sorry my love…I was just worried because you were talking
in your sleep.” Nduka said in a worried voice.
“Get out of my sight! I work so hard all day and I really do
not need your disturbances at night…leave this room and go sleep in the guest
room…I am tired of your nonsense. Haba!” Ngozi screamed.
Nduka nodded and hurried out of the room saying repeatedly.
“I love you Ng, and I will do anything for you.”

As soon as he left, Ngozi sighed tiredly, ‘how was she ever
going to get rid of Nduka and his love, she was already growing tired of it!’



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